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The best Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus cases are now hugely discounted

Looking for a new case for your Samsung Galaxy S8 or S8 Plus? Clearance deals abound.


Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus protection options

Great news for  Samsung Galaxy S8 or S8 Plus  users who find themselves in search of a good new protective case -- many of the best cases are currently available for much less than their initial suggested retail prices.

In fact, some are more than half off, but how do you know which will be the best for your needs? We've done the research to help you make the right decisions.

In trying to boil down the best cases currently available, I steered away from bulkier cases and focused more on thinner ones that offer a decent degree of protection while mixing in a few folio cases for those who want a wallet-style case with more screen protection as well as some storage for credit cards and a little cash.

Of course, when it comes to protective cases, personal taste is a big factor (and plenty of people don't bother with them), and we may have missed a few that you think should have been included. As always, we'll be updating this list as more products arrive.

Click the arrow to see the picks .

Update: Prices have been verified as of Thursday, Nov. 29 at 11 a.m. PST


Speck Presidio Grip

Speck, one of the leading case makers, has several choices for the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus. You can opt for the Presidio Grip in a variety of color options, as well as the translucent version. Price: $11.95  available at Amazon


Speck Presidio Clear + Glitter

Need more bling? Check out the Speck Presidio Clear + Glitter. It comes in two color options -- gold and pink. The S8 version currently lists for $9.97 and the S8 Plus version is $4.66.

Price: $4.66 to $9.97 , available at Amazon

See more info and pricing for Speck Presidio Glitter .


Samsung Clear View Standing Cover

The Clear View Standing Cover ( or S-View Flip Cover ), which comes in a few translucent colors, is very slick. It converts into a stand and retails for $33.

See pricing and more info for Samsung S-View Flip Cover .


Speck Presidio Series

Speck's plain-Jane Presidio Series case was $45 when it debuted in 2017, but is now less than $7 on Amazon. It has a matte finish and has taken the place of Speck's CandyShell case (the Presidio is slimmer than the earlier CandyShell cases but just as protective). It's available in multiple color options, as well as a clear version that I like that's translucent. The S8 Plus version of the case also costs $6.72.

See pricing and more info for Speck's Presidio case .


OtterBox Strada Folio

OtterBox's Strada Folio doesn't have much room for credit cards, but it's a highly protective case and one of my personal favorites. Available in black and burnt saddle (pictured), the case now lists on Amazon for $26.08 for the S8 version and $38.69 for the S8 Plus version .

See pricing and more info for OtterBox Strada Folio .


OttterBox Symmetry

OtterBox's Symmetry Series ($9.89) comes in a variety of colors and is a good sturdy case that's not too thick. I personally like the clear version (pictured). The S8 Plus version currently costs $13.

See pricing and more info for OtterBox Symmetry Series .


OtterBox Defender Series

OtterBox's Defender Series is the company's toughest case and comes with a belt mount. A popular choice for construction workers. Available in multiple colors for $22.43  (S8) and $29.29  (S8 Plus).

See pricing and more info for OtterBox Defender Series .


Supcase Unicorn Beetle Pro

Supcase makes some relatively inexpensive cases for the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus. Its Unicorn Beetle Pro is its rugged case and is available in four color options for less than $20.

See more info and pricing for Supcase Unicorn Beetle Pro on . 


Spigen Neo Hybrid Crystal Glitter

I've always liked Spigen's Neo Hybrid cases for other phones and it's currently available for the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus in translucent crystal and crystal glitter versions for $16 . It's slim but also offers decent protection and has a nice soft-to-touch feel to it. The S8 Plus version costs $17.

See more info and pricing for Spigen Neo Hybrid Crystal Glitter on .


Spigen Ultra Hybrid

The Spigen Neo Ultra Hybrid is a simple and slim clear case that preserves the look of the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus without adding much bulk. It also comes in versions where the side bumper is a color instead of clear.

Price: Around $13 for both the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus versions.

See more info and pricing for Spigen Ultra Hybrid .


Spigen Wallet S Case

Spigen offers some of the better cases for the money, which is why I've included several models in this roundup.

This is the Wallet S, a folio-style case with slots for credit cards and cash. It's available in black or tan for both the S8 and S8 Plus , though the design is arguably superior for the Edge version because it's easier to get the phone in and out of the case.

Price: $14.99  Galaxy S8 Case /$15.99  Galaxy S8 Plus Case

See more info and pricing for Spigen Wallet S Case .


Spigen Tough Armor

The Tough Armor is Spigen's toughest case, but it still looks fairly sleek and has a built-in kickstand. It's also available for the S8 Plus and comes in multiple colors.

Price: Around $17  for S8 version and $16  for S8 Plus version.

See more info and pricing for Spigen Tough Armor .


Samsung LED Wallet Cover

Samsung's LED Wallet Cover is part of Samsung's Flip Cover lineup for the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus, which also includes the  S-View Flip Cover ($33). Both cases are available in several colors.

According to Samsung, "The LED lights animate to give you a lot of essential information including notifications. You can also turn off alarms and answer phone calls by swiping the cover. And with the special icons you assign to your contacts, you'll know who's calling."

It lists for $60 on Amazon.

See more info and pricing for Samsung LED Wallet Cover .


Tech 21 Evo Check Active

We've always liked Tech 21 cases, which offer a good blend of protection in a slim design and feel good in your hand (they're easy to grip).

The Tech 21 Evo Check Active comes in a couple of different colors and costs $40.

See more info and pricing for Tech 21 Evo Check Active .


Urban Armor Gear Plasma Series

A lot of people like Urban Armor Gear cases because they're highly protective yet manage to maintain a slick, industrial look. Available in multiple colors, with some price variation according to color.

This case also comes in a version for the S8 Plus that costs about the same price.

Price: Around $40 for S8  and $20 for  S8 Plus .

See more pricing and info for Urban Armor Gear Plasma Series case .


Skech Matrix

The Skech Matrix series is similar to slim, tough cases from Speck, OtterBox and others. It's available in clear translucent versions with and without embedded glitter , as well as translucent space gray . Prices start at $26.50.

See price and more info for Skech Matrix on .


Samsung Galaxy S8 Keyboard Cover

Making the switch from a BlackBerry or just pining for a physical keyboard? Samsung's bringing its keyboard case to the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus.

See more info and pricing for Samsung Galaxy S8 Keyboard cover .


Incipio Reprieve Sport

Incipio's Reprieve Sport has some extra corner protection, which I like. Available in multiple colors for $40.

See more info and pricing for Incipio Reprieve Sport case .


Caseology Parallax Series

Like Spigen, Caseology makes several attractive cases for the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus that are affordable. I like the Parallax Series, which currently costs  $13 . It's the same price for the S8 Plus version .

Price: $13 on .


OtterBox Commuter Series

OtterBox's Commuter Series case doesn't offer quite as much protection as the company's Defender Series case, but it is slimmer. It's sort of a cross between the Defender and OtterBox's sexier Symmetry Series cases. Available in multiple colors for $15.48.

See pricing and more info for OtterBox Commuter Series case .


Incipio Octane

There's nothing terribly fancy about Incipio's Octane ($7.75), which has a rigid exterior and soft interior, but it's a solid case for the money. Available in multiple colors.

See pricing and more info for Incipio Octane case .


LifeProof Fre for Galaxy S8

The Galaxy S8 is "water-resistant," but if you want to make it truly waterproof, you can add a waterproof case such as the LifeProof Fre , which is available in a few different colors.

Price: $90 (available in versions for the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus ).


Pelican Vault

Pelican makes a few different cases for the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus. Its $50 Vault case is an interesting take on a folio-style case, with a window in the front and a slot to hold a credit card. It also converts into a kickstand. 

See more pricing and info for Pelican Vault case on .


Moshi Overture Wallet Case

I've been a longtime fan of Moshi's Overture folio cases. Available in black, it costs for $45 for the S8 version and $50 for the S8 Plus version .

See pricing and more info for Moshi Overture case .


Vaja Grip leather case

Argentina-based Vaja Cases has swanky high-end leather cases for the S8 and S8 Plus  (I've tried iPhone versions of its cases and they're quite nice). The Grip  comes in two colors (white and black) and is currently selling on clearance for $29.

See pricing and more info for Vaja Grip .


Nomad Leather Wallet Folio

Nomad's folio case is made out genuine Horween leather and wears well, darkening up a bit with a nice patina. The case is currently available in "rustic" brown or gray and costs $35 on clearance for both the S8 and S8 Plus versions .

See more pricing and info for Nomad Wallet Folio at .


X-Doria Defense Clear

X-Doria makes several cases for the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus. I personally like the Defense Clear Series , which offers decent drop protection and comes in two trim options -- black or white. It costs $10.74 for the S8 version (The  S8 Plus  version is currently unavailable).

See more pricing and info for X-Doria Defense Clear Series .


PureGear DualTek

PureGear's rugged DualTek case has raised corners that help protect your S8 or S8 Plus in the event of a face-down fall. This case has been available for iPhones and previous Galaxy models and has held up well in our tests. It currently lists for $30 on Amazon.

See more info and pricing for PureGear DualTek case for Galaxy S8 on . (Currently unavailable)

See more info and pricing for PureGear DualTek case for Galaxy S8 Plus on .

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The best Samsung Galaxy S8 cases

case samsung s 8

The Samsung Galaxy S8 shows its age in 2021, but we can’t blame you if you’re holding onto it for nostalgia’s sake. If you do decide to buy one , it’s important to keep it safe from accidents. To help out, we’ve rounded up some of the best Samsung Galaxy S8 cases you can buy right now.

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Looking for more ways to keep your phone safe and get the most out of it? Don’t forget to check out our guide for the best case brands to look at and mobile accessories you can get!

The best Samsung Galaxy S8 cases:

Spigen liquid air, speck presidio clear, spigen rugged armor, spigen tough armor, speck presidio grip, otterbox defender, supcase unicorn beetle pro.

Editor’s note: We’ll be updating this list of the best Galaxy S8 cases regularly as new ones launch.

gs8 liquid air armor

The Air is an excellent thin and light case from Spigen that’s form-fitted to maintain a slim profile. A patterned back with an anti-slip matte finish helps with the grip, and it utilizes air cushion technology for impact resistance. A slightly raised lip keeps the display and rear camera safe as well.

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gs8 speck presidio clear

The Speck Presidio Stay Clear is a slim case that offers dual-layer protection. The completely transparent case lets you show off the phone’s look and is built to prevent discoloration. A raised lip around the display and rear camera, reinforced corners, and covered buttons add to the protection. To ensure that the phone’s design shines through, the case is built to prevent yellowing over time.

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gs8 spigen rugged armor

The Spigen Rugged Armor is one of the best Galaxy S8 cases you can buy. It offers excellent protection without adding too much bulk or thickness by utilizing air cushion technology and a spider-web pattern on the inside for shock dispersion. A raised lip keeps the display, camera, and fingerprint scanner safe, and you also get covered buttons.

gs8 spigen tough armor

The Spigen Tough Armor features a dual-layer design that combines TPU and polycarbonate materials into a durable hybrid case with a kickstand. The brushed metal design on the back adds a touch of style, and the rubber head and foot help with grip and impact absorption. You get covered buttons, precise cutouts for everything else, and MIL-STD certification in case drops happen.

gs8 fyy wallet

The FYY Wallet case is an easy way to protect your phone and save space in your pocket. Three card slots and a cash pocket mean that you won’t have to carry your wallet around at all. You can also use the folio cover as a convenient kickstand and the case closes with a magnet. A small cutout for the earpiece means that you can take calls without exposing your phone screen to the elements — other than to answer the call anyway.

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gs8 speck presidio grip

The Speck Presidio Grip combines a polycarbonate outer shell and an impact-absorbing inner material to keep the phone safe. Angled rubber ridges on the back add to the grip and stop the phone from sliding off surfaces. Raised bezels around the screen, covered buttons, and reinforced corners add to the protective capabilities of the case.

gs8 uag plasma

The UAG Plasma is a feather-light case for the Galaxy S8 that combines a hard outer shell and an impact-resistant core. A raised rubber lip and reinforced corners add to the protection as well. The case meets MIL-STD 810G-516.6 drop-test standards but is thin enough to let you wirelessly charge the phone or use Samsung Pay.

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gs8 otterbox defender

Otterbox is usually the go-to for anyone looking for a rugged case for their phone, and the Defender series provides the most protection. It’s thick and bulky, with covered buttons and ports, and has a raised lip to keep the display safe. The Otterbox Defender also comes with a belt clip holster. This rugged case is expensive and will be overkill for some. If complete protection is what you want, though, that’s what you get.

You can also get 10% off site-wide, along with free shipping with code OTTER10 at . Some exclusions apply.

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gs8 supcase

The Supcase Unicorn Beetle Pro is a popular option for those looking for rugged cases. The multi-layered TPU and polycarbonate case does a great job of keeping the Galaxy S8 safe from accidental bumps and drops. The built-in kickstand lets you prop the phone up in both portrait and landscape, and it also comes with a detachable belt clip holster.

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That’s it for this roundup of the best Samsung Galaxy S8 cases you can get!

Best Samsung Galaxy S8 cases 2022

Samsung Galaxy S8 on table

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is getting on in years, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't still pick up one of the best Galaxy S8 cases to protect one if you're still using it. Whether you bought your phone on Day One or decided to buy the Galaxy S8 this year , you want this phone to last you as long as it can, so buy it a case that will protect it in style!

The Neo Hybrid is not just our favorite Spigen case of all time; it's one of our favorite case series period. The dual-layer construction is slim but still protective, and for the S8, the color combos available are great, like pale dogwood and coral blue and black.

While most multi-layered cases hide all of your phone's delicate features from view and harm, the Ares lets the beauty of your S8's glass back shine through the clear polycarbonate, aided and complemented by bold accents like creamy pink or vivid green.

If you want a case that will cover the phone's glass against scuffs and scrapes while still not hiding a single inch of the device's beauty, Spigen's Liquid Crystal is simply the best around. I'm partial to the Liquid Crystal Glitter variant, but the regular clear case is great on its own.

CASEOWL offers a wallet case that will keep your Galaxy S8 safe and secure while also letting you keep your traditional wallet at home. This case actually comes in two pieces, with a premium leather TPU case to house your Galaxy S8, and then the wallet, which features eight card slots and a photo window.

This hard candy shell case is as darling as it is durable. While Anccer usually has almost a dozen color options for flagship phones, after two years, the stock has been whittled down to four colors: Dark, Gravel Black, and Gravel Green.

This clear case is a bit more rugged and a lot bolder than the Spigen Liquid Crystal, resulting in a case that is striking in its own right while still putting the S8's delightful design front and center as the star. There are four two-tone colors available, and they're all winners.

The translucent models like the Citron, Ice, and Ash are beautiful, letting some Samsung branding through while still defending your phone from scuffs, dings, drops and shatters as only UAG can. The Rust finish covers the entire back and gives you a bold color if preferred.

This ultra-slim case from Ringke offers a flexible and durable TPU shell, gripping your S8 tight and absorbing some of the shock should it take a small tumble from your pocket. Since this case is so slim, it's sure to work with just about any wireless chargers you may have around your house, while even sporting a cutout for a lanyard if you want to tie your S8 to your wrist.

OtterBox remains one of the most well-known and well-trusted names in heavy-duty cases, and the Commuter Series balances bulk and protection better than the more hulkish Defender Series. Available in black, this rugged case is built for real-world conditions.

The JETech Protective Cover offers a familiar design with the combination of a soft matte finish on the back, along with carbon fiber accents at the top and bottom. To add even more grip to your Galaxy S8, JETech included the carbon fiber material along each side of the case.

The BENTOBEN Silicone Ring Holder Case is rather unique in that it doesn't only feature a ring on the back to remove the need for something like a PopSocket. But this ring holder also works with select car mounts that rely on magnets to keep your phone in place while you're on the road.

Choose from a rainbow of color options with this shockproof, dual-layer case that doesn't just look pretty - it also provides sufficient protection for the delicate S8. From basics like black and slate to fun finishes like mint and red, it's the perfect case to show off your personal style.

Snag one of the best Galaxy S8 cases

Why you can trust Android Central Our expert reviewers spend hours testing and comparing products and services so you can choose the best for you. Find out more about how we test .

While all of these cases are highly-rated and worthy of protecting your precious flagship, alas, your phone can only wear one case at a time. While the Spigen Neo Hybrid is so luxurious in hand you probably won't ever want to take it off, the i-Blason Ares with its built-in screen protector and vivid color accents will protect your phone with its life on a weekend hiking trip or out to your uncle's ranch.

On the lighter side of the spectrum, Anccer Ultra Thin cases have been our go-to thin cases for the last couple of years because they're affordable and vibrant. Speaking of vibrant, if you want to show off the S8's glass back while still keeping it super-duper secure, the Supcase Unicorn Beetle Style has a crystal clear back paired with two-tone hybrid bumpers to offer you the best of all worlds. Plus, the blue and purple models are taunting me with their loveliness.

Note that Samsung has ended software support for the Galaxy S8 smartphone , so if you are still hanging on to one as your primary device, it's worth considering upgrading to one of the newer devices. Go all out and spoil yourself with the Galaxy S21 or just grab a device from 2019 onward that is still being supported.

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case samsung s 8

The best Samsung Galaxy S8 cases

The best picks for Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus cases

case samsung s 8

While the Samsung Galaxy S8 has been succeeded by the Galaxy S9 , Galaxy S10 , and soon the Galaxy S11 too, it's still a reliable smartphone – so make sure to put a Galaxy S8 case on your handset to keep it serving you well.

If you're looking to protect your phone and your wallet, Black Friday 2019 and Cyber Monday 2019 are at the end of November, and the deals season that ensues will surely see all kinds of phone accessories discounted. That means your Samsung Galaxy S8 case might be even more affordable.

TechRadar is set to cover Black Friday in great detail, so we'll bring you all the deals. When the November 29 date gets closer, check back to our Black Friday homepage (maybe bookmark it now) so you can find all the best deals and discounts.

One of the nicer features of the Galaxy S8 is its stunning edge-to-edge display that stretches over the phone's sides. Naturally, that larger display is also more vulnerable to drops since the angled screen is more likely to make contact with the ground than other devices. A bad spill could doom your pristine screen.

These are products that we haven't had in our test labs, but based on our experts' opinion and knowledge of the most reputable brands around, we think these are worth looking at.

Our selections, ranked with newer additions at the top, take into account online reviews, brand reputation, product capability or unique features to help you pick through the maze of choices available to you.

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Best Samsung Galaxy S8 cases at a glance:

Spigen tough armor galaxy s8 case, vena samsung galaxy s8 vcommute, samsung galaxy s8 super thin case by peel, samsung galaxy s8 clear view standing cover, samsung galaxy s8 led view cover, samsung silicone cover.

  • Samsung Alacantara Cover

Samsung Clear Cover

  • Otterbox Defender and Commuter Cases

Incipio Galaxy S8 cases

Caseology galaxy s8 cases, speck galaxy s8 cases, casemate galaxy s8 cases, lifeproof galaxy s8 cases, tech21 galaxy s8 cases, spigen slim armor cs case, caseowl 2-in-1 wallet case, maxboost wallet case, ocase leather flip wallet, reasons to buy, reasons to avoid.

Spigen has spread its low-cost Tough Armor series to plenty of phones, and it's at home here for a Samsung phone that has been surpassed by newer devices. It's an affordable case with a couple layers of protection, providing basic safety for those who don't need to splurge on their older phone.

The Tough Armor has a flexible TPU body that wraps around the device along with a polycarbonate shell, which also houses the wee kickstand for propping up your phone to watch media. You can pick one up for just under $17 (£13, AU$23) on Amazon here .

Vena's vCommute is a rugged take on the wallet case, offering more protection (and a grittier look) for anyone who wants to carry cards around with their phone. It's got a typical flexible TPU and polycarbonate combo frame to handle drops and scuffs. 

Unlike other wallet cases, the vCommute's card pocket can be completely enclosed by a cover. This layer is articulated, allowing you to turn it into an impromptu stand - and it's also magnetic, and allegedly works with appropriate car mounts.

You can get the vCommute for just under $20 ( £15, AU$27) on Amazon here .

This Samsung Galaxy S8 Super Thin case is for you if you're even the least bit reluctant to cover up your new S8. Coming in a few different colors, each adds a nice touch to the S8's forward-thinking design.

Its easy application and low profile makes it an easy choice for minimalists, though at $25, it's not the cheapest case given its simple build. However, if form takes higher priority over function, Peel's case is exactly what you need. 

Check out the Super Thin case by Peel right here .

This Samsung Galaxy S8 case has a translucent cover envelopes the entire phone and provides a see-through window for the time and date, incoming calls, music controls and lock screen notifications. On top of that, it doubles as a stand so you can easily watch movies in landscape mode.

This is Samsung’s fun Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus case that shines LED lights through the translucent cover. There are 54 special icons and you can have limited control over the phone without having to open up the cover.

This is the most standard case Samsung makes. It has a smooth, rubberized feel on the outside and a microfiber interior to keep your phone scratch-free. It protects your phone and gives you several bright color options.

Samsung Alcantara Cover

Samsung’s premium Alcantara case feels like suede with a soft, textured material that extends all the way around the phone. You even get a slight lip around the display in order to avoid scratching the front glass when the phone is face down.

Let your Samsung Galaxy S8 true color and slim design shine through this clear case. It's 0.8mm thin, so there’s not much extra bulk to this bumper case. It's protection without the distraction.Samsung Clear Cover

Otterbox Defender and Commuter cases

Otterbox makes heavy-duty Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus cases, so you’re getting drop protection from the incredibly rugged Defender and almost as durable Commuter series. Both have a polycarbonate shell and synthetic rubber slipcover.

Incipio already has 22 Galaxy S8 cases available (and another 22 for the Galaxy S8 Plus), so here are our favorites: The Carnaby has a soft fabric back that reminds of us Incipio’s stylish backpacks; Stowaway gives you a pocket for up to three credit cards; and Haven provides protection from six-foot drops. Not enough? Incipio also sells two different glitter cases.

There are four Caseology Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus cases, and they’re all fairly inexpensive. The Caseology Coastline is the company’s basic clear polycarbonate case for minimalists, the Parallax case provide stylish grooves in addition to protection, the Vault I case is meant to be ‘slim armor’ and the Legion case is all about offering rugged protection without compromise.

Speck is best at offering Samsung cases with slim designs and just enough protection to get you through your first year or two with the phone (until you trade it in). We like the new Presidio case for exactly that reason. It takes on a slim design, yet offers drop and bezel screen protection. The Speck Presidio Grip, meanwhile, it meant for more impact and, with a no-slip back, hopefully fewer drops.

You can find some fun cases among Casemate’s Galaxy S8 collection already. Skip the ‘Naked Tough Clear’ case and go for one of the three ‘Naked Tough Waterfall’ cases. They send glitter cascading through clear cases, just in case a 5.8-inch and 6.2-inch phone didn’t stand out already. Also fun are Casemate’s Karat cases that stick various shiny metal accents (like gold flakes or mother of pearl and silver) inside a case – they just don’t move around.

Lifeproof’s Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus cases bring your Android phone up to army grade standards thanks to the military standard 810G-516.6. It’s ready for rough and tumble action and extends the device’s IP68 waterproof capabilities. The company even claims to give it snowproof and drop proof capabilities to boot.

There are six Samsung Galaxy S8 cases from Tech21, with the cheapest being the Pure Clear case and three Evo cases: Evo Active Edition, Evo Check, and Evo Tactical. Tech21’s two card-carrying cases are more more expensive, the Evo Wallet folio case and Evo Go case that has a trap door for your card carrying needs.

If you want your Galaxy S8 protected, the Spigen Slim Armor CS case will do the job. Soft and hard plastics combine to keep the phone safe from falls. Even though it’s a bit bulky, it can save you some pocket space by carrying two cards, so you may not need to always bring a wallet everywhere you go.

This case can fully replace most wallets, more card storage than anyone should reasonably need. It has nine card slots and three cash slots, so you can keep this case loaded with ways to pay. And if you use Samsung Pay, keeping your phone in this case will mean it’s holding one more payment method.

For anyone looking to ditch the wallet and carry just a few cards around with their Galaxy S8, the Maxboost Wallet Case is a good fit. It fits the phone into a simple holder, and closes up folio-style. The card slots are perfect for a credit card, debit card and license.

The leather flip wallet case from Ocase will offer you protection for the Galaxy S8 while also letting you store multiple credit cards and cash. It includes a magnetic clasp to help it stay closed, and has the necessary cutouts for you to use your camera and fingerprint scanner. There are a variety of color options, and even models with a detachable phone holders.

See the Ocase leather flip wallet case at Amazon here .

Enjoying Samsung's visual design and protecting it from destruction are hard to balance. The Zizo Bolt Galaxy S8 case leans heavily in favor of the latter. It features multi-layer protection and a screen protector to make sure a simple accident won't  do serious damage. Most importantly, it offers military-grade drop certification to protect your Galaxy S8 from up to 12-foot falls.

See the Zizo Bolt case on Amazon here .

We’ll continue to update this page with more cases as they become available to us.

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Best cases for the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

T he Galaxy S24 Ultra brings new AI-powered software concepts like Circle to Search to Samsung’s flagship smartphone with a stylus. It’s in many ways a refinement of the design Samsung’s been building on since the introduction of the Galaxy S22 Ultra , but with some important refinements, namely to the size, weight, cameras, and display of the smartphone. With a new titanium frame, flat front display, and overall more compact body, the Galaxy S24 Ultra is an immediately holdable and pocketable phone in a way past Ultras haven’t been. But even with all of those improvements, it’ll benefit immensely from a good case.

Samsung Standing Grip Case for Galaxy S24 Ultra

Oterkin magnetic case for galaxy s24 ultra, samsung s-view wallet case for galaxy s24 ultra, dbrand grip case for galaxy s24 ultra, zagg milan case for galaxy s24 ultra, incipio duo case for galaxy s24 ultra, caseology parallax case for galaxy s24 ultra, samsung vegan leather case for galaxy s24 ultra, samsung galaxy s24 ultra vs google pixel 8 pro: which ai powerhouse should you buy.

We think Samsung's Standing Grip Case is the best overall case for the Galaxy S24 Ultra because of its level of protection and unique back grip, but we’ve collected a variety of Galaxy S24 Ultra cases below to meet whatever need you might have, be it drop protection or built-in magnets.

Best Samsung S24 Ultra cases: Our top picks

Protection and a stand in one package

Samsung's Standing Grip Case for the Galaxy S24 makes what's already a big phone much easier to hold and prop up thanks to a flexible back strap. It won't break a sweat protecting your Ultra from drops either. While on the pricier side, it's a great investment to protect your device.

The budget-friendly Oterkin Magnetic Galaxy S24 Ultra Case has a matte texture thats pleasant to the touch, is designed to not collect fingerprints or dust, and has built-in magnets to let it connect to car mounts. Plus, it's partially see-through to allow you to see the back of your phone.

Samsung's S-View Wallet Case works a bit like a folio, wrapping around S24 Ultra and adding on an inside pocket for cards or cash. The real magic is the cut-out on the front, which lets you view the time, notifications, or access other controls while the case is covering your screen.

Dbrand's Grip Case for the Galaxy S24 Ultra is similar to the cases the company has released for other flagship smartphones. It's grippy on the back and sides, has raised edges to protect your screen and cameras, comes in Dbrand's playful patterns, and is still somehow only 2mm thin.

The Zagg Milan Case takes its name from one of the fashion capitals of the world, and for a good reason. It's stylish and semi-transparent, but still protective with 13ft of drop-resistance. Even better, Zagg's designed the case to be made from 78 percent post-recycled content, making it eco-friendly too.

The Incipio Duo is meant to offer extra protection with a two-layer design that wraps around your Ultra and is soft to the touch. Incipio also promises that the case is antimicrobial, killing 99.9% of bacteria that might usually collect on the outside of your smartphone.

Caseology's Parallax Case for Galaxy S24 Ultra looks far more expensive than it actually is thanks to an elegant two-tone design that has texture in all the right places to feel comfortable and secure in your hand. It's also completely compatible with wireless chargers so you dont need to change any of your charging gear.

The Samsung Vegan Leather Case won't age as beautifully as real leather, but it will still look and feel luxurious years from now. Samsung offers the case in three colors and guarantees it's made from at least 30 percent post-consumer recycled material, too.

Do Galaxy S23 Ultra cases fit the S24 Ultra?

No, Galaxy S23 Ultra cases do not fit the Galaxy S24 Ultra. Despite having the same general boxy shape (all the better for storing an S Pen), the Galaxy S24 Ultra is smaller than its predecessor, and importantly, slimmer. That means that most Galaxy S23 Ultra cases aren’t likely to fit the S24 unless they have a good bit of stretch. Complicating matters further, the Galaxy S24 Ultra has a completely flat front display. Since most cases were designed around the gentle curve of the S23 Ultra, a new case for the S24 Ultra is going to require more space, since less of the display is compressed in that curve.

Does the new titanium frame mean the Galaxy S24 Ultra is more durable?

Yes and no. As we learned with Apple’s iPhone 15 Pro , titanium is noticeably lighter than aluminum, and far stronger at lower weights. It isn’t impervious, however. The Galaxy S24 Ultra isn’t made entirely from titanium, but it is more durable. Just not so durable that you should avoid using a case or screen protector entirely. Like most smartphone improvements, the difference here is incremental. You can just feel it in the different weight of the S24 Ultra in a way changing to say, Gorilla Glass Victus, wasn’t as easily observable.

Best cases for the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

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Masha Borak

Inside Safe City, Moscow’s AI Surveillance Dystopia

A surveillance camera in Red Square Moscow with the Kremlin in the background

Sergey Vyborov was on his way to the Moscow Metro’s Aeroport station last September when police officers stopped him. The 49-year-old knew that taking the metro could spell trouble. During a protest against Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, police had fingerprinted and photographed him. He’d already been detained four times in 2022. But he was rushing to his daughter’s birthday, so he took a chance.

Vyborov wasn’t arrested that day, but the police informed him that he was under surveillance through Sfera, one of Moscow’s face recognition systems, for participating in unsanctioned rallies. Considered one of the most efficient surveillance systems, Sfera led to the detention of  141 people last year. “Facial recognition, and video cameras in general in a totalitarian state, are an absolute evil,” Vyborov says. 

Vyborov finds himself at the bottom of a slippery slope that privacy advocates have long warned about . Under the guise of smart city technology, authoritarian and democratic governments have rolled out huge networks of security cameras and used artificial intelligence to try to ensure there is no place to hide. Cities have touted the ability of such systems to tackle crime, manage crowds, and better respond to emergencies. Privacy campaigners say such systems could be used as tools of oppression. In Moscow, Vyborov and countless others now face that oppression on a daily basis.

The Russian capital is now the  seventh -most-surveilled city in the world. Across Russia, there are an  estimated 21 million surveillance cameras, and the country ranks among the top in the world in terms of the number of connected surveillance cameras. The system created by Moscow’s government, dubbed Safe City, was touted by city officials as a way to streamline its public safety systems. In recent years, however, its  217,000 surveillance cameras, designed to catch criminals and terrorists, have been turned against protestors, political rivals, and journalists. 

“Facial recognition was supposed to be the ‘cherry on top,’ the reason why all of this was built,” says a former employee of NTechLab, one of the principal companies building Safe City’s face recognition system.

Following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Safe City’s data collection practices have become increasingly opaque. The project is now seen as a tool of rising digital repression as Russia wages war against Ukraine and dissenting voices within its own borders. It is an example of the danger smart city technologies pose. And for the engineers and programmers who built such systems, its transformation into a tool of oppression has led to a moment of reckoning. 

Founded in 2015, NTechLab  caught the attention of the global press with the February 2016 launch of FindFace, an app that allowed anyone to identify faces by matching them with images gathered from social network  VKontakte , Russia’s Facebook equivalent. Met with warnings of the  “end to public anonymity,” the app was reportedly downloaded by 500,000 people within two months of its launch. But for NTechLab, it was primarily a proof of concept for its nascent face recognition algorithm.

NTechLab still felt like a startup when one former employee, who asked not to be named for privacy reasons, joined the company. And he was drawn in by the complexity of the work.

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“From [an] engineering point of view, it’s very interesting to work with: It’s very difficult,” he says. 

After the release of FindFace, NTechLab began selling its face recognition tech to small businesses, such as shopping malls that could use it to catch shoplifters or see how many people return to certain stores. But NTechLab was also working with the Moscow Department of IT Technology (DIT), the government department tasked with building Moscow’s digital infrastructure. In 2018, when Russia hosted the FIFA World Cup, NTechLab’s face recognition tech was connected to more than 450 security cameras around Moscow, and its tech  reportedly helped police detain 180 people whom the state deemed “wanted criminals.”

At its inception, Moscow’s face recognition system was fed official watchlists, like the database of wanted people. The system uses these lists to notify the police once a person on the list is detected, but law enforcement can also upload an image and search for where a person has appeared. Over the years, security and law enforcement agencies have compiled a database of the leaders of the political opposition and prominent activists, according to Sarkis Darbinyan, cofounder of digital rights group Roskomsvoboda, which has been campaigning for a suspension of the technology. It remains unclear who is in charge of adding activists and protesters to watchlists.

In March 2019, following the success of the World Cup trial—some of Russia’s “most wanted” people were arrested while trying to attend matches—the Moscow Department of Transportation, which operates the city’s metro, launched its own surveillance system, Sfera. By October 2019, 3,000 of the city’s 160,000 cameras were enabled with face recognition tech, according to interior minister Vladimir Kolokoltsev.

NTechLab was one of many companies building the slew of systems that would later be branded Safe City. International companies, from US tech firms such as Nvidia, Intel, and Broadcom to South Korea’s Samsung and Chinese camera maker Hikvision, worked alongside local firms such as  HeadPoint ,  Netris , and  Rostelecom  that have developed various components of the surveillance systems. According to procurement documents cited by the UK’s BBC, three companies besides NTechLab created face recognition tech for Moscow’s growing surveillance apparatus, including Tevian, and Kipod, and VisionLabs. Moscow's Transportation Department said in social media posts that Sfera was built using VisionLabs technology, although the company downplays its involvement.

NtechLab says it operates in compliance with local laws and does not have access to customer data or camera video streams. Nvidia and Intel say they left Russia in 2022, with Nvidia adding that it does not create software or algorithms for surveillance. Broadcom and Samsung also say they stopped doing business in Russia following the invasion. VisionLabs says it only provides the Moscow Metro with its face recognition payment system. Other companies did not respond to requests for comment. The DIT and the Moscow Department of Transportation did not respond to requests for comment.

At the end of 2018, as Russia cracked down harder on political dissent online and in the streets, the DIT started to change, says a former employee who asked to remain anonymous for safety reasons. The department used to just be the “technical guys” providing assistance to security services, with the Moscow government recruiting highly paid IT specialists to make the most efficient systems possible, according to Andrey Soldatov, an investigative journalist and Russian security services expert. But according to the former employee, the DIT was beginning to reflect the Kremlin’s authoritarian bent.

Then came Covid. 

Safe City launched in 2020, at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic. Russia, like some other countries, seemingly used the pandemic as grounds to expand its surveillance systems to catch people breaking self-isolation rules. By mid-March 2020, Safe City’s face recognition system had  caught 200 people breaking lockdown restrictions. At the same time, Moscow  introduced a regulatory sandbox for the development of AI applications with the participation of large IT companies, exempting authorities from the country’s already lax data protection requirements. “With Covid, [the DIT] essentially became a part of the repressive apparatus,” says Soldatov.

In addition to its network of more than 200,000 cameras, Safe City also incorporates data from  169  information systems, managing data on citizens, public services, transportation, and nearly everything else that makes up Moscow’s infrastructure. This includes anonymized cell phone geolocation data collection, vehicle license plate recognition, data from ride-hailing services, and voice recognition devices. As Safe City was still rolling out in 2020, the Russian government  announced  plans to spend $1.3 billion deploying similar Safe City systems across Russia. From the outside, the potential for the system to be abused seemed obvious. But for those involved in its development, it looked like many other smart city projects. “No one expected that the country would turn into hell in two years,” says one former NTechLab employee, who asked to remain anonymous for safety reasons.

Attempts to break open Moscow’s digital black box have been stonewalled. Alena Popova, whose image was captured during a protest against  politician Leonid Eduardovich Slutsky in April 2018, filed the first lawsuit against Moscow’s DIT for allegedly violating her privacy, seeking a ban on face recognition tech. The case was  thrown out , but Popova has continued to file lawsuits, including one at the European Court of Human Rights—which Russia is  no longer a part of. 

While Moscow operates one of the world’s most pervasive surveillance systems, Russian law does not safeguard individual privacy. With seemingly no hope of recourse, some activists have been forced to leave Russia altogether. Popova is now on the list of foreign agents and is living in an undisclosed overseas location. “I will not apply to any political asylum in any country because I would like to go back to my own country and fight back,” she says.

A key concern is that Moscow’s surveillance system was designed to conceal its data collection from Moscow’s 12 million residents, says Sergey Ross, founder of the Collective Action Center think tank and a former Moscow politician. Although the system is run by the Moscow government, elected members of the Moscow City Duma  say  they are excluded from regulating face recognition systems and have little insight into how it is being used. “It’s a complete black box,” says Ross.

“It was clear that sooner or later the technology would be used to catch activists and dissenters,” says Roskomsvoboda’s Darbinyan. 

Russia made  almost 20,500 political arrests in 2022 , according to data from human rights media organization OVD-Info, which characterizes the number as “unprecedented.” The arrests have sparked fears that Safe City will be expanded to catch draft dodgers—although former NTechLab employees say that doing so would be technically difficult to pull it off because of too many false positives. Still, Moscow police appear to be using face recognition to aid Russia’s war efforts in other ways.

In September 2022, just after Putin announced additional mobilization for the war against Ukraine, Viktor Kapitonov, a 27-year-old activist who’d protested regularly since 2013, was stopped by two police officers after being flagged by face recognition surveillance while he approached the turnstiles in Moscow’s marble-covered Avtozavdodskaya metro station. The officers took him to the military recruitment office, where around 15 people were waiting to enlist in Putin’s newly announced draft. 

“They let me in without waiting in line as if I were some sort of VIP person,” he says. The recruiters wanted to force Kapitonov to enlist, but he ended up escaping the draft. “I explained that I am not fit, I have a disability.”

From 2017 to 2020, NTechLab became one of Russia’s  fastest-growing companies. Other face recognition firms have cashed in as well: The revenue of Russian face recognition developers  grew between 30 and 35 percent in 2022, thanks in part to deals struck in the Middle East, Southeast Asia, India, and South America. Russia’s national AI strategy has supported such firms with grants, tax exemptions, and subsidies, which have benefited both startups and state corporations, including tech and finance giant Sber , telecom provider  Rostelecom , and defense firm Rostec, which previously owned a minority stake in NTechLab. While NTechLab continues to work globally, reporting a revenue increase of 35 percent in 2022, it has also faced a backlash against its work with the Russian state.

In June of last year, a “name-and-shame” list of NTechLab employees was  published [in Russian] with information collected from social media. The project went viral, and some employees reported being harassed online. Artem Zinnatullin, a software engineer now based in the US, says he published the list after NTechLab  sold its new  silhouette recognition technology to the Moscow government in June 2022. To him, it signaled support for Russia’s war in Ukraine. In the post, he called NTechLab “the blacksmith of the Digital Gulag.” Zinnatullin, who says he knew people arrested with the help of face recognition technology, believes publishing the list of NTechLab employees was only fair. “You recognize people on the street, it’s only fair if we use public data to recognize who you are,” he says.

Unlike many face recognition companies that keep a low profile, NTechLab’s splash with FindFace has turned it into a recognized brand. Employees say this high profile has made them into scapegoats. 

As arrests of activists and politicians mounted, the ethics of NTechLab’s technology became a recurring topic at company meetings. NTechLab staff have resisted the use of the company’s face recognition in rallies and refused to sell the technology to the military, according to people familiar with these discussions. Still, the NTechLab leadership concluded that the technology was ultimately positive—even if the occasional dissenting voice was arrested because of it. 

“We all saw these positive examples, we saw how it really catches criminals,” says one former NTechLab employee. “Most people in NTechLab would say they were doing something very good, technologies that can help and save people’s lives. It really did.”

As Russia furthered its march toward authoritarianism in 2021, NTechLab leadership began talking about moving the company abroad, according to people familiar with internal company discussions. But with lucrative government contracts abounding—NTechLab  received a $13 million investment from the Russian Direct Investment Fund, the country’s sovereign wealth fund, in September 2020—its investors resisted the idea. The company was also changing. Its founders, Alexander Kabakov and Artem Kukharenko, stepped down from NTechLab—and both left Russia in December 2021 and February 2022, respectively, declaring   their  anti-war stance on social media. 

Other employees left amid an exodus of IT talent from Russia. The war changed how they viewed their work. “Looking back, we realize that we shouldn’t have done it,” says an NTechLab employee. “But even in 2017 and 2018, it was a completely different country. At least, that’s how it seemed to those who weren’t very immersed in politics.”

Russia’s Safe City projects show no sign of slowing. As more surveillance systems are deployed across the country, Moscow’s DIT is planning to centralize video streams collected across all regions into its own system. And new projects to digitize public services may make it even easier for the government to eventually create large databases where everyone can be found, according to Popova. “It is really scary,” she says. “If they digitalize all the databases and combine them to make this joint database, they can find everybody.” In July, Putin  signed a federal law that funnels personal biometric data collected in the country into a single system—an effort to obtain an “almost unlimited monopoly” on the collection and storage of biometrics, says Roskomsvoboda’s Darbinyan. 

In a further expansion of the Safe City project, Rostec is also  reportedly  developing software that will help authorities predict riots and prevent their escalation by analyzing media reports, data from social networks, video cameras, and other sources. Rostec did not respond to a request for comment on its development of these systems.

Similar systems have been developed in some Chinese cities, and Russia is now playing catch-up. “The Russian government would probably like to move toward China, but they do not yet have the necessary technology,” says Kiril Koroteev, head of international practice at the Russia-based Agora International Human Rights Group.

For now, many activists in Russia are left to do whatever they can to skirt the country’s growing surveillance apparatus, including avoiding the Moscow Metro. Kapitonov hopes that a balaclava will keep him safe, while Vyborov aims to ride the metro early in the morning, when there are fewer police around to detain him. 

“I think that it was inevitable that such a system would be made sooner or later,” says one former NTechLab employee. Face recognition is like a knife, he says: It can be used to cut food, but it can also be used to cut innocent people. He now regrets that NTechLab played a key role in building Moscow’s Safe City project. He has left Russia and doesn’t think he will work on face recognition again. “I do not want to mess with it anymore,” he says.

Update 9:25 am ET, February 6, 2023: Clarified the role of VisionLabs in the Sfera system and that NTechLab's founders have since left the company.

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    Incipio Duo Case for Galaxy S24 Ultra. The Incipio Duo is meant to offer extra protection with a two-layer design that wraps around your Ultra and is soft to the touch. Incipio also promises that ...

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    Try this for just scratch protection Dataroad for Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Slim Case,0.2mm Fit[Paper-Thin] Lightweight Case Transparent Finish PP Back Cover [Anti-Fingerprints&Yellowing] Comptible with Samsung S24 Ultra 6.8Inch-Clear Or this with stand

  14. Moscow

    Moscow, city, capital of Russia, located in the far western part of the country.Since it was first mentioned in the chronicles of 1147, Moscow has played a vital role in Russian history. It became the capital of Muscovy (the Grand Principality of Moscow) in the late 13th century; hence, the people of Moscow are known as Muscovites.Today Moscow is not only the political centre of Russia but ...

  15. Inside Safe City, Moscow's AI Surveillance Dystopia

    The system created by Moscow's government, dubbed Safe City, was touted by city officials as a way to streamline its public safety systems. In recent years, however, its 217,000 surveillance ...

  16. Moscow mayor says COVID-19 situation stabilising, but cases ...

    Moscow's mayor said the COVID-19 situation was gradually stabilising after a surge in infections blamed on the more contagious Delta variant, but the new daily case tally remained high nationwide ...

  17. Moscow-City

    I visited Moscow in 2018,2019 multi times while i was studying in Penza City of Russia some 650km away from Moscow. I travelled through my own car so it was great to travel on M5 highway which takes almost 8-9 hrs drive from Penza to Moscow, Moscow is combination of new and old buildings, Its gives great pleasure, Climate is fantastic.