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Hitting the books.

You obtain the quest Hitting the Books from the Arch-Mage, after completing Under Saarthal .

  • Speak with Urag gro-Shub
  • Find the stolen books (3)
  • (Optional) Free Orthorn
  • Return the books

Video Walkthrough


After speaking to the Arch-Mage, head down to The Arcanaeum and speak to Urag gro-Shub . He will tell you about three missing books and ask you to go to Fellglow Keep to retrieve them. (He also has a separate book finding quest to offer you, so be sure you are getting the next step to this quest!).

You will find Fellglow Keep to be full of mages and necromancers who have apparently been doing experiments on vampires . You'll find one room with a number of live vampires locked in cages. If you choose to unlock the cages and let them out, they will not offer you an verbal thanks, but they will go after some of your enemies, and will not harm you.

You will find Orthorn locked in a cage in another room. Pull the levers to open these cages and let him out. The books have been taken from him and are deeper into the keep. You have the choice to either send him on his way, or ask him to come with you. There does not seem to be any repercussions one way or the other - he'll fight with if you keep him, usually conjuring flame atronachs, but it can be a challenge to keep him from getting killed. At the same time there doesn't seem to be any penalty if he does get killed. There is also no end-of-quest reward or advantage to having brought him with you. He just takes his leave of you.

Continue through until you get to a room with a female mage known as The Caller. She will trash talk you and refuse to let you have the books without a fight. She'll conjure a number of Frost Atronachs. Head straight for her if you want to go with melee attacks, which is recommended as she's fairly weak against them. You can get a good hit in, then she disappears and reappears back in the center of the room. Another hit or two and she's down and the Atronachs will go with her.

Pick up the three books , and head back to Urag at the College and collect your reward, a collection of books which you can read to take advantage of any skill increases they offer, then turn around and sell right back to him.

The completion of this quest launches the Good Intentions quest.

Up Next: Good Intentions

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Elder Scrolls

Hitting the Books

  • Edit source
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  • 1 Background
  • 2 Objectives
  • 3.1 Fellglow Keep exterior
  • 3.2 Fellglow Keep dungeons
  • 3.3 Fellglow Keep
  • 3.4 The Caller
  • 3.5 Conclusion
  • 7 Appearances

Background [ ]

With Tolfdir still occupied in Saarthal, I need to speak to Mirabelle Ervine to find out about researching the discovery in Saarthal.

Objectives [ ]

  • Speak with Mirabelle Ervine
  • Speak with Urag gro-Shub
  • Find the stolen books
  • Free Orthorn ( optional )
  • Return the books

Walkthrough [ ]

To begin, speak with Urag gro-Shub about any documents that might explain the connection between Saarthal and the Psijic Order . Urag sits at his desk inside the Arcanaeum . Urag confesses that the needed documents were recently stolen by an apprentice by the name of Orthorn, who took the books and ran off to Fellglow Keep to join up with a group of mages who left the College. He suggests "speaking" with Orthorn about the books. Before this happens, the Dragonborn may be found by Faralda , who warns them that Ancano was looking for them and she believes he is a spy for the Thalmor , using his advisory position to gather intel for them. Ancano will then confront the Dragonborn after they speak with Urag, regarding the news they delivered to Arch-Mage Savos Aren regarding what they found in Saarthal . Once Ancano has his chat with the Dragonborn, he'll excuse them to resume their mission from Urag.

Fellglow Keep exterior [ ]

The Fortress grounds are guarded by two leveled mages and a  flame atronach . The best way to kill them is to get atop the tower and sneak and shoot them with a bow. Once they are killed, the main entrance is found to be locked and can only be opened with a key. There is, however, another entry point through the dungeons. In the base of one of the ruined towers, there are steps down to the Fellglow Keep dungeons. 

Fellglow Keep dungeons [ ]

The dungeons contain several rooms with water covering the floor. In the second of these rooms, there is an ice mage and two frostbite spiders . A table at the top of the stairs holds several Soul Gems. A set of stairs leads down to the southeast to a poison dart trap, where a set of stairs leads further down to the northeast, and another leads up to the southeast. The latter stairs lead to a dead end, with a wooden door that has an apprentice-locked chest behind it. Back at the junction, the stairs to the northeast lead down to an exploding rune trap. Beyond this is a prison with several leveled vampires in the cages and a leveled  conjurer  sitting at a table. The vampires, if released from their cages, will attack any enemy mages. Depending on their level at the time of entering the dungeon, the victors could be either of them.

Through the wooden door to the southeast is a torture chamber with several enemy magic users and several dead vampires, Khajiit, and Nords on tables or in cages. A door to the northeast leads to stairs down to another prison, where Orthorn can be found, along with a necromancer, who will release the wolves from their cages if given the chance. Orthorn, when asked about the books, says the Caller has them. After this conversation, Orthorn can be released by using the middle of the three levers. He can then be a temporary follower for the remainder of quest, or he can be left in the cage until the dungeon is cleared, or told to get out of there, in which case he will retreat all the way back to The Frozen Hearth in Winterhold for the remainder of the quest.

From the prison, an adept-locked door to the west leads to a room with an apprentice-locked chest and some weapons on a table. A set of stairs to the northwest leads to a door to Fellglow Keep that requires a key. A door to the southeast leads to stairs that go down to a room where there are three other magicians practicing their skills. It is recommended you have snowberries and a potion of resist cold. Sneaking here is very effective. Otherwise, the best defense is to attack.

The next steps to the northwest lead to a room with several Necromancers and some skeletons. The summoned undead will disappear as soon as all Necromancers are dead, so the Necromancers should be targeted first. At the end of the corridor is a Raise Zombie spell tome on a pedestal. To the left (northwest) is a door which leads to the main portion of Fellglow Keep.

Fellglow Keep [ ]

In the next area, there are a conjurer and a mage. If Orthorn is in the party, it is best to attack whomever he chooses. There are bits of treasure throughout the room. Upon the pedestal directly across from the room's entrance is the Conjuration skill book, The Doors of Oblivion . Through the door to the east is a dining room, where a Novice Necromancer lies in wait. An adjacent room leads to a hallway with a key-locked door to the north that returns to the dungeons, plus a doorway to the east that leads to a common room with an atronach  of some kind, as well as a mage, though at lower levels, it will be a familiar instead. The bottom floor also has a key-locked door on the north wall that leads outside, plus a door to the east that leads to a room where a mage and necromancer are resting.

Up the stairs are open doorways to the right and left, plus a closed door leading forward (south) that is barred from the other side. To the right is a room with an Arcane Enchanter , an Alchemy Lab , an anvil and a workbench . On the desk next to the alchemy lab is an Unusual Gem , while on the bookshelf next to the workbench are three  Quicksilver Ingots . Back at the top of the stairs, to the left and up another flight of steps, there is a room with a mage and conjurer inside an inner circle of shelves. The skill book A Hypothetical Treachery , which boosts destruction skill, is on a table nearby.

On the opposite side (south) of the room entrance is a pathway leading to stairs up to another hallway. There are bedrooms on the left wall, and an atronach at the other end of the hall. The second bedroom on the left contains a sleeping mage who holds the Fellglow Keep key. A good strategy, if wanting to keep Orthorn alive until confronting the Caller, is to leave him in his cell until killing the mage with the key, as it will unlock the keep's main entrance and the door that leads directly to the dungeon, providing a shortcut to get back to the Caller's location without having Orthorn be killed by one of the various mages on the way up. Through the door at the other end is an adept-locked door that can be opened with the Keep key. Inside is a shrine of Julianos , which temporarily increases magicka by 25 points for several in-game hours. Another door in that room leads to a room with an adept-locked chest.

The Caller [ ]

Back in the hallway where the atronach was, there is a wooden door leading to a grand staircase, curving west-northwest, to the top. At the top is the door to the Fellglow Keep ritual chamber . Inside is the Caller. The Dragonborn can either fight against the sorceress or come to an arrangement with her. Note that the game auto-saves at this point, regardless of the settings for auto-saving, before entering the Caller's chamber.

  • While the Caller will not normally accept a dead Orthorn in exchange for the books, it is possible to trick her into accepting this deal even if he dies. If Orthorn's corpse is reanimated prior to entering the Ritual Chamber, he will follow the Dragonborn in as usual, and the quest can proceed as if he is still alive.
  • Fight : In a fight, she summons two level-dependent Atronachs (which can be looted for frost , fire , or void salts when defeated, as they are not the result of a Conjuration spell ), which appear in the rooms behind her. She primarily uses frost and lightning Destruction spells , but also uses Restoration spells and periodically teleports around the room. Note that if she is killed before the Atronachs, they disappear.
  • Persuade: She can be persuaded to not fight, allowing the Dragonborn to take the books and leave unhindered (requires 50 Speech ).
  • Assassinate: After speaking with her, if she is still neutral, it is easy to sneak behind her and kill her in one blow.
  • One Hit Kill: If you have a high enough sneak and archery skill, you can one shot her before she summons the atronachs, avoiding damage altogether.

Conclusion [ ]

If an arrangement was made, the door behind the Caller cannot be used. In that case, the Dragonborn can just leave through the entrance door. If not previously dealt with, a Novice Storm Mage will be there to fight at the bottom of the stairs. She can be killed, and the Fellglow Keep key will be on her body. After backtracking to the room where the Apprentice Ice Mage was, the key-locked door to the outside can be used to leave the keep.

If a battle was fought, the three books (located on pedestals, but they may fall onto the floor during the fighting) can be taken, and the Fellglow Keep key can be looted from the Caller. The door directly behind the middle pedestal leads to a lot of loot and a trap door exit, which leads through the barred door and back to Skyrim.

Upon returning to the College of Winterhold , Urag gro-Shub can be spoken with to return the books. He will then offer the quest " Good Intentions ."

Rewards [ ]

  • 2920, vol 09 - Hearth Fire ( Conjuration skill book )
  • Catalogue of Weapon Enchantments ( Enchanting skill book)
  • Daughter of the Niben ( Alteration skill book)
  • Notes on Racial Phylogeny ( Restoration skill book)
  • Response to Bero's Speech ( Destruction skill book)
  • The Black Arts On Trial ( Illusion skill book)

Journal [ ]

Appearances [ ].

  • The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
  • 1 Marriage (Skyrim)
  • 2 Console Commands (Skyrim)
  • 3 Stones of Barenziah

Skyrim:Hitting the Books

skyrim find 3 books

Quick Walkthrough [ edit ]

  • Speak with Urag gro-Shub .
  • Make your way through Fellglow Keep .
  • (Optional): Free Orthorn .
  • Find the three stolen books.
  • Return the books to the College.

Detailed Walkthrough [ edit ]

The arcanaeum [ edit ].

After the discovery of the mysterious Orb in the depths of Saarthal , a puzzled Tolfdir decides to send you back alone to alert Arch-Mage Savos Aren . Aren turns out to be quite uninterested in the whole affair and sends you along to librarian Urag gro-Shub to research the subject, thus starting this quest. Locate Urag, who can usually be found behind his desk inside the Arcanaeum where he functions as the librarian and keeps a close eye on the College's huge collection of ancient tomes. After warning you about touching any of the books in the library, the old Orc will mention that there may be relevant information in one of three tomes which are no longer in his possession. They were 'borrowed' by an Apprentice named Orthorn who recently, due to a dispute with the College, joined a group of renegade mages in Fellglow Keep . Urag can do nothing for you without the books, and says you'll have to find Orthorn to retrieve the books so the research of the Orb can begin.

On your way out the door you may be approached by Faralda who tells you that the Thalmor visitor, Ancano , wants a word with you. If you do not see Faralda, Ancano will actively seek you out and ask you questions about what was found in Saarthal. During this discussion you can choose to provoke him or not, but he will always get the answer he seeks. Proceed out the door and prepare for Fellglow Keep.

The Dungeons [ edit ]

Fellglow Keep is a large fort located between Whiterun and Windhelm . When you arrive it becomes clear that the residing mages are far from friendly as you will be attacked by two elemental mages and a flame atronach . Dispose of them and locate the entrance to Fellglow Keep Dungeons .

Upon entering, head down the stairs and follow the path as it twists and turns. The second flooded room is guarded by another hostile mage who has been experimenting with frostbite spiders and will send them after you with the words: "Ah, a test subject! Go, my pets! Attack!" Fight the spiders and the mage, then proceed southeast and beware of the pressure plate triggering a dart trap along the way. Before long, you will arrive in a room filled with cages containing some very unusual prisoners, specifically leveled vampires . You can use the four handles to release them, or pick their cell locks, and they will cause havoc in the next room before leaving the dungeon peacefully. The next room reveals that several experiments were conducted on vampires as bodies are everywhere. Locate the northeastern tunnel and listen to the sound of wolves howling. In the next room are more cages and another hostile mage, seemingly another experiment chamber. Dispose of the mage and inspect the cages. Apart from the wolves, you will also find the renegade mage Orthorn , seemingly imprisoned by the mages he thought of as friends.

Orthorn [ edit ]

skyrim find 3 books

As it turns out, Orthorn was imprisoned as yet another test subject by the mages, despite the fact that he came to Fellglow Keep to help them. You can choose to comfort him by saying Savos Aren sent you to rescue him, or you can simply be honest and say you are there solely for the books. In both cases, Orthorn will offer to help clear out the dungeon and find the missing books, so decide if you want him to tag along. Pull the lever in the middle and he will be released from the cage. He will proceed to explain that the books were taken by someone known as The Caller . If you accept his help you will have to put up with his comments for the rest of a very long trip, although he is a powerful conjurer and wields a lightning bolt spell. If you decline, he will head out of the dungeon peacefully. Regardless of your choice, he is disabled later on and disappears from the game.

Unfortunately, the nearby door leading to Fellglow Keep is locked (key required), so you will have to take the long path. Go through the wooden door and make your way through the trashed tunnels. The next chamber has three fire mages training destruction spells on a living vampire in a cage, so be on your guard when they notice you. You can find a copy of The Legend of Red Eagle on the table in the middle of the room. Take the northern path and you will reach the undercroft, which is guarded by necromancers . There is a pedestal with a copy of Spell Tome:Raise Zombie just before the stairs leading to the next zone, Fellglow Keep.

Fellglow Keep [ edit ]

There is a small table at the end of the hallway before the stairs that has a coin purse and an easily missed Black Soul Gem behind a book. The first chamber of Fellglow Keep is guarded by a conjurer and an ice mage and has the Conjuration skill book The Doors of Oblivion on a pedestal. Open the eastern door and fight the patrolling necromancer, then proceed through the chambers and fight all the enemies in the room with multiple paths. A locked door (key required) leads outside while the eastern door leads to the sleeping quarters and more enemies. Check all the shelves for rare books, then head up the stairs. The room to the west holds an Unusual Gem so make sure to pick it up. Take the adjacent path and head upstairs to a room filled with shelves and the Destruction skill book A Hypothetical Treachery on a table. Proceed forward and make sure to check behind the closed doors for some extra loot. One of the doors is locked but pick the lock and find a shrine to Julianos and a wealth of ingredients. Open the wooden door to the north and start climbing the tower. Before long you will reach the Fellglow Ritual Chamber and an encounter with the Caller .

The Caller [ edit ]

skyrim find 3 books

You arrive in the ritual chamber right away and the Caller awaits you, right in the center. She will, however, remain calm and be strangely polite towards you: "So, you're the one who barged into my home and laid waste to my projects. How nice to meet you." While she is obviously insane, you will have two dialogue options to choose from; either ask her who she is or ask for the three books. The first option will make her respond, "Names no longer matter. You may refer to me as The Caller. Now, do you have a reason for making such a mess?" When you ask her for the books she will be disappointed: "So you're just one of Aren's lackeys? That's disappointing. You show real promise. You come here, kill my assistants, disrupt my work... You've annoyed me, so I don't think I'll be giving you anything."

At this point it is actually possible to persuade her to let you have the books. Alternatively, if you brought Orthorn along with you, you can negotiate with her for the books. She will then say, "An arrangement? After you've destroyed so much? Fine. Leave me the elf. You may go with your books." You have to walk up to the Caller and start a conversation. Agree to her conditions, then pick up the book. If you simply pick up a book without doing this she will attack you. If you didn't bring Orthorn, she will say, "I'm afraid you don't have anything worth trading." Dispose of her and claim the three books (two of the books are behind the Caller on pedestals; lifting either will spawn a Flame or Frost Atronach, depending on your level). If Orthorn is still there, you can have a brief conversation with him which he ends with: "You'll be going back to the College, then? I, uhh... I think perhaps I'll wait a bit before venturing there myself. Let this whole thing blow over, you know. Give certain parties a chance to forget what I may have done. Still, you've gotten me out of that cage, and I won't forget it. Thank you again, and good luck to you." Find the exit and leave Fellglow Keep. You may still need to kill the Caller to obtain the key to the exit.

Night of Tears [ edit ]

When you arrive back at the College, you will find that Tolfdir has returned from Saarthal and placed the Orb in the Hall of the Elements . Head into the Arcanaeum and locate Urag gro-Shub. Out of the three books, Night of Tears , The Last King of the Ayleids , and Fragment: On Artaeum , he will be particularly interested in the first one, as it has some interesting implications. The quest ends with him handing you a bunch of books as reward (see this section ) and asks you to speak to Tolfdir. The next quest, Good Intentions , will then start.

Rewards [ edit ]

Upon returning the books to Urag gro-Shub, he will give you several skill books , one for each school of magic. The books are:

  • Alteration : Daughter of the Niben
  • Conjuration : 2920, Hearth Fire, v9
  • Destruction : Response to Bero's Speech
  • Enchanting : Catalogue of Weapon Enchantments
  • Illusion : The Black Arts On Trial
  • Restoration : Racial Phylogeny

Notes [ edit ]

  • At stage 60 of this quest, the Eye of Magnus is invisibly moved from Saarthal to the Hall of the Elements . Tolfdir also returns to the College at this time, allowing you to start his quest .
  • There is another book called Last King of the Ayleids . You need to find The Last King of the Ayleids . The text is the same, but the other book will not work for this quest.
  • Even if you didn't kill anyone by sneaking through the dungeons, the Caller will blame you with the same dialogue : "You come here, kill my assistants..." .
  • While the Caller will not accept a dead Orthorn in exchange for the books, it is possible to trick her into accepting the deal even if he dies. If Orthorn's corpse is reanimated prior to entering the Ritual Chamber, he will follow the player in as normal, and the quest can proceed as if he is still alive.

Bugs [ edit ]

  • If you collect the books before talking to Orthorn he may not recognize it when you free him. Messing with the levers can eventually trigger a quest update for him being freed.
  • Killing the Caller will allow you to obtain the key from her corpse.

Quest Stages [ edit ]

  • The following empty quest stages were omitted from the table: 0.

Stages 10 and 20 are unused.

  • Any text displayed in angle brackets (e.g., <Alias=LocationHold> ) is dynamically set by the Radiant Quest system, and will be filled in with the appropriate word(s) when seen in game.
  • Not all Journal Entries may appear in your journal; which entries appear and which entries do not depends on the manner in which the quest is done.
  • Stages are not always in order of progress. This is usually the case with quests that have multiple possible outcomes or quests where certain tasks may be done in any order. Some stages may therefore repeat objectives seen in other stages.
  • If an entry is marked as "Finishes Quest" it means the quest disappears from the Active Quest list, but you may still receive new entries for that quest.
  • On the PC, it is possible to use the console to advance through the quest by entering setstage MG03 stage , where stage is the number of the stage you wish to complete. It is not possible to un-complete (i.e. go back) quest stages, but it is possible to clear all stages of the quest using resetquest MG03 .
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Skyrim Wiki

Hitting the Books

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The Arch-Mage has requested you go seek Urag gro-Shub for assistance in finding out what the artefact, an ominous rotating sphere, that was unearthed in Saarthal is and what it does.

Walkthrough [ | ]

Speak to urag gro-shub [ | ].

The Arch-Mage first sends you to Urag gro-Shub , the Librarian of the college. You can find him at the Arcanaeum . Just head back the way you came and turn left and down the stairs to get to the Arcanaeum. Urag can usually be found behind the desk at the far end of the library. Talk to him and he will tell you that the books were lent out to a mage known as Orthorn who has disappeared. He was last seen at Fellglow Keep and Urag wants you to recover the books. So head to Fellglow Keep.

Find the stolen books (3) [ | ]

Outside the keep, there will be three mages and a Flame Atronach hanging around outside the dungeon. Two will be near the entrance, one will be atop a watchtower in the centre and the atronach will be in the remains of a ruined tower nearby. Kill them and make your way into the keep.

The entrance to the dungeons can be found in the ruined tower where the Atronach was. So go there and enter the dungeon. You will be in a short corridor that opens up into a flooded room with two Frostbite Spiders and an Apprentice Ice Mage sitting at a table on the second level. The mage will use mainly Ice Spike as well as using a Lesser Ward to protect himself. He will heal when he is low on life. When he is dead, go down the corridor to the right. Mind the pressure plate that will trigger poison darts across the corridor at the base of the stairs.

There will be a room with some loot on the left hand side on the way down the corridor. Just before you enter the next room, there will be an Ice Rune on the floor. Blast it to trigger it from afar or just walk through. There is a Novice Conjurer in this room that will come running once the rune triggers. She will mainly use Flames. Once she is dead, you can use the four levers by the exit to release the caged vampires who will run into the next room to start attacking the mages there. The vampires will usually die pretty fast, but you can pickpocket them and place some weapons and armour in their inventory to give them a fair shot.

Either wait until the confusion dies down or wade in and start blasting indiscriminately. There are 3 mages in that room, a Novice Fire Mage, Novice Conjurer and an Ice Mage. Once they are dead, continue down the corridor into another circular room with jails lining the wall. At the far end will be a Novice Storm Mage. The moment he spots you, he will run to the levers in the centre and begin releasing the monsters inside. There are two Wolves that will run out to attack you if you are not quick enough.

At this point you can finish the optional quest. Just pull the middle lever and speak to Orthorn when he is out to ask him where the books are. He tells you that the leader of the mages in the keep has taken an interest in the books and has taken them from him. Beside the jail with the Wolves, there is a corridor that leads deeper into the dungeons and ends at a firing range of sorts for mages. There are three mages in here; a Novice Ice Mage, and two Apprentice Fire Mages.

Go back the way you came and up the wide flight of stairs. At the top there will be a wide corridor with coffins on either side and two Novice Necromancers at the end. When you enter, skeletons will start rising from the coffins. Kill them all and head towards the coffin at the end where one more weak skeleton will rise. Kill it and take the exit to the left to Fellglow Keep.

Run around the corner into a large room with a Novice Conjurer and a Novice Storm Mage. Either will flee when low on life to a door at the back of the room. In the room beyond, there will be a Novice Necromancer that will help them. On a pedestal in the first room where the Novice Conjurer was standing is a book that will raise your Conjuration skill.

Now go past the room where the Novice Necromancer was and head down the hall. At the end of the hall you will exit into a room with a familiar behind some desks and an Apprentice Ice Mage on the second level. A Novice Storm Mage, Novice Conjurer and Familiar will show up from the doorway on the second level to the left of the staircase. Inside the room on the other side of the staircase there is a Stone of Barenziah along with an Alchemy Lab and an Arcane Enchanter.

When you are ready head up the staircase in the room where the Storm Mage and Conjurer appeared from and you will be in a circular room filled with bookshelves. Head out the exit on the other side and around the corridor and you will be greeted by a Flame Atronach. Go into the door it was guarding to the Fellglow Keep Ritual Chamber.

Inside this chamber is The Caller, the boss of this place and the one who stole the books. If Orthorn is still alive at this point, you can negotiate with The Caller to let you take the books and leave in exchange for leaving Orthorn behind. If he is dead or if you choose not to leave Orthorn, you will begin combat. She teleports around the room to any of the three books and summons a Flame Atronach to help her. Alternatively, you may choose to leave Orthorn behind, sneak around behind her and backstab her anyway.

Once you have the books, it is time to return to the College.

Free Orthorn (Optional) [ | ]

You free Orthorn just before the end of the Fellglow Keep Dungeons in a circular room with jail cells. He can be released by pulling the middle lever in the centre of the room.

Return the books [ | ]

Back at the College, go down to the Arcaneum and report to Urag. He will thank you for the books and reward you with 6 skill books that will raise each one of your mage skills by one. Speak to him again and he will tell you that he has identified the strange artefact and that you are to go find Tolfdir in the Hall of Elements. This launches the Good Intentions follow-up quest.

  • 1 Daedric Relic (quest)
  • 2 Folgunthur
  • 3 Coral Dragon Claw

Skyrim: Hitting The Books College Of Winterhold Quest Walkthrough

How The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim deals with late fees.

Quick Links

Starting hitting the books, entering fellglow keep, clearing fellglow keep dungeons, reaching the books.

Having made a strange discovery under Saarthal, the Arch-Mage of the College has asked you to visit the Arcanaeum and look for books on the topic. A quick visit to the library ends in failure as you learn that the books have been stolen by a student. The good news is that you won't have to search Skyrim for them.

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Naturally, these overdue books must be retrieved with extreme prejudice. Urag gro-Shub knows that they're in a place called Fellglow Keep. You need to get inside and fight through rogue mages to retrieve the stolen library books for the good of the College.

You start this quest immediately after finishing Under Saarthal when Arch-Mage Savos asks you to research the mysterious orb found at the dig site. You need only go downstairs to the Arcanaeum and speak to its caretaker Urag gro-Shub about relevant books.

Urag will not be able to help you. A student had a disagreement with the College and stole the books , including the only one that had any clues . Urag tells you that the student brought the books to Fellglow Keep in Whiterun Hold and suggests that you retrieve the books yourself.

Though not a quest objective, Ancano will be looking for you to learn more about the Orb . The outcome of the conversation remains the same, but you decide how it plays out.

Fellglow Keep is northeast of Whiterun , near the mountains. You will encounter several mages and a flame atronach as you approach. Unfortunately, they immediately turn hostile and attack you.

Defeat them and look for a set of partially buried ruins. You will be able to enter Fellglow Keep Dungeons from there.

This section of the hideout is a waterlogged, mage-infested slog through your enemies and their experiments. Your first encounter will be with a mage and a pair of Frostbite Spiders they kept as pets. Head up the stairs and go through a passage at the back, taking the door on the left .

There is a small treasure room and the end of the passage.

Mind the pressure plates on the ground as you make your way to a room of imprisoned vampires . There will be a lone, powerful mage here that you will have to kill. Releasing the vampires will have them charge into the next room. Otherwise, you can ignore them .

The next notable room is one that sports a trio of cages with wolves trapped inside . A mage will rush to a set of levers, using them to free the wolves . Ignore the stairs and take the other exit to reach the next room.

You can find Orthorn, the student that stole the books, here. He is imprisoned by the mages . Free him to learn more about this organization and even have him assist you for the rest of the dungeon.

After a few more difficult rooms, you will find a pair of necromancers . You will be able to take a Spell Tome: Raise Zombie from the room. The entrance to Fellglow Keep is also here.

Fellglow Keep will have more rooms of individual mages practicing magic. They will often be accompanied by familiars or zombies. The section itself is fairly linear, with a final room containing a powerful mage and a summoned Frost Atronach . Here, go up the stairs and head left .

The door on the right has an Unusual Gem used for the quest No Stone Unturned . You should try not to miss it if you plan to complete the quest.

You will need to start climbing up the dungeon . Eventually, you will reach a hallway with a Flame Atronach at the end of it. This will be the final room before reaching Fellglow Ritual Chamber , where the books are kept.

Defeating The Caller

The final enemy of Fellglow Keep is a powerful mage called The Caller . Though she is immensely displeased with you , it is possible to persuade her to let you take a single book . Alternatively, if you brought Orthorn with you, he can be traded for the book .

Attempting to take either of the books she keeps for herself will summon an atronach and turn her hostile .

If you do end up fighting her, you will find that she is more challenging than the foes you have already fought. While she has the same attacks as the other mages in the dungeon, she will teleport between pedestals when threatened . She will also summon two atronachs at the start of the fight

As a mage, using Shock magic on her will drain her Magicka reserves, and if you can handle the damage, hammering her with Power Attacks will stop her from using her most powerful spells.

Return to the College to end the quest by speaking to Urag gro-Shub and start the next one, Good Intentions.

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