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On November 7th, 2023, Harry Bosch and Mickey Haller are back in Resurrection Walk , the highly-anticipated new novel from #1 New York Times bestselling author Michael Connelly.

Bosh, one of the genre’s most recognized characters, first debuted in Connelly’s 1992 novel The Black Echo . Since then, the LAPD detective turned Private Investigator has gone on to star in 24 novels to date. Lately, though, as Bosch has gotten older, Connelly has had his beloved protagonist co-star along other characters, the most recent being Renée Ballard.

Ballard, like Bosch, is an LAPD detective driven by the pursuit of truth and justice, who shares the “everyone counts or nobody counts” mindset that Harry lives by. First introduced in The Late Show (2017), Ballard has become another hit character for Connelly to work with, and she’s partnered with Harry several times in recent books. However, this time around, it appears that Bosch will share screen time with his half-brother, famous defense attorney—and the Lincoln Lawyer himself—Mickey Haller.

Haller, who starred in the bestselling 2005 novel The Lincoln Lawyer , has anchored six titles to date, including The Law of Innocent (2020), while making numerous appearances in other Bosch-starring books. The character was first portrayed on the big screen by Oscar-award-winning actor Matthew McConaughey back in 2011. Last year, Netflix launched a new series starring Heller on their platform (similar to the Titus Wellivur-starring Bosch drama on Amazon), starring Manuel García-Rulfo Lapuente as Haller. Like the book and movie before it, the show is also called The Lincoln Lawyer . Season 2 is expected to drop on Netflix later this year.

It’s always a treat when Bosch and Haller team up, and judging by what we know, Connelly’s fans are in for a real treat this time around.

Check out the official plot details below!

latest book by michael connelly

The path to justice for both the lawyer and his investigator is fraught with danger from those who don’t want the case reopened. And they will stop at nothing to keep the Haller-Bosch dream team from uncovering what the deputy’s killing was really about.

Michael Connelly is the author of thirty-seven previous novels, including #1 New York Times bestsellers Desert Star , The Dark Hours , and The Law of Innocence. His books, which include the Harry Bosch series, the Lincoln Lawyer series, and the Renée Ballard series, have sold more than eighty million copies worldwide. Connelly is a former newspaper reporter who has won numerous awards for his journalism and his novels. He is the executive producer of three television series: Bosch , Bosch: Legacy , and The Lincoln Lawyer . He spends his time in California and Florida.

Readers excited to get their hands on Michael Connelly’s Resurrection Walk can now pre-order their copy here or anywhere else books are sold.

Praised as “One of the hardest working, most thoughtful, and fairest reviewers out there” by #1 New York Times bestselling author Lisa Scottoline, Ryan Steck has “quickly established himself as the authority on mysteries and thrillers” (Author A.J. Tata). Steck also works full-time as a freelance editor and is building a growing community on Twitch . His debut thriller, FIELDS OF FIRE , which #1 New York Times bestselling author Jack Carr says “ will leave you speechless and begging for more,” is now available. For more information, be sure to follow him on Twitter and Facebook . And to take part in free, exclusive BOOK CLUBS each month, join The Real Book Spy on Discord .

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The Official Web Site of the Best Selling Author

Michael connelly, main navigation, search site, series order.

Home » Series Order

Follow the Harry Bosch series or The Lincoln Lawyer series or the Renée Ballard series or Other Main Characters . Many of Michael’s main characters appear together in books.

Click Here For A Printable Book List With Series Order .

The Harry Bosch Series:

Books in published order: The Black Echo (1992) The Black Ice (1993) The Concrete Blonde (1994) The Last Coyote (1995) Trunk Music (1997) Angels Flight (1999) A Darkness More Than Night  (2001) City Of Bones (2002) Lost Light  (2003) The Narrows  (2004) (sequel to The Poet) The Closers (2005) Echo Park  (2006) The Overlook   (2007) Nine Dragons  (2009) (also featuring Mickey Haller) The Drop (2011) The Black Box  (2012) The Burning Room (2014) The Crossing (2015) (also featuring Mickey Haller) The Wrong Side Of Goodbye (2016) (also featuring Mickey Haller) Two Kinds Of Truth (2017) (also featuring Mickey Haller) Dark Sacred Night (2018) (also featuring Renée Ballard) The Night Fire (2019) (also featuring Renée Ballard) The Dark Hours (2021) (also featuring Renée Ballard) Desert Star (2022) (also featuring Renée Ballard) The Waiting (November 5, 2024) (also featuring Renée Ballard)

Also appearing in the following Mickey Haller novels: The Brass Verdict (2008), The Reversal (2010), The Law Of Innocence (2020), and Resurrection Walk (2023), and a very brief part in The Fifth Witness (2011) and The Gods of Guilt (2013).

The Lincoln Lawyer Series with Mickey Haller:

Books in published order: The Lincoln Lawyer (2005) The Brass Verdict (2008) (also featuring Harry Bosch) The Reversal (2010) (also featuring Harry Bosch) The Fifth Witness (2011) The Gods of Guilt (2013) The Law Of Innocence (2020) (also featuring Harry Bosch) Resurrection Walk ( 2023) (also featuring Harry Bosch)

Also appearing in the following Harry Bosch novels: Nine Dragons (2009), The Crossing (2015), The Wrong Side Of Goodby e (2016),  Two Kinds Of Truth (2017), and The Night Fire (2019), and a very brief part in Desert Star (2022).

Renée Ballard Series:

Books in published order: The Late Show (2017) Dark Sacred Night (2018) (also featuring Harry Bosch) The Night Fire (2019) (also featuring Harry Bosch) The Dark Hours (2021) (also featuring Harry Bosch) Desert Star (2022) (also featuring Harry Bosch) The Waiting (November 5, 2024) (also featuring Harry Bosch)

Also appearing in a brief part in Resurrection Walk (2023)

The Jack McEvoy Series:

Books in published order: The Poet (1996) The Scarecrow  (2009) Fair Warning (2020) Small appearance in the following novels: A Darkness More Than Night (2001) and The Brass Verdict (2008).

Other Main Characters

Rachel Walling Appearances: The Poet (1996) The Narrows  (2004) (sequel to The Poet) Echo Park (2006) The Overlook (2007) The Scarecrow (2009) Fair Warning (2020) Small appearance in the following novels: The Reversal (2010)  and The Black Box (2012), and The Burning Room (2014).

Terry McCaleb Appearances: Blood Work (1998) A Darkness More Than Night (2001) The Narrows (2004)

Cassie Black Appearances: Void Moon (2000) Small appearance in the following novel: The Narrows (2004) .

Henry Pierce Appearances: Chasing The Dime (2002)

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Why Michael Connelly turns the legal system upside down in ‘Resurrection Walk’

Author Michael Connelly

What’s next? On Dec. 12 California Poet Laureate Lee Herrick joins book club readers for a live streaming conversation.

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Good morning, and welcome to the L.A. Times Book Club newsletter.

After immersing in nonfiction for the last four incredible book clubs — watching birds, reporting on Trump, Elon Musk, and two books on AI — I switched gears to catch up with a previous guest author. This past week I’ve been devouring the new suspense novel from Michael Connelly , who memorably joined book club readers in Hollywood before the pandemic shut down our live events.

In “ Resurrection Walk ,” Connelly pairs Lincoln Lawyer Mickey Haller and former LAPD detective Harry Bosch on a mission to help a woman who may be wrongfully imprisoned for her husband’s murder. Both of Connelly’s beloved characters now have separate TV shows that don’t crossover ( Haller on Netflix, Bosch on Amazon Freevee ), so it’s a treat to find them teamed up again on the page. “Resurrection Walk” immediately landed on the bestseller list .

After turning the last page, I reached out to Connelly and he shared some insights about his new mystery, his current reading and what’s ahead.

The Lincoln Lawyer launches his own Innocence Project inside his defense practice with help from half brother Harry Bosch. Why did you take on the subject of wrongful convictions? I was looking for a new angle in terms of getting Mickey Haller into the courtroom. This is the seventh Lincoln Lawyer book and it gets repetitive if every case follows the lines of client accused, client goes to trial, jury decides client’s fate . I needed to do something different. I was talking to one of the attorneys who I consult with on these books and he was working on a habeas case, trying to get a convicted client declared factually innocent and released from prison. He told me that in a habeas case the legal standards are turned upside down. Your client is guilty until proven innocent, the opposite of the standard of innocent until proven guilty. I liked that challenge for Mickey and I built the story around that upside down world.

Manuel Garcia-Rulfo stars as Mickey Haller and Jazz Raycole as Izzy in the streaming series "The Lincoln Lawyer."

How did you come up with the title? It just felt to me that if you are released from prison after being found guilty, you were getting your life back. You were raising up and joining the living again. So the title sort of came to me when I was writing the first chapter where a Haller client walks out of prison and joins his waiting family and the rest of his life.

What other books on wrongly accused defendants did you read? Any favorites? There are a lot of them out there but I’d go all the way back to “To Kill a Mockingbird” by Harper Lee. It probably had the biggest effect on me in terms of a hero lawyer standing up for the wrongly accused. I read it when I was 12 and I might not be a writer today if I hadn’t.

In your book, Detective Bosch picks up Gabrielle Zevin’s “Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow” while surveilling a woman at Vroman’s bookstore. What’s behind that? That is just a nod to that book , which I think was my favorite book of the last few years. I just loved it and it makes you feel good when you recommend a book that other readers come to love as much as you do.

What’s the last book that kept you up at night? This might be kind of strange but I read “A Mystery of Mysteries: The Death and Life of Edgar Allan Poe ” in one night. Written by Mark Dawidziak, it is an exploration of the many theories involving Poe’s unexplained death. It is written like a detective novel in a very propulsive manner, but what got me was how Poe had none of the protections that writers and artists have today. Poe is probably the most iconic writer in American history, whose work remains relevant 175 years after his death, and it was just a punch to the heart to read about his difficulties as an artist. He invented the detective story and was a forerunner in the genres of horror and science fiction and yet he lived and died in poverty. That was a crime in itself and that kept me awake and reading.

Michael Connelly, right, with actor Titus Welliver, who plays detective Harry Bosch, at Musso & Frank Grill.

Can you say what’s next for Bosch and Haller? There is no doubt that this is a pivot book and it is about Mickey finding what is important in his life. So I expect that next time we see him he will not be the same attorney we have seen before. Maybe the Lincoln Lawyer won’t be riding in a Lincoln. I’m not sure yet. But when I do come back to him, I’m hoping that whatever vehicle he’s in that he’s riding with Harry Bosch.

Next book club

When California Poet Laureate Lee Herrick shares his travel schedule with his friends, he says they often compare it to the itinerary of a band on tour. “It’s just city after city after city. ”

Herrick had an inkling of what he was getting into when he accepted the job last November. He served as Fresno’s poet laureate from 2015 to 2017.

On Dec. 12 , California’s 10th poet laureate joins the L.A. Times Book Club to talk about his first year on the road connecting with readers at schools, libraries, prisons, colleges and poetry slams up and down the state. Recently, Herrick launched “Our California,” a project to get people writing about where they live with an emphasis on social justice. “I suppose there are two potential outcomes,” Herrick says . “One is to get those creative ideas flowing, but also to see how writing can be related to our immediate surroundings. I think with social justice, it has to be an idea before it becomes an action.”

Herrick will be in conversation with Times editor Steve Padilla starting at 6 p.m. Pacific. Sign up on Eventbrite for this live-streaming event.

California Poet Laureate Lee Herrick at Fresno City College

Tell us: What questions do you have for Lee Herrick and what poetry did you most enjoy this year? Share your comments and questions when you sign up for book club night or in an email to [email protected] .

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Book awards: L.A. novelist Justin Torres (“ Blackouts ”) and Yale historian Ned Blackhawk (“ The Rediscovery of America ”) took home top honors at this week’s 74th National Book Awards . Actor, author and recent book club guest LeVar Burton hosted the New York City gala as war, politics and book bans also grabbed the spotlight. The reason books are threatened, Burton told the crowd, is “because they are so powerful.”

Giveaway: Pink says she will give away 2,000 banned books during the Florida leg of her tour. The Grammy winner is partnering with the national free speech organization PEN America and Florida bookseller Books & Books for the fan giveaway. “Books have held a special joy for me from the time I was a child, and that’s why I am unwilling to stand by and watch while books are banned by schools,” she says.

Latino voices: Check out the first edition of De Los|Reads , a new Times feature dedicated to amplifying the work of Latinx authors. Roxsy Lin shares fall fiction — “Sabiduría Familiar / Family Lore” by Elizabeth Acevedo ; “A Haunting in Hialeah Gardens” by Raul Palma ; and “Le Dedico Mi Silencio / I Give You My Silence” by Mario Vargas Llosa — along with new nonfiction and children’s books too.

Explaining Los Angeles: Columnist Patt Morrison roams the rich history of the city’s new, used, rare, secondhand, antiquarian bookstores. Don’t let anybody diss L.A.’s reading habits, she says . This was and is a bookstore boomtown.

New releases: The best-reviewed books this week include Sigrid Nunez’s new novel, “ The Vulnerables ” and Barbra Streisand’s 970 page memoir, “ My Name is Barbra .” “You might not have the appetite to linger for the whole thing, but you’ll find something worth a nosh,” says Alexandra Jacobs in The New York Times .

Cactus thieves: In “The Cactus Hunters,” Jared D. Margulies tackles the phenomenon of cactus and succulent poaching and collecting. “In the process, he explores rumor-mongering (no, the plants aren’t great air purifiers), the curious love of cacti behind the Iron Curtain and the nature of desire itself,” writes Mark Athitakis , who interviews Margulies for The Times .

You can still watch Tuesday’s AI Book Club Night with authors Fei-Fei Li and Joy Buolamwini , two of the nation’s leading researchers on the rapid rise of artificial intelligence and its impact on our humanity. They make a bewildering subject interesting and accessible.

Li’s memoir, “ The Worlds I See ,” pairs AI’s coming of age with her own personal coming-of-age story as a young immigrant overcoming every imaginable barrier. Buolamwini set out to build robots and instead found herself confronting inequalities embedded in the systems that control whether we get into college, get jobs, get access to health care or get arrested. Her book is “ Unmasking AI .”

Books covers for "The Worlds I See" by Fei-Fei Li and "Unmasking AI" by Joy Buolamwini.

“I was 15 years old when I read my first diverse book,” said Oprah Winfrey at this week’s National Book Awards . “ Maya Angelou’s ‘I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings,’ and the whole world fell away for me. It was the first book at 15 I ever read with a Black protagonist.

“That book gave a voice to my silences, my secrets. It gave words to my pain and my confusion of being raped at 9 years old. Until ‘Caged Bird,’ I didn’t know that there was a language, that were words for what had happened to me, or that any other human being on Earth had experienced it. That’s the power of books.”

Nikole Hannah-Jones at center: Billie Jean King, Viet Thanh Nguyen, Barack Obama, Julie Andrews and Luis J. Rodriguez.

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latest book by michael connelly

Donna Wares returned to the Los Angeles Times in 2019 to launch the Los Angeles Times Book Club. She has previously served as an editor on the paper’s national desk, state desk and Orange County city desk. Formerly managing editor of the Orange County Register and director of the Spokesman-Review’s Northwest Passages Book Club in Washington state, Wares began her career as a reporter for the Miami Herald. She has written several books and edited “My California: Journeys by Great Writers,” a bestselling anthology that raised more than $100,000 for children’s writing programs in the state. She left The Times in January 2024.

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Michael Connelly

Michael connelly book releases 2023/2024.

As of February 22nd, 2024 , Michael Connelly has 2 new or upcoming book releases .

Check out Michael Connelly’s next book below as it could be your favorite yet. Be sure to bookmark this page to be the first to discover new books by Michael Connelly!

Michael Connelly New Books In Order

Resurrection Walk (Lincoln Lawyer #7)

Desert Star (Renée Ballard #5)

Looking for more new books? Check out the most anticipated 2024 Book releases – and in case you missed them, look back at the best books from 2023 .

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The Golden Couple

A Touch Of Chaos (Hades X Persephone #4)

Frozen Detective (Piper And Porter Mystery #2)

With Or Without You

Midnight At The Christmas Bookshop

Bad Influence: Money, Lies, Power, and the World that Created Anna Delvey

Birds Of Prey: The Harlan Coben Challenge

The Summer Of Second Chances (Seashell Harbor #3)

Mrs. Morris and the Mermaid (Salem B&B Mysteries #8)

Exes and O’s

The Marsh Queen

Merciless Saviors (The Ouroboros #2)

Gone But Not Forgotten

Death Of A Clam Digger (Hayley Powell Food And Cocktails Mystery #16)

Odyssey’s End

The Framed Women of Ardemore House

Lost Feather (The Forgotten Angel #1)

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latest book by michael connelly

Michael Connelly Books In Order

Publication order of bosch universe books, publication order of harry bosch books, publication order of harry bosch short stories/novellas, publication order of mickey haller books, publication order of renée ballard books, publication order of jack mcevoy books, publication order of terry mccaleb books, publication order of standalone novels, publication order of short stories/novellas, publication order of short story collections, publication order of children's books, publication order of non-fiction books, publication order of mysterious profiles books, publication order of anthologies, michael connelly biography:.

Michael Connelly is a best selling American author of crime fiction and detective books. His novels have been translated into 36 languages. He was born and is the second oldest child of a property developer and a homemaker. His mother was interested in crime fiction and introduced Michael to the genre. Michael moved from Philadelphia to Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Connelly’s interest in crime escalated when one day he saw a mysterious man throw something into the hedge.

He retrieved the object and it turned out to be a gun wrapped in a shirt. He went home and told his father. Connelly was introduced to and impressed by the world of police investigation. He graduated from Saint Thomas Equinas High School and majored in building trade at the University of Florida. With less than adequate grades, he went to see The Long Goodbye, based on Raymond Chandler’s book. The experience further inspired Connelly to be a writer. He read all of Chandler’s works then decided to change his educational focus to education and minor in creative writing. Connelly graduated from the University of Florida in 1980.

He began writing on crime in the Daytona Beach News Journal. He then got a job at the Fort Lauderdale News and Sun-Sentinel. He covered the rampant violence and chaos of the south Florida cocaine wars. In 1984 he married Linda McCaleb, whom he met in college. Connelly was placed as a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize interviewing survivors of the plane crash of Delta Flight 191 in 1986. This led to him landing a job at the Los Angeles Times and moved to California in 1987.

Connelly visited the apartments featured in The Long Goodbye with Phillip Marlowe. Eventually he rented an apartment when they became available to write in. In 1992 Connelly sold his first novel The Black Echo to Little, Brown. It features one of Connelly’s recurring characters, Hieronymous Harry Bosch, Los Angeles Police Department Detective. Bosch became an orphan at age 11 when his mother, a prostitute was murdered. Connelly wrote three more novels in the Bosch series while still a reporter.

After completing The Black Ice, The Concrete Blonde, and The Last Coyote, Connelly chose to write full time and quit his day job. Connelly wrote The Poet featuring a different main character in 1996. The main character was Jack McEvoy, a journalist. In 1998, he published Blood Work, a story about Terry McCaleb, an FBI Agent. It was made into a Hollywood movie directed by and starring Clint Eastwood as McEvoy in 2002. It costars Jeff Daniels as Buddy Noone and Anjelica Huston as Dr. Bonnie Fox.

Connelly also wrote the Mickey Haller series. Three of the books also feature Jack McEvoy, with one featuring Rachel Walling. The first book in the series, The Lincoln Lawyer, was published in 2005. It follows Mickey Haller, the half brother of Harry Bosch, who is a Los Angeles lawyer. Haller operates in LA, driven around in a Lincoln Towncar by a client paying off dues. Meanwhile, a wealthy real estate agent is accused of attempted murder and assault.

The plot heats up as an innocent jailed man weaves his way into the mystery whose freedom is staked on the detectives solving the case. The Lincoln Lawyer has been nominated for numerous awards. It was adapted into a 2011 film starring Matthew McConaughey and Marisa Tomei. Mickey Haller returns in the 2008 novel The Brass Verdict. Mickey has been healing since the events of the last book and has developed an addiction to painkillers.

He enters the world of law once more when an old associate is murdered. Haller gets all of his acquaintance’s workload, including an alleged double homicide done by Walter Elliott, a mogul. While Haller works on strategy, Walter admits to him that he is connected to the mob and believes they may be responsible both for the murders he is accused of but also killing Mickey’s associate Vincent. As Haller works through the clues, unexpected people come out from the woodwork.

When Walter is found dead, Haller must put the pieces together and solve a crime that won’t quit. Connelly also wrote two episodes of the science fiction drama Level 9. It aired on UPN and was broadcast in 2000. The show dealt with a secret government agency. The series aired thirteen total episodes that were sixty minutes each. Sci Fi Channel later acquired the rerun rights and aired three final episodes that had never been before shown.

A famous moment in Connelly’s career was when Bill Clinton was seen with a copy of his book The Concrete Blonde. Clinton was a big fan and it was arranged for the President and the author to meet in an airport. In 2001 Connelly left California and moved to Tampa Bay, Florida with his wife and daughter. In 2003 another Harry Bosch centric novel called Lost Light. An accompanying cd called Dark Sacred Night: The Music of Harry Bosch with jazz-themed music that the character was said to listen to.

In 2004 The Narrows was published. The Narrows coincided with a dvd release: “Blue Neon Light: Michael Connelly’s Los Angeles”. In addition to novels, Michael Connelly has published multiple short stories. He has written three collections of short stories: Angle of Investigation, Suicide Run, and Mulholland Drive. Michael wrote one non fiction book in 2006 called Crime Beat. It collected journalism from his work at the Los Angeles Times and the Sun-Sentinel.

Michael Connelly appears from time to time on the prime time detective drama Castle, starring Nathan Fillion. He plays one of Fillion’s poker buddies along with James Patterson, Stephen J. Cannell, and Dennis Lehane. From Harry Bosch to Jack McEvoy to Mickey Haller, Connelly has not tired of writing suspenseful, surprising thrillers nor exhausted his interest in crime fiction. His most recent novel has been The Gods of Guilt, the latest in the Mickey Haller series.

Half brother Harry Bosch is rumored to be making an appearance in this novel as well as Harry’s daughter, Maddie. Michael Connelly has sold over 50 million books worldwide and continues to write. He currently lives with his family in Florida.

19 Responses to “Michael Connelly”

Love watching all the series about Harry Bosch ( dvds) just been watching Bosch Legacy series 1@2 .Can’t wait to get more in series 3 when it comes out .Bloody good Det show @ best that I’ve seen . Now in my 80th year .Any idea when series 3 is coming out here to Australia?

Season 3 hasn’t been made yet although it was renewed. So it could be either later this year, or next year. There are also two spinoffs being created one with J. Edgar and one with Renee Ballard so not sure if they will air those first before Bosch Legacy.

Just finished Resurrection Walk. Couldn’t put it down; LATE night reading. . . .

It left me wondering – Is this book Connelly’s own resurrection walk?

If it is, he is retiring with a bang, not a whimper. GET IT WHILE IT’S HOT ! ! !

Void moon… shouldn’t this be included in the Bosch reading lists? It intersects on several topics… the hotel in Vegas… the probation officer… etc

Yep we have that one listed as part of the Bosch Universe.

Thank you for giving us (me) so many great stories. I am quite old and love to spend my time being entertained by the thinking and activities of the many characters in Connelly’s 30+ books…Easy to reread…Thanks

I just reread “The Law of Innocence.” What a wonderful and interesting story. I hope to see more of Mickey Haller in the future.

Thank you, Steve Cone

I fear we are saying goodbye to Bosch. I was very sad to read Desert Star. He has been a constant through the years. What a wonderful character! Thank you Michael Connelly!!!!

Maybe Bosch can beat that cancer with one more book. He’s certainly my favorite detective.

I hope Bosch can beat this. He is definitely my fav. I can’t wait for a new book.

Re-discivered your stories . I am in the process of visiting books that i have read ,and am happy to report that Mr. Bosch is high on the list of enjoyable re-reads. looking forward to new adventures. thank you. Robert

LOVE YOUR WRITING !!! Please don’t ever stop writing about Harry Bosch, Mickey Haller, Renee’ Ballard or Jack McEvoy. Can’t get enough. Don’t worry about Bosch getting so old he has to die, he could always come back as Maddie’s spiritual mentor during stressful times.

Really gripping books, cannot put down it holds you tight.Have got all the “Harry Bosch” books and never get fed up of reading them. I love crime books, but Michael Connelly is buy far the best. Leaves James. Patterson,Lee child’s and others standing.

Don’t kill off Harry Bosch. We followed him through the years and at 70+ he still is active and has a detectives mind and has his own way of solving crimes. We need Harry Bosch.

Great author bio! Thanks.

The problem with the new series female lead, is that she’s not the female lead we were always promised as his fans. He was supposed to promote Maddie to the lead.

This is three years later, and you don’t seem to understand that Connelly has a logistics problem that he has no choice about working around. Namely that Bosch is 70 years old, and no longer part of any police force; ergo, he can’t carry the series by himself anymore since he’s now relegated to being a sort-of consultant on Renee’s cases.

Meanwhile, Maddie is in college in pursuit of a psychology degree. If we go by the timeline of her being born sometime after Angels Flight in 1999, that means she’s now no more than 21 y/o, and thus not yet ready to join the LAPD because she still has at least another year of college before she would join the force.

There’s a hitch though, with that: Maddie is moving away from being a cop like her dad to becoming a counselor of some kind. If she wants to do that for the LAPD, she will need a PhD, and that means another 5 years of grad school. I don’t know if Connelly will go there, but it depends on where he’s taking her as a character.

Either way, Connelly has needed a character who’s on the LAPD force right now to help transition from Harry to Maddie joining the force. Hence, Renee Ballard. She’ll fill in the gap until Maddie is ready to take over.

I agree, and I’m also getting the sense that Maddie’s told is going to be from another POV of the criminal justice system. You’ve got Bosch and Ballard on the LEO side, Haller on he defense attorney side, as I think Maddie is going to expand the characters to having a POV from that of a prosecutor and we will see her climb the ranks of the DA office maybe even working along side Haller’s daughter Haylee (whose mom was a prosecutor or Maddie and Haylee could be on opposite sides of Haylee ends up on the defense side like her dad. Now matter what, I can’t wait to see how their characters develop and the paths they take. My biggest fear is when Bosch (who is 70+ yrs old now) eventually kicks the bucket and no longer a character 🙁

You really need to proof this document! Too many mistakes for a writer’s site.

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latest book by michael connelly

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The Lincoln Lawyer Season 3 begins production (which Mickey Haller book is it based on?)

The Lincoln Lawyer is starting production on Season 3, but which of the novels by Michael Connelly will the new year be based on? Find out here!

Previously adapted into a big-screen movie starring Matthew McConaughey, The Lincoln Lawyer is based on the novels by Michael Connelly (author of the Harry Bosch novels). Mickey Haller (Manuel Garcia-Rulfo) is a lawyer who earned his nickname by doing a lot of business out of his Lincoln town car. 

The first season was based on The Brass Verdict, which was actually the second Haller novel. Season 2 took inspiration from the fourth novel, The Fifth Witness. 

The Season 2 finale had Mickey managing to get lover Lisa Trammell acquitted of killing magnate Mitchell Bondurant after convincing the jury that businessman Alex Grant was behind it. 

But in a twist, Mickey realized that while Lisa may not have killed Bondurant, she did murder her husband years before and buried the body in her backyard. He dropped the dime to the cops to arrest her. 

Mickey saw his ex-wife Lorna get married to investigator Cisco. He was worried when he was nearly hit by a car and wondered if Grant was coming after him. 

Mickey then got a call from a man in jail accused of murder and begged Mickey to help. Confused as to how the guy knew him, Mickey learned the murder victim was sex worker Gloria, who'd been involved in an earlier case. 

That was a cliffhanger to lead into Season 3, so which book is it based on?

Which book is The Lincoln Lawyer Season 3 based on?

Speaking on his Twitter feed, Michael Connelly confirmed that Season 3 will be based on the 2013 novel The Gods of Guilt (which he calls a favorite of his). 

The book directly addresses the show's cliffhanger as Mickey has to defend Andre La Crosse of murdering Gloria. But, as often happens, Mickey discovers his client has his share of secrets, and there's more to the murder than there seems. 

It's unsure if Grant will play a role in this novel as the focus will be on the main case. It's also not sure yet when the new season gets filming as it was among the projects delayed by the strikes hitting Hollywood.

But fans now know which of the books The Lincoln Lawyer will tackle next, and Season 3 will continue the daring drama the show is known for. 

The Lincoln Lawyer is available to stream on Netflix.

The Lincoln Lawyer Season 3 begins production (which Mickey Haller book is it based on?)

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Russia-Ukraine War In Rare Move, Russian Tech Tycoon Condemns War in Ukraine

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  • Pokrovsk Damage after Russian shelling. Tyler Hicks/The New York Times
  • Pokrovsk Destruction after Russian strikes on a residential area. Tyler Hicks/The New York Times
  • Kyiv Worshipers at the St. Michael's Golden-Domed Monastery. Bram Janssen/Associated Press
  • Near Chasiv Yar Ukrainian soldiers at an artillery position near the front line. Tyler Hicks/The New York Times
  • Zaporizhzhia A mother comforting her daughter after a Russian missile strike. Diego Ibarra Sanchez for The New York Times
  • Donetsk region A Ukrainian service member firing a mortar. Reuters
  • Bohorodychne A heavily damaged church in the Donetsk region. Emile Ducke for The New York Times

The Yandex founder calls Russia’s war in Ukraine ‘barbaric.’

A founder of Russia’s largest technology company condemned his country’s war in Ukraine on Thursday, a rare step among Russian tycoons caught between fear of Western sanctions and retribution at home.

“Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is barbaric, and I am categorically against it,” Arkady Volozh, who until last year ran Yandex, often referred to as Russia’s Google, said in a statement. “I have to take my share of responsibility for the country’s actions,” he said, without offering additional details.

Mr. Volozh, who has lived in Israel since 2014, resigned his post as Yandex’s chief executive officer and left the company’s board last year after the European Union placed him under sanctions for “materially or financially” supporting the invasion. Yandex’s news aggregation service had been accused of blocking antiwar content, a move that the company defended as compliance with Russia’s increasingly draconian information laws.

His comments make him only the second sanctioned Russian businessman to take an unequivocal public position against the invasion. Last month, following a legal fight, the British government removed the Russian financier Oleg Tinkov , an outspoken critic of Mr. Putin who has renounced his Russian citizenship, from the sanctions blacklist.

Several others, including billionaires Mikhail Fridman and Oleg Deripaska, have made critical comments about the war, without openly condemning Mr. Putin’s policy.

Mr. Volozh’s statement also comes amid growing debate among Russian opponents of the war about how to encourage more members of the country’s elite to distance themselves from the government of President Vladimir V. Putin.

As successive packages of Western sanctions have failed to split Mr. Putin’s power base, opposition politicians and antiwar activists have begun to publicly discuss new ways to encourage more prominent Russians to speak out against the invasion. These efforts involve lobbying Western governments to remove sanctions against those who have taken a clear position against the conflict.

Yandex sold its news aggregation service soon after Mr. Volozh was placed under E.U. sanctions. Mr. Volozh had called the sanctions against him “misguided.”

Over the past year, Yandex’s Dutch parent company has been trying to split its core Russian businesses, which include the country’s dominant internet search engine and taxi hailing service, from subsidiaries focused on artificial intelligence, which it hopes to relocate abroad.

The company had said that it expects the deal, which must be approved by the Kremlin, to close by the end of 2023. It is unclear how Mr. Volozh’s statement may affect its progress.

Although Mr. Volozh, 59, no longer has any formal ties to the company, he retains 8.5 percent of its shares, which are worth about $500 million based on their last trading price in New York. (The Nasdaq stock exchange suspended Yandex and other Russian-based stocks days after the invasion).

Mr. Volozh’s statement was greeted with cautious approval by some in Russia’s mostly exiled political opposition.

“Does this statement pass as a ‘deed-based confession?’ Of course not,” Leonid Volkov , a close ally of jailed Russian opposition leader Aleksei A. Navalny, wrote on the Telegram messaging app. “But here, it is particularly important to support the first, the most difficult step, in the right direction.”

Mr. Navalny’s team has adopted one of the most uncompromising positions toward Russians whom they consider to be supporting Mr. Putin’s war in Ukraine, publishing a list of 7,000 individuals whom they believe should be punished financially by foreign governments.

Oleg Matsnev contributed reporting.

— Anatoly Kurmanaev

The ruble’s fall is raising concerns inside Russia about rising inflation.

Russia’s struggling currency is raising concerns about inflation and future financial shocks, as intense government spending on the war effort poses risks for the nation’s economic balance.

The weakening ruble neared an exchange rate of 100 per U.S. dollar this week, down by roughly 25 percent since the start of the year, prompting the Bank of Russia on Thursday to halt purchases of foreign currency for the remainder of the year “to reduce volatility.”

The decision was the second time since the start of the war that Russia has been forced to abandon its “budget rule,” a formula under which financial authorities buy or sell foreign currency to insulate the country’s energy-dependent economy against oil price fluctuations.

The central bank’s move should help shore up the ruble. But it demonstrates how Russia’s dramatically changing economy is challenging Moscow’s financial policymakers, who have nimbly reacted to wartime shocks but still face longer-term dilemmas. Yawning expenditures from the war, coupled with exports that are increasingly crimped by sanctions, have disrupted Russia’s economic equilibrium, giving rise to new worries about inflation.

“The ruble exchange rate is only an indicator,” said Alexandra Prokopenko, a nonresident scholar at the Carnegie Russia Eurasia Center and a former Russian central bank official. “It is screaming that the economy is very badly balanced, that it’s not functioning properly — and do something, because later on it will be worse.”

Russia has been on an economic roller coaster since President Vladimir V. Putin launched his invasion of Ukraine in late February of last year.

An onslaught of Western sanctions and a dramatic exodus of capital and assets pushed the country into crisis in the initial aftermath of the invasion. The ruble plummeted to as low as 135 per dollar and the central bank took a series of dramatic measures, including capital controls, to stave off a full-blown meltdown.

Then, the situation changed. A spike in oil prices, in part because of the conflict, helped raise Russian export revenue, just as imports fell on account of skittish Russian consumers, retreating foreign companies and other factors. The result was a record trade surplus of $221 billion in 2022, up 86 percent from the previous year. The ruble did a U-turn and soared to a seven-year high.

But this year, Russia’s trade surplus has evaporated significantly. Imports have recovered as Russian consumers return to buying and the government plows billions into the military-industrial complex to fund the war, with many goods still requiring imported materials. Oil revenues, meanwhile, have been crimped by an embargo and price cap, while crude prices have fallen since last year’s highs. Political uncertainty, including an aborted mutiny in June by the mercenary tycoon, Yevgeny V. Prigozhin, has prompted Russians to put money in foreign accounts.

The combination of forces has battered the ruble, which has lost nearly half its value since the highs of last year.

The most immediate concern for Russian financial policymakers is the possibility of significant inflation. The country’s central bank reacted to that risk late last month with a higher-than-expected rise in interest rates, to 8.5 percent. Such rate hikes could continue as Russian authorities try to tame inflation, which the bank has forecast between 5 and 6.5 percent this year.

The cheaper ruble will help the Russian government finance its vast war expenditures, which last year caused the second-highest deficit since the breakup of the Soviet Union.

— Paul Sonne


Ukraine orders evacuations from an area of fierce fighting in the northeast.

Ukraine has ordered the mandatory evacuation of roughly 11,000 people from towns and villages near the northeastern front line, as fighting intensifies around the city of Kupiansk , in the Kharkiv region, where Russia has poured forces into offensive efforts .

The order came Thursday, hours after Ukrainian officials said that Russia targeted the City Council building with a powerful bomb. A 41-year-old man and a 39-year-old woman were injured in the attacks, a regional official said .

The local authorities said that 37 settlements were being evacuated, including from the eastern bank of the Oskil River.

Ukraine drove Russian forces beyond the river last fall when they swept across the Kharkiv region in a stunning and swift counteroffensive, reclaiming thousands of square miles of territory. But residents of Kupiansk returned to find devastation and the war still on their doorsteps.

Evacuation orders have been issued on several occasions since the area was reclaimed as seesaw fighting in the northeast has been brutal even if it has resulted in little movement along the front.

Hanna Malyar, a deputy defense minister, said this week that if the intensity of the fighting is measured in Russian shelling, then the area around Kupiansk is “the hottest spot.”

“I can assure you that we are also taking appropriate measures to resist the enemy and prevent them from advancing along the offensive line,” she said.

Gen. Oleksandr Syrsky, the commander of Ukraine’s ground forces, visited the combat area around Kupiansk this week, saying that it was clear Russia was determined to break through the Ukrainian lines, but that Ukrainian defenses were holding.

“The fighting is now extremely intense,” he said. “Some positions have changed hands several times these past days.”

— Marc Santora

Ukraine offers civilian corridors through the Black Sea, but says the threat from Russia remains.

The Ukrainian navy has announced the creation of temporary corridors for civilian vessels going to and from Ukrainian ports, but warned that the threat from Russia would nonetheless persist.

The navy said that the routes are primarily for three seaports that were used as part of the Black Sea Grain Initiative, an internationally brokered deal that allowed tens of millions of tons of grain to be exported before Russia pulled out of the arrangement and threatened ships traveling to and from Ukraine.

In the weeks since Russia pulled out of the agreement, the Black Sea has become a dangerous cauldron of military and geopolitical tensions and it was not clear if any ships would actually use the corridors.

Russian warships and submarines patrol off the Ukrainian coast, and Moscow has also heavily mined the waters and repeatedly attacked Ukrainian ports.

The last civilian ship to leave a Ukrainian seaport through the Black Sea was on July 16. The Ukrainian navy said it would be up to ship companies and captains to decide if they wanted to travel through the new corridors.

“Vessels whose owners/captains officially confirm that they are ready to sail in the current conditions will be allowed to pass through the routes,” the statement said.

Ukraine has also warned vessels sailing to six Russian ports on the Black Sea that they were at risk since they are operating in a war zone.

Last week, Ukraine used maritime drones to strike a large Russian warship and a Russian oil tanker under sanctions for its role in supplying Russian forces in Syria.

Here’s why tensions are high at Poland’s border with Belarus.

Poland has made bold pronouncements about bolstering its forces by the thousands on the border with Belarus in recent days, as tensions run high between the NATO member and one of Russia’s main allies.

Poland shares a sizable border with Belarus, a country that Russia used as a staging ground for its full-scale invasion of Ukraine. The government in Warsaw has staunchly supported Ukraine throughout the 18-month war — while regularly warning of potential threats from Belarus. It also is facing a critical national election in two months.

Those warnings grew more dire when fighters from Russia’s Wagner mercenary group relocated to Belarus following their short-lived mutiny attempt in June.

Here’s a look at what has caused the latest escalation of tensions in the area.

Why are tensions rising again?

Last week, two Belarusian helicopters breached Polish airspace, heightening jitters in the region. Two days later, Poland’s prime minister, Mateusz Morawiecki, warned against “provocations” and “sabotage actions” from Belarus by the relocated Wagner fighters, who he said numbered at least 4,000. At the same time, Poland’s Border Guard sent a request to the Defense Ministry for an additional 1,000 soldiers to reinforce the border.

On Wednesday, the ministry approved double that number, saying 2,000 soldiers would be deployed and bringing the total number of troops there on active duty to 4,000.

Poland’s defense minister, Mariusz Blaszczak, went further on Thursday. He told the public broadcaster Polskie Radio that an additional 6,000 troops would be “in reserve” beyond the 4,000 on active duty. The reserve troops “will improve their skills in the garrisons recreated in the east of our country,” the minister said.

Is this just about the war in Ukraine?

Polish authorities have said that the troop deployments are aimed at deterring both a threat from Wagner and from migration — a hot-button issue for the far-right government. Critics of Poland’s government suggest that politics could be at play ahead of upcoming elections.

Opponents of Poland’s governing Law and Justice party, PiS, have long accused the government of fear-mongering over the Belarus border for domestic political gain.

In November 2021, Polish and European authorities accused the longtime autocratic ruler of Belarus, Aleksandr G. Lukashenko, of luring migrants from the Middle East and Africa with flights and visas and then pushing them into Poland to try to destabilize the country and gain diplomatic leverage.

In order to burnish its image as a stalwart defender of Polish sovereignty, the authorities described the migrants as part of a “hybrid war,” sent 15,000 troops to the border and built an 18-foot razor-wire-topped wall along 115 miles of the border . Rights groups accused the authorities of beating and pushing migrants back into Belarus.

Now, facing a tough general election in October, the governing party has revived the border issue in recent weeks, citing the presence of Wagner mercenary fighters in Belarus as a grave threat to Poland, in what the opposition and some independent analysts view as a pre-election stunt to rally the party’s nationalist base.

“It seems that Law and Justice is looking for help from the Wagnerites out of fear of the elections,” Donald Tusk, the leader of the main opposition party, Civic Platform, said late last month.

On Thursday, Mr. Blaszczak, the Polish defense minister, said that the continued rule of his party, Law and Justice, was the “only guarantee” if the country wants to have Europe’s strongest land army.

What is Belarus saying?

On Thursday, a senior Belarusian official accused the country’s “Western neighbor” of “trying to whip up tension” with “provocative statements” about “imaginary threats from the east.”

“These far-fetched pretexts are used to step up the militarization of Poland and the Baltic states,” the official, Aleksandr Volfovich, said, according to Belta, Belarus’s state news agency.

Russian officials have not directly responded to the latest developments on the border. However, Russia’s defense minister, Sergei K. Shoigu, said on Wednesday that existing threats to Russia’s security were “related to the militarization of Poland.”

Andrew Higgins , Anatol Magdziarz and Cassandra Vinograd contributed reporting.

— Monika Pronczuk

Russia says that two drones were shot down outside the Moscow city limits.

Russian officials said Ukraine targeted Moscow with two drones early Thursday, the sixth reported attack this month on the capital and the surrounding region, as the unmanned strikes deep inside Russia’s borders appear to take place more frequently.

Both drones were shot down outside Moscow’s city limits, one about 15 miles from the Kremlin and the other about 60 miles away, Russia’s Defense Ministry said on the Telegram messaging app. There were no injuries or damage, according to the ministry, a claim that could not be independently verified. Moscow’s mayor, Sergey Sobyanin, said the attack took place around 4 a.m.

Ukrainian officials did not immediately comment on the attack, as has been their practice on attacks inside Russia. Separately, a few hours before the attack, Ukraine’s military posted a video on its Telegram channel highlighting a training center for drone operators, saying drones were making a difference in breaking through defenses.

The drone attacks on Moscow began in May and their pace has recently picked up , as Kyiv’s counteroffensive against Russian troops in Ukraine east and south has ground on. After two attacks in May and one in June, there were four attacks reported in July with mixed results, all of which Russian officials blamed on Ukraine.

With Thursday’s attack, the Moscow capital region has been targeted half a dozen times 10 days into August. As the attacks have increased, Ukrainian officials have made clear that the war’s devastation would not be limited to Ukrainian soil.

While not commenting on specific attacks, Yuri Ihnat, a spokesman for the Ukrainian Air Force, said Russia is struggling to counter the threat posed by new, more advanced drones.

“You see, even the ‘unparalleled’ Russian air defense cannot cope with what flies in there,” he said in an appearance on national television when asked about attacks inside Russia. Each time there is an explosion, he added, “this cannot help but make us happy.”

Last month, President Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine emphasized the importance of what he called the “Ukrainian drone army,” saying its role in the war would grow.

“There will be more good news involving Ukrainian drones. And this is crucial,” he said, without specifically addressing attacks inside Russia.

The New York Times has also documented in a visual investigation that some of Ukraine’s homegrown drone fleet have been used in the recent attacks inside Russia.

The number of drones deployed in attacks in Russia pales in comparison with the numbers Moscow has used to attack Ukraine, killing civilians , and destroying homes and infrastructure. The attacks on Moscow, some of which have hit central parts of the city, have caused relatively minor damage.

Also on Thursday morning, Russia’s Defense Ministry said 11 Ukrainian drones were destroyed near Sevastopol on the occupied Crimean peninsula. The claim could not immediately be independently verified. Russian officials have previously minimized or masked the impact of past strikes.

In western Ukraine overnight, a Russian drone destroyed an oil depot overnight in the Rivne region, the local military administration said. There were no casualties reported.

Marc Santora contributed reporting.

— Victoria Kim

A Russian missile hits a bedroom community in the city of Zaporizhzhia, killing 3.

Three people were killed and nine others were injured after a Russian missile struck a residential area of the city of Zaporizhzhia in southeastern Ukraine, Ukrainian officials said on Thursday.

The attack on Wednesday hit the city’s largest district, Shevchenkivskyi, which the city council’s website describes as being “mostly bedroom.” A church building and several local shops were destroyed, and the windows were blown out of several high-rise buildings, the head of the regional military administration, Yuri Malashko, said on the Telegram messaging app on Wednesday evening.

The Russian missile struck around 8 p.m., after a day of air-raid warnings across the country prompted by a Ukrainian Air Force warning that a MiG-31K jet had taken off from a Russian air base. The jets are capable of carrying hypersonic Kinzhal missiles, also known as Daggers, some of the most sophisticated conventional weapons in Russia’s arsenal.

“All of Ukraine is a missile hazard!” the air force warned, asking residents not to ignore the alarms.

President Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine shared images of the attack on Zaporizhzhia in an online post , adding that the rescue operation was underway and that Russia would “face its sentence.”

Earlier on Wednesday, Reuters reported that a senior adviser to Mr. Zelensky, Mykhailo Podolyak, denied Russian accusations that Kyiv tried to carry out a drone attack against the Russian-occupied Zaporizhzhia nuclear complex, which lies around a bend of the Dnipro River just south of the city.

In Nikopol, a city to the northwest across the river from the nuclear plant, an 18-year-old died after Russian shelling struck the city, according to state administrators. Farther to the southwest, in the city of Kherson, a 16-year-old girl died more than a week after she was injured in shelling attacks, the region’s governor said on Wednesday.

— Anushka Patil

‘Pretty perplexing challenges for any state’: Experts say drones are hard to ward off.

Though both Russia and Ukraine possess significant air defense capabilities, both countries have struggled to fend off attacks from small drones. For years, Washington has spent significant resources researching how to better defend against the threat, which the Pentagon also considers formidable.

“A small drone flying close to the earth and flying quickly is very difficult to pick up if you are carrying out counter-drone efforts — and that’s just as true for Moscow as it is for Washington,” said Seth G. Jones, senior vice president at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington. “Frankly, they are pretty perplexing challenges for any state to defend against.”

The conflict between Russia and Ukraine has been notable for its usage of drones, particularly small drones that are not only being used on the battlefield for reconnaissance and targeting, but also larger drones carrying out the types of attacks seen recently in and around Moscow, including two drones that Russian officials shot down on Wednesday . Samuel Bendett, an adviser at Virginia-based security analytics firm, CNA, and an adjunct senior fellow at the Washington-based think tank Center for a New American Security, said the attacks in Moscow raised questions about gaps in the Russian air defense systems set up to protect the capital.

“Most air defenses around the world were developed to target aircraft, helicopters and incoming missile — large, easy to identify targets,” Mr. Bendett said. “Most of the air defenses were not developed to try to interdict small U.A.V.s,” he said, referring to unmanned aerial vehicles.

He said Russia has a number of systems that its officials have praised as successful in downing drones. But so long as drones are flying low enough and avoiding certain areas, they likely can get around the air defenses, he said.

“The attacks are certainly applying psychological pressure, especially the air attacks on Moscow,” Mr. Bendett said. But, he added, the question was how much of an effect the drones were having “if the Russian society is resigned to this war.”

He also said Ukraine had Bober and UJ-22 Airborne drones, which have significant ranges and could also be used to strike Russian targets that would have significant military and economic consequences.

A Russian strike in Zaporizhzhia hit a hotel popular with aid workers, a U.N. official says.

Russian strikes on civilian buildings in the Ukrainian city of Zaporizhzhia have killed at least four people and injured roughly two dozen others in the span of 24 hours, Ukrainian officials said on Thursday.

The top United Nations official in Ukraine said the back-to-back attacks Wednesday and Thursday on the city were part of a Russian campaign of assaults that had “reached unimaginable levels.”

Ukrainian officials said one person was killed and at least 16 were injured — including four children — in Thursday evening’s strike.

The missile hit a hotel in the city center known for being popular with journalists and international aid workers. It is a “main base” for the United Nations’ personnel in Zaporizhzhia, according to the U.N.’s top official in Ukraine, Denise Brown, who added that she had stayed at the hotel each time she visited Zaporizhzhia and her team used it frequently.

“The number of indiscriminate attacks hitting civilian infrastructure, killing and injuring civilians, have reached unimaginable levels,” Ms. Brown said in a statement calling on Russia to comply with international humanitarian law.

The strike came almost exactly 24 hours after another Russian attack in a residential part of the city . Three people were killed and nine others injured, including a baby, officials said. Among the dead were two women, ages 19 and 21. They were close friends and musicians who started a band together after Russia’s invasion, the Ukrainska Pravda news outlet reported.

Because of an editing error, an earlier version of this article misstated who was injured in Thursday’s strike on the city of Zaporizhzhia. The head of the regional military administration, Yuri Malashko, said four members of a single family were injured in a Russian strike on the town of Huliaipole, not Zaporizhzhia.

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latest book by michael connelly

Moscow Monumental

  • Katherine Zubovich

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Moscow Monumental: Soviet Skyscrapers and Urban Life in Stalin's Capital

An in-depth history of the Stalinist skyscraper

latest book by michael connelly

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In the early years of the Cold War, the skyline of Moscow was forever transformed by a citywide skyscraper building project. As the steel girders of the monumental towers went up, the centuries-old metropolis was reinvented to embody the greatness of Stalinist society. Moscow Monumental explores how the quintessential architectural works of the late Stalin era fundamentally reshaped daily life in the Soviet capital. Drawing on a wealth of original archival research, Katherine Zubovich examines the decisions and actions of Soviet elites—from top leaders to master architects—and describes the experiences of ordinary Muscovites who found their lives uprooted by the ambitious skyscraper project. She shows how the Stalin-era quest for monumentalism was rooted in the Soviet Union’s engagement with Western trends in architecture and planning, and how the skyscrapers required the creation of a vast and complex infrastructure. As laborers flooded into the city, authorities evicted and rehoused tens of thousands of city residents living on the plots selected for development. When completed in the mid-1950s, these seven ornate neoclassical buildings served as elite apartment complexes, luxury hotels, and ministry and university headquarters. Moscow Monumental tells a story that is both local and broadly transnational, taking readers from the streets of interwar Moscow and New York to the marble-clad halls of the bombastic postwar structures that continue to define the Russian capital today.

Q&A with Katherine Zubovich

Awards and recognition.

  • Shortlisted for the Pushkin House Russian Book Prize
  • Shortlisted for the Best Book in Cultural Studies Prize, American Association of Teachers of Slavic and East European Languages
  • One of Foreign Affairs' Best Books
  • Honorable Mention for the Alexander Nove Prize, British Association for Slavonic and East European Studies

latest book by michael connelly

"Impressive detail"—Anthony Paletta, Literary Review

"Zubovich has done stellar work in the city’s archives, uncovering a trove of letters and petitions from ordinary Soviet citizens. . . This is a book which delves into the very human tensions created by a society forced into transition, and the effects on a city undergoing a seismic political, cultural, and architectural change."—Jennifer Eremeeva, The Moscow Times

"A superb, sweeping account of the realization of a magnificent group of skyscrapers. Grounded in meticulous archival research, and highly readable, it will appeal to specialists and general readers alike interested in topics as wide ranging as Soviet-US relations, architecture, intellectuals, and everyday life under Stalin."—Christine Varga-Harris, American Historical Review

"Russian and Soviet urban history has expanded and developed greatly in the last two decades by drawing attention to the built environment, lived experience, and aesthetic choices and meanings of buildings. In Katherine Zubovich’s Moscow Monumental: Soviet Skyscrapers and Urban Life in Stalin’s Capital we have an example of some of the best trends in recent years. "—Karl Qualls, Russian Review

"Drawing on extensive archival research, the book delineates an arc from early conceptualization of Moscow as the capital of Soviet Russia to infighting leading to the demise of monumentality as a dominant force in Soviet architecture during the 1950s. ... Recommended."— Choice

"Well researched and lucidly written, Moscow Monumental is a welcome contribution to the field of urban history. It will be a good addition to the reading lists for university courses on Russian social and cultural his­tory. It will also be much appreciated by lovers of Russian history outside academe."—Elena V. Baraban, Ab Imperio Quarterly ​​​​​​​

"A monumental story, pun intended. . . .Readers will find this highly refreshing."—Heather D. DeHaan, Contemporary European History

"Zubovich gives us what the archives (and page limits) allow: a rich and thoughtful story of the ambition and contradiction that characterized the Soviet effort to create a lived utopia."—Diane P. Koenker, Journal of Modern History

" Moscow Monumental is a significant study of one of the most important building campaigns of the early Cold War and the impact it had on the urban life of the Soviet capital."—Richard Anderson, University of Edinburgh

"Zubovich offers unrivaled insight into how Stalin's skyscrapers have shaped Soviet memory and identity while shedding new light on the era in which they were born—one where global monumentalism brought us Rockefeller Center and the Golden Gate Bridge. Engagingly written and well documented in photographs, Moscow Monumental is a must-read for urban historians and all scholars of the Soviet era."—Heather D. DeHaan, author of Stalinist City Planning: Professionals, Performance, and Power

" Moscow Monumental is a richly researched and expertly crafted book that casts the Stalin era in a new light. Zubovich has written the first history of Moscow's skyscrapers, greatly enhancing our understanding of these monumental buildings and their role in Soviet history."—Steven E. Harris, author of Communism on Tomorrow Street: Mass Housing and Everyday Life after Stalin

"This elegantly written, highly readable, and intellectually engaging work offers a deeper understanding of the multifaceted nature of Stalinism and the legacy of these distinctive Stalinist skyscrapers. Historians and students of every stripe will benefit from Zubovich's exhaustive research and balanced analysis."—Cynthia A. Ruder, author of Building Stalinism: The Moscow Canal and the Creation of Soviet Space

" Moscow Monumental shows how the design, construction, and representation of Stalinist skyscrapers reshaped the urbanism of postwar Moscow. By tracing professional and personal trajectories of Soviet architects, politicians, and elite occupants, but also construction workers, displaced inhabitants, forced laborers, and archaeologists, Katherine Zubovich offers a fascinating view of Moscow from above and from the shadows of the vysotki ."—Łukasz Stanek, author of Architecture in Global Socialism: Eastern Europe, West Africa, and the Middle East in the Cold War

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