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Using the Web to Get Stuff Done  - How to Use Prezi

Using the web to get stuff done  -, how to use prezi, using the web to get stuff done how to use prezi.

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Using the Web to Get Stuff Done: How to Use Prezi

Lesson 19: how to use prezi.


What is Prezi?

Prezi is a web-based tool for creating presentations. It's similar to other presentation software—such as Microsoft PowerPoint—but it offers some unique features that make it a good alternative. It's also become increasingly popular in schools and businesses over the past several years. We've actually embedded a Prezi below so you can see how they work. Just select Start Prezi , then use the arrows at the bottom to navigate through the presentation.

Why use Prezi to create presentations?

So what makes Prezi different from other presentation software, like PowerPoint or Keynote ? For one thing, you can use Prezi for free . And because Prezi runs in your web browser, it has fewer compatibility issues than proprietary software like PowerPoint. This means your presentation will look exactly the same, no matter what computer you use. You can even view Prezis with ease on mobile devices like the iPhone.

It also has a very distinct style. Instead of a traditional slide-based model, Prezi uses a unique, canvas-based approach for your slide content, which makes it different from other free options like Google Slides .

How to create a Prezi account:

In order to make your own Prezi, you'll need to create an account. As long as you don't mind your presentations being public, you can use Prezi for free . There are also paid account plans, which let you access other features and give you the option to make your presentations private.

Go to www.prezi.com in your web browser, then select Get Started .

the Prezi homepage

Select a pricing option. In this example, we'll continue with the Free account.

choosing an account type

Enter your information , including your name, email address, and desired password.

entering your information

That's it! Your account will be created.

How to create a Prezi:

From your account page, select New Prezi .

creating a new Prezi

Choose a predesigned template , or create a new blank presentation. In this example, we'll use a template.

choosing a template

The Prezi editor will appear. From here, you can add text, images, and more to your presentation.

the Prezi editor

You can also watch the video below from Prezi to learn how to create a Prezi and use the editor:

More resources:

So those are the basics of using Prezi, but there's a lot more you can do with this tool! Check out some of the resources below to learn even more about using Prezi:

  • Prezi Video Tutorials
  • Prezi Support Page
  • Prezi Staff Picks
  • Lynda.com—Prezi Essentials Training




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