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Paul Pelosi testifies in federal trial of David DePape, accused in hammer attack

Paul Pelosi on Monday described on the witness stand the shocking intrusion at his and his wife Nancy Pelosi's San Francisco mansion a year ago that culminated in a brutal hammer attack that fractured his skull.

Kenyatta Odom death press conference

Woman charged in 5-year-old daughter's death nearly 35 years later

Evelyn Odom was arrested and charged with felony murder after her 5-year-old daughter, Kenyatta Odom, was identified nearly 35 years after her death.

Jail corridor

Man who faked presidential pardon sentenced in murder-for-hire plot

Alexander Leszczynski was sentenced on Monday for trying to hire a hitman to kill witnesses in a fraud case.


3rd of 4 men who escaped Georgia jail captured; murder suspect still at large

Johnifer Dernard Barnwell was captured in a home in Augusta — but murder suspect Joey Fournier remains on the loose, officials said.

FBI investigates suspicious mail in 5 states

A letter believed to contain fentanyl was intercepted before it could reach an elections office in Fulton County, Georgia, officials said Friday. Similar letters were sent to elections offices in at least four other states. Jeff Pegues has new reporting on the investigation.


Jan. 6 suspect Gregory Yetman turns himself in to N.J. police

Yetman, 47, fled his home in Helmetta, New Jersey when FBI agents arrived to serve him with a federal warrant.


FBI seizes New York City mayor's phone

The FBI on Friday seized New York City Mayor Eric Adams' phone and other electronic devices as part of a campaign fundraising investigation. The FBI is investigating whether Adams' 2021 mayoral campaign conspired with the Turkish government and others to receive foreign donations. Roxana Saberi has details.


NCAA president raises concerns about prop bets

NCAA president Charlie Baker told CBS News this week that prop bets could threaten the integrity of college sports. A CBS News investigation found 22 states where gambling is legal specifically ban prop betting on college sports. Jim Axelrod reports.


More suspicious fentanyl-laced letters discovered

More than a dozen suspicious letters, some containing fentanyl, have been sent to election offices in at least five states. One such letter intended for an election office in Georgia's Fulton County was intercepted by federal investigators. Jeff Pegues reports.

Darren Dzienciol's Annual CARN*EVIL Halloween Party Co-Hosted By Alessandra Ambrosio

Lyrics can be used as evidence in Young Thug's trial, judge rules

The jury is "going to look at these lyrics and instantly say they are guilty," the rapper's defense attorney argued.

Latest News

Biden Speaker Johnson

House to consider stopgap government funding measure today

Congress faces a Friday deadline to fund the government and avert a shutdown.


In Gaza, dozens of babies' lives said to be at risk as incubators shut down

"Aluminum foil is kept around the babies to protect them from the cold weather," says the director general of Gaza's Hamas-run health ministry.

Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas Testifies Before The House Judiciary Committee

House blocks resolution to impeach DHS secretary

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene introduced a resolution to impeach Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas last week.

Cropped shot of young Asian woman's hand taking a bottle of medicine from the shelf at the pharmacy, reading the product information. Healthcare, medication and people concept

Biden's limit on drug industry middlemen backfires, pharmacists say

A federal rule taking effect Jan. 1 was intended to stop abuses by pharmacy benefit managers, but some pharmacists say it's making things worse.


United Airlines flight diverted due to "potential security issue" on board

A United Airlines flight was diverted to San Francisco Monday evening due to a "potential security issue," a spokesperson for the airline said.


Newsom says arson caused massive fire under key freeway in downtown L.A.

Investigators determined that the fire was intentionally set on Saturday.


Paul Pelosi took the stand Monday afternoon in the federal trial of David DePape, accused of attacking the husband of then-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi with a hammer at the couple's San Francisco home in October 2022.


Starbucks' unionized workers plan walkout on "Red Cup Day" this week

Work stoppages to come on same day as yearly promotion and impact hundreds of locations, the coffee chain's union says.


U.S. marshals in L.A. fatally shoot fugitive on the run from Nebraska

US Marshals were attempting to arrest a fugitive who was on the run after having a warrant issued for his arrest in Nebraska for money laundering and marijuana distribution.


Civil War cannonballs, swords and bullets found in South Carolina river

The artifacts bring new tangible evidence of Union Gen. William T. Sherman's ruthless Southern campaign toward the end of the Civil War​.

Closeup of woman's hands restrained in handcuffs

Pregnant women say they were shackled in custody despite state bans

Without oversight, laws banning the shackling of pregnant incarcerated people are little more than "words on paper," advocates say.


More than 20 toddlers sickened by lead linked to applesauce pouches, CDC says

U.S. health officials are warning doctors to be on the lookout for possible cases of lead poisoning in children.

Multicolored water beads

Call for nationwide ban on water beads as parents recount ER visits

Lawmaker to propose legislation that would ban product marketed to children despite being hazardous if swallowed.


Hyundai, Honda, Toyota have all raised worker pay since UAW strike ended

Three foreign automakers have announced significant pay hikes for their workers since the UAW struck a deal with Detroit's Big 3.

House to consider stopgap government funding measure Tuesday

2024 Presidential Candidates Participate In Republican Primary Debate

Haley campaign announces $10 million in ad spending for Iowa, New Hampshire

The advertisement reservation marks the biggest investment Nikki Haley's campaign has made to date.


Tennessee woman runs for office after state abortion ban puts her life at risk

Allie Phillips decided to run for office after being forced to leave Tennessee to get an abortion.


Supreme Court adopts formal code of conduct amid ethics scrutiny

The new code of conduct was signed by all nine Supreme Court justices, but it's unclear how it will be enforced.



Wegovy weight-loss drug cut serious heart risk by 20%, study finds

A new study from drugmaker Novo Nordisk found that its weight-loss drug Wegovy can reduce the risk of heart problems in people without diabetes, which could change the way doctors treat certain heart patients.


New study on weight loss drug Wegovy

A new study published in the The New England Journal of Medicine by the maker of the popular weight loss drug Wegovy finds the medication could lower the risk of serious and even deadly heart problems by 20%. CBS News chief medical correspondent Dr. Jon LaPook joins "CBS Mornings" to discuss.


One change to your diet may help lower blood pressure, study shows

According to new research, for many people a low-sodium diet may be as effective as taking a common blood pressure medication.

Mexico Hurricane Otis Missing

Missing sailor sent "heartbreaking" final message during Hurricane Otis

Ruben Torres' yacht was one of 614 boats that were in the bay that night and ended up damaged or on the ocean floor, according to Mexico's Navy.

Mexico LGBTQ Leader Death

Thousands march for major Mexican LGBTQ+ figure slain after death threats

Jesús Ociel Baena was the first openly nonbinary person to assume a judicial post in Mexico and broke through other barriers in a country where LGBTQ+ people are often targeted with violence.

Cracks emerge on a road due to volcanic activity at the entrance to Grindavik

Iceland says likelihood of volcanic eruption is significant amid earthquakes

Icelandic officials detected around 900 quakes on Monday alone, mainly near a coastal town on the southern peninsula that was evacuated Friday night.

A pocket watch recovered from a Titanic victim is up for auction in the U.K.

Rare Titanic menu, victim's pocket watch each sell for over $100,000

A rare menu from the Titanic​'s first-class restaurant sold at auction along with a pocket watch from a man who died in the 1912 disaster at sea and a deck blanket from the ill-fated ocean liner​.


Paris Charles De Gaulle Airport

Gospel singer Bobbi Storm nearly kicked off Delta flight for singing

A clip posted to Bobbi Storm's Instagram shows her singing in the aisle when she is approached by a Delta crew member, who instructs her to sit down and "be quiet."

Lukas Gage and Chris Appleton

Actor Lukas Gage, hairstylist Chris Appleton to divorce 6 months after wedding

The couple were married in April of this year in a wedding that was notably officiated by Kim Kardashian and featured a musical performance by country superstar Shania Twain.

Marlon Wayans and family

Marlon Wayans expresses "unconditional love" for his trans son

"I think there's a lot of parents out there that need to have that message," Wayans said on "The Breakfast Club" radio show Saturday.


The Roots' Tariq Trotter says art has been his saving grace: "My salvation"

The Roots co-founder Tariq "Black Thought" Trotter opens up about his new memoir, "The Upcycled Self," and about how music and art gave him a crucial escape from a turbulent childhood.


Why the '90s were the "greatest musical era," according to a rock critic

The popular Ringer podcast "60 Songs that Explain the '90s," helmed by rock critic Rob Harvilla, has spawned a book by the same name to explore the history and humanity of the decade's iconic songs.


Unexpected hurdles to buying electric cars

Buyers are calling out car dealerships nationwide for being unprepared and reluctant to make the switch to electric vehicles, according to a new article in The Washington Post. Shannon Osaka, the Washington Post climate reporter who wrote the article, joined CBS News to discuss the unexpected hurdles.

Creator camps help kids become influencers

Younger generations have expressed interest in pursuing a career as a "YouTuber" or social media influencer. New programs are now teaching kids the skill sets needed to become online content creators -- and they are increasingly popular. Angèle Christin, associate professor of communication at Stanford University, joins CBS News to discuss the emergence of young content creators.

Early Black Friday Shopping At A Target Store

These are the best days to shop for holiday deals on electronics

Consumers trying to get a head start on their holiday shopping can find good deals on TVs, computers and other tech gear, Adobe says.

Is Congress failing to protect kids online?

A large majority of Americans support laws to make the internet safer for children, but Congress has not acted. Columbia Law School professor Tim Wu joins CBS News to discuss the legislative failures -- and share some possible solutions.


"Godmother of A.I." Fei-Fei Li: "The power lies within people"

Fei-Fei Li, known as the "Godmother of A.I.," is also the author of a memoir titled, "The Worlds I See," which focuses on her upbringing and work in the field.


NASA telescopes capture "Christmas tree" view of universe

Sparkling and colorful images of faraway galaxy clusters recently released by NASA show one of the most detailed views of the universe ever taken.

Hawaii-Pink Pond

Hawaii wildlife refuge pond mysteriously turns bubble-gum pink

Curious visitors have flocked to the Kealia Pond National Wildlife Refuge after images of the pink pond appeared on social media​.

Milne Bay Epaulette Shark

Mother shark at Illinois zoo gives birth without needing father

The female epaulette shark was never housed with a male shark but produced a fertile egg, apparently via a process known as parthenogenesis.

2023 poised to be hottest year on record

Last month was the hottest October on record globally. And now scientists say this means 2023 is expected to be the warmest year ever recorded. CBS News senior national and environmental correspondent Ben Tracy breaks down the findings.

Sea Star in the Solomon Islands

Starfish may just be heads "crawling along the seafloor," study finds

"One could think of the body of a starfish ... as a disembodied head walking about the sea floor on its lips," researchers said.


SpaceX launches its 29th cargo flight to the International Space Station

The unpiloted Dragon cargo ship is loaded with 6,500 pounds of research equipment, supplies and fresh food.

Former Astronaut Frank Borman

Frank Borman, Apollo 8 astronaut who orbited the moon, dies at age 95

Frank Borman flew on the Apollo 8 mission, the first NASA mission to leave low Earth orbit and reach the moon.


Saturn's rings won't be visible in March 2025

Saturn's rings will seemingly disappear from view in 2025, a phenomenon caused by the planet's rotation on an axis.


Europe's Euclid space telescope's first images reveal observatory's power

The $1.5 billion Euclid space telescope is designed to study mysterious dark energy and dark matter, which make up 95% of the universe.

Latest Galleries

Matthew Trussler and Melissa Turner

Matthew Trussler murder: Inside the case

Matthew Trussler was found dead at the home he shared with his fiancée Melissa Turner. See the evidence that led to authorities piecing together his death.


Catching a killer clown

Marlene Warren answered the door to her Wellington, FL, home and was fatally gunned down by a mysterious clown. Despite eyewitnesses, circumstantial evidence, and the identification a suspect early on, it would take more than 30 years for her killer to face justice.

The New Price is Right

Notable Deaths in 2023

A look back at the esteemed personalities who've left us this year, who'd touched us with their innovation, creativity and humanity.

Becky Bliefnick

Becky Bliefnick texted about fear of her estranged husband

The Illinois mom wrote, "If something ever happens to me, please make sure the number one person of interest is Tim." Take a look at the evidence that led to Tim Bliefnick's arrest.

Alex Murdaugh

The crime scene evidence that convicted Alex Murdaugh

Inside South Carolina's "trial of the century" — how investigators built their case

Latest Videos

Johnson may need Democrats to avoid shutdown

What does it take to avoid a government shutdown? For Republican House Speaker Mike Johnson, it probably means working with Democrats. CBS News congressional correspondent Scott MacFarlane explains.

U.S. warns IDF against fighting near hospitals

The U.S. is taking a tougher approach toward the Israel-Hamas war. Jon Alterman, senior vice president at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, joins CBS News to explore the Biden administration's options to calm the fighting.


FEMA's Deanne Criswell on emergency alerts

While current FEMA training is mandatory for all who send out alerts in emergencies, FEMA Administrator Deanne Criswell agrees much of it focuses on laws, rules, regulations and technology, and not as much on how and when to "push the button" to alert the public.


Emergency alerts often delayed or not sent

A CBS News investigation found at least a dozen natural disasters in the United States during the last decade where local emergency officials failed to issue alerts in time to save lives or, in some cases, didn't issue an alert or evacuation order at all. National investigative correspondent Stephen Stock reports.


A history of concerns with emergency alerts

CBS News uncovered a more than a dozen examples of life-threatening situations when alerts from emergency managers or law enforcement came too late or not at all.

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Killer known as ‘Clifton rapist’, 82, sexually assaulted woman after release

report crime news

‘He couldn’t take the pain’: gangster’s death prompts calls for assisted dying law

report crime news

England stop and search pilot scheme does not cut violence, thinktank finds

Co-op boss says criminal gangs are operating ‘exempt from consequences’, half of teenagers in england and wales have witnessed or been victims of violence, study reveals, ‘they’re demonised, labelled as criminals’: a lifeline for the young on one of london’s most violent estates, leicester woman given life term for 2012 murder of one-year-old baby, two charged with murder of missing man after body found in boot of car, woman found guilty of murder of one-year-old baby over a decade ago, tax on vapes could be part of plans to create a smoke-free generation in uk, meet pc pod: sussex police hope shed-sized station can cut crime, somerset man banned from wearing gimp suit and writhing on ground, man who killed zara aleena wins appeal over minimum term of life sentence, amnesty calls for prevent strategy to be abolished over ‘human rights abuses’, cumbrian man found guilty of murdering four-month-old baby son.

report crime news

Five men jailed for sexually abusing two girls in Rochdale

report crime news

NCA calls for possession of 3D-printed gun blueprints to be made illegal

report crime news

Woman who helped organise Colston statue protest jailed for fraud

report crime news

Weapons handed in before Gracie Spinks murder left police ‘unconcerned’

report crime news

Man jailed for life for attempted murder of US woman stationed at GCHQ

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Minor girl's mutilated body found in cane field in up's lakhimpur kheri.

Police have recovered the mutilated body of a 13-year-old girl, who was allegedly beaten to death, from a sugarcane field in Uttar Pradesh’s Lakhimpur Kheri.

Police line do not cross

UP girl kidnapped from village, raped for 2 months; rescued

A minor girl, kidnapped from Uttar Pradesh and raped for nearly two months in Karnataka, was rescued by the police. The 20-year-old accused in the case was arrested by the police.

 Tripura court sentences man to 20 years in rigorous imprisonment for minor rape case

Uttar Pradesh man bludgeoned to death by friend in dispute over mobile phone

A man was allegedly bludgeoned to death by his friend in a dispute over a mobile phone in Uttar Pradesh's Meerut.

Crime scene

Rajasthan man pours acid on daughter-in-law over domestic dispute, case filed

A man allegedly poured acid on his daughter-in-law over a domestic fight in Rajasthan's Hanumangarh district.

report crime news

Dozens of mobile phones stolen during power cut at Gurugram's Sunburn Festival

Over two dozen mobile phones were stolen during a power outage at a music festival in Gurugram. Police arrested 12 suspects and the recovered some of the stolen mobiles.

SUNBURN Festival

UP woman kills sisters, 7 and 4, after they find her in objectionable position

Two sisters, aged five and seven, were murdered when they were alone at home in Uttar Pradesh's Etawah. Police have arrested their elder sister for the murder.

report crime news

8-year-old girl gang raped, bludgeoned to death in Rajkot; 3 arrested

The girl's body was found in an isolated spot behind a railway station in Rajkot on October 7, a day after she was reported missing, the police said.

report crime news

Denied money to buy alcohol, drunk man beats up seer in Kanpur, arrested

A drunk man beat up a seer in Uttar Pradesh's Kanpur after he refused to give him money for buying alcohol. The accused was arrested and sent to jail.

report crime news

Sisters, aged 5 and 7, hacked to death with shovel in UP’s Etawah

Two sisters, aged five and seven, were murdered while they were alone at home in UP's Etawah. Police said the two girls were killed with a shovel.

girls killed with shovel

On way to school, girl kidnapped and raped by father’s friends in Uttar Pradesh

A girl was kidnapped and raped by her father's friends in Uttar Pradesh's Hapur. The accused took the girl to an Oyo Hotel where they raped her and filmed the act.

report crime news

7-year-old girl killed by relative for resisting molestation in Ghaziabad

The girl was found unconscious by the family and the maternal uncle took her to hospital where doctors declared her dead.

Crime scene

Uttar Pradesh man shoots friend dead over love triangle

A man killed his friend in Uttar Pradesh's Aligarh as they were in love with the same woman. The duo had a fight earlier too over the woman.

Ex Army man shoots dead brother and nephew and injured his daughter

2 brothers beaten to death for parking over disputed land in Kanpur

Two brothers were allegedly beaten to death after a fight over parking on disputed land in Kanpur Dehat, police said on Friday.

Crime scene.

Elderly man rapes 5-year-old in Uttar Pradesh, kills self to evade arrest

A 60-year-old man allegedly raped a five-year-old girl and later hanged himself in a village in Uttar Pradesh's Bareilly district. It appears that Mohammad, fearing police action or out of remorse, hanged himself from the tree, police said.

report crime news

4 policemen arrested for sexually assaulting girl in Tamil Nadu

Four police officers were arrested for allegedly sexually assaulting a minor and attacking her male friend in Tamil Nadu.

arrest photo

Rajasthan horror: Drunk man rapes 5-year-old daughter in Jaisalmer, arrested

After the incident, the victim was admitted to a hospital in the nearby Barmer district, where her condition remains stable and out of danger.

report crime news

Cops bust arms factory disguised as furniture shop in Bihar, arrest 2

Police busted an illegal arms manufacturing unit running under the guise of a furniture shop in Bihar and arrested two people.


Drunk man urinates on elderly couple onboard train in Uttar Pradesh

The man was in an inebriated state and urinated on the elderly couple after they objected to him drinking alcohol.

Drunk man urinates on elderly couple

'Will pump 39 more bullets,' 2 Agra students brag after shooting at teacher

Two minor students in Agra shot their teacher over a dispute with his brother. The incident was followed by a threatening video from the students warning the teacher of more such attacks.

Agra teacher shot dead by minor students

Tamil Nadu: 4 cops sexually assault girl, suspended

A case has been filed against four policemen in Tamil Nadu’s Trichy for sexually assaulting a girl.

report crime news

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Jaguars' Zay Jones arrested on domestic battery charge, records show

Jaguars' Zay Jones arrested on domestic battery charge, records show

Jacksonville Jaguars wide receiver Zay Jones was arrested on Monday night on a misdemeanor domestic battery charge, according to online records.

Alabama father dies after alleged beating, sexual assault by prison gang: family

Alabama father dies after alleged beating, sexual assault by prison gang: family

A 22-year-old Alabama father has died after he was allegedly beaten to death and sexually assaulted by a prison gang in October, according to his family.

Hollywood headless torso suspect Sam Haskell 'paranoid' weeks before body found in dumpster, friend says

Hollywood headless torso suspect Sam Haskell 'paranoid' weeks before body found in dumpster, friend says

Hollywood murder suspect Sam Haskell IV appeared "paranoid" just weeks before his wife and in-laws were reported missing and police found a headless body.

Samantha Woll murder: Why did Detroit police release suspect so soon after arrest?

Samantha Woll murder: Why did Detroit police release suspect so soon after arrest?

The suspect detained in connection with Samantha Woll's homicide was released without being charged, which a local lawyer explained is for one of two reasons.

Georgia police dispute local Democrat official's claim she was 'drugged' before passing out in the street

Georgia police dispute local Democrat official's claim she was 'drugged' before passing out in the street

Police in Morrow, Georgia, are disputing claims by a former local Democrat official that she was "drugged" before they found her passed out in the street outside of a sports bar.

Disturbing testimony heard from alleged teen victims of former Michigan high school basketball coach

Disturbing testimony heard from alleged teen victims of former Michigan high school basketball coach

Troubling testimony was heard against former Farmington High School basketball coach who is being accused of sexually assaulting multiple students.

School resource officer, former mayoral candidate arrested for repeated sexual battery of teen

School resource officer, former mayoral candidate arrested for repeated sexual battery of teen

School security guard and former mayoral candidate Isaiah Thomas Hayes, 38, was charged on November 8 with three counts of sexual battery and enticement of a child for sexual purposes.

Michigan woman abandons puppy in dumpster, leads officers on chase before crashing: police

Michigan woman abandons puppy in dumpster, leads officers on chase before crashing: police

A Michigan woman left a puppy in dumpster after leading officers on a chase before crashing, according to police.

Michigan woman left puppy in dumpster, led officers on chase before crashing

Michigan woman left puppy in dumpster, led officers on chase before crashing

Police say a Michigan woman caused a traffic crash and abandoned a puppy in a construction dumpster while attempting to flee authorities last week.

LAPD investigating deadly shooting possibly involving U.S. Marshals: officials

LAPD investigating deadly shooting possibly involving U.S. Marshals: officials

The LAPD is investigating a deadly shooting possibly involving U.S. Marshals, according to authorities.

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Man accused of killing UNC professor expected in court Tuesday

Taileli Qi is expected to be in an Orange County courtroom Tuesday - for a status check on the case.

Man accused of killing UNC professor expected in court Tuesday

15-year-old accused of shooting older brother at Johnston County home

Shooting near Raleigh bar leaves man hospitalized

Shooting near Raleigh bar leaves man hospitalized

Click to listen live.

WRAL News +

Man injured in shooting outside Raleigh bar near Wake Forest Road

Man injured in shooting outside Raleigh bar near Wake Forest Road

2 Suspects in jail after high-speed chase out of Clayton ends with crash in Wake County

2 Suspects in jail after high-speed chase out of Clayton ends with crash in Wake County

Wilson County mom accused of murdering 5-month-old son now charged with crimes against nature

Wilson County mom accused of murdering 5-month-old son now charged with crimes against nature

Durham Police investigate vandalism of several businesses, including 3 Starbucks

Durham Police investigate vandalism of several businesses, including 3 Starbucks

Wilson County mother accused of murdering 5-month-old son now charged with crimes against nature

Wilson County mother accused of murdering 5-month-old son now charged with crimes against nature

Person shot near McDougald Terrace in Durham

Person shot near McDougald Terrace in Durham

Man arrested for breaking into Raleigh business, police say

Man arrested for breaking into Raleigh business, police say

Community gathers for vigil, calls for justice in 19-year-old's killing

Community gathers for vigil, calls for justice in 19-year-old's killing

Shootings prompt town-wide state of emergency, curfew in Scotland Neck

Shootings prompt town-wide state of emergency, curfew in Scotland Neck

Mayo Clinic doctor accused of poisoning wife

Mayo Clinic doctor accused of poisoning wife

Crime resources

Raleigh crime map and alerts

Raleigh crime map and alerts

Durham crime map and alerts

Durham crime map and alerts

Cary crime map and alerts, true crime meets forensic science: new podcast investigates some of the oldest cold cases in north carolina, crime prevention tips, domestic violence-related resources, nc sex offender registry.

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Gambino Crime Family Soldiers, Associates Indicted on Federal Racketeering Charges

Dallas man sentenced to life in prison for murder of two local hospital employees, investigation finds local arizona pd crime scene unit lacked training, mishandeled evidence.

  • DOJ Watchdog Reveals Unsanitary, Poor Structural Conditions at Florida Federal Prison
  • Minneapolis PD Promotes Officer Disciplined For a Racist Email to Head of Homicide
  • Navy Defense Contractor Pleads Guilty to Bribery
  • Seven Nashville Police Employees Placed on Leave Amid Probe into Leaked School Shooter Writings
  • Florida Man Charged With Attempted Murder After Deliberately Running Over Two Police Deputies
  • American Man Fatally Shoots Two Climate Activists in Panama
  • Video Shows NYPD Officer Using Homophobic Slur Over Cruiser PA System

All The Reasons Trump’s Election Fraud Trial Should Be Televised 

Regular Viewpoint contributor Gregg Barak underscores the broader question of modernizing courtroom transparency, particularly in high-stakes cases like U.S. v. Trump, awaiting a decisive ruling from Judge Tanya Chutkan. In a pivotal legal debate, the DOJ opposes televising Donald Trump’s trial, citing the potential impact on judicial proceedings and tradition, while media advocates argue for transparency, emphasizing the public’s right to witness this historic case. Trump’s support for broadcasting the trial fuels speculation about his motives, amidst concerns over misinformation and trial integrity.

Small Town Alabama Journalists Arrested, Ordered To Refrain From Reporting On Grand Jury Investigations

How the supreme court changed juvenile justice, october 4-5, 2023.

report crime news


report crime news


Op-eds from experts and advocates across criminal justice, police invest in drug dogs, then exploit them for profit, every prosecutor’s office should be investing in data, victimization vs. criminalization: the trump predicament , solitary confinement reform challenges spotlight mental health care need, research & analysis, criminal justice data and studies, us’s illicit opioid supply now mixed with deadly animal tranquilizer, study warns, why do we treat sex crimes differently than other violent crimes, report: court fines promote juvenile recidivism, not rehabilitation, report: could the ‘sharing economy’ help decrease crime, four current/former california law enforcement employees die by suicide in 24 hours, man arrested with ar-15 style weapon near capitol hill, louisiana police chief arrested for excessive force, lawsuit alleges widespread abuse, lack of basic services in illinois juvenile detention center, la county pays $700,000 to journalist arrested during george floyd protest, biden administration pushes california judges to overturn block to new asylum restrictions, worth a read, stories from the archive, can cognitive behavioral therapy help juvenile offenders, texas study shows diversion curbs recidivism, strengthens job prospects, pretense, prison and the free world, ‘my mistakes slap me in the face’: a letter to my daughter, ‘routine’ shooting victims have trouble getting aid, los angeles county weighs alternatives to jail for mentally troubled, incarcerated youth ‘must accept our mistakes’, why we need a national forensic science agency, a dc jail unit challenges the ‘warehouse’ approach to corrections, solving america’s rural jail crisis, one jail at a time.

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Crime news headlines and breaking criminal news

Latest crime news stories in Australia and around the world including murder, stabbings and shootings, burglary, armed robbery, white collar crime, and other criminal news headlines. Our comprehensive coverage of the stories can include matters relating to police , courts and even politics .

report crime news

More than $8m worth of cocaine allegedly found aboard docked ship in SA

Christopher Guillan used a $160,000 Porsche among benefits from the Plutus fraud, a court has heard.

Porsche-driving book-keeper 'wilfully blind' to fraud

Adrian Basham has been jailed for the murder of his estranged wife.

Convicted killer Adrian Basham barred from using former home to bankroll appeal

report crime news

Axe-wielding man causes $100k in damage to luxury cars in Melbourne

report crime news

Sydney residents fed up with street racing hoons

report crime news

High-ranking NSW Police Force member hit with criminal charges

Crispin Dye

Grief and devastation highlighted in closing of NSW LGBTIQ hate crime inquiry

Melbourne's County Court.

Serial rapist admits 'horrific' garden bed attack in Victoria's east

report crime news

Escaped murderer charged with burglary and theft while on the run for two weeks

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Man jailed for killing neighbour in drunken row

The partial remains of a woman were found in an LA dumpster.

Son of Hollywood exec arrested after woman's torso found in dumpster


Man beaten, robbed after car rammed in Sydney

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Secret Service agents protecting Biden's grandchild open fire

Kristy Collins Townsville axe

Young mum threatened with an axe as she unpacked groceries

A Gold Coast father has been left injured after an attempted break-in gone wrong.

Teens try to mow down man as he chased them after attempted break-in

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Four co-accused deny Sydney murder plot after drugs, cash spotted on Tinder date

Lismore Base Hospital in northern NSW.

Prison officer cleared over escaping inmate's death

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Man accused of shooting spree in NSW Mid North Coast faces court

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Sentence reduced for terrorist behind Christmas Day plot in Melbourne

Detectives have an arrest warrant for  Imran Baluch

NSW police issue arrest warrant for man wanted over alleged drug supply

The court heard the dispute between neighnours was over loud music.

Man accused of setting neighbour on fire with blowtorch refused bail

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Criminal trial for war crimes whistleblower to begin

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Body found outside Melbourne boarding house

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Man threatened by unknown offender during alleged extortion attempt in Melbourne

Associated Press reporter Richard Lardner kayaks to Sweetheart Island, off the coast of Yankeetown, Florida, on August 5, 2023. Patrick Parker Walsh is serving five and half years in federal prison for stealing nearly $8 million in federal COVID-19 relief funds that he used, in part, to buy the island.

How COVID-19 aid thieves bought a Pokemon card and a private island

Two men have been charged after a major police operation at a home in Sydney's south-west.Police were first called to reports of a brawl on Bromley Avenue in Greenacre, just after 12.45am today.

Men Tasered, charged after siege in Sydney's west

A Queensland ambulance.

Two patients in hospital after Brisbane CBD stabbing

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Child escapes alleged abduction attempt during cricket game

Police in Port Macquarie searching for occupants of the car.

Man charged with murder after 'series of shooting incidents'

New York Mayor Eric Adams has had his phones seized by the FBI.

FBI seized phones, iPad from New York City Mayor Eric Adams

32-year-old man charged after allegedly stolen five cars were seized across Sydney

Police recover five cars allegedly stolen across Sydney

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Man jailed for 'unprovoked' killing of woman in Brisbane park

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Family's heartache after father's boxing match murder

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Fresh charges laid over alleged shooting on NSW Mid North Coast

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Alleged drunk driver blows eight times limit with child in car

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Letters potentially laced with fentanyl sent to US election offices

Colorado Funeral Home

Funeral home kept bodies for four years, lied about loved one's ashes

Government House in Adelaide South Australia

Man allegedly jumps SA Government House fence and assaults security

A Queensland man has lost $500,000 of his retirement savings after he fell victim to a "sophisticated and socially engineered" investment scam.

Ben hoped to generate a 'passive income'. Instead he lost his life savings

The family of a man who died during an alleged dognapping incident filed a lawsuit against the apartment complex where he lived. Clayton County law enforcement arrested 24-year-old David Kinney in connection to the death.

Family of US man killed over French bulldog announces lawsuit

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Man accused of assaulting woman at research station in Antarctica fronts trial

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US student dies after stray bullet struck her head

Ravenhall ram raid

Trio with man in Squid Game mask steal $160k of engines in ram-raid

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Spanish conservative politician shot in face in Madrid

With more than 37,000 unlawful break ins reported to Queensland police since January, police are urging homeowners to assess their home security.

Cash splash for homeowners after 37,000 break-ins

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'We're humans too': Taxi drivers leaving the job after spike in assaults

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Shot fired into windscreen during attempted carjacking in Melbourne

Two men arrested after shots fired on highway, body found.

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Shocking footage shows Adelaide ram raid as police hunt masked thieves

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Search for man who exposed himself to two teenagers in NSW

Top stories.

David has been living in a leaky tent in Brisbane for two months amid the country's worsening housing crisis.

Man living in tent for months amid worsening rental crisis

 Dark past of wealthy art dealer revealed

Dark past of wealthy art dealer revealed

Nikki Redman was taking in the sights of Emu Bay on Kangaroo Island with her dogs when she saw the dolphins.

Photographer's close encounter with dolphins off SA coast

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FILE - Family photographs of some of those who died hang on display in an exhibition at the Kigali Genocide Memorial centre in the capital Kigali, Rwanda Friday, April 5, 2019. A 68-year-old Rwandan doctor who has been living in France for decades goes on trial Tuesday in Paris over his alleged role in the 1994 genocide in his home country. The doctor, Sosthene Munyemana, is facing charges of genocide, crimes against humanity and complicity of such crimes. (AP Photo/Ben Curtis, File)


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Law & Crime

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InSight Crime

18. Oxygen | Crime News

Oxygen | Crime News

19. Crime Online

Crime Online

20. WTOP News » Crime

WTOP News » Crime

21. Baltimore Sun | Crime

Baltimore Sun | Crime

22. MLive » Crime

 MLive » Crime

23. The Crime Report

The Crime Report

24. The Sun | Crime

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25. CWB Chicago

CWB Chicago

26. WAVY TV 10 » Crime

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WPLG Local 10 News » Crime

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WDBJ7 » Crime

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The Virginian-Pilot » Crime

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KHOU » Crime

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PIX11 News » Crime

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Corporate Crime Reporter

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    Witnesses reported that a child was sitting inside the Camry at the time of the crash, along with the 38-year-old driver. South Australia 6:01pm Nov 10, 2023

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    The Associated Press is an independent global news organization dedicated to factual reporting. Founded in 1846, AP today remains the most trusted source of

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