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Categories:  Age 4-7  /  Age 8-12

“What’s to wonder about water?”, you might ask. Professor Ture will tell you why.  Filled with compelling illustrations, this free children’s book takes a dive  into a whirlpool of knowledge about the ubiquitous water that we often take for granted.

stories books online


Something magical was happening in the fish bowl  and he wasn’t  quite ready for what lay in store.  Read this captivating free illustrated book for kids that encourages them to explore and be awed by the many wonders of nature. 

stories books online


Categories:  Age 0-3  /  Age 4-7

Is there ever an ordinary day at the beach? Read what happens when a flea, a dog and a hog meet on a warm sunny day by the sea.  This Free Children’s Book is great read for children aged 3 to 8. 

stories books online


Looking for a Free Bedtime story books? Jim and Jen are going to the zoo and the drive never seems to end. EVER! They just made a song for the road and the tune is growing on mom and dad.Let’s tap our feet and sing along..

stories books online


Dragons come in many shapes and sizes and speak different tongues. Some are mean, some are kind, some have legs while some don’t. No matter what they all have one thing in common..they grab eyes wherever they go.  Join our free children’s book giveaway to read more about these wonderful creatures.

stories books online


Mandy and grandpa went on a hike . But it was more than that. Together they explored the woods, learnt to be at peace with nature and talked their hearts out about things that mattered. It was a special bond between them and you’ve got to read this great free illustrated children’s book to experience it. Happy Exploring!!

stories books online


Sandy chances upon an old treasure map and as the events roll out one after another, he becomes richer both by pennies and by thoughts. Here’s a treasure hunt to embark upon  in this free children’s storybook. Sail Away Captain! The seven seas are yours.

stories books online


Shh!  Did you hear that? The jungle’s saying a story and you cannot afford to miss it. A colorful narrative set in the woods..camouflaged as a free children’s dog story. Happy Reading!

stories books online


Jimmy’s starting school and he doesn’t know what’s in store. One step at a time, slowly but surely, he made it to the school bus. And off he went! Just like that. The illustrations in the free bed time book for children evoke sweet memories of that very special first day at school.

stories books online


He thought he was the Lord of the Farm. He thought he was Boss. But his vanity was short lived and soon he learnt a lesson he’ll never forget. Follow this funny and thoughtful story of a certain farm we chanced upon in this free bedtime storybook.

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Storybooks Brought To Life

Vooks is an entire library of storybooks brought to life with beautiful animation, read-aloud narration, engaging music and sound, and read-along text. We’re educational, safe, and ad-free screen time that inspires a lifelong love of reading! And now, you can become the narrator of your favorite Vooks stories with our newest feature, Storyteller!

A whole new way to do storytime for kids!

Vooks running on multiple types of devices

The magic ingredients:

Want to see more, check out our collection of free stories below.

stories books online

Join today for access to over 350 storybooks brought to life!

Vooks is one of our favorite learning tools. It is part of our homeschool routine and is definitely something my girls look forward to every afternoon. It’s extra fun when we check out some of the titles from our library and they recognize them! — Faith, United States

My daughter just loves Vooks. The books are so beautifully chosen and have such lovely messages. The illustrations are also stunning and so captivating. I don’t mind letting my child have some screen time, especially when it is a book from Vooks. — Peta, South Africa

My kids love Vooks! If we have the hard copy of a book on Vooks, my kids will read along and touch the pages of their book and giggle. My son is a visual learner, so he’s really taken a lot in. I love how Vooks is inclusive and has a wide range of genres. — Jenny, United States

My three children all love Vooks! It’s a real treat for them, the animations are gorgeous, and the bonus is that their reading skills are improving as we watch. — Melissa, Australia

Vooks is amazing! It has a calmness to it that other online stories do not have. We love Vooks! — Molly, United States

Excellent content that is high quality, educational, and engaging! My child loves the variety of stories and I am quite impressed with the growth of vocabulary she’s gained. — AJ, Canada

Iz and Norb with Blubs

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Storyberries Bedtime Stories Short Stories for Kids and free books

Spot My Spots

Sacha is a leopard. She's one year old. And her mother is teaching her how to hide. Can YOU see Sacha?

stories books online

Who Took My Shoe?

Jabulani has lost his school shoe. He can’t find it anywhere. Where can it be?

The Friendly Ghost halloween stories header

The Friendly Ghost

Wee Ghost has no friends, but he's frightened! How will he find friends this Halloween?

Bedtime stories The Dark is Friendly short stories for kids header

The Dark is Friendly

The dark might feel scary... but it is actually very friendly! A story to soothe Halloween fears.

Bedtime stories The Box short stories for kids header

Dad comes home with a box. Boring. Until Max and Andi’s friends come to play… What will they do with the box?

Bedtime Stories Frogs Starry Wish Free Kids Books Online header

Frog’s Starry Wish

Frog sees the stars, and longs to touch them.

Bedtime stories Koah Koala short stories for kids about birthdays header

Koah Koala is having his first birthday! He's about to discover how fun it is to be One!

Bedtime Stories Manu Mixes Clay and Sunshine header

Manu Mixes Clay and Sunshine

Manu, his father and grandfather make pottery, and share a love of their work.

Fairy tale illustration for Hans Christian Andersen Pea Blossom story

The Pea Blossom

Five peas in a shell discover their destinies...

Fairy Tales A Midsummer Nights Dream William Shakespeare header

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

The famous Shakespeare fairy tale in ten minutes, with classical art illustrations.

stories books online

Kai And The Very Crazy Day

One morning Kai wakes up and everything is a little... strange. What could be going on?!

Bedtime Stories for Xmas A Pillowcase Is Just Too Big short Christmas stories for kids header

A Pillowcase Is Just Too Big!

Charlie wants to use a whole pillowcase instead of a Christmas stocking! Will Santa think he is too greedy?

Illustration of black bird in garden for bedtime story Johnny Crow's Garden

Johnny Crow’s Garden

A charming picture book about all sorts of crazy animal capers in a garden!

Illustration for Beatrix Potter Jemima Puddleduck bedtime story for children

The Tale of Jemima Puddleduck

Jemima Puddle-duck goes on a quest to hatch her own eggs.

Bedtime Stories A Street or A Zoo short stories for kids header

A Street? Or A Zoo?

Three friends find all sorts of interesting animals in their street!

bedtime stories Your Magic Light by Jade Maitre short stories for kids header

Your Magic Light

A story about the beauty and love your special light can bring to others, and how it spreads from one person to everyone!

Tiger Kingdom The Book of Destiny header illustration

Tiger Kingdom and the Book of Destiny

Suzie dreams of tigers rushing past on the streets outside her bedroom. Her twin brother Jack tells her it was only a dream, but was it?

Bedtime stories Newmon Monster Me Free Kids Comic header

Newmon – Monster Me Comics!

Newmon keeps stealing people's pens... but then the bully is bullied. What is the best solution?

stories books online

Carrot Shenanigans with Pirate Petey!

Pirate Petey and his best mate Georgia roam the high seas in search of carrots. But a rabbit is on their tail!

Fairy tales The Blinded Giant by Joseph Jacobs

The Blinded Giant

A giant keeps Jack prisoner for seven years... until finally he makes his escape!

Halloween ghost stories The Courteous Prince illustration

The Courteous Prince

A Prince meets a strange ghost in an inn, who asks him to do her a favour.

Japanese fairy tales The Old Man Who Made Withered Trees Blossom illustration

The Story of the Old Man Who Made Withered Trees to Flower

An old man loves his dog, who brings him tragic heartache and good luck.

Short stories for kids Tigs World free picture book header

Tig’s World

Tig wants to know why, if the earth is round, people don't fall off the bottom. But Mum and Dad can't agree!

Bedtime stories I Can Try I Can Fly short motivational books for kids

I Can Try, I Can Fly!

Little Sparrow has a big flying test. Jumping from the nest is a scary thing. But with the encouragement of his parents, he'll learn to find his wings.

Scared Tumi free short stories for kids header illustration

Scared Tumi

Tumi is scared of many things... but Mummy tells him there are so many people to help him.

Short stories for kids Rosco St Patricks Day Parade header

Rosco the Rascal at the St Patrick’s Day Parade

Plucky puppy Sparks is lost... and Mandy thinks it's a leprechaun's fault !

Fairy Tales The Princess and the Goblin illustration

The Princess and the Goblin

The fairy tale of a Princess, a boy, a magical Grandmother and an army of Goblins.

Fairy tales and bedtime stories Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll illustration cheshire cat

Alice in Wonderland

When Alice follows a white rabbit down a hole, things get curiouser and curiouser!

Free online comics Pepper and Carrot episode 20 header illustration

Pepper and Carrot Comic – Episode 20

When a herd of unicorns pass, a sad little donkey wishes he was more like them.

Free online comics Pepper and Carrot episode 17 header illustration

Pepper and Carrot Comic – Episode 17

Pepper and Carrot leave the Fairy Godmothers because they think they're not learning enough... but will they survive?

Pepper and Carrot free childrens comic header illustration

Pepper and Carrot Comic – Episode 3

Pepper makes preparations to win a potion competition, with a little help from her friend Carrot!

Nursery rhymes The North Wind Doth Blow kids songs

The North Wind Doth Blow

The north wind doth blow, and we shall have snow...

Nursery rhymes Monday's Child is Fair of Face poems for kids illustration 1

Monday’s Child

Monday's child is fair of face... Tuesday's child is full of grace...

Nursery rhymes Jack a Nory kids songs

Jack a Nory

I’ll tell you a story, about Jack a Nory...

Twas the Night Before Christmas poem - illustration of Santa lifting weights

Twas the Night Before Christmas

One of the all-time classic christmas poems about a man's encounter with Santa Claus.

Poems for kids The Glugs of Gosh by CJ Dennis cover illustration

The Glugs of Gosh

The enchanting poem about the Glugs who live in Gosh, a land of adventures and magic.

Illustration for animated kids poem Bug

Bug – A Motion Poem

A story about a little girl who killed an insect and is sorry about it.

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30 Free Online Classic Storybooks for Kids

Image of a girl reading a storybook online

1. Mr. McKay – the Winter Coat Thief

2. becca’s wild moose chase, 3. the guardians of lore, 4. the rescue, 5. the hike, 6. the journey of the marmabill, 7. fox + chick: the sleepover, 9. thumbelina, 10. sofa boy, best storybooks online for kids of different age groups.

Do you remember when our parents used to read us stories during the leisure period or before bedtime? As parents ourselves in the 21st century, we have become so swamped that we hardly get time to read stories to our little ones. But you must know that reading storybooks to kids have many benefits. So, here is the best list of storybooks online that you can read out to your little one, whether at bedtime or during the day!

Here are some online reading games to educate and engage your kids!

stories books online

If you ever feel a warm breeze on a freezing winter day, keep your coat on because it could be Mr. McKay at work! The best part about this story is that it is a rhyming bedtime tale about keeping your jacket on when it’s bitterly cold outside. Recommended for ages 5-7 Read it here

SplashLearn: Most Comprehensive Learning Program for PreK-5

Product logo

SplashLearn inspires lifelong curiosity with its game-based PreK-5 learning program loved by over 40 million children. With over 4,000 fun games and activities, it’s the perfect balance of learning and play for your little one.

stories books online

The narrative of Becca’s Wild Moose Chase is about a bumblebee and a moose. Following an unfortunate first encounter and a chase across the prairie, the pair forgets their differences and become best friends, viewing each other as family. This fun rhyming story of love and forgiveness will appeal to preschool children.  

Read it here

stories books online

While drawing in class, Cal, a 12-year-old student at Stanwood School, observes a frog staring at him through the glass. The actuality that this frog is wearing spectacles is even weirder. Cal and his best friend, Soy, investigate that the frog known as Deli has shown up to them for a reason. Filled with mystery, action & much more, this storybook promises heaps of fun to your little ones! This story is recommended for elementary school students. Read it here

stories books online

The plot revolves around a lonely street dog who has no friends & is alone. But soon, he meets a companion. Read this story to your kids and help them discover the true power of Jesus Christ’s love.

Suitable for kids aged between 3 to 5

stories books online

In this story, Mandy and Grandpa explore the woods together. They also learn to be in harmony with nature and discuss important issues. To help kids understand the special bond between grandparents & grandchildren, read this fantastic & free illustrated children’s book to your little one. 

Suitable for ages 3-5

stories books online

Follow Marmabill on her journey through the rainforest, where she encounters fantastical creatures such as wugs, tankadiggies, and flying feathers. Through her journey, Marmabill discovers the true meaning of home. 

Recommended for ages 3-6 Read it here

stories books online

This collection of short stories follows two friends – Frog and Chick, as they work out their differences and eventually come to terms. Fox and Chick have a sleepover, look for a lost hammer, and throw a surprise party in this third book in the series. The relatable storylines and humorous tone make this an enjoyable way for young readers to learn about friendship. Suitable for ages 5-8 Read it here

stories books online

Gemma is a middle-grade novel about a curious explorer and her ring-tailed lemur, Milo, as they search for the world’s greatest treasure. Gemma’s adventures take her from a young girl to a brave captain whose only limits are the stars as she solves riddles, battles a bell-wearing jaguar and travels the Eight Seas. 

A story for ages 5+ Read it here

stories books online

A couple who cannot have children is miraculously blessed with a baby girl—but not just any baby girl. This Hans Christian Andersen classic, updated by Tom Roberts, will encapsulate your child’s heart and fantasy. 

A story for ages 2-6 Read it here

stories books online

A young child discovers that spending all day on his sofa playing computer games is fun. His disregard for good hygiene, clean air, and exercise wreaks havoc on his young body, and before long, the little lad becomes a prisoner of his design. Sofa Boy is a humorous and beautifully illustrated narrative that teaches children moral values & promises laughter.

A story for ages 4-8 Read here

11. Ivy+ Bean

stories books online

Bean, one of the story’s protagonists, pulls a prank on her sister, and she receives unexpected support from Ivy, the new neighbor. Characters that are vibrant and full of humor make this a charming and addictive start to a new series. 

Suitable for ages 5-7 Read here

12. The Calico Cat

stories books online

Carmen, a rather mean and demanding cat, is distraught when a new family member arrives. She is even more upset when a very active kitten joins the household. A beautifully illustrated story with rhymed text that demonstrates the benefits of treating pets with love and patience. A story for kids of ages 5-10 Read here

13. Diary of the 5th Grade Outlaw

stories books online

This is a hilarious diary-style illustrated novel. A bully at school rules recess with an unfair playground tax in this first book. After a disastrous summer, all Robin can think about is regaining her best friend, Mary Ann. But to do so, she must become a legendary outlaw at Nottingham Elementary at any cost. Suitable for ages 8-12 Read here

14. Anne Bonny: Pirate Queen of the Caribbean

stories books online

According to many sailors, women were once considered bad luck on ships. But Anne Bonny quickly disproved them! This fearless pirate holds her own during raids and battles, wielding a pistol and a dagger to dispatch foes. Suitable for ages 8-12 Read here

15. Book 1 of Unicorn Island

stories books online

The story’s protagonist, Sam, first emerges in Foggy Harbor, a suburb of only 3,230 people. All she sees is a tiny, boring town far from home. And knowing she’ll be stuck there all summer with her grumpy Uncle Mitch only adds to her misery. Read this fascinating storybook & help your kids explore their adventures. 

Suitable for ages 8-10 Read here

16. Opposites! And The Life Lessons They Teach Us 

stories books online

This one-of-a-kind book dives deep into the idea of opposites by investigating the life lessons that opposites can teach us. What, for example, can we learn from the opposites, build and destroy? We cry when something is damaged, but we don’t give up: we rebuild it, bigger and better this time! With this charming book, you can give your child a simple beginning to significant life lessons. Suitable for kids ages 4-8 Read here

17. Topaz and the Plum-Gista Stone

stories books online

When the great owl is struck by a mysterious illness, Topaz and his companions enter a forbidden land to search for the stolen magical cure. This story is sure to keep young readers turning pages from beginning to end. 

Suitable for ages 6-12 Read here

18. Hide and Seek

stories books online

Hide and Seek is based on the adventures of a girl (Sally) and her friends, who first fell into a deep dark hole in the ground, and then found a treasure. Suitable for ages 2-5 Read here

19. The Little Gingerbread Man

stories books online

An older woman, who lives with her husband, bakes a gingerbread man, who escapes from the oven and runs away. The woman and her husband follow him but are unsuccessful in catching him. Suitable for ages 18 months – 2 years Read here

20. Stop & Go

stories books online

This fun book explores the words’ stop’ and ‘go’ in various situations to develop a feeling of caution in the kids. 

21. Learning about ‘No’

stories books online

This story is about the word ‘No.’ Many individuals believe that “No” is not a positive word & that children should not use it. Although the world is increasingly becoming a “Yes” world, “No” may still have a place. 

A story for ages 2-8 Read here

22. Jessie The Rabbit

stories books online

The forest animals tease Jessie, the rabbit, about his shy behavior. However, when a friend is in danger, the nervous Jessie saves the day because of his bravery and quick thinking. Suitable for ages 2-8 Read it here

23. Invisible Alligators

stories books online

Little Sari realizes that unseen alligators are silently causing problems for her and everyone else. 

Suitable for ages 3-8 Read it here

24. Catch a moon

stories books online

This is the story of a brother and sister who desire to catch the moon and discover an innovative way to fly using their imaginations. 

Suitable for ages 6-10 Read here

25. Up in the Air

stories books online

This is a story about a little boy who loves all the things that can fly. It will undoubtedly make your kids wish for a pair of wings & give them the confidence to fly in life. A story for elementary school students Read here

26. The Monkey and The Crocodile

stories books online

Once upon a time, the monkey and the crocodile became friends, but the crocodile’s evil wife had other motives. She desires to eat the monkey’s heart. Suitable for ages 3-5 Read the full story here .

27. I found a Frog

stories books online

I Found a Frog is a fairy tale about a tadpole’s transformation into a frog. It’s entertaining, and educational, and will bring a wide smile to your child’s face. Suitable for ages 4-10 To learn more about this story, read it here .

28. A Dog on a Log

stories books online

Once upon a time, on a lovely sunny day by the sea – a dog, flea, and hog met. Suitable for ages 3-8 Read the full story here to know what happened on a bright sunny day .

29. Buzzy Bee’s Night Out

stories books online

This is the fantastic story of a buzzy bee who is unlike any other and travels out at night searching for a delectable flower. Suitable for ages 3-5 Read here

30. Jimmy’s first day of school

stories books online

Jimmy’s first day of school is a story of a boy ‘Jimmy’ who starts school for the first time. It is a story that prepares young readers for different life transitions that they will face. Suitable for ages 2-6 You can read the full story here .

Reading isn’t the only solution to assist your child in developing their language and literacy skills. Telling stories and singing songs together are also excellent practices for developing early literacy skills, and your child will most likely have a fun time doing it. You and your child may enjoy making up stories or sharing family stories. The songs, stories, and interactions you share with your child will help them learn words and develop language skills. There are numerous advantages to reading stories to children. The 30 storybooks mentioned above are free & you can read them with your little ones at any given time! 

Here are more online educational resources and printable worksheets for kids that will help with their learning experience and make them smarter.

stories books online

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stories books online

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The Enchanted Deer

stories books online

A deer transforms into a beautiful girl and visits the village in search of a husband. A Hausa story from Nigeria.

Listen to our stories on our app without any display advertisements.

Halloween Writing Competition Results 2023

stories books online

The fantastic results of our Halloween Writing Competition 2023

 Sadie the Black Swan of Storynory

Double, double toil and trouble;

Double, double toil and trouble;

Some Halloween Shakespeare! The witches chants Macbeth. Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn and caldron bubble!

The Dutch Hotel: The Ghost Writer

The Dutch Hotel: The Ghost Writer

Get in the mood for Halloween with a story from our spooky series, the Dutch Hotel. Every autumn, renowned historical novelist Angus MacPeabody works on his latest creation in Room 13, drawing inspiration from an old typewriter…. and perhaps from the ghosts of the hotel’s past.

The Miracles of St Francis of Assisi

The Miracles of St Francis of Assisi

Of all the saints, St. Francis of Assisi stands out for his deep love for animals and nature. His day is celebrated on the 4th of October, and it’s a time when people around the world remember his teachings of peace and kindness towards all creatures.

Halloween Writing Competition!

Halloween Writing Competition!

Halloween is on the way, so hurry up and get writing! Send us your spooky story by midnight London Time on October 20,2023. And We will read out the winning story here on Storynory!

The Clever Parrot and the Laid-Back Cat

The Clever Parrot and the Laid-Back Cat

A vigilant parrot and a carefree cat are friends with very different personalities. When their lives change all of a sudden, how will they both fare in their new environment?

Damsel the Elephant

Damsel the Elephant

Damsel the King’s favourite elephant, until one day she starts keeping bad company. A Jatarka fable from ancient India.

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stories books online

People also ask

What is the most popular bedtime story?

The most popular bedtime story is Candy King. It’s the most read story at Sooper Books and has held onto this title for a whopping two years. Second in popularity is The Ogglebogs story series and in third place is the Dumpling story series. Candy King is a funny rhyme about a child that eats too much candy. You’ll be surprised to find out what happens to him! The most popular series is The Ogglebogs which follows the adventures of some very friendly aliens and dumpling is about a young girl called Bonnie Fields who goes on many magical adventures in her dreams. In the fairy tale category the most popular stories are Cinderella, The Princess And The Pea, and The Three Little Pigs. Can you guess which takes the top spot? It’s The Princess And The Pea, of course! The Three Little Pigs is second and Cinderella is third.

Why our premium quality kids stories are free

If you’re looking for children's stories to read for free, you’re in the right place. At Sooper Books you can find hundreds of free kids bedtime stories. When we started looking for free stories online we were a little surprised by the low quality and decided this needed to change. We believe everyone should be able to access quality stories. All you need is internet access and a digital device. Most of our readers prefer to use their phones (as do we) however you can get the same experience on tablets and computers.

Do the stories have audiobooks?

Yes, all Sooper Books stories come read aloud by our fabulous narrator, Phil. If any parents want to learn how to read a children's story like a pro you will be able to tell a good bedtime story after listening to a few Sooper Books narrations.

What are the different types of stories for kids?

A bedtime story could be a fairy tale, a fable or any short story that isn't too scary. Our kid’s stories come in all shapes and sizes, from silly rhymes to slightly more complex storylines. Whether you need stories to make your little one laugh, think or simply get lost in a good old-fashioned bedtime story adventure – we’ve got it all! Our story collection includes brave children, lots of animals (including a scheming wolf or two) princesses, some long hair and many more family-friendly themes. Can you guess which stories we’re talking about?

Why are bedtime stories so important?

We all know a bedtime routine helps to get our little ones off to sleep, and we would argue that a bedtime story is a vital part of the routine. Nighttime stories are an ideal way to end the day, as they help ease children into a peaceful sleep. Bedtime stories for kids are important because they help to create a calming environment, whether nighttime stories are read sitting down or in bed, they encourage us to slow down. Plus did you know reading before bed has been proven to help kids (and adults!) have a better sleep? Studies have shown that reading as little as 6 minutes per day can improve our quality of sleep, reduce stress, and sharpen our mental ability. Plus reading doesn't just help children have a good night's sleep, it helps adults too. We want bedtime routines to be a positive experience for children and parents alike. Our digital books are designed to inspire imagination and creativity in our young readers. Sooper Books has a range of short bedtime stories for kids, from 2 minutes to 5 minutes. These are perfect for a nighttime routine. We know bedtimes can be unpredictable, however a short bedtime story for kids can help create an easier bedtime routine. With so many stories to choose from, you can always find the perfect bedtime story on Sooper Books.

Why do we write bedtime stories for kids?

When we first decided to create a bedtime story for kids, we knew we wanted it to be fun, engaging and high quality. We wanted Sooper Books to bring children's publishing into the 21st century. We strongly believe that nighttime stories for kids need to fit seamlessly into modern family lives which is why our free stories are all online. It began when we started writing stories for our own family. Then our friends and wider families asked for copies and we started to share Sooper Books with other children. At Sooper Books we write, curate and narrate stories for kids so they can enjoy the best quality content, enchanting stories and magical adventures. With our stories we work towards promoting a positive attitude to reading and instil a love of books in children from an early age.

About Sooper Books

Our 5-10 minute online kids bedtime stories, fairy tales, funny rhymes and fables all come with award-winning audio. From short stories for kids to multiple story episodes in our original series collections, our content is sure to make your little ones’ eyes sparkle with delight. At Sooper Books, children can explore the magical world of fairies and witches, brave knights, talking animals and more. Our stories for kids feature an array of characters such as lovable princesses, funny frogs, gentle giants and wise wizards. So whether you're specifically looking for a fairy tale or a rhyme, or maybe you just need some short bedtime stories for kids. Take the stress out of bedtime by reading one of our kids stories today!


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