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money problem solving games

Common Core - State Standards Initiative

Students will absolutely need to know how to handle money in their daily lives. Math Games is here to make sure that happens! Our free educational games motivate kids to hone and develop this skill by combining instructional tools with competitive fun.

Our games can be played on computers and mobile devices, and we offer other free resources (such as printable worksheets) to facilitate math review inside and outside the classroom. Pupils can use our tools to practice:

  • Counting and understanding money values
  • Adding and subtracting money
  • Making change and interpreting price lists
  • Calculating tips, markups, discounts and commission
  • Understanding simple and compound interest

With Math Games, pupils complete tasks that are specially tailored to their individual abilities and grade level, and get to have a blast in the process! Choose a skill to start playing now.

Online Money Games

Learn about money by playing these fun and interactive games!

Counting Money Game Click on the coins and bills in the cash register until they add up to the correct amount.

Adding Money Practice your skills about adding money by playing this interactive online game.

Money Word Problems Play this interactive game and solve practical problems about money.

Sales Tax Game Learn how to find the sales tax of different items.

Free Money Game Learn basic facts about money by playing this fun game.

Subtracting Money For each subtraction problem, click on the denominations in the cash drawer until you get the correct answer.

Money Word Problems This is another cool game about money.

Simple Interest Game Practice finding the simple interest of different loans by playing this fun educational game .

Money Game Online Play this exciting game to show-off your knowledge about money!

US Coins and Bills Learn the names and values of different US coins and bills by matching different pictures with the correct values.

Counting Coins Game Play this interactive game to identify the value of different groups of U.S. coins.

Millionaire Money Game This millionaire game is a fun way to review basic concepts about money.

Money Word Search Circle or highlight groups of letters to find vocabulary words about money.

Practice your knowledge about money by downloading these free money worksheets .

Return from the Online Money Games page to the Math Play homepage.

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29 Easy Entrepreneurship Activities for All Classes As educators, we can cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset in our students. By incorporating these 20 easy entrepreneurship activities into our classes, we can inspire creativity, foster problem-solving skills, and prepare...

By Deanna Ritchie • Nov 6, 2023

This story originally appeared on Due

As educators, we can cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset in our students. By incorporating these 20 easy entrepreneurship activities into our classes, we can inspire creativity, foster problem-solving skills, and prepare students for success in any career they choose.

Whether it’s through hands-on exercises, podcasts, videos, or structured programs, these activities will engage students and ignite their entrepreneurial spirit.

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1. Inventing and Pitching Card Game ( our favorite )

Get ready to ignite your students’ imaginations and spark their entrepreneurial spirits with this entrepreneurial card game. Products is a hands-on and engaging way to teach your students about the basics of entrepreneurship.

Skypig, the brains behind this engaging game, cleverly integrates entrepreneurship into their gameplay. By using product and feature cards, players are encouraged to develop unique, marketable products while assuming the role of budding entrepreneurs. The game’s core values emphasize the importance of creativity and originality, allowing players to have a great time while testing their ingenuity.

This immersive experience is a fantastic resource for teaching various skills, such as public speaking and creative thinking, and fostering an entrepreneurial mindset. Skypig offers not only an original edition of the game but also a teacher’s edition, complete with a comprehensive 6-page lesson plan, making it an invaluable tool for educators seeking to instill these skills in their students in a relaxed and enjoyable manner.

2. The Envelope Challenge

envelope challenge

The Envelope Challenge is a simple yet effective activity that encourages students to think creatively and develop problem-solving skills. Provide each student or group with an envelope containing a small amount of fake money. They devise a plan to increase their investment within a specific time frame.

This activity not only enhances collaboration and critical thinking but also demonstrates to students how easy it can be to generate income.

3. Defining Problems Exercise

Entrepreneurs are problem solvers, and being able to define problems clearly is a crucial skill for success in entrepreneurship. Show students pictures that depict various issues and ask them to identify and define the problems they see. Please encourage them to think about the information they need to understand the situation better. By focusing on clearly defining the problem before attempting to solve it, students develop critical thinking abilities and learn to approach challenges strategically.

4. Ready, Set, Design!


The Ready, Set, Design! activity challenges students to think creatively and develop innovative solutions to real-world problems. Divide students into groups and assign each group a challenge, such as designing a new way to drink on the go or a new method of communication. Please provide them with a bag of everyday materials, such as rubber bands, pipe cleaners, and foil, and ask them to design a product that meets the challenge. This activity encourages students to think outside the box and fosters creativity and problem-solving skills.

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5. The StartUp Podcast

The StartUp podcast is a valuable resource for sparking conversations about entrepreneurship in the classroom. It provides insights into the entrepreneurial journey and offers real-life examples of the challenges and successes that entrepreneurs face.

Assign students to listen to an episode of the podcast and facilitate a class discussion on the key takeaways and lessons learned. This activity allows students to gain a deeper understanding of entrepreneurship and encourages them to think critically about the concepts discussed in the podcast.

6. The Business Proposition

Articulating a clear and concise value proposition is essential for any entrepreneur. In this activity, introduce students to a value proposition and provide them with a brief faux business or product idea. Ask students to express the value proposition for the given idea concisely. This exercise challenges students to distill the essence of a business or product and develop effective communication skills.

7. Reverse Brainstorming

problem solving

Reverse brainstorming is an excellent activity for developing problem-solving and creative thinking skills. Start by presenting a problem to the students, such as studying in a noisy library. Instead of brainstorming solutions, ask the students to brainstorm ways to improve the situation.

For each idea they come up with, challenge them to find a solution to the worsened situation. This activity encourages students to think critically and consider alternative perspectives, essential skills for entrepreneurship.

8. Entrepreneurship Videos

Take advantage of the abundance of free, short online videos that discuss various aspects of entrepreneurship. Use these videos as a tool to introduce students to the topic of entrepreneurship or assign them as homework. Some recommended videos include “What is an Entrepreneur?” and “The Best Advice for Entrepreneurs.” These videos provide valuable insights and inspire students to think about entrepreneurship in new ways.

9. Entrepreneurial Mindset Cards

blank cards

Entrepreneurial mindset cards are a valuable resource for developing entrepreneurship skills in students. These cards provide definitions and prompts related to entrepreneurial thinking. Distribute the cards to students and have them take turns reading the mindset definitions and answering the associated questions. This activity helps students develop a growth mindset and encourages them to think critically about entrepreneurship.

10. Pitch Challenge Toolkit

The Pitch Challenge Toolkit is a comprehensive resource for teaching entrepreneurship skills. This free toolkit consists of five lessons that cover various aspects of entrepreneurship, including creativity, problem-solving, critical thinking, and presentation skills. The toolkit provides step-by-step instructions and activities for guiding students through the process of developing and delivering a pitch. Using this toolkit, you can help students develop essential skills for success in entrepreneurship.

11. Free Entrepreneurship Lessons

Take advantage of free entrepreneurship lessons from reputable organizations such as VentureWell. These lessons cover a wide range of entrepreneurship-related topics and provide hands-on activities that engage students and teach them about the entrepreneurial mindset. Incorporate these lessons into your curriculum to give students a comprehensive understanding of what it takes to be an entrepreneur.

12. Contemporary Entrepreneurship Program

If you are looking for a ready-to-use entrepreneurship program, consider the Contemporary Entrepreneurship Program. This program is designed to engage students in a two-to-three-week unit focused on entrepreneurship. It covers topics such as generating business ideas , conducting market research, considering legal and financial issues, and writing a business plan. By implementing this program, you can give students a comprehensive understanding of the entrepreneurial process.

13. “Choose Your Own Adventure” Business Building

One engaging activity that introduces students to entrepreneurship is the “choose your own adventure” style series. In this activity, students follow the journey of a character named Jay as he starts his own business. Students make decisions for Jay and experience the real-world challenges and opportunities of business building . The series includes interactive videos that teach entrepreneurship, financial concepts, and economic ideas. This activity not only enhances students’ understanding of business but also encourages critical thinking and decision-making skills.

14. Literature and Business Terminology Integration

Integrating literature with entrepreneurial concepts is another effective way to engage students in entrepreneurship education. For instance, students can read a book like “Sweet Potato Pie” and apply business terminology such as profit, loan, and division of labor to interpret the text. After reading, students can discuss the book and reflect on what it takes to own and run a successful business. This activity not only strengthens students’ reading comprehension skills but also introduces them to the vocabulary and concepts commonly used in industry.

Here is a list of great entrepreneurship blogs to check out .

15. Mock Job Interviews

job interview

Conducting mock job interviews is a valuable activity that helps students develop job-related skills while fostering an entrepreneurial mindset. In this activity, the teacher sets up mock interviews based on the student’s desired career paths. Students can practice interviewing skills with a partner in the classroom, but the activity becomes even more effective when an adult can perform the interview. This activity enhances students’ communication skills, professionalism, and confidence, which are crucial qualities for entrepreneurs.

16. Inviting Local Entrepreneurs to the Classroom

Instead of simply teaching about business leaders and entrepreneurs, why not invite local entrepreneurs to share their experiences directly with students? This activity provides students with the opportunity to interact with real entrepreneurs and ask them questions. By preparing questions for the business leaders, students develop critical thinking and interpersonal skills . Additionally, this activity exposes students to different entrepreneurial journeys and helps them understand the practical aspects of starting and running a business .

17. Self-SWOT Analysis

A SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) analysis is a common tool used in business to assess the internal and external factors that affect an organization. In this activity, students apply the SWOT model to analyze themselves and their future goals. By identifying their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, students gain valuable insights into their entrepreneurial skills and areas for growth. This activity encourages self-reflection and helps students align their goals with their strengths and opportunities.

18. Researching Star Entrepreneurs

star entrepreneurs

Researching a star entrepreneur of their choice is an engaging activity that allows students to explore the lives and contributions of successful entrepreneurs. Students are tasked with investigating an entrepreneur using online resources and presenting their findings to the class. During the presentation, students focus on what motivated the entrepreneurs to start their businesses and the impact they have had on society. This activity promotes research skills, public speaking, and critical thinking.

19. Business Plan Shark Tank

In this activity inspired by the popular TV show “Shark Tank,” students create their business plans and present them in a simulated entrepreneurial pitch environment. Students write a comprehensive business description, conduct market analysis, develop marketing and sales strategies, determine funding needs, and project financial outcomes. They then present their business ideas to the class, receiving feedback and constructive criticism. This activity enhances students’ business planning, communication, and presentation skills.

20. Town Data Review and Business Proposal

Engaging students in a town data review and business proposal activity allows them to think critically about the needs and opportunities in a local community. In this activity, students review data about a town, discuss the data as a group, and propose a new business idea that addresses a specific need in the town. By considering the existing services and products in the town, students can identify gaps and propose innovative business solutions. This activity encourages students to think creatively and develop problem-solving skills.

21. Reverse Brainstorming


Reverse brainstorming is a unique entrepreneurial activity that encourages innovative thinking . Instead of trying to solve a problem, students are challenged to think of ways to make a problem worse. For each new issue they add to the situation, students must then think about how to solve that problem. This activity prompts students to think outside the box, develop creative solutions, and embrace an entrepreneurial mindset.

22. Startup Podcast Listening

Listening to podcasts focused on entrepreneurial learning is an excellent activity that exposes students to real-life stories and insights from successful entrepreneurs.

Students can choose from podcasts covering different aspects of entrepreneurship and the challenges of starting a business.

After listening to an episode, students can discuss the key takeaways, lessons learned, and how they apply to their entrepreneurial aspirations. This activity enhances students’ listening skills, critical thinking, and entrepreneurial knowledge.

23. Exploring Different Ways to Make Money

Teaching students different ways to make money is an essential aspect of entrepreneurship education. Students learn the difference between providing a service and selling a physical product.

In small groups, students brainstorm creative ways to make money, considering their unique skills and interests. Through this activity, students develop an entrepreneurial mindset and learn to assess the viability of their ideas.

24. Understanding the Characteristics of an Entrepreneur

In this activity, students explore the characteristics and traits of successful entrepreneurs. The teacher reads questions about entrepreneurship aloud, and students move to different corners of the room based on their answers. At the end of the activity, students count their points to assess their knowledge about entrepreneurship.

This activity fosters critical thinking, self-awareness, and an understanding of the key qualities required for entrepreneurial success.

25. Examining the Benefits and Challenges of Entrepreneurship

Helping students think critically about the benefits and challenges of entrepreneurship is an essential aspect of entrepreneurship education. In this activity, students reflect on the advantages and drawbacks of working for themselves and owning their businesses.

Additionally, students complete an entrepreneur checklist to assess their entrepreneurial skills and identify areas for improvement. This activity promotes self-reflection, awareness of the entrepreneurial journey, and the development of problem-solving skills.

26. Creating a School Garden Business

Engaging students in a hands-on activity like creating a school garden business combines entrepreneurship with environmental education. Students collaborate to design and build a school garden that yields crops that can be sold for profit.

They develop a business plan, consider market demand, plant and maintain the garden, sell the products, and track profits and losses. This activity provides students practical experience in business planning, financial management, and sustainable practices.

27. Promoting Social Entrepreneurship

social entrepreneurship

Exploring the concept of social entrepreneurship is a valuable activity that encourages students to think about using business to create a positive social impact. The teacher presents a set of problems on the board, and students are invited to think about what these problems have in common. Together, the class creates a definition of social entrepreneurship and brainstorms solutions to address social issues. This activity nurtures empathy, creative problem-solving, and a sense of social responsibility among students.

28. The “If I Knew…” Exercise

To continuously improve the course and maintain student engagement, the “If I Knew…” exercise is a valuable tool. At the end of each term, students are asked to reflect on their expectations at the beginning of the class and what they gained from the course. They also share what they would have changed if they had known certain things beforehand. The teacher aggregates the feedback and presents it to the students in the last class, creating a feedback loop for course improvement. This exercise sets the stage for future classes and encourages a culture of continuous learning and feedback.

29. The Get Out of the Building Exercise

The Get Out of the Building exercise emphasizes the importance of customer interaction in entrepreneurship. Students are encouraged to leave the classroom and engage with potential customers to gather feedback and insights. This exercise allows students to validate their ideas, understand customer needs, and make adjustments based on real-world feedback. It helps students develop empathy, communication skills, and the ability to iterate their ideas based on customer feedback.

Frequently Asked Questions: Fostering an Entrepreneurial Mindset in Students

1. what is an entrepreneurial mindset, and why is it important for students.

An entrepreneurial mindset is a set of skills and attitudes that empower individuals to think creatively, take risks, and solve problems effectively. It’s essential for students as it equips them with versatile skills that can be applied to various careers and life situations.

2. Are these entrepreneurship activities suitable for all age groups?

Yes, these activities are adaptable and can be tailored to suit students of different age groups, from elementary school to college and beyond.

3. How do these activities promote creativity and problem-solving skills?

These activities encourage students to think outside the box, explore new ideas, and find innovative solutions to real-world challenges. They are designed to stimulate critical thinking and creativity.

4. Can I incorporate these activities into my existing curriculum?

Absolutely! Many of these activities can be seamlessly integrated into existing coursework to complement traditional learning.

5. Do I need any special materials or resources to implement these activities?

Most of the activities can be executed with readily available materials and resources. You won’t need anything particularly extravagant to get started.

6. How can I ensure that students stay engaged throughout these activities?

By making the activities interactive and relatable, students are more likely to stay engaged. Incorporating multimedia elements such as podcasts and videos can also enhance their interest.

7. What are some potential outcomes of these entrepreneurship activities for students?

Students who engage in these activities may develop better problem-solving skills, increased self-confidence, enhanced communication abilities, and a more profound sense of adaptability – all essential skills for success in any career.

8. Can these activities be used for remote or online learning?

Yes, many of these activities can be adapted for remote or online learning, making them versatile options for educators in various teaching environments.

The post 29 Easy Entrepreneurship Activities for All Classes appeared first on Due .

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money problem solving games

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Solving money problems

What is problem solving.

Problem solving is a great way to put your money knowledge into practice and think about how money is used in the real world.

Remember that RUCSAC can help you solve word problems:

RUCSAC is an acronym that helps us to remember the order to tackle word problems:

R EAD the question carefully.


C HOOSE the correct operation (+ - x ÷) and method.

S OLVE the problem!

A NSWER the question.

C HECK your working out.

Now let's take a look at some money problems and use RUCSAC to help us solve them.

Charlotte saved £18.45 of the money she got for her birthday and £11.53 of the money she earned from babysitting her brother. How much money has she saved altogether?

Have you read the question carefully?


Underline or highlight the important information. Do you know what the problem is asking?

Charlotte saved £18.45 of the money she got for her birthday and £11.53 she earned from babysitting her brother. How much money has she saved altogether ?

'Altogether' tells us that we need to add the amounts together.

You can use the column method to work out this sum.

So £18.45 + £ 11.53 = £29.98

You’ve worked out how much Charlotte saved altogether so you have answered the question.

Double check that you have added up the numbers correctly and the decimal points are in the correct position. Make sure you have used the pound sign.

A cake costs £2.10. How much do 5 cakes cost?

Read the question again and make sure you understand it.

Now highlight the important information:

A cake costs £2.10 . How much do 5 cakes cost ?

This question is asking you what 5 lots of £2.10 is, so the operation to choose is multiplication .

Turn the pounds into pence first so it’s easier to multiply.

£2.10 = 210p

Turn the pence back into pounds.

1050p = £10.50

Always check your working out!

You could also use visual images to help you solve this question through repeated addition.

Here are our 5 groups of £2.10 using a two-pound coin and a 10p coin.

Now add up all the two-pound coins and 10p coins to see how much there is altogether.

Both answers are the same. There's usually more than one way to solve a problem!

Using a pen and piece of paper and remembering the RUCSAC method, try to work out the following:

For her birthday, Amelia receives £5.00 from her grandfather and £10.00 from her aunt.

With the money, she decides to buy a book for £7.99 and then some chocolates on offer for £3.90.

Does she have any birthday money left, and if so, how much?

You may find it helpful to use some real or pretend money to help you find the answer to the question. Or you can make your own; draw around real coins or bottle caps onto paper or card.

Try this quiz to see how well you understand multiplying amounts.

There's more to learn ...

Y3 estimating money

Estimating money

Y3 solving money problems

What is financial decision making?

Alien sat at a table with her shopping

How much have I spent?


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Money Printable Worksheets Hub Page

Welcome to our Money Printable Worksheets page.

Here you will find a wide range of free printable Money Worksheets, which will help your child become more confident counting, adding and subtracting money.

Check out our Counting money worksheets or have some fun with our printable money riddles or Money games.

For full functionality of this site it is necessary to enable JavaScript.

Here are the instructions how to enable JavaScript in your web browser .

  • This page contains links to other Math webpages where you will find a range of activities and resources.
  • If you can't find what you are looking for, try searching the site using the Google search box at the top of each page.

Money Printable Worksheets

Money resources.

Here you will find our range of money resources. The resources below cater for both US and UK coinage.

Quicklinks to ...

  • Money Games
  • Counting Money Worksheets
  • Riddles & Challenges
  • Adding & Subtracting Money
  • Money Percentages
  • Money Worksheets for other countries
  • UK Money Worksheets
  • Canadian Money Worksheets
  • Australian Money Worksheets
  • Randomly Generated Money Worksheets
  • Printable Money Flashcards

Using flashcards is a great way to learn to count money in a fun and easy way.

The flashcards come complete with answers which can either be printed on the reverse of the flashcards, or they can be printed as a separate sheet for use in games like pairs.

Money Dominoes

These printable money dominoes are a great way to get kids to learn to count money in a motivating way.

The dominoes can be played or used by a single player, or they can be made into a multi-player game.

  • Kids Counting Money Dominoes
  • Counting Money Games

Here is our collection of counting money games for kids.

All of these games are suitable for kids aged from 1st grade and upwards.

Playing games is a great way to practice math skills in a fun way. Games also help to develop reasoning, thinking and memory.

Back to Top

  • Money Worksheets

Here you will find our range of money worksheets, from first grade and upwards.

There is a choice of randomly generated worksheets for you to create or ready-made graded money worksheets.

Kindergarten Money Worksheets - Recognising coins

These kindergarten worksheets are all about recognising and counting coins: pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters.

The sheets involve recognising both faces of each coin.

  • Kindergarten Money Worksheets

1st Grade Counting Money Worksheets

Here you will find a range of Counting Money Printable Worksheets.

Using these sheets will help your child to:

  • recognise and know the values of the US coins;
  • add up dimes, nickels and pennies in cents.

All the free 1st Grade Math Worksheets in this section are informed by the Elementary Math Benchmarks for First Grade.

  • Free Math Money Worksheets - Counting same value coins
  • Counting Money Worksheets - Counting different coins
  • Money Word Problems for First Grade
  • Canadian Money Worksheets 1st Grade

1st Grade Money Riddles

Using puzzles is a great way to get children to learn about money in a fun and interesting way, and apply their counting money knowledge.

Using these 1st Grade money riddles will help your child to develop their money skills and their problem solving skills at the same time.

There are a range of sheets suitable for a range of abilities within 1st grade.

  • Money Math Worksheets - 1st Grade Money Riddles

2nd Grade Counting Money Worksheets

Here you will find a selection of First Grade Counting Money printable worksheets designed to help your child count different amounts of money using coins of the same value.

Using these sheets will help your child to:-

  • count by a range of coins up to $1;
  • add up quarters, dimes, nickels and pennies.

All the free Math Money worksheets in this section are support Elementary Math Benchmarks.

  • Money Worksheets for Kids to $1
  • Counting Quarters Worksheets
  • Money Worksheets Canada 2nd Grade

Counting Money Worksheets at 2nd Grade Math Salamanders

In this section you will find our counting money worksheets which will help your child count money amounts up to $10.

Using the sheets in this section will help your child to:

  • count out money amounts in $ and ¢;
  • use $ notation to write down money amounts;
  • compare different amounts of money.

All the sheets in this section will help your child to become more confident with counting money.

  • Counting Money Worksheets up to $1
  • Counting Money Worksheets up to $2
  • Counting Money Worksheets to $10

Money Riddles & Challenges

The main difference between our money riddles and money challenges is that the challenges are generally more difficult to solve and will take longer to solve.

The puzzles are a great money starter activity to get children thinking and puzzling out which the correct answer is out of a set number of choices. They are great for partner work too.

Money Riddles at 2nd Grade Math Salamanders

Using puzzles is a great way to get children to learn about money in a fun and interesting way.

Using these money riddles will help your child to develop their money skills and their problem solving skills at the same time.

There are a range of sheets suitable for a range of abilities.

  • Money Math Worksheets - Money Riddles

Money Challenges at 2nd Grade Math Salamanders

In our Money Challenge section you will find a lot of printable money challenges that you can use with your child.

Once children have mastered the basics of counting money amounts and know their coins, they are ready for a higher level of challenge.

The Money Challenges will help your child consolidate their money learning so far, and extend it further with some open-ended challenges.

Using these challenges will help your child to:

  • apply their existing skills to solve problems;
  • develop their problem solving and thinking skills.

Using these sheets will help to extend your child's math learning.

  • Free Printable Money Worksheets - Challenges

More Money Challenges

On this webpage, you will find our 3rd and 4th Grade Money Challenges.

These challenges involve solving money problems and are a great way for kids to develop their reasoning skills and practice their counting money at the same time.

  • 3rd Grade Money Challenges
  • 4th Grade Money Challenges

Adding & Subtracting Money Worksheets

Here is our collection of adding and subtracting money worksheets for kids.

The following worksheets involve children adding and subtracting a range of money amounts.

Money Worksheets (randomly generated)

Here you will find our random generator to create your very own money worksheets.

You can choose what value you wish go up to, and whether you want to add or subtract money amounts.

You can choose the number of questions you would like, and what currency symbol you want to use.

The Money Worksheet generator below will create horizontal money problems with a wide range of choice of money values.

This generator will create money addition worksheets set out in columns.

  • Adding Money Worksheets

This generator will create money subtraction worksheets set out in columns.

  • Subtracting Money Worksheets

This money worksheet generator below will create a range of money problems in columns to add and subtract in a range of currencies.

  • Adding and Subtracting Money Worksheets

Money Column Addition Worksheets

Here you will find a selection of Column Addition Money sheets designed to help your child add different amounts of money.

  • add up a range of money amounts involving decimals.
  • Money Addition Worksheets ($)
  • Money Addition Worksheets (£ )

Money Column Subtraction Worksheets

Here you will find a selection of Column Subtraction Money sheets designed to help your child subtract different amounts of money.

  • subtract a range of money amounts involving decimals.
  • Money Subtraction Worksheets ($)
  • Money Subtraction Worksheets UK (£ )

Money Multiplication Worksheets

  • Money Multiplication Worksheets Generator

Percentage of Money Amounts

Often when we are studying percentages, we look at them in the context of money.

The sheets on this page are all about finding percentages of different amounts of money.

  • Money Percentage Worksheets

Money Worksheets for Other Countries

As well as the US, we have a range of counting money worksheets for the UK, Australia and Canada.

The sheets all follow a similar format with answers provided.

Australian Money Worksheets Measures Salamander Tyger

  • Australian Money Worksheets (easier)
  • Money Worksheets Australia (intermediate)
  • Money Worksheets Australian (harder)

Canadian Money Worksheets Measures Salamander Tyger

  • Canadian Money Worksheets 1st grade

How to Print or Save these sheets

how to print information image printer

Need help with printing or saving? Follow these 3 steps to get your worksheets printed perfectly!

  • How to Print support

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The Math Salamanders hope you enjoy using these free printable Math worksheets and all our other Math games and resources.

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Counting Money Games for Kids

Master the concept of money with our interactive ‘Counting Money Games’ for kids. These online money games engage children through fun activities like calculating change. Children can get hands-on practice by solving problems related to money and its denominations. Get started now!

money problem solving games


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Games for Kids on Comparing Money

Add the Same Type of Coins and Compare Game

Add the Same Type of Coins and Compare Game

Enjoy the marvel of mathematics by exploring how to add the same type of coins and compare them.

Identify the Bigger Amount of Money Game

Identify the Bigger Amount of Money Game

Learn to math problems by identifying the bigger amount of money.

Add Coins of Different Types and Compare Game

Add Coins of Different Types and Compare Game

Kids must add coins of different types and compare them to practice counting money.

Who has More Money? Game

Who has More Money? Game

Help your child take flight by solving for 'Who has More Money'?.

Games for Kids on Counting Money with Coins

Count the Coins Game

  • Count the Coins Game

Let your child see the world through math-colored shades with our 'Count the Coins' game!

Identify the Name of the Coins Game

Identify the Name of the Coins Game

Kids must identify the name of the coins to play this game.

Count the Number of Coins Game

Count the Number of Coins Game

Add more arrows to your child’s math quiver by helping them count the number of coins.

Identify the Coins Game

Identify the Coins Game

Dive deep into the world of math with our 'Identify the Coins' game.

All Counting Money Games for Kids

Count Money with Coins of a Type Game

Count Money with Coins of a Type Game

Help your child take flight by learning how to count money with coins of a type.

Count Money with Different Coins Game

Count Money with Different Coins Game

Have your own math-themed party by learning how to count money with different coins.

Arrange Coins and Count Money Game

Arrange Coins and Count Money Game

Enter the madness of math-multiverse by exploring how to arrange coins and count money.

Separate the Coins Game

Separate the Coins Game

Have your own math-themed party by learning how to separate the coins.

Guess the Value of Coins Game

Guess the Value of Coins Game

Have your own math-themed party by guessing the value of coins.

Match Coins with their Values Game

  • Match Coins with their Values Game

Enter the madness of math-multiverse by exploring how to match coins with their values.

Arrange Coins by their Value Game

Arrange Coins by their Value Game

Unearth the wisdom of mathematics by learning how to arrange coins by their value.

Use Symbols to Represent Money Game

Use Symbols to Represent Money Game

Unearth the wisdom of mathematics by learning how to use symbols to represent money.

Guess the Amount of Money using Similar Coins Game

Guess the Amount of Money using Similar Coins Game

Take a deep dive into the world of math by guessing the amount of money using similar coins.

Guess the Amount of Money using Different Coins Game

Guess the Amount of Money using Different Coins Game

Use your math skills to guess the amount of money using different coins.

Count the Total Money Game

Count the Total Money Game

Ask your little one to count the total money to play this game.

Separate the Similar Coins Game

Separate the Similar Coins Game

Add more arrows to your child’s math quiver by separating similar coins in this game.

Identify and Match Coins to their Values Game

Identify and Match Coins to their Values Game

Take a look at how to identify and match coins to their values in this game.

Identify Coins by their Value Game

Identify Coins by their Value Game

Enjoy the marvel of mathematics by exploring how to identify coins by their value.

Order the Coins by their Values Game

Order the Coins by their Values Game

Begin the exciting journey of becoming a math wizard by learning to order coins by their values.

Find the Total Amount of Money using Similar Coins Game

Find the Total Amount of Money using Similar Coins Game

Sharpen your skills by finding the total amount of money using similar coins.

Count Total Money using Different Types of Coins Game

Count Total Money using Different Types of Coins Game

Kids must count the total money using different types of coins to play.

Find the Total Amount of Money` Game

Find the Total Amount of Money` Game

Learn to solve math problems by finding the total amount of money.

Count the Total Money in a GIven Scenario Game

Count the Total Money in a GIven Scenario Game

Kids must count the total money in a gIven scenario in this game.

Add and Find the Amount of Money in Given Word Problems Game

Add and Find the Amount of Money in Given Word Problems Game

Kids must add and find the amount of money in the given word problems to practice counting money.

Find Out the Total Money Spent by Multiplying Game

Find Out the Total Money Spent by Multiplying Game

Find out the total money spent by multiplying to practice counting money.

Subtract Money Game

Subtract Money Game

Begin the exciting journey of becoming a math wizard by learning how to subtract money.

Word Problems on Adding Money Game

Word Problems on Adding Money Game

Shine bright in the math world by learning how to solve word problems on adding money.

Word Problems on Multiplying Money Game

Word Problems on Multiplying Money Game

Dive deep into the world of math by solving word problems on multiplying money.

Use Coins to Make the Given Amount Game

Use Coins to Make the Given Amount Game

Have your own math-themed party by learning how to use coins to make the given amount.

Recognize the Same Amount of Money Game

  • Recognize the Same Amount of Money Game

Shine bright in the math world by learning how to recognize the same amount of money.

Solve Word Problems on Money Expressed as Decimal Numbers Game

Solve Word Problems on Money Expressed as Decimal Numbers Game

Sharpen your math skills by solving word problems on money expressed as decimal numbers.

Trade Coins with the Equivalent Value Game

Trade Coins with the Equivalent Value Game

Enter the madness of math-multiverse by exploring how to trade coins with equivalent values.

Calculate the Difference Between Amounts of Money Game

Calculate the Difference Between Amounts of Money Game

Use your counting money skills to calculate the difference between amounts of money.

Subtracting Money Game

Subtracting Money Game

Have your own math-themed party by learning how to subtracting money.

Add the Given Amounts of Money Game

Add the Given Amounts of Money Game

Shine bright in the math world by learning how to add the given amounts of money.

Solve Word Problems on Subtracting Money Game

Solve Word Problems on Subtracting Money Game

Have your own math-themed party by learning how to solve word problems on subtracting money.

Multiply and Calculate the Total Money Paid Game

Multiply and Calculate the Total Money Paid Game

Enjoy the marvel of mathematics by exploring how to multiply and calculate the total money paid.

Multiply Money Game

Multiply Money Game

Help your child take flight by learning how to multiply money.

Calculate the Change You Will Get Back Game

Calculate the Change You Will Get Back Game

Learn to calculate the change that you will get back with this game.

Add Money Game

Add Money Game

Ask your little one to add money to play this game.

Divide Money Game

Divide Money Game

Kids must divide money to practice counting money.

Calculate the Change Received in the Given Word Problems Game

Calculate the Change Received in the Given Word Problems Game

Apply your knowledge of counting money to calculate the change received in the given word problems.

Word Problems on Dividing Money Game

Word Problems on Dividing Money Game

Enter the madness of math-multiverse by exploring how to solve word problems on dividing money.

Divide and Find the Amount Asked in Each Scenario Game

Divide and Find the Amount Asked in Each Scenario Game

Sharpen your counting money skills as you divide and find the amount asked in each scenario.

What Is Money?

Money is a medium of exchange that is widely accepted as payment for goods and services. It is a form of currency that holds value and allows people to trade for the things they need and want. 

Currency refers to a system of money used in a particular country or region as a medium of exchange for goods and services. Different countries have their own currencies. The United States dollar is the official currency of the U.S.

Money comes in different forms, such as coins and banknotes (paperbills), and it represents value that can be traded for goods and services. Money is an essential part of our daily lives and plays a crucial role in the economic system. Understanding the concept of money is important for managing our finances and making smart choices.

How to Define the Concept of "Counting Money"

Counting money is the process of determining the total value of a collection of coins and bills. It involves adding up the different denominations of coins and bills to calculate the total amount. 

Counting money helps us understand the value of currency and develop essential math skills. It includes identifying and sorting different denominations, understanding their values, and performing addition and subtraction to find the total amount. 

Money is a very essential part of our daily life. Counting money is an important life skill since it enables us to handle financial transactions, make purchases, and manage our finances effectively.

What Are the Notable Benefits of Counting Money Games for Children?

By including counting money games in a child's learning routine, they gain valuable lifelong skills in a fun and engaging way.

  • Develops Essential skills : Counting money games help children practice important math concepts such as addition, subtraction, and multiplication. They also reinforce skills like fine motor skills (when handling coins and bills), attention to detail, and decision-making.
  • Promotes financial literacy : By engaging in counting money games, children learn the value of different coins and bills, how to make change, and how to manage money effectively.
  • Enhances problem-solving abilities : Counting money involves critical thinking and problem-solving as children calculate totals, make comparisons, and solve money-related challenges.
  • Builds confidence and independence : Mastering the skill of counting money empowers children to handle real-world financial situations with confidence and independence.
  • Fun Learning Experience : Counting money games make learning enjoyable by incorporating interactive elements, colorful visuals, and hands-on activities.

What Are Different Denominations of the U.S. Currency?

Denominations refer to the different values or amounts that money can have. It is the specific value assigned to coins or banknotes in a currency system. Each denomination represents a specific value, and they are used for different purposes. Understanding denominations helps us count and calculate money accurately and efficiently.

Denominations of Coins : United States coins denominations include 1 cent (1¢, penny), 5 cents (5¢, nickel), 10 cents (10¢, dime), 25 cents (25¢, quarter), 50 cents (50¢, half dollar), and 1 dollar ($1).

Denominations of banknotes : The seven denominations of paper bills that are currently in practice in the US include  $1, $2, $5, $10, $20, $50, and $100 notes.


Cents are smaller units of currency. The symbol “¢” is used for representing cents. 

The penny is the most common coin with a value of 1 cent. It has the image of Abraham Lincoln (the 16 th president of the United States) on it.

Penny = 1 cent

A dime is worth 10 cents. It is smaller than a quarter and has the image of Franklin D. Roosevelt (​​the 32 nd president of the United States) on it.

Dime = 10 cents

Quarter Dollar

A quarter is worth 25 cents. They are larger coins and have different designs on them. It has the image of George Washington, the first President of the United States.

1 quarter = 25¢

Quarter dollar coin

Half dollar

A half dollar is worth 50 cents.

Currently, the half dollar coin features a portrait of John F. Kennedy, the 35th President of the United States.

Half dollar = 50¢

Half dollar coin

A dollar is the main unit of currency in the United States. The symbol “$” is used to represent dollars.

100 cents make 1 dollar (100¢ = $1).

A nickel is worth 5 cents (5¢ = 1 nickel). It is larger than a penny and has the image of Thomas Jefferson (the third president of the United States) on it.

Nickel coin

How to Count Money with Various Denominations

Step 1: Identify and separate different denominations of money.

(Check out some amazing Identify Coins Games for Kids to kick-start their journey of counting money.)

Step 2: Count each denomination starting from the highest. 

Step 3: Add up the values of each denomination to determine the total amount.

Here, it is important to know the equivalent values of denominations. 

Here’s a quick overview of the equivalents:

Equivalent US denominations of coin

Also, understand how each coin relates to 1 dollar. Here’s a visual representation that will be helpful!

1 dollar compared to different coin denominations

It is important to practice counting money with different denominations for proficiency.

Example 1: Sam went to the store to buy a pencil worth 3¢, an eraser costing a nickel and a notebook priced at a quarter. How much did he pay in all for the stationery that he bought?

Price of a pencil = 3¢ = 3 cents

Price of an eraser = a nickel = 5 cents  (Refer to the chart!)

Price of a notebook = a quarter = 25 cents (Refer to the chart!)

Adding the values together, we get

3 cents + 5 cents + 25 cents = 33 cents

Total amount paid = 33 cents

We can express 33 cents in different ways:

  • 33 cents = 30 cents + 3 cents = 3 dimes and 3 pennies
  • 33 cents = 25 cents + 7 cents = a quarter and 7 pennies 
  • 33 cents = 25 cents + 5 cents + 3 cents = 1 quarter, 1 nickel, and 3 pennies
  • 33 cents = 30 cents + 3 cents = 6 nickels and 3 pennies

Using online games to practice counting money can help create a positive learning experience. Learn how to count money with Counting Money Games for Kids Online that offer hands-on activities and plenty of practice. 

How to Teach the Practical Applications of Counting Money to Kids

Teaching kids the practical applications of counting money is very important. Here are some of the practical applications of counting money that empower children to handle real-life financial situations and develop important skills related to money management:

  • Making small purchases : Counting money is essential when making purchases. Children can learn to count money to determine if they have enough to buy a desired item and how much change they should expect. This skill helps them develop financial literacy and responsible spending habits.
  • Play interactive money games : Engage your child in interactive games that involve counting money. Board games like Monopoly or online money counting games for kids can be a fun and effective way to reinforce their skills.
  • Planning and budgeting : Counting money helps children plan and budget for various activities or events. Help them to save for a special toy and understand the value of money. It enables children to make informed decisions and allocate their funds wisely.
  • Fun real-life activities : Relate money counting to their everyday life. Ask them to count the money in their piggy bank or help with grocery shopping by estimating and counting the cost of items. Help them understand the roles of a cashier and a customer through role-playing games. They can practice counting money, giving change, and making purchases. 

Learning the Skill of Counting Money: Math Games vs. Traditional Methods

  • Counting money games for kids help them get hands-on learning experience with different denominations, their values, etc. Many counting money math games simulate real-life scenarios to teach practical applications. Learning to count money through textbooks or pictures can get text-heavy and less effective.
  • Counting money games online offer a wide variety of activities for practice so that children can explore every concept in a unique and engaging way. In contrast, traditional methods can get monotonous and theoretical.
  • Counting money games are fun and engaging. They often provide quick feedback and rewards for correct answers, encouraging children to continue learning and improving their skills. 
  • Every child learns differently. Money counting games online that are adaptive in nature help children follow their own learning path based on their skills and cognitive abilities. However, traditional methods (such as working with using physical coins and bills) have limitations.

What Are the Best Fun Counting Money Games and Activities for Kids?

Here are some math money games by SplashLearn that offer the best counting money activities for kids:

  • Find the Total Amount of Money Game
  • World Problems on Adding Money Game

Compare Amount Worksheet

How do you help kids practice counting money?

Fun online games on counting money can be used to help children identify coins, add and subtract money, find the total amount and much more. These games help children to practice counting money in a simpler way.

How to teach counting money?

Counting money can be taught through fun counting money online games and activities in the classroom. These tools let children practice counting, comparing values, guessing coin worth, organizing and ordering coins, telling apart similar and different coins, and more. With these games, kids can become money counting masters!

How can kids play games on counting money?

Money-counting games can be played online by practicing quarters, half dollars, pennies, nickels and other types of bills and coins. Mathematical operations can also be used in counting money to solve word problems based on transactions.

At what grade level do students usually start learning about money?

In the United States, the introduction to the denominations of currency typically occurs in the early elementary school years. Students are often taught about the different denominations of coins and bills, their values, and how to count and combine them.

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Money Workbook

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Money Worksheets

Money and counting money worksheets.

Our money worksheets start with identifying coins and their values and progress through counting coins and shopping problems..

Choose your grade / topic:

Kindergarten money worksheets, grade 1 money worksheets, grade 2 money worksheets.

Grade 3 money worksheets  

Topics include:

  • Matching coins to their names
  • Matching coins to their values
  • Identify  and color different coins
  • Count small numbers of coins
  • Counting U.S. coins (up to 6 coins)
  • Counting Canadian coins (up to 6 coins)
  • Counting money (coins only) word problems
  • Identifying international coins
  • Counting up to 10 U.S. coins
  • Counting U.S. coins and bills (up to $5)
  • Counting Canadian coins including loonies and toonies
  • Money in words (numbers to words)
  • Money in words (words to numbers)
  • Counting money (coins and bills) word problems
  • Money word problems

Grade 3 money worksheets

  • Counting U.S. coins and bills
  • Counting Canadian money (coins and bills)
  • Shopping word problems
  • Money in words

Grade 4 money worksheets

  • Word problems using money ($X.XX) notation

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Time and calendar worksheets

money problem solving games

Sample Money Worksheet

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Earth Day Math Project - Includes Graphing, Money , Problem - Solving , Time

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Menu Math Real World Money Pet Store Multiplication Problem Solving

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Menu Math Real World Money Gingerbread Addition Problem Solving Christmas

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Counting Coins Printables: Counting Money & Solving Money Word Problems

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Australian Money Problem Solving Tasks: Carnival/Show Theme

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2.MD.8 2nd Grade Math Jeopardy Game - Solve Money Word Problems w/ Google Slides

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Money Task Cards: Counting Money , Making Change, & Problem Solving

money problem solving games

Menu Math Real World Money Baseball Stadium Addition Subtraction Problem Solving

money problem solving games

2.MD.8 2nd Grade Math Task Cards - Solve Money Word Problems

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Bumpin' Burger's Receipt Crisis ( Problem Solving , Fractions, Money , and Budget)

money problem solving games

Life Skills Problem Solving : Money Management

money problem solving games

Solving Money Problems - 2nd Grade Math Digital Mini Lesson - 2.MD.C.8

money problem solving games

Problem Solving in Third Grade - Money Distance Learning

money problem solving games

Menu Math Real World Money Shopping Addition Problem Solving

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Solving Money Word Problems Digital Boom Cards Math

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Charlie's Sandwich Shop! Problem Solving with Money

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Top 10 Challenging Puzzles That Can Win You Big Money If You Solve Them

Evan Symon

With all the problems in the world, there should be at least a few where you can get paid to find solutions. Lo and behold, there are some problems that you can totally get armloads of money for, sometimes for simply sitting in a chair and thinking about the answer. Problems like…

10. The Cray Mathematical Institute’s Millennium Problems


In the year 2000, the  Cray Mathematical Institute brought out a list of math’s seven most infamous problems, with the person who solves each problem getting a million dollars. Since 2000, only one has been solved. Grigori Perelman, a Russian mathematician who lived in his mom’s basement, solved Poincare’s Conjecture, an unsolved problem since 1904. However, he spent so many years on the problem, he pretty much dropped out of society, refusing a Fields Medal (math’s highest honor,) and never claimed his million bucks, citing his disillusionment with mathematics. So as long as you don’t mind losing your mind while doing so, there are still six problems out there for you to solve.

One such problem is solving P= NP , a conundrum first proposed in 1971. To put it in simple terms, P is a group of problems that equal, say, the size of a circle. NP is the bastard cigar shaped oval that tries to get one of its ends to match perfectly over the said circle, with positive outcomes of those same problems, but that have to be verified in a math process called Polynomial Time, which is pretty much how they can stay the same through moving time.

Got all that? Basically it’s solving the exact same problem twice, except the numbers keep changing. It is currently the largest open problem in theoretical computer science. There have been numerous people who have tried their hand at this, and all have failed. The closest we’ve come is a promising claim in 2010 that solved part of it, only to be shot to Hell by mathematicians looking it over.

9. Archon Genomics X Prize


Headache-inducing math problems too hard? The Archon Genomics X Prize requires a little less math. For a $10 million prize, all the winner has to do is create a device that can sequence 100 human genomes within 10 days, with an accuracy of only one error in 100,000 DNA parts. Oh, and the cost has to be under $10,000.

Unlike the math problems, however, this can potentially do a hell of a lot more for humanity than just match numbers together like they were set up on a blind date or something. If this ends up being feasible, genome sequencing can go mainstream, detect future health risks, help make tailor-made medications and can be accessible to everyone with even the most fraudulent health plan.

Also, $10 million dollars. That’s cool too.

8. The Night Rover Challenge


As solar panels are generally only good for collection during the day, NASA has started up a contest with a $1.5 million prize to the person who can figure out a long-lasting method of energy storage, so that things such as rovers can have enough electricity to work during the dark. But not the dark we deal with every night; NASA wants to be able to use solar-powered vehicles on the Moon, a place fairly infamous for being dark all the bleeping time. If somebody can crack this riddle, a rover could explore the Moon, Mars , or even beyond at all hours of whatever kind day they observe over there.

Imagine crystal-clear photos of the Pluto skyline one day. Right now, this would likely be impossible, what with the Sun being billions and billions of miles away and all. But a Night Rover could absolutely pull it off and, if you like money,  you could be the one to help make it happen.

7. Qualcomm Tricorder Prize


Named after a futuristic device on Star Trek , the Qualcomm Tricorder prize is trying to find someone who can make a device that can diagnose patients better than a panel of certified physicians. By doing this and outsmarting doctors, you can win $10 million, and be forever known as the person who actually made a Star Trek prop come to life. Now true, you’d also have an an entire community of unemployed doctors screaming for your head, but you probably won’t hear them over the sound of your own filthy-rich-guy cackling.

6. The Methuzelah Mouse Project (Mprize)


By testing mice in laboratories, scientists have found unfortunate consequences, like how mice have an extremely short life span. As many of the tests have to do with human health, results are usually not complete and extremely skewed. Therefore, if you can breed, genetically alter, or otherwise upgrade a living mouse to live past 5 years, you win $4 million . This can help out scientists, by letting them study long-term health risks, and pretty much  speeding up science .

Also, this research would go a long way toward studying how these same measures can extend human life as well. To that end, you can win another 4 mil if you can figure out a way to not just make the mouse live longer, but also find a way to keep it healthy during its new old age. Basically, this would be the beginning of scientist’s efforts toward extending just how old humans can get. And maybe then, The Immortal Hulk Hogan would finally live up to his name.

5. Knuth Reward Checks


Donald Knuth has written several books about computers and computer science, and has created an ingenious way to sell them: offer a cash prize to anyone who finds a mistake. If you find one, you win a hexidecimal dollar. It’s not that financially impressive ($2.56,) and the actual check is worth way more than the monetary value on it. But these checks are pretty much a prize in and of itself; Knuth has started using checks from the Bank Of San Sarriff. Never heard of it? That’s because it’s entirely made up. It apparently has branches on the also-fictional planet Pincus, so if you ever find yourself in the Pincus area and need a cash withdrawal, you’re in good hands.

So why go to the trouble of creating an entire world for your fake bank and meager checks? Turns out hackers used his check numbers to break into his account and steal his money. How did they get the numbers? Excited people who found an error and won a check pretty much photocopied the things and posted them to the Internet , proving once again that book sense and common sense are total strangers to one another.

4. Virgin Earth Challenge


British mogul/ beard enthusiast Richard Branson also has a prize out, and it’s a whopper. A total of $25 million dollars would go to the winner of the Virgin Earth Challenge  which is seeking a way to scrub greenhouse gases out of the Earth’s atmosphere, so as to avoid global warming. There are currently 200 billion metric tons of the crap up there, but luckily the rules state you only need to remove one billion tons to prove that it’s possible. Good; removing a mere billion tons of gas from the sky actually sounds quite doable. A cakewalk really. But 200 billion? Now that’d just be silly.

3. The Paranormal Challenge


The James Randi Educational Foundation’s $1 million prize, awarded to anyone who can show that paranormal activity is real, started off when he was hosting a radio show in Britain in 1968. After a caller said Randi should back up his skepticism, he offered $100 to the first person who could prove that ghosts or spirits are real. He has since upped it and upped it some more, with the prize standing at $1 million right now.

But it’s not as simple as speaking with a spook via Ouija board, or guessing what card Randi randomly selected from a freshly-shuffled deck. You have to show gobs of proof, and pass rounds upon rounds of interviews and tests, under very strict settings, in order to satisfy the challenge. And even then, the rules state that Randi will not admit that supernaturalism is real, even if you pass; he’ll simply admit that you managed to meet his challenge, give you your money, and go right back to being skeptical.

Not that we’ve ever seen such an incident. Since 1968, no one has passed, or even come close; more people have guessed the exact price of  The Price is Right’s  Final Showcase. Noted spiritualists such as Sylvia Browne and Rosemary Altea have either provided convenient excuses not to do it, or have attempted it and failed miserably.

2. The NASA Nano-Satellite Challenge


With a prize of $2 million, the Nano-Satellite Challenge is searching for anyone who can launch a small satellite into orbit twice in one week. That’s right: twice. Because any ol’ moron can reach orbit once in a week. Hell, we did that yesterday .

There’s a reason for wanting two satellites in orbit, so it’s not just busywork. NASA’s purpose is to show how cheaply satellites can be made while still working, in the hopes of spawning more personal satellite usage. So if you’ve ever been thrilled that you could make a bottle rocket sail over a tree, prepare to be severely humbled, as someone who meets this challenge would see your tree and raise you freakin’ outer space.

1. Elevator 2010


OK, so the prize money here is not the biggest around (only $4 million, versus Richard Branson’s $25 million booty,) but if this challenge were ever met, everything about everything we do would change forever. The Elevator 2010 Prize  would go to the person who designs a feasible space elevator. That’s not a metaphorical title; it would literally be a 60-mile-plus elevator that would take you into outer space, perfect for mothers of astronauts who forgot their lunch at home before going to work on the International Space Station.

The prize is also divided into other parts as well, so if you figured out a cost-effective way to just make the elevator so it would not break (kind of a big deal when you’re dealing with little-to-no oxygen on the outside,) you get a million dollars just for that. So if you’re more an “idea guy” than a “build things” guy, there you go.

Or, if you’re a “close enough” kind of guy, this contest has you covered as well. A Seattle team won $900,000 several years ago for developing a cable-climber that successfully traversed a 3000-foot tether. Not quite outer space, but still pretty damn high up.

Evan V. Symon is building up a book here .

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money problem solving games

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Top Free Online Games tagged Money

Play money games at y8.com. money has become a fun element of many different game types. improve your use of money by playing tycoon games or bet with a slot machine for play money. there are games like monopoly and wheel of fortune that also involve currency..

Super Coin Clicker

Just click the coin and keep updating. If you keep clicking fast enough you will unlock “boost mode”, where you get more score.

Yolo Dogecoin

Yolo Dogecoin - Fun 2D investment game, clicker game that tests your reaction time and a basic grasp of math. You need to invest in math multiplication to increase your money. Try to constantly increase your money and compete in the leaderboard with other players. Have fun!

Baseball Bat

Play a fun baseball bat game and hit the ball and make it land on great distance. Grab your blocky bat and step up to the plate and play this fun baseball game. Upgrade your shot power, ball multiplier and more to improve the power! Enjoy playing this game here at Y8.com!

Idle Farming Business

Become a farming business tycoon with this game by farming and selling them. Just start farming by Buying new land plots, plant crops, harvest and sell them for a profit. Upgrade crops to increase productivity. Trigger boosts such as Sunshine and Rain, to multiply your output. Unlock new land plots each with unique crops. Line up investors to purchase your farm!

Money Rush is a fun math game to play. Move the coins into the math bars and Multiply your coins, select the best gates and collect lots of money! Money Rush is a fun runner game with one goal: get rich! Collect coins as much as you can to turn your game into a cash rush! At the end of each level, you will turn your coins into cash and use them to build your money. Spend your cash to build shops and create income. Play more games only on y8.com

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Adventure Capitalist Hole

Adventure Capitalist Hole is a hyper-casual 2D game where you need to collect as much money as possible to defeat the boss. You need to move the hole and collect money and coins to become powerful and defeat your boss. Play this fun arcade game at Y8 and have fun.

Another fun game in the list of y8, this time we offer you Money Tree. Sound amazing, imagine to have your own tree, which will have money instead of leaves :D. Well, if you can't imagine that, see how it would be in this game. Collect money from the tree, and sort them boxes with real money names. At the end calculate your total earnings. Have a nice game!

Supermarket Simulator

Supermarket Simulator is a unity webGl game available on y8, inspired from the actual pandemic situation, where most of the people are buying and storing groceries. You need to manage the uncontrolled buying, press S and groceries will start to go in the buyer's basket, you had to be punctual and stop buying at the time, when the color of the cart turns red. Then return the change if necessary and finally store the groceries in the designated warehouses.

Tube Clicker

Create and manage your own Tube channel! Use advertising tools to reach millions of views and subscribers.

Woodcutters Idle

Short idle game about lumberjacks, woodworking and lumber delivery.

My Sugar Factory

Start With One Sugarcane Bush and Make Millions! Buy a factory, open a laboratory to improve a sugar cane variety. And all this with beautiful pixel graphics!


If you really want to become a millionaire, you are going to have to take risks! We are not talking about small challenges, but big risks. Indeed, the tickets are in front of you. You will have to catch them by running your hand over the guillotine. Take the bills and remove your arm before the blade drops and hits you. If this were to happen, you would have to restart the game because your hand will be cut off. A game not recommended for the youngest because it is quite bloody, but for all the others, it's up to you to prove your determination!

Stall Life Simulation

With the exciting game Stall Life Simulation, you may feel the thrill of managing your own market stall and making money by selling things. Learn from Jack Ma, the CEO of Alibaba, and his entrepreneurial spirit as you develop your business acumen. Make a difference by investing your profits in the education of impoverished kids. Come, enjoy yourself while you play!

Stickman Archer

Super Stickman Legend is an intense physic-based archery game, has a dynamic roster of hero with many unique abilities. Drag and drop, aim and shoot arrows at the enemies. How to play: - Drag and drop, aim and shoot arrows at the enemies. - Fight to get more and more coin to buy new heroes. Both you and your enemy have a life bar that can stand little damage but not a lot, make sure you deplete their life before they deplete yours! Remember to account for the effects of gravity as you fire your arrows as they will arc downwards the further your target is away. Have fun in this new stickman edition!

Rails and Stations

Rails and Stations - Interesting 3D simulator game on Y8 with endless gameplay. Discover the world around you, mine resources and products, and build railroads for a train. Use the money to buy new places and tools. Develop your own rails company and have fun!

In Moneyland the rules are simple! Get lots of money and buy properties. So are you ready to generate lots of money in Moneyland? Help our little investor raise funds to invest in new facilities that will generate even more income for him? It sounds simple, but it will be really hard work for you if you're not patient! Move forward fearlessly while carrying your big backpack of banknotes, roam the streets in search of new businesses and extend your territory to infinity thanks to a good job. Once you get enough profit, you'll also be able to improve your speed and your collecting ability. Have fun playing this game here at Y8.com!

Step foot into a bright safari themed park filled to the brim with exotic creatures found only in the deepest, darkest, unexplored jungles! It’s your job to ensure that these animals don’t escape! In Idle Zoo Tycoon 3D,

Wheel of Fortunes

Wheel of Fortunes is a simple for fun wager game where you spin a wheel with amounts on it.Try to see how much money you win in this fun betting game. No trivia required, just luck.

My Eggs Surprise

My Eggs Surprise a fun game. Each item inside the vending machine has a price; you have a set of coins at your disposal to insert the right sum you can see on the display. If you’re right, the vending machine will release the item, if you’re wrong you’ll receive an error message. Uncover the surprises and collect all the items.

Human Gun is a fun hyper casual game where use your skill to collect as much money as you can. Your goal is to collect stickmen which will transform into advanced guns which can give high power and the ability to shoot obstacles. Besides, collecting money can buy new weapons. Remember to avoid obstacles to prevent failure. Enjoy it and have fun playing this game only on y8.com!

Cashier 3D - Become the best cashier in the 3D supermarket and calculate how much change you need to give. Use the mouse to give the right count of money and cents. Each game object has a different price, it is a good game to learn and improve your math skills.

Handless Millionaire: Trick The Guillotine

Click (or tap) your mouse on the hand on the right side of screen. This is the safe zone for your hand. When you are ready to grab money (when the timing is right! Watch for patterns) drag the hand though to the money and quickly back into the safe zone. You need a little time to grab the money so do not pull it back too fast or you get nothing. You will know if you were too slow... How much money can you acquire in one round?

Whack the Dummy

Whack the Dummy with a load of funny weapons! Use guns, melee, explosives, or silly weapons! Unlock chests for better gear, and look out for different outfits for your buddy! Guns, not your thing? Need something a little louder that packs a BANG? Get your hands on grenades, pipe bombs, propane tanks, and much more military-grade arsenal! Oh, you want guns? We’ve got ‘em all. Pistols, SMGs, Assault Rifles, and much more! Get the target in your sights and let it rip! If you like shiny things that pack a real punch then check out the gold desert eagle for a super fun blast!

MONOPOLY online game. It's the classic game of Monopoly that you know and loves with an online twist. Relive one of the most iconic board game series of all time, the classic Business game Monopoly now online. You can play this game with 4 players and move the coins by rolling the dice. Reach points and manage with the money you have. Have fun playing this board game only on y8.com

With Blackjack, you can practice your skills at a classic table game while having fun, offline, and risk-free! This Las Vegas casino classic, similar to Twenty One, Pontoon, and Vingt-Un, pushes you to attempt to come as near to 21 as you possibly can to win the prize. Make large bets to earn large sums of money, or play the long game to demonstrate your ability

Smartphone Tycoon

Smartphone Tycoon Idle is an idle clicker business strategy game where you are in charge of running a smart mobile phone company that creates and designs smartphones. Your end goal is to expand your business as much as you can to come out to the top as the leader of the smart mobile phone market.

Space Adventure Bonus Slot Machine

Slot Machine Space Adventure is a HTML5 Casino game. Enjoy this coloured slot machine with bonus game and hold reel feature!

Baby Mary Goes Shopping

Baby Mary is excited for she will be going out to go shopping! With her mother's instruction, she will surely have a great time outside. But, she also needs your help in doing such activities. This will be a fun and exciting game to play! Enjoy!

Couple Rich Rush

Couple Rich Rush is a couple of parkour arcade games. Your task is to play as the couple and help them make money together and increase their wealth. The couple can pass money to each other and increase their money through the green and front doors. Don't spend your money and don't eat or drink a lot. The money you save can be used to furnish the house and dress up your house in a gorgeous way!

Money Shooter

Money Shooter is a hyper-casual 3D game. Play this arcade game and collect money to shoot the obstacles. Your goal is to get as much money as possible by increasing your number. Buy new upgrades to reach the finish line and complete this game. Play this 3D game at Y8 and have fun.

Crypto Plinko

Plinko is one of the most famous Casino games. "Crypto Plinko" was built on the basis of this brilliant game! The object of the game is to win as much money as possible with the given odds. Just drag the "Crypto Chip" to the top of the Plinko board. Aim for the prize you want to win by lining up the chip inside an area where it can bounce around the board until it lands in the slot. Drop the chip and wait for it to land in the desired slot. Thank you for playing Crypto Plinko!

Goodgame Empire

Goodgame Empire is a great strategy title by Goodgame Studios. Build your own castle, create a powerful army and fight epic player versus player battles on a dynamic world map.

Daytrader - Super board game for one - six players. Play this money board game that brings you the thrills and chills of investing in the stock market. You need to place tokens around the board to earn cash and start saving. Invest your savings in company stocks to create greater wealth. Play Daytrader game at Y8 and have fun.

Have you heard about new learning game Coinz! ? Are you curious and always trying to be up on the latest news? Try our addicting game Coinz! and be up to the mark! Your goal is to clear the field of the more expensive currency by exchanging it with the less expensive. Click on a coin and see its exchange rate on the bottom. Select required amount of less expensive coins to make them disappear. So, do not be behind the times, play the cognitive game Coinz!

Buy your cards, make your bet and enjoy this colored variant of Bingo game with 75 numbers! From long ago bingo is always our favorite gambling game. Bet the desired amount and manage more boards which can give you more chances to get a Bingo. Have fun and play against the computer and best of luck.

Business Clicker

Business Clicker is a simulation and evolution game on y8, where you need to start new businesses. You will start by cooking delicious burgers. Then you can move on to pizzas. Each store will earn you more than the last. Thus, thanks to the money and stars that you collect, you will be able to open new stores as the game progresses. Get rich very quickly, and then become a millionaire. Good luck!

You find yourself on a planet full of resources and you should collect them to build rockets. These rockets will help you to conquer the galaxy, but this path is quite challenging. Simply get minerals, deliver them to furnace and build factories. Take care of process and have fun!

Kick The Dahmer

The Serial killer Dahmer guy is waiting for you to get what he deserves. Explode, destroy, fire, shoot, freeze, send the power of the Metal Bar, and don't even think about stopping! You now have a virtually limitless arsenal: rockets, grenades, automatic rifles, torture instruments… and even a Flamethrower! We present to you Kick the Dahmer

Money Runner

Money Runner is a fun running game that adds a money management element to a general run & jump game. Collect money to be able to pass level that requires you to purchase a pass. You can use the money you have saved to earn scores while picking up money along the way. Also, if you collide with an obstacle like fence or chicken or your money becomes negative, the game is over. Have fun playing this game here at Y8.com!

Run Rich 3D

Run Rich 3D - Become wealthy and start your 3D game with economic decision and obstacles. Collect moneys and avoid obstacles that waste your money. Upgrade character's skills and become the richest and most beautiful in this fun online 3D game. Play the Run Rich 3D on Y8 anytime and have fun!

The rules are simple! You are an aspiring investor in a new building town who is ready for a city building game! You will start by collecting your money, and purchase your first investment by unlocking a venue. Shops, banks, restaurants, and many money idle spots to invest and to help you collect even more money! Are you a fan of idle games?

Toy Car Simulator

Toy Car Simulator is a 3D car simulator game which lets you play with dozens of toy cars! It's a game with various game modes: free ride in which you freely explore a big city and collect coins, highway mode in which you participate in an adrenaline pumped high-speed car race to collect coins and avoid traffic, and lastly arena mode in which you compete with other toy cars to eliminate each other. In the first 2 modes, your car relies on battery; fill it occasionally by picking up the red thunder power-up. Don't forget to collect coins to unlock more awesome rides, including a helicopter and even a tank! All of the game modes are guaranteed to let you have fun for hours!

Run Rich Challenge

As a poor guy in Run Rich Challenge, the only way you can change your life is to collect money items like bills and money bags to get yourself richer with better looks. Even if you have been already rich, you could still change your dress by keeping collecting money items. Good luck and have a good time!

Manage your shop and build a frozen yogurt empire in FroYo Bar! Start your business with a small cart at the beach and sell hand-made yogurt desserts. Watch carefully when customers place orders, prepare the cups and decorate the finished yogurt with tasty treats. Don't keep your customers waiting and be precise when fulfilling the orders to earn more tips! Upgrade your devices and improve your business step by step. Can you build a successful career?

Bank Robbery

Bank robbery is not an easy matter. A close-knit team, good equipment and well-chosen tactics are the key to success. Lead the assault and hit the jackpot, but be ready, no one will give you money without a fight.

Cash Gun Rush

Cash Gun Rush is a fun hyper casual game to play. Move the cash gun and buy all the items you encounter on your way. Just use your money gun to shoot banknotes, harvest houses, cars, and other items, boost your range and shooting speed through the green doors, and don't forget to collect gold coins! Gold coins can be used to upgrade your skills! Have fun playing this game only on y8.com

Finger Spinner

Spin the fidget as many times as you can. Develop your own technique for spinning. Earn coins for each successful spin. Use the coins to upgrade your spinning skills, and unlock cool spinners! Features: - Unlock cool spinners and upgrades via the shop - Cool theme and artwork - Endless gameplay

Royal Story

Once upon a time, in a far away land there lived a beautiful princess who was beloved to the whole folk... or it was a prince, maybe. However, you see it's up to you how the fairy tale continues. Start your own Royal Story by choosing your gender, and then go on to organize and run your own kingdom. Meet new friends and earn money to build up your Realm as you try to complete all tasks to get a happy ending.

Girls Photoshopping Dressup

Today the girls are going out for a very special photoshoot Enter the photostudio and complete all tasks that photographer is giving you Use the money to purchase nice clothes and dress them up Choose between Lisa and Maria both have a different set of items to wear Become a princess a skater or maybe even pikachu Have fun in this Girls Photoshopping Dressup game

Spin the Wheel

Spin the wheel to win cash prizes. You only have 5 spins to collect as much cash as possible. Hit double, triple and jackpot bonuses to multiply your earnings. Running out of spins? Get a FREE spin if you're lucky. Avoid being broke!

Hand Me the Goods

Hand Me The Goods takes the concept of reach out and grab and turns it into a crazy version of a sadistic game show. In this dangerous game you can become very rich quick, but also you can lose your hands. The risks are seriously high but if you are brave and careful, you are good at learning the patterns of the laser, you can be a good candidate to get the huge cash prize. Luckily, the laser goes up and down in a certain pattern, and its movements are not randomized, but the more money you collect and the further you advance, the more complicated the patterns become, and each time you reach out the tension rises. So get your chance in this game to take all the money you can get but take good care of putting your hand at great risk by doing so! Have fun playing this game here at Y8.com!

Dream Chefs

Do you have a chef's dream?Dream chef is a fun cooking game. Experience the fever of real cooking in the kitchen without making any effort. You must fulfill customer orders and create different tasty dishes in a restaurant. Cook and serve the hungry customers with their desired orders, as you know, hungry customers are always angry, so hand over the orders as fast as you can and collect money. Upgrade the kitchen and restaurant to attract more customers. Playlot more restaurant and management games only on y8.com

Studio's Pupil

Studio's Pupil - Super simulator game with arcade elements. Create your own pop studio and manage it. You need to produce different kinds of music and generate income from them. Buy and unlock new rooms and upgrades for your studio. Play now at Y8 and have fun.

Biomons Mart

Biomons Mart is a captivating pet shop simulation game where you can build and manage your own pet paradise. Your job is to care for a variety of adorable pets, including puppies, kittens, birds and more as they come to the shop. Provide them with love, attention and all the necessities they need to thrive. Easy controls, just tap to upgrade, unlock, collect cash and expand shop. Enjoy playing this pet management game here at Y8.com!

Car Lot King Parking Manage 3D

Car Lot King Parking Manage 3D is a pure parking puzzle game where you just need to park each car into the available parking spaces. Don't try to park in the space of an existing vehicle. Otherwise, it will crash and cause the game to fail! When you collected enough money you must buy new parking space to accommodate more cars. Enjoy playing this parking puzzle game here at Y8.com!

Century Gold Miner

In Century Gold Miner adventure with a unique story, you will get lost in a gold mine. Of course, digging the mine will not be easy, you must spend some time on it. In the deep underground caves guards guard valuables. You must destroy goblins and demons to earn gold and diamonds. You have to dig all the mine, be careful of the creatures that protect the gold. Experience the adventure with 60 different levels. Have fun.

Chimps Ahoy!

Pirates monkey territories occupied by evil orangutans, in order to regain lost territory, beginning an adventure trip.This elaborate H5 game is a rare find, coupled with rich game content, already let small make up completely stop.Players in the game, by upgrading their monkeys to unlock new skills and new monkey, recover the banana more territory for more resources, hurriedly to recover game experience!

GPU Mining is an instant money idle clicker game that offers a virtual crypto mining experience. Earn money by upgrading to the fastest GPU and speeding up your hardware with new additions. Let your graphics card do the work and increase your speed to make even more money! With a simple interface that's easy to understand, this exciting game provides a virtual crypto mining experience that's perfect for beginners.

Doctor Hero

Are you ready to play the role of a surgeon? Try your best to save patient's lives by playing this exciting game of Doctor Hero. Start working as a practice nurse helping the expert doctors perform cures, sutures and diagnostics. Scan and examine the patient wounds and perform the medical operation needed. You must save many patients lives! Improve your skills little by little and upgrade medical tools. Show that you are a true Doctor hero in this incredible simulation game. Enjoy playing this game here at Y8.com!

Money Clicker

Money Clicker is a fun clicker and idle game to play on. Here Click the money buy upgrades and become rich. Keep on clicking the money and collect as many as you can, do not forget to upgrade the items to multiply more money and become rich as soon as you can. Play more clicker games only on y8.com

Teen Titans Go: Drillionaire

Teen Titans Go: Drillionaire a fun and exciting mining game. Drill through minerals to collect cash for upgrades, and always watch out for lava monsters. Have fun with Drillionaire. To navigate underground using your special vehicle you use the arrow keys, and to shoot enemies you press the spacebar and then press the side arrows to aim in the right directions. Dig through the minerals you encounter in order to collect cash, the money you can later use for upgrades, and always watch out for the lava monsters, since they are a real threat. Try to dig deeper and deeper, and the more you advance down below, the bigger your score becomes. Good luck to everyone, and don't stop here, since we've prepared more awesome games for you today, which we invite you to give a chance to right now since some have already been added! Play this fun game only on y8.com

Tropic Adventure

You were captured by an unknown tribe! Escape and run for your life! You must avoid obstacles and crazy animals, fight enemies on your way and collect as much money as possible to buy new wacky characters; Enjoy!

Shopaholic: Tokyo

Hit the streets of Tokyo for an awesome shopping spree but don’t forget about your budget!

Fishing Boat Launch Circle

Fishing Boat Launch Circle is a fun game game to catch fish, earn money, remodel the ship and catch fish again. It's a way of life of a fishing boat. You can collect the fish and cash it by pulling it up to the top. If you catch fish up to the maximum capacity of the net, you will get a big catch bonus. After pulling up the fish, press the Q key to open the shop. You can shop at ASDF and close with Q. Please do your best and earn 500,000. Have fun and enjoy playing it here at Y8.com!


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    Moved Permanently. Redirecting to /browse/Search:problem%20solving%20money

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    All Top Free Online Games tagged Money (491) Chimps Ahoy! Coinz! Play money games at Y8.com. Money has become a fun element of many different game types. Improve your use of money by playing tycoon games or bet with a slot machine for play money. There are games like Monopoly and Wheel of Fortune that also involve currency.

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    It could be caused either by your PC or by you Internet Connection. To fix lags in CS2, you need to take a couple of steps. First, try changing your graphics settings. You can access them from the CS2 main menu. Select Settings, then Video and then Advanced Video Settings. Here, select Preset: LOW.