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Case Study Analysis: Build-a-Bear Workshop

A-Bear customers demonstrate, differentiating each of these three concepts.

Clark emphasizes on the need of entertainment, self esteem, and belongingness and fulfills children’s wants of experience by making, customizing, and personalizing bear through many stages: choose me; stuff me; hear me; stitch me; fluff me; dress me; name me by the children. In this way, the company has brought a lot of entertainment and experience to children.

2. In detail, describe all facets of Build-A-Bear’s product. What is being exchanged in a Build-A-Bear transaction? The specifics of the tangible item: including the various options for the basic stuffed animal-the clothing, voice box, name, and birth certificate. The experience: including the ability to customize and personalize each part of the product.

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It also includes being a part of the creative process and coming away with an Item that Is a piece of the customer. The store ambiance and even waiting In line are also part of the experience. Price of the bear as well as other cost factors given by the customer are being exchanged In a Build-A-Bear transaction.

build a bear case study answers

4. Discuss in detail the value that Build-A-Bear creates for its customers.

Fulfilling needs and wants: It involves customers in all production actions, empowers them to choose design according to their wish, customize it and to create a toy. Self- experience: when a child buys a toy, he/ she has a need of entertainment and If he/ she buys a toy which Is made by him/ her, It Is a new experience, which gives him great self satisfaction and confidence.

5. Is Build-A-Bear likely to be successful in continuing to build customer relationship? Winy or Winy not:’ Yes, Decease AT Clacks personal Interaction Walt customers and utilization of both high and low tech communication. As long as she fulfills customer needs and wants, the company will continue to be successful.

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build a bear case study answers

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“Build-A-Bear: Build-A-Memory” Company’s Case Case Study

Give examples of needs, wants, and demands that build-a-bear customers demonstrate, differentiating each of these three concepts. what are the implications of each on build-a-bear’s actions.

Identification of customers’ needs, wants and demands is an important strategy to any marketing department. This is because a firm will be in a position to offer products that march the customers’ needs, wants, or demand leading to their satisfaction. Maxime Clark is aware of the above fact. Through interaction with the customers in her stores, she has collected ideas on their needs and demands.

This has enabled her to produce products that guarantee customer satisfaction leading to annual increases in the store’s profits. The store does not only offer children a variety of teddy bears to choose from, but also provides them with the experience to learn and create their own customized teddy bears. The store is also composed of child-friendly assembly lines made up of various stations i.e. “choose me”, “stuff me”, “stitch me”.

This provides children with a fantasy world where they interact and satisfy their social needs. In the end, they create a need for affection and belonging based on the memory and experience they have when they visit the store. Customers want to gain knowledge on how to customize their products and express their delight or concerns on the same. The store has created an interactive website ( where customers can access information on their products and freely express themselves. Customers demand authority over the teddy bears they purchase and the store has given them the power of customization.

Describe all facets of Build-A-Bear’s product. What is being exchanged in a Build-A-Bear transaction?

BuildABear has concentrated on continuous improvement of the quality of its products rather than explore other business ventures. The firm’s initial product was making teddy bears but this changed over time. In line with the store’s objective, it has created a fantasy world where kids are treated to an experience of a kind. Therefore, in addition to the product, the store also sells experience to the kids. This facet has enabled kids to develop an attachment to the initial product of the company. Apart from making teddy bears, the store also gives the customer a unique opportunity to make the teddy bears themselves basing on their desires.

This has created a sense of control among the store’s customers which has resulted in loyalty to the store’s products. Moreover, the extensive involvement of their customers in the personalization process through their website ( ) has created a platform for interaction with the customers. In addition to getting a teddy bear, a customer can play games and do other activities on this site. Having fun on the store’s website is considered a new product of the store.

Which of the five marketing management concepts best describes Build-A-Bear Workshop?

BuildABear has utilized the product marketing concept. The concept dwells on the idea that customers or consumers will purchase the products that offer quality, performance, and improved features. Maxime Clark collects ideas from kids about their needs and uses these ideas to improve the company’s product. She achieves this by putting herself in the customer’s shoes, interacting with them in her stores, and communicating with them frequently through emails and her website.

The store has now created a genuine fantasy world that is child friendly and is made up of several work stations that give kids an amazing experience. As a way of improving on their product, the store has also given a chance for customers to personalize their products. The customer can improve on the store’s product or he/she can create his/her product to match his/her requirements. Creating an interactive website for the store is also seen as a way of improving the quality and performance of the product. The website improves service delivery to customers by serving millions of customers at the same time. These improvements on the store’s initial product have contributed positively to the profits of the store.

Discuss in detail the value that Build-A-Bear creates for its customers

BuildABear offers a variety of added values to its customers. Unlike their competitors, the BuildABear store designs unique products that are very marketable. They provide customers with freedom of expression by allowing them to create their products in their ways. This has been viewed as a move to empower their customers. It has enabled their customers to get a more attractive, quality, and customized product.

Their products are also priced cheaply at $ 25 as compared to their competitor’s $ 50 to $ 100. The store has also added value to its products through exploiting technology. The website ( provides extra services to the customers who want to have fun. They can play games and do other related tasks in the store. Lastly, the store has created a healthy and vibrant relationship with its customers by listening and providing superior products to them. These values have enabled the store to stand out among its competitors.

Is Build-A-Bear likely to be successful in continuing to build customer relationships? Why or why not?

I think BuildABear will be successful by continuing to build its relationship with the customer. This is because Maxime Clark (CEO) is aware of the fact that understanding customers is important for the success of any firm. She thus devotes her energy to understanding their needs and improving on the products to satisfy the consumer’s needs.

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Build-A-Bear Workshop Case Study Solution

Build-A-Bear Workshop Case Study Solution

This workshops concept, is not a fad and has the staying power, solely because, the workshop offers a fun filled experience to its customers at a reduced fee and thus, it keeps them coming back. The workshop has perfectly strategized their marketing approach, which is wholly concentrated on customer satisfaction. The unique experience that it offers is what has made it to be one of the leading retailer company in the world. An interactive platform is offered to the customers and it remains vivid in their minds. The children and parents who visit the shop get to interact with the product in each and every step of its making and this interaction process is what makes it exciting for them. In addition, the architectural phenomenology of the workshop stores is of essence and contributes to the interactive experience because, it resembles mini parks that represent a specific theme. The brand has diversified its services, not only in selling the stuffed animals but have turned their shops into party venues where birthday parties can be held. Moreover the workshop, adheres to the changing fashion trends and comes up with unique designs for the stuffed animals every now and then to break monotony.

Interaction with its customers continue even after the sale of the stuffed animal. The workshop gives the stuffed animal a unique number with which it can use to access the company’s website to play games and get music. In addition, the unique number can be used to track a doll that is has been misplaced. The workshop keeps updating its customer of new arrivals and never fails to send them birthday wishes. This goes to show that, the build a bear concept is something that is here to stay and will continue growing because the annual report shows its growth in sales. The company attributes the growth and success to the concept that it has adopted. Hence, consumer experience is critical when it comes to disposing off a product, they claim. Furthermore, the product has been there for several years and it has proved to be that of success.

The target for build a bear workshop is both children and adults who have children to whom they can give gifts to. Children of the age of 3-12 are their main target and mostly children under the age of 14 visit the stores, most of them being boys. The stuffed animal, is bought with a condo like case which serves as a marketing strategy. In that, once another child sees the cub condo he or she will be attracted and will want to get one for his or herself and thus, will end up visiting the stores.

For build a bear workshop to generate repeat visit to their shops, it can, offer a discounted price on their products. This way, every person including the poor can have a chance to visit and have the experience they offer. Moreover, they can expand their target market. Instead of focusing on children under the age of 14 only, they can also come up with products that promote love and friendship for an older age set. Some of adults also love toys as well and they can come up with stuffed or non-stuffed toys for their older customers. This will keep their customers coming with the assumption that they too will get something from the store apart from the family experience. Furthermore, the company can continue to expand its branches to other continents and come up with stuffed animals that people in that continent can relate with, this will keep customers coming back to their stores. The company can as well, settle for online services where, it gives tutorials on how to make stuffed animals for people who cannot access their stores directly and as well offer shipping services at subsidized prices. As it has been seen, the customer service that the company offers is quite remarkable and they can add on to that by, offering home deliveries for those children who are sick or disabled and cannot access the shops. Build a bear company, can offer awards for those who come to their stores, an award such as an additional stuffed animal or can hold games and competitions where one wins a stuffed animal. This gives a more exciting experience that will make the customers revisit the stores with the aim of winning a challenge. The store can come up with coloring books and story books that have stories that involve the stuffed animal that he or she has bought. This makes the stuffed animal more relatable with the owner.

All in all, the build a bear company is one that has had a remarkable growth and it continues to have this same growth even after a hundred years. Their success is fully attributed to their marketing strategy and their focus on services and customer experience. The shops attendants treat the customers in a way they would want to be treated and hence the customer services is very professional and ethical. The shopping experience that they offer is the one thing that is unique with the company and this is what has always made the company’s light shine.


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Build-a-bear case study

  • Published: January 28, 2022
  • Updated: January 28, 2022
  • University / College: The University of Western Australia
  • Language: English

Build-A-Bear Workshop Case Study 1. Which of the marketing management concepts covered in this chapter best describes Build-A-Bear Workshop? The marketing concept within the marketing management concepts is the one that best describes Build-A-Bear. The marketing concept, which is the “ marketing management philosophy which holds that achieving organisational goals depends on determining the needs and wants of target markets and delivering the desired satisfactions more effectively than competitors do” (Kotler, 2011), best describes the Build-A-Bear Workshop because they are focused on the needs of their customers and by creating and building relationships with their customer base. This is evident, as Maxine Clark, Founder & CEO, says ‘ our concept is based on customisation’ (Kotler, 2011) and puts herself on the ‘ frontline’ and asks her customers to email her with ideas and concepts that they have and believe could improve their product, while trying to answer to all the emails she receives. 2.

How does Build-A-Bear contrast with traditional toy shops and what accounts for their sales growth in the face of declining toy sales generally? What new skills will Soren and his employees have to learn if they are to develop the Build-A-Bear operation? Build-A-Bear contrasts with traditional toy shops because they are a business within the toy industry that allows their customers to ‘ personalise’ the bears that they build, whereas traditional toy shops would sell toys and electronics which are pre-designed and made. The Build-A-Bear also offers their customers an ‘ experience’ by allowing their customers to be able to design and personalise their bears to what they want, which has become an ever growing trend for all sorts of toys and gadgets. The fact that they offer their customers the ‘ experience of building and customising a toy’ (Kotler, 2011)can be seen as accounting for their sales growth, while the rest of the industry are facing decline because it is creating customer relations, which they are focused on rather than just trying to sell as many products as they possibly can. New skills I feel that Soren and his team of employees would have to learn if they were to develop the Build-A-Bear operation could include those of interpersonal skills, such as communication and customer friendly. These skills would be seen as essential to the company to help them be successful because as mentioned, they are operating around creating relationships between their customers, which are based on the satisfaction they have. If they weren’t to learn or develop these key skills, as they already work within the toy industry, then I feel the Build-A-Bear operation wouldn’t be as successful as they are in their current markets around the world (the United Kingdom; the United States of America; Costa Rica and Canada) because customers may not enjoy the experience that they are supposed to be enjoying.

. In detail, describe all facets of Build-A-Bear’s product. What is being exchanged in a Build-A-Bear transaction? The main facet of Build-A-Bear’s product is the selling of “ the experience of participating in the creation of personalised entertainment”. This all starts as soon as they enter a store, as they are designed as a cartoon land with child friendly assembly stations that are clearly labelled, including different process for children to design their bears with, for example ‘ Choose Me’; ‘ Stuff Me’; Hear Me’; ‘ Stitch Me’; ‘ Fluff Me’; ‘ Dress Me’ and ‘ Name Me’. With the business allowing their customers to customise their bears from the very first stage to the very last, it allows their customers to have the most enjoyable experience they can possibly have.

Other facets that Build-A-Bear have also include the quality of the product available to their customers and the quality of their customer service. These facets can be seen as very important to the organisation, as previously mentioned, because their business is orientated around creating and building their customer relationships, which they believe sells more, rather than the need to keep on selling different products. By the time the customers leave one of their stores, they have created a product that is so unique, it’s one they’ve actually created themselves from the very first stage to the last. 4. Is Build-A-Bear likely to be successful in continuing to build customer relationships? Why or why not? I believe Build-A-Bear are likely to be successful in being able to continue building their customer relationships because they are focused on looking at the needs of their customer base and building on the ideas that are being suggested.

This is being built on the marketing concept, which as mentioned previously, is built on understanding what the customers’ needs and wants are, which can only help build successful relationships. By having the concept that is based around having customer relationships built on high customer satisfaction levels, this means it is easier for them to have a strong customer loyalty base, which would therefore allow them to just modify their product, for example, adding new accessories for the bears, as they have done so in the past, it would sell to their customers a lot more easier than trying to find a new target market, which could provide to be more costly. 5. Will Build-A-Bear transfer from the few markets in which it now operates into successful franchises across Europe? Why and how does Build-A-Bear need adapting to work in your national market? I believe that the Build-A-Bear organisation would have a successful transfer if they were to open up franchises across Europe. I believe this because there is already evidence that they are successful enough to go worldwide, with over 200 stores already in the UK, USA, Canada and even Costa Rica, which could be seen as surprising. To make sure they are successful in transferring into markets across Europe, they would need to ensure that staff are trained properly, as the organisation is sold on the experience the children have as well as the product.

Build-a-bear case study. Page 1

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1. NerdySeal . "Build-a-bear case study." January 28, 2022.


NerdySeal . "Build-a-bear case study." January 28, 2022.

"Build-a-bear case study." NerdySeal , 28 Jan. 2022,

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Case Study: Build-A-Bear: Build-A-Memory

build a bear case study answers

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Friday, march 28, 2014, build . a . bear workshop - is it successful (a case study).

Maxine Clark founded Build- A-Bear Workshop in 1996.   Unexpectedly, Clark’s store excelled quickly and greatly, having more supporters versus non-supporters.   Not only is the company continuously excelling in profits, but it is also expanding the availability of its products by the many store locations it has opened. Build a bear is worlds one of the leading toy making company. Especially they make teddy bears and stuffed animals. It makes an environment of greater amusement for children creating longer lasting memory. In the Build – A – Bear children steps into cartoon worlds and some other amazing fun. Kids love Build – A – Bear. And they are not only making stuffed animals. And this experience costs as low as $10 and around $25. It is not only selling the Bear, but also the experience of participating in the creation of personalized entertainment. Build – A - Bear is competing with other stuffed toy making companies, such as Teddy bear. It maintains its sales volume in a balanced manner. Its sales do not peak during holiday season, but are evenly distributed throughout the year. They use a catchword – “We don’t think of ourselves as a toy store – we think of ourselves as an experience. The firm is mostly customer centric, rather than product centric. They are focusing on product customization, but focusing more on customer preferences. For that they are following different ways to communicate with customers. It is making some additions generated from customers and making opportunities for them to build a lasting memory. 1) Give examples of needs, wants and demands that Build-A-Bear customers demonstrate, differentiating each of these three concepts. What are the implications of each on Build-A- Bear’s actions?          Needs:                         Need is defined as a state of felt of deprivation or lacking something. According to this case study, we can say that the children needs are entertainment, fun and creativity. We know that every child want to play with something whether the child belongs to a rich or a poorer family. The second thing is we can notice that the new born babies love to play with technology means they want creativity. They want to do something that is new and unique.          Wants:                       Wants are basically “needs, that are fulfilled according to the costumer’s personality and culture.” In this case study, we can observe that the target customers are children and children love to play with animals. Due to the advancements in technology, the children are being something which they really want and know to be the only source of delightfulness.   Hence, the company has added different assembly lines and clearly labeled work stations.          Demands:                                    Demands are “wants, backed up by buying power”. The Build-A-Bear company gives experience to their costumers of creating a stuffed animal at a very low cost as compared with others. Customers demand specific products that add up to the most valuable and satisfaction. Among the most relevant examples we can mention are both new store locations and accessories. “Mini-scooters and mascot bears at professional sport venues” are also specific ideas that were interpreted as customer`s demands by the company. 2) In detail, describe all facets of Build-A-Bear’s product. What is being exchanged in a Build-A-Bear transaction? In a Build-A-Bear transaction the customers have multiple options to apply within the making of the bear.   For example, the choosing of the bear itself, the wardrobe, the voice box, and of course the choosing of the name.   Also the price of the bear is part of the transaction.   Usually the price is anywhere between $10 and $25.   Lastly, the most important part of the transaction in my point of view is the experience and memory that is made during the time that the customer is in the store or possibly online. 3) Which of the marketing management concepts covered in this chapter best describes Build-A-Bear Workshop? The marketing concept within the marketing management concepts is the one that best describes Build-A-Bear. The marketing concept, which is the “marketing management philosophy which holds that achieving organisational goals depends on determining the needs and wants of target markets and delivering the desired satisfactions more effectively than competitors. I think, it best describes the Build-A-Bear Workshop because they are focused on the needs of their customers and by creating and building relationships with their customer base. This is evident, as Maxine Clark, Founder & CEO, says ‘our concept is based on customisation’ and puts herself on the ‘frontline’ and asks her customers to email her with ideas and concepts that they have and believe could improve their product, while trying to answer to all the emails she receives. 4) Discuss In Detail The Value That Build a Bear Creates For Its Customers. The Build-A-Bear Workshop is an organized world where children are able to create their very own stuffed animal just how they want it.   The process has a total of seven stations, in which the animal is fully put together.   This process leaves a child with more than just a stuffed animal, they have created a memory that most would not forget.   Build-A-Bear is very different from other makers of stuffed animals. While the key selling point of some may be quality, Build-A-Bear focuses on customization and the experience. The cost of the experience starts at $10 to $25 and many parents consider it as a bargain when they see their child’s delight. r.   Product personalization is very popular and it brings about great satisfaction, which in return helps to build relationships with customers. Clark never forgot what it is like to be a customer, which enabled her to make Build-A-Bear a customer-centered organization.   Clark is actively involved in the organization and visits several of the stores weekly.   In doing this, she has establishes a relationship with many customers and has created a buddy list via e-mail.   Although Clark only communicates with a portion of her customers, it acts as a foundation for her to communicate with all customers. All of the business and communication process helped Build – A – Bear to make longer lasting memory to each child and their parents. Thus they are promising superior values and capturing good values in return. 5) Is Build – A – Bear likely to be successful in continuing to build customer relationships? Why or why not? Yes, Build – A – Bear likely to be successful in continuing to build customer relationships. Build – A – Bear is trying to be connected with customers by using different communication method. The firm’s CEO Maxine Clark’s low-tech and high-tech methods for making Build – A – Bear is a truly customer centric organization. Personally she visits most of the stores not only to see the stores activities but also to interact with preteens and parents by chatting. Main target consumers of the product children are linked with a panel - “Virtual Club Council”. Company gets real time feedback from customers. Via that Build – A – Bear puts customer ideas into practice. Especially, children enter into the Build – A – Bear store and become delighted. That’s make a opportunity to build an amazing longer lasting memory among children and successful customer relationships.

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Build-a-Bear Case Study

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We will gain additional flexibility with price points. There is opportunity for us to expand from a regional brand to a national brand. While we continue to emphasize the premium teddy bear gift business, we intend to expand into larger markets. There is now a whole new opportunity for us in the corporate incentives and promotions market as well as the wholesale market…Our growth will come not only from expansion of our radio markets but in the corporate and wholesale markets as we use offshore manufacturing alternatives to move to broader price points," (Wheelen & Hunger, 2004).

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Through studying the entire retail toy industry, we have been able to understand the complexity of the industry in which Toys "R" Us operates. Upon completion of the analysis, we realized that the industry is growing stably,

Marketing mix analysis of The Warehouse

Armstrong, G., Adam, S., Denize, S., & Kotler, P. (2012). Principles of Marketing. Frenchs Forest: Pearson Australia.

Introduction Of Build A Bear

Build-a-Bear was a company that was inspired by a need to find the unfindable. Maxine Clark saw the need to develop a shop that catered to a need that both children and adults can combine crafting and the love for stuffed animals. “One 10 year old girl was the inspiration for this entire company! Think of the difference you can make!” (BAB)

Zappos Case Study

Since its founding, sales have grown exponentially from US$1.6 million in 2000 to US$1B in 2008 (Exhibit 1.). This strong growth was dependent on a strong and loyal customer base, which in turn was dependent on employees who were passionate about and took pride in their work by providing exceptional customer service in their quest to ‘WOW’ their customers.

Marketing Strategy For Frito Lay

Providing an exceptional product or experience to the client which gives an added value may be termed as Differentiation Strategy. Differentiation does not just mean the way the final product shows up or the features it gives, but advancement and imagination may be integrated in everything the organization does from the raw materials to post-sales assistance in a manner that the clients may derive value from it. Considering Theme Restaurants as an example, at present the theme restaurant brand which leads the Restaurant industry with its competitive advantage is Hard Rock Cafe on the grounds that they offer a “Dining Experience” which is found nowhere else and is remarkable in every aspect (Heizer & Render, 2013, pp. 72).

Mistine Essay

Just like it is told in the case, word of mouth is the most classical marketing tool for direct selling. But the company took a risk and get in the TV advertising business, which had great conclusions for them. So I believe that they should definitely keep going with TV ads since the

Marketing : The Holistic Marketing Concept

Prior to this class, although I have some experience in a marketing type role, I thought of marketing as the process that was activated post product development and the vehicle to product/service promotion and advertisement to the marketplace. Through this class, I have a greater understanding of marketing, and realize promotion and advertisement is just a fraction of it, and has much more depth. Marketing begins at the beginning, and is integrated through to the end of the life cycle. It has a significant impact on the development stages as well as delivery to the marketplace. Marketing is a set of procedures facilitated in businesses for creating, communicating and delivering value to customers. Furthermore, marketing is about

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