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Our state-of-the-art AI technology creates unique and tailored speeches that are sure to leave a lasting impression on the audience. Our system takes into consideration your specific guidelines and instructions to ensure that your speech is not only personalized but also compelling and heartfelt .

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Why should I use it?

With, you can rest easy knowing that your speech will be one-of-a-kind and perfectly suited for the occasion. Say goodbye to the stress and pressure of crafting the perfect speech and let our AI do the work for you.

Why choose BestmanSpeechPro?

Our advanced AI uses natural language processing and machine learning to understand your instructions and create a speech that truly represents you as a best man. You can instruct the AI on things you want to include in your speech, and the AI will craft an eloquent speech based on your specific instructions. Our AI is trained on a diverse range of best man speeches and can understand the nuances of language and tone, allowing it to craft a speech that is unique to you and the occasion. We understand that writing a best man speech can be a daunting task, especially if you're not naturally confident in your writing abilities. With BestmanSpeechPro, you can leave the writing to us and trust that your speech will be of the highest quality.

How it works

Our process is simple and straightforward:

1. Provide us with your instructions, including information about the occasion, your relationship with the groom, and any specific themes or messages you would like to convey.

2. Our AI will analyze your instructions and craft a unique speech that is tailored to you.

3. Review the speech and request any revisions or adjustments you would like made.

4. Receive your final speech, ready to deliver on your special day.

With BestmanSpeechPro, you can have peace of mind knowing that your speech will be well-written, engaging, and tailored to your specific needs as a best man.

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Tailored to your needs

At, we understand that every best man and every wedding is unique. That's why we ask you to include all the information you would like us to take into account. We consider factors such as the tone of the wedding, the relationship with the groom, and any personal anecdotes or inside jokes that you would like to include. Trust us to create a speech that is tailored to your needs and truly represents you as a best man.

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Unique and Compelling

Our AI technology creates speeches that are not only unique but also compelling. We use a combination of natural language processing and machine learning to ensure that your speech is filled with the right mix of humor, sentimentality, and inspiration. We guarantee that your speech will be one-of-a-kind and will leave a lasting impression on the audience.

Get started now! Creating a great best man speech is easier than ever.

Don't settle for a generic speech. Trust to create a truly memorable and meaningful speech that will make you the star of the show. Buy credits now to get started with your custom best man speech.

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I was really impressed with the level of personalization and attention to detail that provided. Their AI technology created a speech that was unique, compelling and tailored to my needs. It was the perfect speech for the occasion and I received a lot of compliments. I highly recommend this service for anyone looking for help with their best man speech.   Marcus • ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
As a best man, I wanted to make sure that my speech was memorable and special. helped me to achieve that. The speech the service created for me was unique and tailored to my relationship with the groom. It was a hit and I received a lot of compliments. I will definitely use this service again if I ever get the honor. Oliver • ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
I've never been good with words but made me look like a pro. Their AI technology created a speech that was well-written, heartfelt and had just the right amount of humor. I received a lot of compliments on my speech and I'm sure it made a lasting impression on the audience. Thanks! Liam • ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
I was worried about sounding like a robot or giving a generic speech but exceeded my expectations. The speech they crafted for me was tailored to my specific needs and included personal anecdotes that made it truly unique and compelling. I couldn't have been happier with the outcome. Mike • ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
I was really nervous about giving my best man speech but took all the stress out of it. Their AI technology created a unique and personalized speech that was perfect for the occasion. I received so many compliments from the guests on how great my speech was. I highly recommend this service to anyone who needs help with their best man speech.  Jake • ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Cost to train the model

Number of parameters in the model, reduced stress, more confidence in your delivery.

Best man speech, write your best man speech with heartstring.

Struggling to find the right words for your best friend's special day? Allow Heartstring to kickoff your Best Man speech for you. Our advanced AI assists in generating personalized speeches, transforming your memories and emotions into the perfect Best Man speech. Start your journey with Heartstring and leave a lasting mark on your friend's most cherished day.

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Create your Best Man Speech with ease.

Share details, generate and edit with ai, time-saving and stress-free, style preferences, tug at heartstrings, feel the love.

How to write a personalized Best Man Speech Heartstring

Simple packages.

Simply answer some personalized and contextual questions about your relationship with the couple, and our AI will generate a unique and heartfelt Best Man speech for you.

Yes, our powerful preference-based AI draft editing allows you to adjust the speech as you wish, ensuring it aligns perfectly with your style and sentiments.

Absolutely. Whether you want your speech to be funny, sentimental, or a blend of both, our AI is designed to accommodate your needs – just set your tone and writing style accordingly.

Our AI is designed to learn from your preferences. If the first draft isn't quite right, you can highlight parts to keep or reject and generate a new draft tailored to your feedback.

No, Heartstring operates on a transparent pricing model. There are no hidden fees or subscriptions. You pay a flat rate upfront to access a set number of Heartstring generation credits for your selected Heartstring type. If you use all included Heartstring credits, more can be purchased for an additional cost.

At Heartstring, we care deeply about the quality of the words we help generate and your overall satisfaction with our service. While we don't offer a traditional 100% money-back guarantee due to the nature of our service, we have a fair refund policy in place. If you're unsatisfied with the quality of your Heartstring, you may be eligible for a partial refund of up to 50% of the original purchase price. Full refunds are considered on a case-by-case basis if there were bugs or generation errors on our platform. Please note that refund requests can only be made within 30 days of purchase and by those with active Heartstring accounts. For full details and to submit a request, please visit our Refunds page.

Yes, every script is unique. Our AI tailors each script based on the information provided by you, creating a personalized and distinctive script for each occasion.

Not at all! Our AI mimics human-like writing, capturing emotions and the essence of one's story, resulting in a natural, engaging, and heartfelt script.

On the contrary, Heartstring makes it more personal. By focusing on your unique inputs and learning from your preferences, Heartstring crafts a script that's tailored to the individuals and occasion in question. It's about amplifying your voice, not replacing it.

While it's true that AI can't feel emotions, our AI has been trained on a vast amount of data and can understand and mimic human-like writing, including capturing emotional nuances and sentiment. We've found that many users are impressed by the depth and resonance of the scripts created by Heartstring.

At Heartstring, we prioritize your privacy. All personal details are encrypted and securely stored. We don't share your data with third parties.

The platform uses the details you provide to create a highly personalized speech. The more specific and detailed you are in your answers, the more personal the speech will be. uses the latest AI technology that's been trained on a vast array of text and speech examples. This enables it to generate high-quality, human-like text that captures a wide range of human emotions and speech patterns. Launching Sept '23

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professional best man speech writer

Write Your Best Man Speech With AI & Author Help


September 9, 2023

best man speech tool and AI genertor

Headline-making CEO, Author, Podcaster, Speaker, Educator, Determinista & the Sidekick who always brings a sizzling slice of pizza.

Hey, i'm jen glantz.

One of the toughest parts of being a best man is having to write a best man toast . You might be an all-star best friend or family member but now you’re expected to write a best man speech like you’re a bestselling author.

After spending weeks procrastinating and months pushing off the task of writing your speech , when you finally sit dow and prepare to start, it can feel overwhelming and super stressful. That’s because a best man speech is expected to be memorable, emotional, funny, and anything but boring.

We’ve all wasted a few precious minutes at a wedding listening to best man speeches there were boring or generic. No best man wants their speech to be remembered for the wrong reasons.

But if you’re not a professional writer and you don’t have a bestselling author on speed dial, you might find yourself scratching your head trying to figure out what to do.

One route you can take is finding a professional best man speechwriter and paying them to write your speech from scratch. This can cost close to a thousand dollars and take a month or two for that person to nail your speech and make sure that it’s not only perfect but also sounds like you wrote it.

Or you can write your best man speech using AI-technology. AI seems to be taking over every conversation lately. But one of the biggest benefits of using AI is that you’re able to combine your own words, stories, and memories with AI-technology that can organize it all, give it a structure, and pull from other best man speeches out there to make yours appropriate and extraordinary.

If you’ve never used a best man AI speechwriting tool before, let me share more about how it all works.

Here’s how using an AI speechwriting tool for your best man speech works:

Select what type of speech you want 

Start off by selecting what type of speech you want. You can first select the length and then the tone. If after the speech is written you want a longer speech or a different tone, you can ask the tool and it will instantly rewrite the speech from you.

Share details, memories, and stories

Details, memories, and stories are what make a best man speech memorable and fun. Our tool is interactive and it feels like you’re chatting with your best friend as they ask you questions about the people getting married. If you’re not sure what to say, the tool asks you specific and targeted questions to help you think of the best things to say. You can always go back and add or change details and stories after the speech is written.

Let the AI tool do it’s thing 

After you share some information with the interactive tool, it writes the speech for you in seconds. Yes, seconds. Each speech is truly personalized and customized. No two speeches will be a like. Most AI best man speechwriting tools are generic and use one template. Our tool is trained with 200+ maids-of-honor speeches written by Jen Glantz for strangers over the years. It has a more personal tone to it and won’t sound like a robot wrote it.

Give the speech feedback or ask for suggestions

Once you eyeball the speech, you can give the tool feedback. “Make the ending funny.” “Add in a story about how the bride and I went skydiving in Thailand.” “Take out the nice compliments about the groom because I don’t like him. Keep it neutral.”

Download the finished speech and take it with you to the wedding  

You can make unlimited changes and come back to the tool as much as you want before the wedding. Once you have a speech you’re happy with, press the download button and enjoy!

If you want to give an AI speechwriting tool for best man speeches a try, here’s where you can test it out . If you’re not happy with the finished speech, we’ll give you a full refund. So far, thousands of people have used this tool and we’ve received testimonials like this:

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Professional wedding speech writers for hire

How does our wedding speech writing service help you? In part, it depends on your role. Are you the bride or the groom? Are you the best man or a groomsman, or the maid of honor or a bridesmaid? Are you the father or mother of the bride or groom? What you want to say will depend on your role.

How we write your wedding speech, however, never changes.

When you say, “Write my wedding speech for me,” we write it from scratch. We make it 100% personal. No template. No sample from another wedding. Your wedding speech is a custom experience, just for you and the bride and groom.

When you hire someone to write a wedding speech, you know that all eyes will be on you. Our speech writers understand that your job is not to shine for yourself, but to shine by how you honor the happy couple.

Shine your light on the couple

Hiring speech writers for weddings will help you deliver a smoother, better appreciated speech that guests will remember for all the right reasons.

The perfect wedding speech is:

If you need help writing a wedding speech for your role as best man, maid of honor, father of the bride or any other wedding role, just fill in the form on this page and let us know all about the approaching wedding.

THGM President David Leonhardt received the “Distinguished Toastmaster” award – the highest recognition Toastmasters International bestows. Who better to help write a wedding speech for you?

Praise for our speech writers

If you want to hire someone to write a wedding speech, our speech writers will satisfy you. Here are a few nice things our clients have to say about our professional speech writers. ( Read more testimonials here. )

Aaron – satisfied best man from California

Thanks for helping to organize my thoughts and put them on paper. … Thanks again for all your help. While I had an idea for what I wanted to express, your help in getting it structured was a big help.

Geoff – satisfied groom from British Columbia

I am really pleased with how this speech is going and have been reviewing it with my brother. There are some very small changes I am going to make and then I will send it back to you for a final review. I’m very pleased with many of the subtle jokes you made.

Rene – satisfied father of the groom from Quebec

Well I have to thank you again and the speech was fantastic. As you can imagine the flow was great and must admit I did a pretty good job delivering our speech. I had it pretty well memorized so it did enable me to add in little events which made the audience chuckle. Both Kuno and his fiancée were very delighted and touched by the words.   I’m very happy that I decided to go with a “writer” service and very happy that you wrote the words.   Thank you again and should I need writing expertise in the future you can be assured I will be calling upon your services.

Kristina – satisfied maid of honor from Florida

This is amazing! Literally, more than anything I could have dreamed of! Thank you so much! It is perfect. Truly.

Mark – satisfied best man from Virginia

Why people hire a professional wedding speech writer.

People who rarely give speeches often need help when they are asked to speak at a wedding. Here are some of the top reasons say they hire a wedding speech writing service.

Why hire someone to write a wedding speech? You don’t know where to start. You want a custom speech. You are not comfortable speaking in public. You are too close to the subject. You want to deliver the perfect speech.

You hire a wedding speech ghostwriter because you don’t know where to start.

This might be the most common reason to hire a wedding speechwriter. You’ve never given a speech, and there is so much to talk about. But you can’t think of anything, or you just don’t know where to start.

No a problem. Give us the information we need, and we’ll know where to start. We have questions for you, as you will see below. Answer the questions, and we’ll get started on a custom wedding speech that is personal, authentic and as humorous or emotional as you want it to be.

You hire a professional wedding speechwriter because you want a custom speech.

You could just deliver a canned speech from the Internet. But that’s no way to honor the couple you love. Whether you are the best man or the maid of honor or some other role, you’ll want your moment in the spotlight to be a personal message to the people you love.

When you hire a wedding speech ghostwriter, your speech is written from scratch. It’s personal and authentic, a moment the happy couple will treasure forever.

You hire a wedding speech writing service because you are not comfortable with public speaking.

Most people, including groomsmen and bridesmaids, are not all that comfortable speaking. It’s OK to be shy, but when you are asked to be the best man or the maid of honor, you might not have a choice. And when you are the father of the groom or the father of the bride, it’s hard to decline a request to say a few words.

When people are shy to speak, they are often also uncomfortable drafting their speech. That’s when hiring a wedding speechwriter makes sense. A well-written best man speech or father of the bride speech gives you confidence to deliver the speech — to do the speaking.

You hire a professional wedding speech writer because you are too close to the subject.

Some people have a hard time talking about people they are close to, even themselves. Job interviews become challenging when the spotlight is on them. Best man speeches and father of the groom speeches are challenges for the same reason.

What do I say?

What do I leave out?

How do I know this is really a good speech?

Why is it so easy to talk with friends about sports or recipes or the movie you saw last night, but so hard to find the words to speak about a person you care for?

Hiring a wedding speech ghostwriter is a smart strategy to help find the right words, to choose what works well in a speech and what doesn’t.

You hire a wedding speech writer because you want to deliver the perfect wedding speech.

Not everybody is shy or struggling to find the words. Some people could actually draft a fairly good best man speech or maid of honor speech. But they want better. They want an expert to help polish the words or build on their thoughts. We are happy to help.

How to find a wedding speech writer for hire

We can help write your wedding speech. We love adding to the joy of a wedding. For a free quote on ghostwriting your wedding speech, tap or click the red button to the right.

  • Get wedding speech help now.

How to work with a wedding speech writing service

Working with a wedding speechwriter is pretty easy. You supply the information, they do all the work. You ask for revisions…and they do all the work again. Writing a best man speech or a maid of honor speech couldn’t be easier.

Think about the qualities of the bride or groom.

This speech is about the bride or groom…or both. It’s about who they are so far and who they will be in the future. This is a major life moment. It calls for a true look into what makes them who they are.

That means values and personality.

Everything we do is based on our values and personality, fundamental qualities that transcend events and moments. A good best man speech or mother of the bride speech will reflect those qualities.

Think about the best stories about the bride or groom.

What makes life interesting are those funny moments, or those moments of courage. These little stories cast a light on the bride or groom and help us know them better and relate to them better.

One of the keys to working with a wedding speechwriter is to dig deep for those stories. Never mind about how you word it; your ghostwriter will find the words for you.

Decide how you want to handle humor.

Humor is a tricky thing. Not everybody can pull it off. And not everybody can pull off all kinds of humor. Before you find a best man speechwriter, decide how you want to handle humor.

Answer all our questions.

We have some questions for you. The more completely you answer them, the better. Most people are very good at answering the questions about the people. But they often skimp on the anecdotes. Five or six anecdotes are best. That way, there surely will be two or three that fit nicely into the speech. Sometimes we’ll use more.

Here are the questions we ask before writing a wedding speech. Some of the questions will change a bit when writing father of the bride speeches or mother of the groom speeches. And we ask slightly different questions if this is an LGBTQ wedding . But these questions will give you an idea:

  • Who are the bride or groom?
  • How do you know the bride or groom?
  • How well do you know the other one?
  • How well do you know the groom’s family?
  • How well do you know the bride’s family?
  • Are there other people you really should mention in the speech?
  • What personal anecdotes that you really want to mention?
  • How is the bride’s or groom’s life about to change?
  • Are there any cultural or family sensitivities you should avoid?
  • What personal advice do you wish to share with the couple?
  • What is your comfort level with humor? What style of humor?
  • Anything else your speechwriter should know?

The most important question for writing a good wedding speech is question #5. That really is the meat of most wedding speeches.

How to find a wedding speech ghostwriter for hire

Looking to hire someone to write a wedding speech? For a free quote, tap or click the red button to the right.

What type of wedding speechwriter are you looking for? While best man speeches remain the most popular, couples are increasingly asking other people to speak at their weddings. Here are some of the wedding speech writing services we have provided:

  • Best man speechwriter
  • Maid of honor speechwriter
  • Matron of honor speechwriter
  • Father of the bride speechwriter
  • Mother of the bride speechwriter
  • Father of the groom speechwriter
  • Mother of the groom speechwriter
  • Groomsman speechwriter
  • Sister of the bride speechwriter
  • Groom speechwriter
  • Aunt of the bride speechwriter

Feel free to give us something to add to this list.

Best writers for the best man and honorable speeches for the maid of honor – we are eager to help you deliver a truly praiseworthy speech. If you are looking for help writing a wedding speech, let us know about the wedding and send us the the form on this page .

FIVE QUESTIONS THIS PAGE IS MEANT TO ANSWER I have agreed to speak at the wedding. Can you write my wedding speech for me? (ANSWER: We have helped many others, and we can help you.) What do I need to do? (ANSWER: Just fill in the the form on this page . We will have a few questions for you.) How much does it cost to write a wedding speech for me? (ANSWER: It depends on many factors, but a five-minute speech typically costs about US$200. Please fill in the form on this page for a free quote.) I waited to the last minute. Can you write my wedding speech for me right away? (ANSWER: Probably. When you send in the form on this page for wedding speech help , please put “RUSH” right up front.) Do you write wedding speeches for parents, such as father of the groom speeches and mother of the groom speeches? (ANSWER: Indeed, and we have written father of the bride speeches and mother of the bride speeches, too. We can do any speech you wish.)

How to Give a Best Man Speech (Template + Examples)

February 19, 2023

How to Give a Best Man Speech

A best man speech is a beautiful toast given at a wedding. Still, it can be a bit nerve-wracking if you’ve never given a speech before, let alone a best man speech. 

If you’re tasked with giving a best man speech, try not to panic (yet). In this how-to guide, we’ll cover:

  • What a best man speech is
  • How to write one
  • How long it should be
  • Best man speech examples
  • A best man speech template you can use
  • And how to make sure your speech is the best it can be

You’ll have a stellar speech ready in no time.

What Is a Best Man Speech?

Traditionally, a best man speech is a toast or speech usually given after the groom gives their speech, although this can completely differ based on the wedding. 

No matter when the speech is slotted for, one thing is for sure : a best man speech is meant to celebrate and congratulate the newlyweds on their marriage. 

How to Write a Best Man Speech

If you need to know how to write a best man speech, you’re not alone . Most people have never given this type of speech and it’s only natural to feel a little lost if you’re tasked with giving the speech. 

Here are four quick tips for how to write a best man speech: 

  • Use a good hook or opener (more on this later). A good opening line is a great way to engage the audience, especially after a long ceremony.
  • Keep it appropriate. Make sure to keep your audience in mind when you’re writing the speech. For example, will there be children in attendance? 
  • Make sure to congratulate the couple on their marriage. This is such an important part of the speech, so don’t forget who you’re celebrating: the newlyweds!
  • Thank the speakers who spoke before you. It’s just common courtesy, but many best men make the mistake of not thanking previous speakers. 

Here’s some expert guidance on how to write a compelling speech: 

We’ll give you some more in-depth tips on how to write a best man speech using the template below.

How Long Should a Best Man Speech Be?

One of the most important things to remember when giving a best man speech is that it doesn’t have to be very long. In fact, it shouldn’t be very long. If you’re giving a best man speech, try to keep it under 10 minutes , which is around 1,100-1,300 words. 

Shooting for even less is fine, too. For example, there are usually between 650-850 words in a five-minute speech .

Just make sure you’re not rambling. To get you going, here are some best man speech examples. 

Best Man Speech Examples

Sometimes, looking at a few best man speech examples can get you in the right headspace for writing and delivering your speech. 

Here are five general best man speech examples. 

  • Open with a story regarding the couple. This is a great example of a best man speech because an anecdote can be tailored to your audience. Just make sure to keep it light and positive. Now is not the time to try to humiliate either newlywed — it’s a special moment between you, the couple, and all the guests at the wedding. 
  • Start with a joke. It can even be a terrible, corny joke, like: “It’s been a lovely, emotional day. Just look how many tiers the cake has!” If you need some inspiration, check out these 10 tips for being funny when you speak .
  • Use a quote to inspire you (and the guests attending). Sometimes, having a quote as a central theme to your speech can be helpful. For example, a commonly cited quote from American poet Sylvia Plath is: “There is nothing like puking with somebody to make you into old friends.”
  • Pick a relevant word and read the Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary definition out loud. For example, you could use: “Love is defined by Webster’s Dictionary as ‘a strong affection for another arising out of kinship or personal ties’ — Just by knowing [the couples’ names], I can confirm this is true.”
  • Use a metaphor or two. Although this might not work for everyone, maybe you can sum up the couple using a metaphor. For example, you might compare their relationship to peanut butter and jelly — a match made in heaven.

Still, you might want to see some examples of a few specific best man speech opening lines.

Best Man Speech Opening Lines

The best way to hook an audience is with one of the many best man speech opening lines out there. These openers can be completely tailored to your taste , the couple, and the guests who are attending the wedding.

You can open with a simple hook, a funny one-liner , or any other way you think would be appropriate. To spark your creativity, here are some best man speech opening lines you can tailor to your liking: 

  • I’d like to start with a toast to [both the couples’ names].
  • Hi, everyone! I’m here to share a [adjective, such as “funny,” “good,” etc.] story about [either newlywed].
  • There’s so much I could say about [both the couples’ names, or just one], but I’ll try to keep this under five minutes.
  • I know [one newlywed’s name] very well, and even though I definitely could, I’ve chosen not to completely embarrass [their name].
  • I’d like to start by thanking [one newlywed’s name] for letting me get up here and give a best man speech — it’s truly an honor. 

These are just general examples , but as long as your heart is in the right place and you’ve got the couple and audience in mind, your best man speech opening line will be great.

Best Man Speech Template

Loosely following a best man speech template can help if you’re feeling stuck. Feel free to use this general outline to guide your speech.

Start by deciding on a topic — just one topic. This will help you hone in on the point of your speech and keep you from rambling and monologuing . What do you want the takeaway of your speech to be? For example, maybe you want guests to know how perfect the newlyweds are for each other. If that’s the case, that would be your central theme to keep you on track. Whatever you decide, your one topic should be relevant to the couple and positive. 

From here, you fill in the gaps. You’ve got your central theme and now you want to sprinkle in some anecdotes and niceties that relate to the couple. So using our earlier example, if your main topic was how perfect the newlyweds are for each other, you might mention how you witnessed this firsthand. Whatever they may be, use these little details and short anecdotes to beef up your speech and make it a bit more substantial.  

In a similar vein, make sure your best man speech comes from the heart. This isn’t the time to deliver a monotonic , boring speech — really leverage the emotions of the day. Although humor in a speech can be great, one pitfall seen over and over again during these kinds of speeches is that they rely on the comedy aspect too heavily. Your speech doesn’t have to be packed with jokes. Instead, think about your relationship with the couple and go from there. 

Lastly, your best man speech template should include this guiding principle: concentrate on the couple. After all, you’re delivering this speech at their wedding, so keep it central to them. That means the both of them. You may be closer with one or the other, but it’s best to focus your speech on both the newlyweds. 

How to Perfect Your Best Man Speech?

The best way to perfect your speech is through practice. 

That’s where a speech coach like Yoodli comes in. 

If you’re giving a best man speech, Yoodli will be your best friend, guaranteed. It’s a  completely free platform that leverages AI technology to break down a person’s speech and speaking patterns. 

As such, Yoodli provides you with in-depth insights about the way you speak, including: 

  • Your body language
  • Your pacing (how fast or slow you speak)
  • Your word choice
  • Your filler word use (how many fillers you use and which ones)
  • And many other analytics

As an AI speech coach , you’ll also receive personalized feedback and coaching comments on your speech and the way you speak. 

How to Give a Best Man Speech

Using Yoodli, you can practice your best man speech as many times as you need in the comfort of a totally judgment-free space. That way, you can use the individualized analytics you receive to improve your speech and the way you deliver it — completely skipping over all guesswork. After Yoodli analyzes your speech, you’ll know exactly what you need to work on. 

Once you’ve practiced your speech with Yoodli, you’ll feel more confident than ever. 

But what’s so special about giving a best man speech?

Why Does a Best Man Speech Even Matter?

Simply put, a best man speech is important because it’s an honor entrusted to you by the couple. 

The fact that they chose you to deliver this speech speaks volumes, and you should feel proud that you’re the one giving such a speech. 

The Takeaway

Although the thought of giving a best man speech at a wedding might make you a bit weak in the knees, it doesn’t have to be a horrible experience. Giving this type of speech is an honor and it’s a beautiful tradition. 

With a little practice from Yoodli, you’ll be able to deliver the perfect best man speech at the wedding. 

Start practicing with Yoodli.

Getting better at speaking is getting easier. Record or upload a speech and let our AI Speech Coach analyze your speaking and give you feedback.

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Maid of Honor

Delivering a wedding speech is a privilege.

It’s an opportunity to honor your closest friend, family member or partner on their special day. Your words carry lasting significance, becoming cherished keepsakes for the couple.   To make your speech truly memorable, it must be engaging, personal, heartfelt, and impactful. Your aim is to evoke genuine emotions, heartfelt laughter, and authentic connections—leaving an enduring impression that goes beyond clichés.

wedding speech generator

But, perfecting your speech can be stressful

As you step up to the microphone, all eyes are fixed upon you, the weight of high expectations merges with your desire for an exceptional speech. The pressure to perform is palpable. ‍ Crafting a captivating wedding speech demands time, effort and skill in selecting and arranging the right words for an impactful experience.  Common questions arise about where to start, what to include, tone, length, structure, and use of anecdotes and humor. It's a challenging task, far from straightforward.

wedding speech writing service

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Wordwell AI accelerates speechwriting, eliminating guesswork for an amazing speech or vows in minutes. Perfect for all skill levels and situations, whether you seek inspiration, a quick first draft, or a remarkable, wedding-ready speech or vows. We've got you covered! ‍ Our AI-powered tool guides you to provide interesting stories, improving your writing quality and flow for an impactful speech rooted in your own experiences. Enjoy complete creative control with easy on-platform editing, ensuring the final product is authentically yours.

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How To Use WordWell AI

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Edit and polish your speech or vows live on-screen. Provide feedback for AI-powered editing. Download the final version with a click.

Practice your speech or vows in front of loved ones. Then, deliver with confidence and enjoy your wedding celebrations!

The Essential Features You Need Right at Your Fingertips

Our advanced AI technology will help you quickly create a personalized wedding speech that’ll be sure to captivate your partner and guests.

Thanks to our step-by-step process, you’ll compose a speech filled with meaningful stories, sentiments, and memories that reflect your unique story and align with your wedding role.

We’ve carefully designed the Wordwell AI platform to be simple to use - even if you’re technically challenged! This way you’ll enjoy a smooth and enjoyable experience.

Need to make changes or add a personalized touch to your wedding speech? Use our built-in AI feedback tool as a guide or make unlimited manual edits on the fly.

Your privacy and safety are our top priority. We adhere to best-practice data handling standards and accept secure payments via trusted international provider, Stripe.

Experience Top Quality at an Irresistible Price

Get a speech tailored to your role.

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Frequently asked questions.

  • You have a strong desire to deliver an amazing speech that delights the newlyweds and captivates the guests.
  • You want to ensure that your speech makes the bride or groom feel special, loved, and deeply appreciated.
  • You’re feeling stressed, anxious, or overwhelmed about your upcoming wedding speech.
  • You’re unsure where to start or what to include in your speech.
  • You have a fear of public speaking. A compelling, well-written speech will boost your confidence.
  • You’ve waited until the last minute and find yourself pressed for time.
  • You have countless ideas and memories but are struggling to put them into words.

Sign up and pay for your speech, then select your speech type. Complete our customized form, answering simple questions that gather the key ingredients for your speech. Don't worry about your grammar or writing quality. Our AI analyses and enhances your words, crafting a personalized speech infused with your unique thoughts, emotions, and experiences. Your speech appears onscreen in around 3-4 minutes.

Wordwell AI is a speechwriting tool powered by OpenAI's GPT-4 model. First, it analyzes your writing style, tone, and the details and stories you provide. It then enhances your writing and word flow while retaining its essence, tying your stories together in a personalized, high-quality speech that's designed to connect.

Expect high-quality, original speeches, comparable to that of a professional writer. Your speech is composed from your unique anecdotes, and as such, may require minor editing for occasional inaccuracies. We provide instant AI-powered revisions based on your feedback and offer easy on-platform editing, ensuring the final product meets your standards and is authentically yours.

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Once you've completed the form, our AI takes around 3-4 minutes on average to analyze your inputs and craft a wonderful speech, with vows typically generated in about 2 minutes. Whether you're planning ahead or in need of a last-minute speech or vows, we make it quick and easy for you.

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Writing A Special & Memorable Best Man Speech

Table of Contents

As the best man at a wedding, you have the vital role of delivering a heartfelt and memorable speech at the wedding reception. But how do you write a best-man address that will leave an indelible impression on the couple and the audience? When you’re unfamiliar with public speaking, it can be overwhelming. Don’t worry; you can rely on our tips to learn  how to write a best man speech . 

In this article, we’ll provide a step-by-step guide on how to craft a speech that perfectly captures the love and connection between the couple. With research, organization, practice, and confidence, you’ll be able to create a memorable speech. 

What Is A Best Man Speech?

The best man speech is a heartfelt and meaningful address delivered at the wedding reception . Traditionally, the groom’s best man is tasked with crafting and delivering this speech. It is now becoming more commonplace for other wedding party members, like one of the groomsmen, to deliver this kind of speech. 

The “best man” speech is a unique opportunity to articulate the lovely relationship of the couple. And deliver unique words of wisdom to the newly married. It’s also the time to celebrate the marriage by sharing beautiful memories of the couple’s adventurous and romantic beginnings. The speech should be about the couple. It should celebrate the union of the two people and their commitment to each other as wonderful, life-affirming, and triumphant. 

As the best man of the wedding, your speech should be lighthearted and funny and detail your relationship with the groom. You may use anecdotes and jokes to engage the audience. Ultimately, the goal of the speech is to leave guests with warm memories that will last far beyond the day of the ceremony.

Elements of an Effective Best Man Speech

1. introduction.

The best man’s speech should begin with an introduction, thanking guests for coming, and acknowledging other people at the party. 

2. The Bride & Groom Story

Briefly describe how the bride and groom met or highlight some of their favorite activities that made them so compatible. Use humorous anecdotes about the couple to add a personal touch. 

3. Shared Memories

Reminisce on past experiences shared with the newlyweds. Share funny stories that showcase what makes them unique as a couple. 

4. Special Message

Share your opinions on why you believe the couple can have a lasting marriage. Focus on the positive attributes they both bring to their relationship. 

Finally, make a toast to congratulate the happy couple!

How to Write A Best Man Speech

man wearing black suit jacket

Step 1: Brainstorm ideas before the main day

Think of funny stories that reflect the groom’s personality and your relationship with him, anecdotes from shared experiences, and well wishes to the couple. Take notes on these ideas as they come up. 

Step 2: Structure your speech

Structure the speech into three parts: introduction, body, and conclusion. Introduce yourself, describe how you know the groom, and get right into the body of the speech. Then, include a special message for the couple, and don’t forget the big finish – the call for a toast!

Step 3: Use anecdotes

Include funny stories about the groom and anecdotes about the groom’s journeys to finding his beloved. You may also point out his deep commitment and love for his partner. 

Step 4: Wrap things up

Offer a piece of advice to the couple. Also, express gratitude to the wedding attendees. Say your congratulations to the newlyweds and wish them a happy future together. Be sure to add emotive and be lighthearted but sincere.

Step 5: Review

Once the structure is complete, fill it in with more detail and use specific examples to make the story relatable. Use colorful language, and varied sentence structure, and include at least one uncommon word per sentence. Also, check grammar and spelling! 

Step 6: Practice out loud.

Practice out loud until you can deliver your speech without looking at your notes. Speak naturally and expressively like you would during a conversation with friends. Time yourself so that you don’t go over any time limits specified. 

Step 7: Deliver your speech on wedding day

Take deep breaths before delivering your speech. Believe in yourself and trust that you will do an excellent job as the best man – because you will!

Tips for Delivering a Great Best Man Speech

Delivering a great best-man speech takes work, but you can do it with the proper preparation. 

Here are some tips that will make your speech stand out: 

1. Know Your Audience

Before writing your speech, think about who will be in attendance and what type of language they will appreciate. Use anecdotes that are relatable and entertaining for your audience. 

2. Choose an Appropriate Length

Aim to keep your speech between 3-5 minutes long. Make sure to time yourself when practicing ensuring you’re staying within this window. 

3. Practice

Rehearse your speech several times before the big day so that you feel confident and comfortable delivering it. Practicing also allows you to become familiar with the flow and content of your speech. 

4. Be Engaging

Don’t just read off your notes – engage with the crowd. Speak up and smile while showing enthusiasm and creating a positive atmosphere. 

5. Utilize Humor

Inserting funny stories or jokes into your speech is one way to get people laughing and engaged in the conversation. However, make sure these jokes are appropriate for all ages! 

6. Include Positive Anecdotes

Talk about memories shared with the bride and groom to show how much they mean to you. Touch on special moments shared to give everyone a glimpse into their relationship. 

7. Finish Strong

End your speech by thanking guests for coming and wishing the couple luck as they start their new life together. This will leave a lasting impression and wrap up your address nicely.

Mistakes to Avoid When Writing a Best Man Speech

Writing a best-man speech can be intimidating and nerve-racking. To make your speech as perfect as possible, it’s important to avoid certain pitfalls. Here are some mistakes to steer clear of when crafting your best man speech: 

1. Omitting Practice

A good speech comes with preparation. Spend ample time practicing in front of a mirror or recording yourself so that you feel confident before stepping up to the mic. 

2. Relying on Humor

Humor goes a long way but don’t rely too much on jokes that may not land well with the crowd. Balance out funny anecdotes with heartfelt emotion and respect for the couple. 

3. Venturing Too Far Into Personal Stories

Your experiences with the groom should bring the audience closer to him but keep things tasteful and appropriate. Stick to stories that emphasize the groom’s qualities that made him worthy of his bride. 

4. Neglecting to Incorporate Others

The speech is mostly about the couple, but give thanks for all the efforts and hard work that went into planning the wedding. 

5. Lack of Emotional Impact

This special day calls for emotion and sentimentality, two qualities you mustn’t overlook! It’s okay to show vulnerability and sincerity to create a touching moment.

Best Man Speech Examples

If you are still wondering  how to write a best man speech , these examples should help you get started.

“I’m honored to stand here today as the best man of my dear friend, [groom’s name]. We’ve known each other for [number] years, and in that time, I’ve seen [groom’s name] grow and change in so many ways.  However, one thing that has always remained  is his love for [bride’s name]. From the moment I met her, it was clear that she was the one for him. [Bride’s name], you bring out the best in [groom’s name] and make him the happiest man I know. You guys make an amazing couple, and I’m confident you’ll always be there for each other. May your marriage be full of love, laughter, and all the things that make life worth living.”

“Good evening, everyone! It’s an honor to be here today as Best Man for this special occasion. In fact, my relationship with the groom has been unchanged since we were children. We’ve seen a lot of life together. And what a dense journey it’s been! His moral code is respected in all aspects of his life, even when it means making hard decisions. 

He puts the needs of others before himself, often giving up personal rewards for someone else. This speaks volumes about his character and spirit strength, which deserve to be commended and celebrated. 

The groom and his fiancée are united by their affinity for adventure and exploration. Theirs is a bond characterized by courage and audacity; they aren’t afraid to try new things or venture into unknown realms together. That courage will serve them well in their married life together as they navigate its successes and challenges. 

I’m sure everyone will join me in wishing these two lovebirds a long and healthy union filled with joy, solace, and beguilement. Congratulations!”

When writing a best man speech, there are many things to remember. Most importantly, practice, practice, practice. To speak eloquently and make it feel genuine, bring some personal insight into your speech. Be honest about your thoughts about the bride and groom, and let them know your sincere love for them.

With the tips above, you can craft a best-man speech that will be remembered for years. If you still need help on how to write a best man speech , you can use  Hey INK . It will get you an excellent speech in minutes! 

Writing A Special & Memorable Best Man Speech

Abir Ghenaiet

Abir is a data analyst and researcher. Among her interests are artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing. As a humanitarian and educator, she actively supports women in tech and promotes diversity.

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The fee for the full bespoke speech writing service is  £399  with  unlimited editing . To make things easier we can also offer  split payments , and there’s also a  money back guarantee .

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Your happiness means everything to me, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to do this. Unlimited editing and all the independent, verified reviews I’ve collected should go a long way to underlining just how hard I work, and the quality of my speeches. However, in the event of a client being dissatisfied, there is a complete money back guarantee.

We will always do everything we can to fit everyone into our schedule. So, if you have a very last minute request, and sometimes that means on the day of the wedding…then get in touch. We’ll do everything we can to help.

Great question! I work really hard to look at who you are, where you live, your job, hobbies etc and that will dictate words and phrases that you might use. Even the way you answer the questions tells me loads about the person you are.

There is unlimited editing with this service. You can come back as many times as you like and I will be more than happy to help no matter what.

This is a very common situation and one that can really present quite a puzzle. However, the way I write these speeches means that I don’t rely on stories – chances are they only really work if you were there anyway! I use everything you tell me about the groom to create a very funny speech, not just stories.

This is a completely discreet service. Nobody will ever know you’ve used me, and we never contact you after the event unless you’ve requested it.

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Genuinely funny

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Make memories

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Huge success

This is your one opportunity to stand up and celebrate what an amazing person the groom is. We make sure you make the most of that opportunity.

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Ultimate confidence

You’ll have complete confidence in what you’re going to say, so you can enjoy the day and actually look forward to the speech!

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Delivering an amazing speech will give you a huge amount of personal pride that you did the very best job possible. And that feeling lasts forever.

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Writing A Best Man Speech For A Brother

Writing a best man speech for a brother .

Did you know that 1 in every 4 best men are also the brother of the groom? If this is the case for you then you’ll need this handy guide on how to write a best man speech for your brother to make the day a triumph !

A picture of a bride, groom and best man laughing together.

Diving into the world of wedding speeches can be a nerve-wracking adventure, especially if you’re the designated funny person in your group of friends. However, the true challenge lies in the best man speech . This eagerly anticipated moment holds the power to make or break the atmosphere of the day. It demands an astute blend of wit, humour, and heartfelt sentiments.

Now, if you happen to be the groom’s brother, you might feel like the odds are stacked against you. You’ve known him all your life, so people expect the speech of a lifetime. However, don’t feel overwhelmed. If you follow this ultimate guide, you can create a best man speech that pays tribute to your sibling and contains clever gags .

How To Write A Best Man Speech For Your Brother 

A picture of two brothers hugging.

As the brother of the groom, you’re at a massive advantage when writing a best man speech. You’ve seen him at the best of times and at the worst. And a lot of that might have been down to you! So, with an entire lifetime of fights, fraternal rivalry and fellowship to draw upon, where should you start?  

Introduce yourself

First, it’s important to let the wedding guests know your relationship with the groom from the outset. You’d be surprised how many people don’t know. So, establish you’re not his carer, a former work colleague or someone who’s just walked in off the street. You’re flesh and blood, and you’re not going to let this stop you from telling the glorious, unvarnished truth about your brother. Think he looks anxious? Yep. He has every reason to be…!

Early memories

Balance is everything in a speech, and you’ll want some heartfelt material to throw into the mix. Early memories can provide fertile ground. These might be occasions you love to reminisce about such as childhood holidays or family gatherings. Or perhaps it’s rites of passage like riding a bike for the first time, passing an exam or your brother treating everyone to a meal with his first salary. In a sense, writing a Best Man speech for a brother is like writing a letter to your younger selves.

If you are sharing Best Man duties with one of his friends, covering some stories from the early years is also a way to guarantee you do not go over the same ground. Your brother waiting to be seen in hospital with a toy bucket stuck on his head is unlikely to be a story a work friend brings up. At least, you hope not.

Mum and dad… what did they ever do for us?

Your parents raised your brother, clothed him and helped shape him into the unique individual he is today. You too! And they’re still waiting for the thank you note. So, a Best Man speech for a brother is also a wonderful chance to say thanks to your mum and dad for everything they’ve done. You don’t need to lay it on thick. A simple recognition of the sacrifices they’ve made is plenty.

Include some sibling rivalry 

Embracing your role as the groom’s brother offers an ideal opportunity to playfully tease him . After all, a best man speech devoid of jabs at the groom would hardly be worthy of the title. And everyone can relate to sibling rivalry.

How about when your garden or local street was transformed into a makeshift Olympic arena, where the pursuit of victory trumped all? 

Or those “play” fights that would have made Mixed Martial Arts look like a ballet lesson. Was your brother someone who always looked up to you… because you usually had him pinned to the floor?

Remember, it’s perfectly acceptable to indulge in a bit of self-promotion at your brother’s expense. The audience will love it, and – perhaps secretly – he will too.

Jokes Jokes Jokes

A picture of two men laughing together.

This is your chance to remember those delightful, slightly embarrassing stories from the archives of your shared experiences. Remember the times you had to share a room together or even a beloved toy? How did it pan out? Was it plain sailing or did the negotiations require a UN Peacekeeping Force?

Let’s be real here, your brother is well aware of what awaits him. The key is to ensure the spotlight remains firmly on him, while steering clear of any unexploded mines that may dampen the atmosphere.

How To Write A Best Man Speech As The Older Brother

A picture of 4 men together in wedding suits.

You could present yourself as the esteemed older brother by the younger man’s side. You could be self-deprecating and admit your younger brother is actually wiser and more mature than you. You could, of course, do both.

What’s key is to find those moments that resonate and fill the room with laughter.

For example, did you ever tell him any outrageous lies that would shame a 20 th century dictator? You know, like eating mud makes you run faster… if you eat an apple with the pips in it, a tree will grow in your stomach…

Or were you the one who broke it to him that Santa Claus doesn’t exist? If not, perhaps this wedding speech is the time to finally tell him!

Or, perhaps, you witnessed unforgettable milestones, like the night when your younger brother had his first drunken voyage. Stories of mischief go down a storm. And time will have healed any wounds… and his hangover.

Overall, writing a best man speech as the older brother allows you to express respect and admiration, while playfully reminding him that, no matter how clever, tall, successful, athletic, charming and handsome he is… he forever remains your little brother. So there!

How To Write A Best Man Speech As The Younger Brother 

A picture of a younger and older brother in wedding suits together.

If you are the younger brother delivering a best man speech, you have the chance both to pay huge respect to your brother and indulge in a little payback time.

For a good number of years, your brother was most probably stronger and bigger than you. Or laid claim to knowledge that you were pitifully too young to understand. So, how did this manifest itself? 

Were you always having to retrieve your possessions from him? Did he embody the saying: “What’s mine is mine, what’s yours is mine.”? Is there a toy you think you NEVER got back? Was your brother the co-author of your medical record? Could trips to the first aid room have been prefaced by: “This bruised rib was brought to you in association with, yep, my older brother again.”

But let’s not forget the times when your big brother swooped in like a hero, rescuing you from the clutches of a menacing bully, sparing you a smack round the head or a dead arm. Or the times he helped with your homework, consoled you, showed you a brilliant hack on a video game or was simply someone who deserves the name of guru, master, teacher, life coach, lode star and total inspiration?

  These stories hold immense potential, as they not only showcase the profound bond between you and the groom, but also infuse your best man speech with sentiment, nostalgia, laughter and love. You know what? You’re going to make your older brother proud.

Still Stuck? Choose A Professional Best Man Speech Writer To Help. 

Are you finding it tough to put your thoughts into words and write a best man speech for your brother’s wedding? Look no further! With my expertise as a seasoned wedding speech writer, I’ve honed my skills over the years to create tailor-made speeches that will not only captivate your audience but keep them hanging on to every word you say.

Why not get in touch with me today for all my speech writing services? 

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FACT SHEET: President   Biden Issues Executive Order on Safe, Secure, and Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence

Today, President Biden is issuing a landmark Executive Order to ensure that America leads the way in seizing the promise and managing the risks of artificial intelligence (AI). The Executive Order establishes new standards for AI safety and security, protects Americans’ privacy, advances equity and civil rights, stands up for consumers and workers, promotes innovation and competition, advances American leadership around the world, and more. As part of the Biden-Harris Administration’s comprehensive strategy for responsible innovation, the Executive Order builds on previous actions the President has taken, including work that led to voluntary commitments from 15 leading companies to drive safe, secure, and trustworthy development of AI. The Executive Order directs the following actions: New Standards for AI Safety and Security

As AI’s capabilities grow, so do its implications for Americans’ safety and security.  With this Executive Order, the  President directs the  most sweeping  actions  ever taken  to protect Americans from  the potential  risks  of  AI  systems :

  • Require that developers of the most powerful AI systems share their safety test results and other critical information with the U.S. government.  In accordance with the Defense Production Act, the Order will require that companies developing any foundation model that poses a serious risk to national security, national economic security, or national public health and safety must notify the federal government when training the model, and must share the results of all red-team safety tests. These measures will ensure AI systems are safe, secure, and trustworthy before companies make them public. 
  • Develop standards, tools, and tests to help ensure that AI systems are safe, secure, and trustworthy.  The National Institute of Standards and Technology will set the rigorous standards for extensive red-team testing to ensure safety before public release. The Department of Homeland Security will apply those standards to critical infrastructure sectors and establish the AI Safety and Security Board. The Departments of Energy and Homeland Security will also address AI systems’ threats to critical infrastructure, as well as chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and cybersecurity risks. Together, these are the most significant actions ever taken by any government to advance the field of AI safety.
  • Protect against the risks of using AI to engineer dangerous biological materials  by developing strong new standards for biological synthesis screening. Agencies that fund life-science projects will establish these standards as a condition of federal funding, creating powerful incentives to ensure appropriate screening and manage risks potentially made worse by AI.
  • Protect Americans from AI-enabled fraud and deception by establishing standards and best practices for detecting AI-generated content and authenticating official content . The Department of Commerce will develop guidance for content authentication and watermarking to clearly label AI-generated content. Federal agencies will use these tools to make it easy for Americans to know that the communications they receive from their government are authentic—and set an example for the private sector and governments around the world.
  • Establish an advanced cybersecurity program to develop AI tools to find and fix vulnerabilities in critical software,  building on the Biden-Harris Administration’s ongoing AI Cyber Challenge. Together, these efforts will harness AI’s potentially game-changing cyber capabilities to make software and networks more secure.
  • Order the development of a National Security Memorandum that directs further actions on AI and security,  to be developed by the National Security Council and White House Chief of Staff. This document will ensure that the United States military and intelligence community use AI safely, ethically, and effectively in their missions, and will direct actions to counter adversaries’ military use of AI.

Protecting Americans’ Privacy

Without safeguards, AI can put Americans’ privacy further at risk. AI not only makes it easier to extract, identify, and exploit personal data, but it also heightens incentives to do so because companies use data to train AI systems.  To better protect Americans’ privacy, including from the risks posed by AI, the President calls on Congress to pass bipartisan data privacy legislation to protect all Americans, especially kids, and directs the following actions:

  • Protect Americans’ privacy by prioritizing federal support for accelerating the development and use of privacy-preserving techniques— including ones that use cutting-edge AI and that let AI systems be trained while preserving the privacy of the training data.  
  • Strengthen privacy-preserving research   and technologies,  such as cryptographic tools that preserve individuals’ privacy, by funding a Research Coordination Network to advance rapid breakthroughs and development. The National Science Foundation will also work with this network to promote the adoption of leading-edge privacy-preserving technologies by federal agencies.
  • Evaluate how agencies collect and use commercially available information —including information they procure from data brokers—and  strengthen privacy guidance for federal agencies  to account for AI risks. This work will focus in particular on commercially available information containing personally identifiable data.
  • Develop guidelines for federal agencies to evaluate the effectiveness of privacy-preserving techniques,  including those used in AI systems. These guidelines will advance agency efforts to protect Americans’ data.

Advancing Equity and Civil Rights

Irresponsible uses of AI can lead to and deepen discrimination, bias, and other abuses in justice, healthcare, and housing. The Biden-Harris Administration has already taken action by publishing the  Blueprint for an AI Bill of Rights  and issuing an  Executive Order directing agencies to combat algorithmic discrimination , while enforcing existing authorities to protect people’s rights and safety.  To ensure that AI advances equity and civil rights, the President directs the following additional actions:

  • Provide clear guidance to landlords, Federal benefits programs, and federal contractors  to keep AI algorithms from being used to exacerbate discrimination.
  • Address algorithmic discrimination  through training, technical assistance, and coordination between the Department of Justice and Federal civil rights offices on best practices for investigating and prosecuting civil rights violations related to AI.
  • Ensure fairness throughout the criminal justice system  by developing best practices on the use of AI in sentencing, parole and probation, pretrial release and detention, risk assessments, surveillance, crime forecasting and predictive policing, and forensic analysis.

Standing Up for Consumers, Patients, and Students

AI can bring real benefits to consumers—for example, by making products better, cheaper, and more widely available. But AI also raises the risk of injuring, misleading, or otherwise harming Americans.  To protect consumers while ensuring that AI can make Americans better off, the President directs the following actions:

  • Advance the responsible use of AI  in healthcare and the development of affordable and life-saving drugs. The Department of Health and Human Services will also establish a safety program to receive reports of—and act to remedy – harms or unsafe healthcare practices involving AI. 
  • Shape AI’s potential to transform education  by creating resources to support educators deploying AI-enabled educational tools, such as personalized tutoring in schools.

Supporting Workers

AI is changing America’s jobs and workplaces, offering both the promise of improved productivity but also the dangers of increased workplace surveillance, bias, and job displacement.  To mitigate these risks, support workers’ ability to bargain collectively, and invest in workforce training and development that is accessible to all, the President directs the following actions:

  • Develop principles and best practices to mitigate the harms and maximize the benefits of AI for workers  by addressing job displacement; labor standards; workplace equity, health, and safety; and data collection. These principles and best practices will benefit workers by providing guidance to prevent employers from undercompensating workers, evaluating job applications unfairly, or impinging on workers’ ability to organize.
  • Produce a report on AI’s potential labor-market impacts , and  study and identify options for strengthening federal support for workers facing labor disruptions , including from AI.

Promoting Innovation and Competition

America already leads in AI innovation—more AI startups raised first-time capital in the United States last year than in the next seven countries combined.  The Executive Order ensures that we continue to lead the way in innovation and competition through the following actions:

  • Catalyze AI research across the United States  through a pilot of the National AI Research Resource—a tool that will provide AI researchers and students access to key AI resources and data—and expanded grants for AI research in vital areas like healthcare and climate change.
  • Promote a fair, open, and competitive AI ecosystem  by providing small developers and entrepreneurs access to technical assistance and resources, helping small businesses commercialize AI breakthroughs, and encouraging the Federal Trade Commission to exercise its authorities.
  • Use existing authorities to expand the ability of highly skilled immigrants and nonimmigrants with expertise in critical areas to study, stay, and work in the United States  by modernizing and streamlining visa criteria, interviews, and reviews.

Advancing American Leadership Abroad

AI’s challenges and opportunities are global.  The Biden-Harris Administration will continue working with other nations to support safe, secure, and trustworthy deployment and use of AI worldwide. To that end, the President directs the following actions:

  • Expand bilateral, multilateral, and multistakeholder engagements to collaborate on AI . The State Department, in collaboration, with the Commerce Department will lead an effort to establish robust international frameworks for harnessing AI’s benefits and managing its risks and ensuring safety. In addition, this week, Vice President Harris will speak at the UK Summit on AI Safety, hosted by Prime Minister Rishi Sunak.
  • Accelerate development and implementation of vital AI standards  with international partners and in standards organizations, ensuring that the technology is safe, secure, trustworthy, and interoperable.
  • Promote the safe, responsible, and rights-affirming development and deployment of AI abroad to solve global challenges,  such as advancing sustainable development and mitigating dangers to critical infrastructure.

Ensuring Responsible and Effective Government Use of AI

AI can help government deliver better results for the American people. It can expand agencies’ capacity to regulate, govern, and disburse benefits, and it can cut costs and enhance the security of government systems. However, use of AI can pose risks, such as discrimination and unsafe decisions.  To ensure the responsible government deployment of AI and modernize federal AI infrastructure, the President directs the following actions:

  • Issue guidance for agencies’ use of AI,  including clear standards to protect rights and safety, improve AI procurement, and strengthen AI deployment.  
  • Help agencies acquire specified AI products and services  faster, more cheaply, and more effectively through more rapid and efficient contracting.
  • Accelerate the rapid hiring of AI professionals  as part of a government-wide AI talent surge led by the Office of Personnel Management, U.S. Digital Service, U.S. Digital Corps, and Presidential Innovation Fellowship. Agencies will provide AI training for employees at all levels in relevant fields.

As we advance this agenda at home, the Administration will work with allies and partners abroad on a strong international framework to govern the development and use of AI. The Administration has already consulted widely on AI governance frameworks over the past several months—engaging with Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, the European Union, France, Germany, India, Israel, Italy, Japan, Kenya, Mexico, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Nigeria, the Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, the UAE, and the UK. The actions taken today support and complement Japan’s leadership of the G-7 Hiroshima Process, the UK Summit on AI Safety, India’s leadership as Chair of the Global Partnership on AI, and ongoing discussions at the United Nations. The actions that President Biden directed today are vital steps forward in the U.S.’s approach on safe, secure, and trustworthy AI. More action will be required, and the Administration will continue to work with Congress to pursue bipartisan legislation to help America lead the way in responsible innovation. For more on the Biden-Harris Administration’s work to advance AI, and for opportunities to join the Federal AI workforce, visit .

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