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EFL Textbook Evaluation: The Analysis of Tasks Presented in English Textbook

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The use of English textbook does not only become a guide to the teachers when delivering the materials, but also presents necessary input through various explanations and activities. On the side of the learners, it also influences their attitudes and performance to the materials. This phenomenon challenges the writer to conduct research-based article concerning textbook evaluation to analyze the tasks and the distribution (simple to complex) of tasks presented in English textbook used in senior high school. The findings show that the English textbook entitled Bahasa Inggris SMA/MA/SMK/MAK Kelas X Semester 1 has interesting tasks which meet the objectives in curriculum 2013 and a good distribution of tasks across chapters and the whole book.

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Sarita Merilia

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Ribut Wahyudi

Karjongko Mekaring Jangka

Nurul Nyipink

ABSTRACT This research is mainly intended to develop materials of English textbook for second grade of Senior High School students based on Inquiry based learning. It develops an “English for Muslim Student” that incorporate Islamic values into textbook. The objectives are to investigate the quality of textbook entitled “Contextual English”, to explain how to propose prototype of English supplementary material, and to explain the prototype quality of English supplementary material for SMA PPMI Assalam Sukoharjo. This research is Research and Development (R&D). The objects are “Contextual English” textbook and students of second grade at SMA PPMI Assalam. In collecting the data, the writer uses observation, interview, and documentation. In analyzing the data, the writer does some steps which involve presenting, classifying, describing the data, making conclusion and drawing implication. This research proposes some steps in designing an English material which consist of three stages such as exploring, developing and validating stages. The findings show that the material in chapter 8-10 has been developed by the writer based on five stages in Inquiry based learning (observing, questioning, exploring, associating and communicating). Therefore, the final draft of supplementary material can be used for teaching and learning English in second semester of second grade in SMA PPMI Assalam Sukoharjo. Keywords : Material development, Curriculum 2013, Inquiry Based Learning

Indonesian Journal of English Language Teaching

Richard J Stockton

While historically language and culture had been seen as separable, since Whorfianism they have commonly been viewed as intertwined. Today however, opposing political ideologies surprisingly work together to dissociate English language in ELT in Indonesia from its cultural background. They are the influence of globalist critical theory/political correctness which seeks not to oppressively impose Westernization, and the rise of nationalism, with its traditionalist education reemphasizing religion and the nation and disidentifying with Western values, fearing them a threat to local ones. The trend can be seen in the 2013 curriculum with its character-based curriculum, Indonesian teaching practice, and use of locally produced materials. Assessment using Purnell‘s cultural competence model of widely used locally produced textbooks, Scaffolding (2008), Bright (2014), and Bahasa Inggris (2014), shows English in Indonesian ELT being stripped of liberal Anglo-American Western culture and values and recultured with Indonesian. The varieties of Englishes coming out of the process, Indonesian English and Islamic English, are not threatening to local language and culture as some have feared English is. Recultured English seems to put ELT at the service of nationalism, something English teaching may be caught off guard by. TESOL may prepare by becoming aware of traditionalist approaches to education.

FTIK IAIN Salatiga

Roko Patria Jati

Religious discourse is one of the most important aspects to be examined in order to understand a social system where religious authorities play a very vital role. Religions have always shaped society in various ways; while at times there have been issues related to religious persecution, at other times religions have also lead to national and societal unity among people. Religious leaders, who are called as ulama in Islam, have the authority and the dominant power to articulate any religious discourse by means of texts, both in written and spoken formats for establishing a social system. There is a strong relationship between the ulama and the ummat which means the believers in an Islamic society. This relationship is often commented with other discourses such as politics, economics and other important ideas in a society. These discourses play a critical role in creating power dominance through creating an authoritarian system where the ulamas feel very convenient to give a verdict on the society regarding any political or social issues. It seems that the ulamas have unquestioned power regarding religion and they use it conveniently in order to superimpose their views even if they are partisan and parochial. Muhammadiyah and Nahdlatul Ulama ( NU) are the biggest Islamic social organization not only in Indonesia but also in the world. Both Islamic organisations have shifted the socio-religious discourses in Indonesia. Muhammadiyah which is earlier established, is well known as modernist Islamic organisation that is very keen to concern on philanthropy. While NU is traditionalist Sunni Islam group and it is as the biggest Islamic social organisation in Indonesia. This organisation was established on January 31, 1926 to preserve the local culture and maintain Aswaja (Ah-al-Sunnah wal Jama’ah) in Indonesia. Abdurrahman Wahid, the grandson of NU founder Hasyim Asy'ari, inherited the leadership from his father, and was later elected Presiden of the Republic of Indonesia in 1999. The NU is visible in the form of accepted traditional culture which is as part of Indonesian culture. The conggres of NU on 1-5 August 2015 declares itself as Islam Nusantara (Archipelagic Islam). This is an ijtihad, theological judgements based on the fundementals of religion, to elevate Islam as rahmat lil ‘alamiin (blessing for the entire universe). It is a concept of Islam which teaches its adherents to live together with others. Besides, this concept is also used to decrease social tensions between Islam and local cultures that have been existed before Islam entering to the society. For Muhammadiyah, Islam is not merely teaching peace but Islam should be progressive in the peaceful coexistence. Therefore Islam is not a religion as such, it is also civilisation. The issues are strongly relevant to current situation of Mulsims in the East and West, which have similar problem called humanity crisis such as Palestine in the East and Islamophobia in the West. However, Muslims still believe that Islamic value will be an alternative value for the future civilization both in the East and West. Besides, Islamic values have proved its history as ethical basis of civilizations. The shared values and cultures have been practised by people in the East and West for long time even when state nation (nationalism) had not been established yet. People to people contact around the world had been taken place to strengthen the shared culture (values). They have similar experience how Islam to manage the country which consists of diversity in culture and at the same time how to encounter social and communal problems such as radicalism, capitalism, and globalisation.

Noor Hanim Rahmat, (Associate Professor, Dr) , Azizah Daut

According to Ong etal. (2011), the importance of English in the Malaysian work environment is the main concern of many employers. Some employers reported that having employees with better English would improve productivity. How far is English being used at the workplace in Malaysia? This quantitative study targets at possible direction of a language programme such as English for Specific Purpose especially for Occupational and Vocational purposes. It looks into how much English is used at selected industries in Malaysia. Specifically, it reports on how communication in English is used at different departments in selected industries as well as how the use differs across age groups, genders and industries. Results of this study will have interesting implication for future English for business purposes courses. Keywords: work environment, industries, communication

gerson gonai

gerson gobai

hi who is can joining our english pathway please come


This paper attempts to propose ergodic as an approach for video game translation. The word approach here refers to an approach for translation products and to an approach for the translation process. The steps to formulate ergodic as an approach are first, Aarseth'sergodic literature is reviewed to elicit a basis for comprehension toward its relationship with video games and video game translation Secondly, taking the translation of Electronic Arts'Need for Speed: Own the City, Midway's Mortal Kombat: Unchained, and Konami's Metal Gear Solid, ergodic based approach for video game translation is formulated. The formulation signifies that ergodic, as an approach for video game translation, revolves around the treatment of video games as a cybertext from which scriptons, textons, and traversal functions as the configurative mechanism influence the selection of translation strategies and the transferability of variables and traversal function, game aesthetics, and ludus and narrative of the games. The challenges countered when treating video games as a cybertext are the necessities for the translators to convey anamorphosis, mechanical and narrative hidden meaning of the analyzed frame, to consider the textonomy of the games, and at the same time to concern on GILT (Globalization, Internationalization, Localization, and Translation). ABSTRAK Paper ini berusaha menyarankan untuk menggunakan ergodic sebagai pendekatan untuk menterjemahkan video game. Kata pendekatan disini menunjukkan suatu pendekatan untuk produk terjemahan dan proses menterjemahkan. Langkah-langkah untuk merumuskan ergodic sebagai suatu pendekatan adalah pertama: literatur ergodic Aarseth diulas untuk memperoleh dasar pemahaman terhadap hubungannya degan video game dan terjemahan video game. Kedua, dengan menggunakan terjemahan art elektronik, Need for Speed: Own the City, Midway's Mortal kombat : unchained dan Konami's Metal Gear Solid, pendekatan berdasarkan ergodic untuk penterjemah video game diformulasikan. Formulasi tersebut menandakan bahwa ergodic sebagai pendekatan penterjemah video game, berkisar tentang treatment video game sebagai teks siber yang mana fungsi scripton, texton dan travelsal sebagai mekanisme konfiguratif mempengaruhi pemilihan strategi penterjemahan , pengalihan variabel, fungsi tranvesal, estetik game, ludus dan narasi game. Tantangan terjawab ketika memperlakukan video game sebagai teks siber diperlukan bagi penterjemah untuk menyampaikan anamorfosis, arti-arti yang tersembunyi dari analisis

Arab World English Journal (AWEJ)

Arab World English Journal (AWEJ) Volume.7 Number.1 March Pp.326-340 Evaluating Academic Writing Textbook: Teachers’ and Students’ Perspectives M. Ali Ghufron English Education Department, Post Graduate Program Semarang State University Semarang, Central Java, Indonesia Jl. Panglima Polim No. 46 Bojonegoro, East Java, Indonesia Mursid Saleh English Education Department, Post Graduate Program Semarang State University, Semarang, Central Java, Indonesia Abstract This study attempts to evaluate the Academic Writing textbook used in English Education Study Program of Language and Art Education Faculty of IKIP PGRI Bojonegoro, East Java Indonesia. The book entitled “Writing Academic English” written by Oshima and Hogue was critically evaluated based on two major points, namely general attributes of the textbook and the learning-teaching content of the textbook. The general attributes of the textbook cover the book in relation to syllabus and curriculum, the methodology, the book’s suitability to learners, physical and utilitarian attributes, and efficient outlay of supplementary materials. The learning-teaching content of the textbook covers general elements (move of the tasks, tasks’ objectives, etc.), academic writing (specified on research paper writing), vocabulary, grammar, and exercises. The questionnaires developed to evaluate the textbook were adapted from textbook evaluation checklist which was developed by Mukundan, Nimehchisalem, and Hajimohammadi (2011). The results indicate that the lecturers and students were not really satisfied with the book since it does not represent the students’ needs and requirements of research paper writing for Writing IV course at the university. The materials provided there are not specified to research paper writing. However, based on the result of evaluation, the textbook is very good in some points such as the methodology, physical and utilitarian attributes, outlay of the book, general elements (move of the tasks, tasks’ objectives, etc.), academic writing (from paragraph writing to various essays writing), vocabulary, grammar, and exercises in the area. Keywords: Academic writing, instructional materials, students’ perspectives, teachers’ perspectives, textbook evaluation


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The Asian EFL Journal Quarterly

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Linguistic Forum - A Journal of Linguistics

Linguistic Forum - A Journal of Linguistics [ L I N F O ] ISSN: 2707-5273 , Amna Arshad

Firstya Evi Dianastiti

Ismail S Wekke

Acta humanistica et scientifica, Universitatis Sangio Kyotiensis

Cameron Romney

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Iwan Jazadi

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Konstantina Lakki

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Unpublished PhD Thesis

Chairil Korompot

International Journal of Applied Linguistics & English Literature

Vahid Nimehchisalem

Hadi Hamidi, Ph.D. in TEFL

Hassan Soleimani

Steve Graham

3L: Language , Linguitics & Literature

Fook Fei Wong , Mohd Sallehhudin Abd Aziz

kemboja ismail , Fook Fei Wong , Wong Fook Fei , Najihah M , Noorizah Mohd Noor


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