The Best Korean Dramas to Stream Online

creative in korean

Even for a veteran of the K-Drama (Korean drama) scene, the large selection of shows available can be intimidating. Especially when you don’t speak the language, finding reviews to weed out the good from the bad can be very hard. Luckily, we’ve been through the trenches and we’re here to bring you the top five best Korean dramas to watch or stream online. No matter what your tastes are, we’ve included something for everyone, so read on to find out which K-Drama should be next on your to-watch list.

My Love from the Star

Probably one of the most well-known and loved Korean dramas out there, My Love from the Star tells the story of a young actress who’s being pursued by a boy from another world. Yup, one of the main leads is an alien. Don’t let the strangely sci-fi premise fool you, the show itself is wonderfully put together, full of heartfelt emotional moments, and it touches quite sweetly upon what we really conceive to be love. It’s also one of the most internationally acclaimed K-Dramas out there, if that sweetens the pot for you. Even if he’s from outer space, a lot of people can relate to poor Do Min-joon and his rather messy life.

Emergency Couple

For fans of shows like Grey’s Anatomy or other medical soap operas, this K-Drama is probably perfect for you. With the main plot taking place in a hospital with a mostly medical cast, this show is right up the alley of those who like life and death drama, workplace romance and inescapable love. It also has its funny moments and awkward situations like any good soap opera.

This show is usually popular among a younger audience, but if you’re looking for mostly feel-good moments and a classic underdog story, this drama might be just the right thing for you. Following the story of six high-schoolers who dream of becoming pop idols, it’s heartwarming, heartbreaking and incredibly warm all at the same time. The characters all have vastly different personalities, giving the cast a misfit, comedic charm that will draw you into their story, relationships and development across the series.

Moon Embracing the Sun

A must-watch for fans of period/historical dramas, Moon Embracing the Sun tells the story of a secret relationship between a king and a female shaman in the Joseon Dynasty. A more serious drama, it deals with dark topics such as murder, adultery, betrayal and politics. If you like western period pieces such as Reign or The Crown, you’re likely to enjoy this Korean take on the genre with the marvelous twist of ancient magic involved as well.

The Secret Garden

This particular story starts out simply enough with a Cinderella format – marvelously wealthy boy meets common girl and he falls in love with her. They live happily ever after… Except that before this couple gets their fairytale ending, another two people enter the mix to create an elaborate love triangle. Not to mention the story veers to the side of the fantastical when two of the characters start switching bodies. However, though the main premise may seem overdone, this drama executes it fantastically by subverting some of the more common tropes and adding the magical element of body switching. If you’re a fan of “perfect love” or fairy tales but enjoy a bumpier ride to the happily ever after, you’re probably going to enjoy The Secret Garden.


creative in korean

What is the translation of "creative" in Korean?

"creative" in korean.

  • volume_up 창조적인
  • volume_up 창조성
  • volume_up 독창적 고찰
  • volume_up 창의적 인재


Creative {adjective}, creativity {noun}, creative thinking {noun}, creative person {noun}, monolingual examples, english how to use "creative" in a sentence.

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English How to use "creativity" in a sentence

English how to use "creative thinking" in a sentence, english how to use "creative person" in a sentence, synonyms (english) for "creative":.

  • originative
  • creative thinking
  • creativeness


  • cream pitcher
  • creative person
  • credentials

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creative in korean

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creative in korean

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  • Creative (창조적인)

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How to say creative in korean kriˈeɪ tɪv cre·ative, would you like to know how to translate creative to korean this page provides all possible translations of the word creative in the korean language..

  • 창조적 인 Korean

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creative in korean

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🇰🇷 Translate creative to Korean

English korean, what is creative , what is 창조적인 .

창조할 수 있는 능력이나 힘이 있음: 인간은 창조적인 동물입니다.

독창성과 표현력이 특징입니다. 상상력 : 창조적 인 글쓰기.

생산적인 독창성을 보여주는 사람: 광고 부서의 크리에이티브.

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  1. The Best Korean Dramas to Stream Online

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