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Definition of lecture

 (Entry 1 of 2)

Definition of lecture  (Entry 2 of 2)

intransitive verb

transitive verb

  • lambast
  • rail (at or against)
  • tongue-lash

Examples of lecture in a Sentence

These examples are programmatically compiled from various online sources to illustrate current usage of the word 'lecture.' Any opinions expressed in the examples do not represent those of Merriam-Webster or its editors. Send us feedback about these examples.

Word History

Middle English, act of reading, from Late Latin lectura , from Latin lectus , past participle of legere

15th century, in the meaning defined at sense 1

circa 1590, in the meaning defined at intransitive sense

Phrases Containing lecture

  • lecture hall
  • curtain lecture

Dictionary Entries Near lecture

lecture bottle

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Kids Definition

Kids definition of lecture.

Kids Definition of lecture  (Entry 2 of 2)

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Definition of 'lecture'

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lecture in British English

Lecture in american english, examples of 'lecture' in a sentence lecture, cobuild collocations lecture, trends of lecture.

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  • lecture circuit
  • lecture class
  • lecture course
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  • guest lecture
  • lecture hall
  • lecture notes
  • lecture room
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Meaning of lecture – Learner’s Dictionary

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lecture noun [C] ( TEACHING )

Lecture noun [c] ( criticism ), lecture verb ( teach ), lecture verb ( criticize ), translations of lecture.

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Word of the Day

mind your own business

used to tell someone in a rude way that you do not want them to ask about something private

Understanding AI jargon: Artificial intelligence vocabulary

Understanding AI jargon: Artificial intelligence vocabulary

giving a lecture verb

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a speech read or delivered before an audience or class, especially for instruction or to set forth some subject: a lecture on Picasso's paintings.

a speech of warning or reproof as to conduct; a long, tedious reprimand.

to give a lecture or series of lectures: He spent the year lecturing to various student groups.

to deliver a lecture to or before; instruct by lectures.

to rebuke or reprimand at some length: He lectured the child regularly but with little effect.

Origin of lecture

Other words for lecture, other words from lecture.

  • pre·lec·ture, noun, adjective, verb, pre·lec·tured, pre·lec·tur·ing.
  • un·lec·tured, adjective

Dictionary.com Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2023

How to use lecture in a sentence

A better way to help the poor is to just give them cold-hard cash—and stop lecturing them about how to spend their money!

Doug Peacock has been writing and lecturing about Yellowstone's bears for 40 years.

And what business does a pastor have lecturing people about his or her sexual performance?

I reached Goldwater by phone in Hawaii where he is lecturing at the university to ask him about his apparent apostasy.

You could've put up an expert lecturing on the dangers of war, but I'm guessing that wouldn't have gotten a lot of hits.

But a deafening peal of thunder cut short the sentence of the phlegmatic prince lecturing the royal spouse.

Lecturing and oratory, and even public tea-meetings, were things almost unknown.

While Mr. Bradlaugh was lecturing in the States a general election took place in England.

I do not forget the tremendous labor, physical as well as mental, of lecturing on burning questions to large audiences.

Kossuth's lecturing tour in the States in 1852 had excited 171 an angry feeling against Austria.

British Dictionary definitions for lecture

/ ( ˈlɛktʃə ) /

a discourse on a particular subject given or read to an audience

the text of such a discourse

a method of teaching by formal discourse

a lengthy reprimand or scolding

to give or read a lecture (to an audience or class)

(tr) to reprimand at length

Collins English Dictionary - Complete & Unabridged 2012 Digital Edition © William Collins Sons & Co. Ltd. 1979, 1986 © HarperCollins Publishers 1998, 2000, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2012

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Synonyms for give in English

  • give ; hand over ; delate ; extend ; present with ; give to ; pass ; offer ; hand ; deliver up ; provide ; dispense ; deliver ; hand over to ; declare ; assign ; allocate ; confer ; allot ; bestow on ; donate ; grant ; bestow ; give a present ; bring ; supply ; bring around ; furnish ; send ; ship ; send round ; devote ; pay ; commit ; dedicate ; consecrate ; throw ; render ; feed ; yield ; generate ; return ; establish ; have ; hold ; make ; give way ; move over ; ease up ; collapse ; break ; founder ; cave in ; fall in ; present ; gift ; reach ; pass on ; turn over ; leave ; impart ; contribute ; kick in ; chip in ; apply ; afford ; sacrifice ; open
  • give ; emit
  • spring ; give ; springiness

Detailed Synonyms for give in English

To give verb (gives, gave, giving).

  • give verb (gives, gave, giving)
  • hand over verb (hands over, handed over, handing over)
  • delate verb (delates, delated, delating)
  • extend verb (extends, extended, extending)
  • present with verb (presents with, presented with, presenting with)
  • give to verb
  • pass verb (passes, passed, passing)
  • offer verb (offers, offered, offering)
  • deliver up verb (delivers up, delivered up, delivering up)
  • hand me the spoon, please 1
  • provide verb (provides, provided, providing)
  • dispense verb (dispenses, dispensed, dispensing)
  • deliver verb (delivers, delivered, delivering)
  • hand over to verb (hands over to, handed over to, handing over to)
  • declare verb (declares, declared, declaring)
  • assign verb (assigns, assigned, assigning)
  • allocate verb (allocates, allocated, allocating)
  • confer verb (confers, conferred, conferring)
  • allot verb (allots, alloted, alloting)
  • bestow on verb
  • donate verb (donates, donated, donating)
  • grant verb (grants, granted, granting)
  • bestow verb (bestows, bestowed, bestowing)
  • give a present verb (gives a present, gave a present, giving a present)
  • bring verb (brings, brought, bringing)
  • supply verb (supplies, supplied, supplying)
  • bring around verb (brings around, brought around, bringing around)
  • furnish verb (furnishes, furnished, furnishing)
  • send verb (sends, sent, sending)
  • ship verb (ships, shipped, shipping)
  • send round verb (sends round, sent round, sending round)
  • She gave her hand to her little sister 1
  • She gave herself to many men 1
  • what gives? 1
  • He gave the patient three months to live 1
  • I gave him a very good chance at success 1
  • give thought to 1
  • give priority to 1
  • devote verb (devotes, devoted, devoting)
  • pay attention to 1
  • She gave the boy a good spanking 1
  • The judge gave me 10 years 1
  • I give you two minutes to respond 1
  • You gave me to think that you agreed with me 1
  • give one's opinion 1
  • give an excuse 1
  • She committed herself to the work of God 1
  • give one's talents to a good cause 1
  • dedicate verb (dedicates, dedicated, dedicating)
  • consecrate your life to the church 1
  • He gave her his word 1
  • This student gives promise of real creativity 1
  • The office gave evidence of tampering 1
  • She gave me a dirty look 1
  • throw verb (throws, threw, throwing)
  • give the orders 1
  • Don't pay him any mind 1
  • pay attention 1
  • render thanks 1
  • give homage 1
  • give a decision for the plaintiff 1
  • He gave the first of many toasts at the birthday party 1
  • don't give the child this tough meat 1
  • feed verb (feeds, fed, feeding)
  • yield verb (yields, yielded, yielding)
  • This material doesn't give 1
  • This year's crop yielded 1,000 bushels of corn 1
  • The estate renders some revenue for the family 1
  • generate verb (generates, generated, generating)
  • return verb (returns, returned, returning)
  • His two singles gave the team the victory 1
  • The trompe l'oeil-illusion establishes depth 1
  • Pollini is giving another concert in New York 1
  • He gave the sign to start 1
  • have, throw, or make a party 1
  • hold a reception 1
  • give a course 1
  • The park gave way to a supermarket 1
  • give way verb (gives way, gave way, giving way)
  • move over verb (moves over, moved over, moving over)
  • ease up verb
  • The wall collapsed 1
  • The business collapsed 1
  • The roof collapsed 1
  • The wall gave in 1
  • The roof finally gave under the weight of the ice 1
  • The dam broke 1
  • founder verb (founders, foundered, foundering)
  • cave in verb (caves in, caved in, caving in)
  • fall in verb (falls in, fell in, falling in)
  • I gave her my money 1
  • can you give me lessons? 1
  • She gave the children lots of love and tender loving care 1
  • Can I give you my keys while I go in the pool? 1
  • Can I give you the children for the weekend? 1
  • present verb (presents, presented, presenting)
  • What will you give her for her birthday? 1
  • reach verb (reachs, reached, reaching)
  • pass on verb (passes on, passed on, passing on)
  • turn over verb (turns over, turned over, turning over)
  • leave your name and address here 1
  • give a secret to the Russians 1
  • impart a new skill to the students 1
  • contribute verb (contributes, contributed, contributing)
  • I gave at the office 1
  • kick in verb (kicks in, kicked in, kicking in)
  • chip in verb
  • She gave him First Aid 1
  • I gave him a punch in the nose 1
  • I gave him the drug 1
  • She gave him a black eye 1
  • The draft gave me a cold 1
  • grant a degree 1
  • This bill grants us new rights 1
  • give a divorce 1
  • He gave me a lot of trouble 1
  • Our meeting afforded much interesting information 1
  • He gave his life for his children 1
  • I gave two sons to the war 1
  • sacrifice verb (sacrifices, sacrificed, sacrificing)
  • The French doors give onto a terrace 1
  • the door opens to the patio 1
  • afford verb
  • I'll give you three books for four CDs 1
  • give a yelp 1

Conjugations for give:

Simple past, present perfect, past continuous.

  • were giving

continuous present


  • let's give!
  • give [ the ~ ] noun

the give

  • spring [ the ~ ] noun
  • springiness [ the ~ ] noun

Related Words for "give":

Alternate synonyms for "give":.

  • spring ; springiness ; elasticity ; snap
  • yield ; afford ; supply ; provide ; render ; furnish
  • transfer ; give back
  • state ; say ; tell
  • pay ; communicate ; intercommunicate
  • hold ; throw ; have ; make ; direct
  • gift ; present
  • make ; create
  • devote ; think ; cogitate ; cerebrate
  • render ; return ; generate ; produce
  • impart ; leave ; pass on
  • pass ; hand ; reach ; pass on ; turn over
  • utter ; emit ; let out ; let loose
  • sacrifice ; release ; relinquish ; resign ; free ; give up
  • pass ; hand ; reach ; turn over ; hand out ; hand down ; hand over ; pass on
  • dedicate ; consecrate ; commit ; use ; utilize ; utilise ; apply ; employ
  • administer ; dispense
  • apply ; distribute ; mete out; deal ; parcel out ; lot ; shell out ; deal out; dish out ; allot ; dole out
  • move over ; give way ; ease up ; move
  • feed ; ply ; cater
  • contribute ; chip in ; kick in
  • collapse ; fall in ; cave in ; break ; founder ; change
  • estimate ; gauge ; approximate ; guess ; judge
  • compensate ; recompense ; repair ; indemnify
  • stretch ; give in
  • toast ; drink ; pledge ; salute ; wassail
  • accord ; grant
  • express ; evince
  • submit ; subject
  • permit ; allow ; let ; countenance
  • inflict ; bring down ; visit ; impose
  • happen ; hap ; go on ; pass off ; occur ; fall out ; come about ; take place
  • accept ; consent ; go for
  • offer ; proffer

Antonyms for "give":

  • take ; starve

Related Definitions for "give":

  • the elasticity of something that can be stretched and returns to its original length 1
  • give or supply 1
  • bring about 1
  • place into the hands or custody of 1
  • convey or reveal information 1
  • execute and deliver 1

Related Synonyms for give

  • give a push
  • give comment
  • give offence
  • give notice of
  • give the exact money
  • give exact money
  • give vent to
  • give birth to
  • give a present
  • give a ring
  • give someone a good dressing down
  • give a lecture
  • give one's fiat to
  • give off light
  • give evidence
  • give up hope
  • give a sound
  • give a hand
  • give along with
  • give tit for tat
  • give as good as one gets
  • give a pep-talk
  • give a repeat order
  • give an order
  • give a raise
  • give an ovation
  • give a good cleaning
  • give a solo performance
  • give a speech
  • give the green light
  • give something a moment's thought
  • give something a moment thought
  • to give birth
  • give permission
  • give expression to
  • give rise to
  • give shelter
  • give preference
  • give ground
  • give notice of one's intended marriage
  • give in marriage
  • give a blow-job
  • to give a title
  • give employment to people
  • give a trial
  • condescend to give a p. an answer
  • give over again
  • give suck to
  • give human form to
  • give away in marriage
  • give a special performance
  • give a crack
  • give a flick
  • give a concrete form to
  • give s.b. a wigging
  • give exercise
  • give the brushoff
  • give evidence of
  • give priority to
  • give off steam
  • give a heading to
  • give one's consent
  • give s.b. a good talking-to
  • give notice
  • give feed-back
  • give a damn
  • give a hang
  • give a hoot
  • give and take
  • give full measure
  • give it a try
  • give it a whirl
  • give it the deep six
  • give one's best
  • give or take
  • give thanks
  • give the axe
  • give the bounce
  • give the eye
  • give the gate
  • give the glad eye
  • give the once over
  • 1 WordNet 3.0 Copyright 2006 by Princeton University
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Definition of lecture noun from the Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary

  • to go to/attend a lecture
  • to give/deliver a lecture
  • I have a lecture at nine tomorrow.
  • lecture on something a series of lectures on Jane Austen
  • a course of lectures on art history
  • lecture about something an illustrated lecture about the planet Mars
  • lecture to somebody a book based on her lectures to students
  • a lecture to the Darwin Society
  • lecture by somebody a lecture by Professor Snow
  • in a lecture She spoke about the environmental problems of the future in a lecture at Georgetown University.
  • at a lecture There were very few students at his lecture that morning.
  • Several people made speeches at the wedding.
  • a lecture on the Roman army
  • a course/​series of lectures
  • a televised presidential address
  • She gave an interesting talk on her visit to China.
  • to preach a sermon
  • a long/​short speech/​lecture/​address/​talk/​sermon
  • a keynote speech/​lecture/​address
  • to write/​prepare/​give/​deliver/​hear a(n) speech/​lecture/​address/​talk/​sermon
  • to attend/​go to a lecture/​talk
  • dissertation
  • hall of residence
  • acquire/​get/​lack (an) education/​training/ (British English) (some) qualifications
  • receive/​provide somebody with training/​tuition
  • develop/​design/​plan a curriculum/ (especially British English) course/ (North American English) program/​syllabus
  • give/​go to/​attend a class/​lesson/​lecture/​seminar
  • hold/​run/​conduct a class/​seminar/​workshop
  • sign up for/​take a course/​classes/​lessons
  • go to/​start preschool/​kindergarten/​nursery school
  • be in the first, second, etc. (North American English) grade/ (especially British English) year (at school)
  • study/​take/​drop history/​chemistry/​German, etc.
  • (British English) leave/​finish/​drop out of/ (North American English) quit school
  • (North American English) graduate high school/​college
  • be the victim/​target of bullying
  • (British English) play truant from/ (both British English, informal) bunk off/​skive off school (= not go to school when you should)
  • (both especially North American English) skip/​cut class/​school
  • (British English) cheat in/ (North American English) cheat on an exam/​a test
  • get/​be given a detention (for doing something)
  • be expelled from/​be suspended from school
  • do your homework/ (British English) revision/​a project on something
  • work on/​write/​do/​submit an essay/​a dissertation/​a thesis/​an assignment/ (North American English) a paper
  • finish/​complete your dissertation/​thesis/​studies/​coursework
  • hand in/ (North American English) turn in your homework/​essay/​assignment/​paper
  • study/​prepare/ (British English) revise/ (North American English) review/ (North American English, informal) cram for a test/​an exam
  • take/ (both British English) do/​sit a test/​an exam
  • (especially British English) mark/ (especially North American English) grade homework/​a test
  • (British English) do well in/ (North American English) do well on/ (informal, especially North American English) ace a test/​an exam
  • pass/​fail/ (informal, especially North American English) flunk a test/​an exam/​a class/​a course/​a subject
  • apply to/​get into/​go to/​start college/ (British English) university
  • leave/​graduate from law school/​college/ (British English) university (with a degree in computer science)
  • study for/​take/ (British English) do/​complete a law degree/​a degree in physics
  • (both North American English) major/​minor in biology/​philosophy
  • earn/​receive/​be awarded/​get/​have/​hold a master’s degree/​a bachelor’s degree/​a PhD in economics
  • Professor Pearson gave the inaugural lecture in the new lecture theatre.
  • She referred to Professor Jones's work in her lecture on Shakespeare's imagery.
  • She wasn't at the lecture.
  • The fire alarm went during his lecture.
  • The society is putting on a series of lectures on the subject next term.
  • a familiar figure on the international lecture circuit
  • a lecture entitled ‘How to Prevent Food Poisoning’
  • He gave a very interesting and informative lecture on the Roman army.
  • a lecture room/​hall
  • fascinating
  • interesting
  • programme/​program
  • at a/​the lecture
  • during a/​the lecture
  • in a/​the lecture
  • a lecture entitled something
  • a lecture titled something
  • a lecture on the subject of something

Questions about grammar and vocabulary?

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  • I know I should stop smoking—don't give me a lecture about it.
  • I don't need any lectures from you on responsibility.
  • I don't take lectures from anyone on how to behave.
  • I got a lecture from Dad about coming home on time.
  • She gave me a stern lecture on ingratitude.
  • give somebody
  • lecture about
  • lecture from

Other results

  • lecture halls
  • lecture hall
  • lecture theatre
  • lecture theatres

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lecture vs give a lecture

A complete search of the internet has found these results:

lecture  is the most popular phrase on the web.

347,000,000 results on the web

Some examples from the web:

  • That calculus lecture was harder than I expected.
  • See you in the canteen after the lecture .
  • Is the same one whose lecture you attended.
  • He wanted to invite you to his lecture .
  • Here comes the lecture from Mr University.
  • Not in the mood for a lecture .
  • Actually, we arranged the lecture .
  • His 3:00 lecture on Thursday.
  • I met you when you came out for that memory management lecture .
  • I can't get through a lecture without him questioning every detail.
  • I'm very excited about this lecture .
  • I didn't call you here for a lecture .
  • I only attended one lecture on the subject, Doc.
  • What-what else did you learn in that lecture ?
  • But that's what the lecture said, anyway.
  • There's a lecture at Fuller Hall on birds.
  • I'm going to check out that math lecture .
  • So, I scored two tickets to this Alec Knight lecture .
  • I feel a lecture coming on.
  • He's always at the back of starling's lecture hall.

give a lecture

7,160,000 results on the web

  • Find 216 synonyms for " give a lecture to" and other similar words that you can use instead from our thesaurus.
  • Hi, could you please suggest a more formal way of saying "to give a lecture "? Could it be "to conduct a lecture / an academic course"?
  • English to Spanish translation results for ' give a lecture ' designed for tablets and mobile devices. Possible languages include English, Dutch, German, ...
  • Mar 28, 2022 ... CNN Anchor Fredricka Whitfield will give a lecture Thursday in Presidents Hall. <p>CNN anchor Fredricka Whitfield is pictured.
  • Writer and storyteller Tomi Adeyemi to give a lecture Nov. 18 at the University of North Texas. Friday, October 22, 2021 - 15:46 ...
  • give a lecture : · to give a lecture verb (gives a lecture, gave a lecture, giving a lecture) · Conjugations for give a lecture : ...

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giving a lecture verb

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Timothy Owen

Hong Kong lecture by British barrister linked to Jimmy Lai trial cancelled

Timothy Owen, who in May was blocked from representing the activist Jimmy Lai, was due to give a talk on law and democracy

A lecture in Hong Kong by the British barrister embroiled in a legal battle over whether he can represent the pro-democracy activist Jimmy Lai has been cancelled without explanation, raising concerns about the diminishing space for free speech in the semi-autonomous Chinese city.

Timothy Owen KC was due to give a talk entitled “Judges, Democracy and the Criminal Law” at the University of Hong Kong (HKU) on 17 November. But on Tuesday, the lecture was cancelled without explanation, with the university citing “unforeseen circumstances”. The website for the law faculty appears to be offline.

The talk was co-hosted with Boase Cohen & Collins, a local law firm. Last month, in an article advertising the talk , Colin Cohen, a senior partner, said he was “thrilled” that Owen had accepted the firm’s invitation to deliver the lecture, adding: “We are certain that his talk will be hugely popular with a large cross-section of the legal profession and the general public.” The link to register for the talk is no longer active.

The talk had been advertised as a discussion of “the growing threats to judicial independence and the rule of law with particular focus on the administration of criminal justice”.

HKU declined to elaborate on the reason for the cancellation. Boase Cohen & Collins have been approached for comment. Owen declined to comment.

Owen has clashed with the authorities over his ability to represent Lai in his national security trial.

Lai, 75, is charged with colluding with foreign forces under the city’s national security law, charges the British government describes as “highly politicised” .

In November 2022, Hong Kong’s top court ruled that Owen could defend Lai in the trial, despite multiple objections from the territory’s Department of Justice.

Hong Kong’s chief executive, John Lee, then asked Beijing to intervene, prompting an “interpretation” of Hong Kong’s national security law to clarify that foreign lawyers could not work on national security cases without approval from the city’s chief executive, or head of government.

This interpretation was later enshrined into Hong Kong’s law, with the authorities using that new power to block Owen from Lai’s case in May. Lai’s legal team is appealing against that decision.

The cancellation of Owen’s talk at HKU comes after a number of incidents that have raised concerns about academic freedom in the Chinese territory.

In October, it emerged that Rowena He, a Canadian historian who researches the 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre, had been fired from her post as an associate professor at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, after the city’s immigration authorities declined to extend her visa.

Last year, Ryan Thoreson, a US human rights scholar who had previously worked at Human Rights Watch, was denied a visa to teach human rights law at HKU. No explanation was given.

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giving a lecture verb

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Two dead after Hong Kong’s heaviest rain in at least 140 years

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Hong Kong’s top court rules in favour of legal recognition for same-sex couples

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French climber dies in suspected fall during ‘stunt’ at Hong Kong high-rise

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Daughter of Hong Kong exiled activist detained by national security police

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Hong Kong police raid homes of relatives of two exiled activists

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Police in Hong Kong raid family home of UK-based exile Nathan Law

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We’re a Tory MP and a Hong Kong pro-democracy activist, and China is trying to silence us both

giving a lecture verb

Hong Kong: fifth person arrested for allegedly supporting overseas pro-democracy activists

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synonyms for lecture

  • instruction
  • disquisition

See also synonyms for: lectured lectures lecturing

How to use lecture in a sentence

Sanders has done research that shows that college students tend to learn better when they have access to videos of lectures.

He and Dung Bui, then also at Washington University, had students listen to a lecture on car brakes and pumps.

Like thousands of US colleges and universities this spring, Simmons University in Boston had to adjust to Covid-19 on the fly, closing lecture halls and moving classes online.

Nor did it touch you as a student seated in the wood-paneled lecture halls of law school.

Concerts, theatrical performances, award shows, conventions, lecture tours – every large in-person event across the country was either cancelled or postponed for the foreseeable future.

Nobody has to lecture me about how Sharpton has played racial politics in New York.

I, and many fellow men, know this because women say so—they write it, they lecture on it, they write books about it.

She hated sharing Georgie with his admirers, particularly on lecture tours in in North America.

The closing lecture also presents questions that Chomsky never answers—mainly one of alternatives.

He carried a chair onto the stage, sat down and repeated the lecture he uses when­ever he hires an old-time musician.

I told her, when I wrote last, how I felt; and you never read such a lecture as she gave me in return.

However, he arrived in Aberdeen radiant, gave his lecture , and at the end was presented by Donald with a cheque for twenty pounds.

Lectures—Two ladies may attend a lecture , unaccompanied by a gentleman, without attracting attention.

In a room, a few miles out of London, I had just given a lecture to the members of a literary Society.

I have often had the pleasure of hearing Mme. de Mirbel lecture her and it was very comical.

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Words Related To lecture

  • dissertation
  • deliver speech
  • deliver talk
  • get on a soapbox
  • give speech
  • memorialize
  • pontificate
  • take the floor
  • applied oneself to
  • attended to
  • concentrated on
  • devoted oneself to
  • had a go at
  • hammered away
  • knuckled down to
  • pegged away
  • plugged away at
  • threw oneself into
  • took care of
  • box numbers
  • headquarters
  • living quarters
  • place of businesses
  • place of residences
  • whereabouts
  • applies oneself to
  • concentrates on
  • devotes oneself to
  • hammers away
  • has a go at
  • knuckles down to
  • plugs away at
  • takes care of
  • throws oneself into

Roget's 21st Century Thesaurus, Third Edition Copyright © 2013 by the Philip Lief Group.

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  1. Professors And Assistants Giving A Lecture High-Res Stock Photo

    giving a lecture verb

  2. Adult Teacher is Giving Lecture for Students in Class Stock Image

    giving a lecture verb

  3. Professor Giving A Lecture High-Res Stock Photo

    giving a lecture verb

  4. Senior professor giving lecture to young students

    giving a lecture verb

  5. Teacher is Giving Lecture for Students in Class Stock Photo

    giving a lecture verb

  6. Learn the Pros and Cons of Lectures

    giving a lecture verb


  1. What is verb

  2. Verb Phrase Development


  4. Subject & Verb: Their Preeminence in the World of the Mind

  5. Haq Mahr kitna hona chahiye

  6. verb english lecture


  1. Lecture Definition & Meaning

    : a discourse given before an audience or class especially for instruction 2 : a formal reproof lectureship ˈlek-chər-ˌship -shər- noun lecture 2 of 2 verb lectured; lecturing ˈlek-chə-riŋ ˈlek-shriŋ intransitive verb : to deliver a lecture or a course of lectures transitive verb 1 : to deliver a lecture to 2 : to reprove formally lecturer


    verb uk / ˈlek.tʃə r/ us / ˈlek.tʃɚ / C2 [ I ] to give a formal talk to a group of people, often at a college or university: For ten years she lectured in law. She travelled widely in North America, lecturing on women's rights. [ T ] to talk angrily or seriously to someone in order to criticize their behaviour:

  3. GIVE A LECTURE definition and meaning

    Definition of 'give' give (gɪv ) verb [no cont] You can use give with nouns that refer to physical actions. The whole expression refers to the performing of the action. For example, She gave a smile means almost the same as 'She smiled'. [...] See full entry for 'give' Collins COBUILD Advanced Learner's Dictionary.

  4. LECTURE Definition & Usage Examples

    verb (used without object),lec·tured, lec·tur·ing. to give a lecture or series of lectures: He spent the year lecturing to various student groups. verb (used with object),lec·tured, lec·tur·ing. to deliver a lecture to or before; instruct by lectures. to rebuke or reprimand at some length: He lectured the child regularly but with little effect.


    verb us / ˈlek.tʃɚ / uk / ˈlek.tʃə r/ C2 [ I ] to give a formal talk to a group of people, often at a college or university: For ten years she lectured in law. She traveled widely in North America, lecturing on women's rights. [ T ] to talk angrily or seriously to someone in order to criticize their behavior:

  6. Lecture

    verb deliver a lecture or talk "Did you ever lecture at Harvard?" synonyms: talk see more verb censure severely or angrily synonyms: bawl out, berate, call down, call on the carpet, chew out, chew up, chide, dress down, have words, jaw, lambast, lambaste, rag, rebuke, remonstrate, reprimand, reproof, scathe, scold, take to task, trounce, vituperate

  7. Lecture definition in American English

    1. countable noun A lecture is a talk someone gives in order to teach people about a particular subject, usually at a university or college. ...a series of lectures by Professor Eric Robinson. Synonyms: talk, address, speech, lesson More Synonyms of lecture 2. intransitive verb

  8. LECTURE definition and meaning

    LECTURE definition: A lecture is a talk someone gives in order to teach people about a particular subject,... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

  9. lecture

    verb uk / ˈlektʃə r/ us lecture verb (TEACH) to give a formal talk to a group of people, often at a university: She travelled widely throughout North America lecturing on women's rights. For ten years she lectured in law. lecture verb (CRITICIZE) to talk angrily to someone in order to criticize their behaviour: Stop lecturing me!

  10. lecture_2 verb

    Definition of lecture verb from the Oxford Advanced American Dictionary ... jump to other results. 1 [intransitive] lecture (on/in something) to give a talk or a series of talks to a group of people on a subject, especially as a way of teaching in a university or college She lectures on Russian literature.

  11. lecture

    COLLOCATIONS verbs give a lecture (also deliver a lecture formal) She gave a fascinating lecture on crime in the 1800s. He delivered the lecture at the London School of Economics. do a lecture informal: He's doing a lecture on modern poetry. go to a lecture (also attend a lecture formal) Have you been to any of Professor MacPherson's lectures?

  12. lecture_2 verb

    [intransitive] to give a talk or a series of talks to a group of people on a subject, especially as a way of teaching in a university or college He has taught and lectured at the University of Pretoria. lecture on something He lectures on Islamic history at Birkbeck College.; lecture in something She lectures in Russian literature.; lecture to somebody a live broadcast of the professor ...

  13. Lecture Definition & Meaning

    Lecture definition, a speech read or delivered before an audience or class, especially for instruction or to set forth some subject: a lecture on Picasso's paintings. See more.

  14. Give a lecture: Synonyms in English

    Synonyms for give a lecture in English. Remove Ads. Summary. English Synonyms: more detail... give a lecture: give a lecture; lecture. English.

  15. lecture

    /ˈlektʃə (r)/ /ˈlektʃər/ a talk that is given to a group of people to teach them about a particular subject, often as part of a university or college course to go to/attend a lecture to give/deliver a lecture I have a lecture at nine tomorrow. lecture on something a series of lectures on Jane Austen a course of lectures on art history

  16. GIVE A LECTURE in Thesaurus: 100+ Synonyms & Antonyms for GIVE A LECTURE

    Most related words/phrases with sentence examples define Give a lecture meaning and usage. Thesaurus for Give a lecture. Related terms for give a lecture- synonyms, antonyms and ... sentences. thesaurus. Parts of speech. verbs. nouns. Synonyms Similar meaning. View all. lecture. make a speech. speak. give a talk. lecturing. talk. declaim. orate ...

  17. deliver lectures vs give lectures

    Ukraine. Oct 27, 2010. #9. BobK said: The verb 'lecture' has two distinct meanings in Br Eng. Lecturing a person involves talking on and on at them in a hostile or critical way; but when the verb has no object it just means 'delivering a lecture [that is, an academic one]'. b.

  18. 31 Words and Phrases for Giving A Lecture

    Giving A Lecture synonyms - 31 Words and Phrases for Giving A Lecture. phrases. be speaking. gave a lecture. give a lecture. give a speech. give a talk. giving a lesson. giving a speech.

  19. What is another word for give a lecture

    What is another word for give a lecture? Need that you can use instead. Verb To say something, typically noteworthy, in speech make a statement speak talk pontificate preach jaw stump deliver get on a soapbox give an address mouth off give a speech make a speech give a talk sound off address an audience deliver an address drone on say something

  20. 115 Words and Phrases for Give A Lecture

    Synonyms for Give A Lecture (other words and phrases for Give A Lecture). Synonyms for Give a lecture. 115 other terms for give a lecture- words and phrases with similar meaning. Lists. synonyms. antonyms. definitions. sentences. thesaurus. words. phrases. idioms. Parts of speech. verbs. nouns. Tags. lecture. speak. talk.

  21. What is another word for give a lecture on

    What is another word for give a lecture on? Need synonyms for give a lecture on? Here's a list of similar words from our thesaurus that you can use instead. Verb To address or discuss as a subject deal with address cover handle treat discuss tackle bespeak confront field negotiate work attack face see to take on cope with focus on contend with

  22. give a lecture or lecture?

    Writer and storyteller Tomi Adeyemi to give a lecture Nov. 18 at the University of North Texas. Friday, October 22, 2021 - 15:46 ... give a lecture: · to give a lecture verb (gives a lecture, gave a lecture, giving a lecture) · Conjugations for give a lecture : ... give a call or give me a call?

  23. Hong Kong lecture by British barrister linked to Jimmy Lai trial

    Timothy Owen, who in May was blocked from representing the activist Jimmy Lai, was due to give a talk on law and democracy A lecture in Hong Kong by the British barrister embroiled in a legal ...

  24. 71 Synonyms & Antonyms for LECTURE

    nounlesson, speech nounspeech of criticism verbgive a lesson, speech verbcriticize lengthily