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How to Score the Best Deals on Air India Flight Booking

Are you planning a trip and looking for the best deals on Air India flight booking? Look no further. In this article, we will share some valuable tips and tricks to help you score the best deals and save money on your next Air India flight.

Plan Ahead and Be Flexible with Your Travel Dates

One of the key factors in securing the best deals on Air India flight booking is planning ahead. Start researching and comparing prices well in advance to get an idea of the average ticket prices for your desired destination. This will help you identify any price fluctuations or seasonal trends.

Additionally, being flexible with your travel dates can significantly impact the price of your ticket. Consider traveling during off-peak seasons or midweek when airlines tend to offer lower fares due to less demand. By adjusting your travel dates by just a few days, you can potentially save a considerable amount of money.

Sign Up for Airfare Alerts and Newsletters

Staying up-to-date with the latest promotions and discounts is crucial when it comes to finding great deals on Air India flight booking. Sign up for airfare alerts and newsletters from various travel websites or directly from Air India’s official website.

These alerts will notify you whenever there are special offers or price drops on flights to your preferred destinations. By being proactive and quick to act upon these notifications, you can secure discounted tickets before they sell out.

Utilize Price Comparison Websites

Price comparison websites are a valuable tool that can help you find the best deals on Air India flights within seconds. These platforms aggregate fares from multiple airlines, including Air India, allowing you to compare prices effortlessly.

Simply enter your travel details, including departure airport, destination, and travel dates, into these websites, and they will generate a list of available flights along with their respective prices. This makes it easy for you to identify the most affordable options without having to visit numerous airline websites individually.

Take Advantage of Air India’s Loyalty Program

If you frequently travel with Air India, joining their loyalty program can be highly beneficial in terms of saving money on flight bookings. Air India offers a loyalty program called “Flying Returns,” which allows you to earn miles every time you fly with them.

These miles can be redeemed for discounted or even free flights in the future. Additionally, members of the loyalty program often receive exclusive offers and priority access to special deals and promotions. By signing up for this program, you can maximize your savings on Air India flight bookings.

In conclusion, scoring the best deals on Air India flight booking requires careful planning, flexibility with travel dates, and utilizing various resources such as airfare alerts and price comparison websites. Additionally, taking advantage of Air India’s loyalty program can provide long-term benefits in terms of discounted flights and exclusive offers. By following these tips, you can save money while enjoying a comfortable and enjoyable journey with Air India.

This text was generated using a large language model, and select text has been reviewed and moderated for purposes such as readability.


writing articles for money in india

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Home » Earn Online » Get Paid For Articles: 20 Amazing Sites That Will Pay You 7000₹

Get Paid For Articles: 20 Amazing Sites That Will Pay You 7000₹

paid for articles

Table of Contents

Out of so many freelance marketplaces, choosing a reliable option matching your expectations can be daunting. This guide will help you choose the best websites that are highly trustworthy and help freelancers by letting them find work easily and getting the work done in a lesser amount of time.

The top-rated websites that we have mentioned in this article will allow the creators to grow and expand at their own pace. They pay freelancers promptly and let them decide what type of work they want to do and the number of clients they can take on.

Best 20 Websites for Freelancers or Creators

We looked into 20 websites that provide fantastic prospects for bloggers and content writers alike. The only thing freelancers must consider while working for these websites is to be patient. Getting their submission approved may require some time.

Want to earn 7000₹ daily copy-paste work with proof of your creative work? Let’s dig into the description and features of all these free earning websites that hire creators and pay them a justified price for their hard work

Fiverr- Best Websites for Freelancers

Fiverr is a platform that boasts of selling a freelance gig every 4 seconds. The platform offers services for Graphics and design, digital marketing, writing and translation, video and animation, music and audio, programming and tech, business and lifestyle and data.

After signing up for Fiverr, the freelancer need to make a gig. Creating a gig is free. Doing this will help the global audience know what services they sell and the price for selling their services.

The individuals or companies searching for creators on Fiverr will send them an offer, which they will get a notification.

Fiverr provides a system for freelancers and customers to discuss the details of their projects. The payment method on the website is easy to understand and is available for withdrawal as soon as the payment clears.

With gig packages, freelancers can earn from $5 to $995. It offers three versions of service at different prices.

2. Longreads

Longreads.com - Best Website to get paid for article

Writers can also check out the Longreads website if they want to get paid for selling their writing services, which pays $350 for completing 1 project and writing per reading list.

The freelancers can submit essays, feature pitches, and reading list ideas to the website. For the reading lists, the writers must write an essay-based introduction and a collection of links to long-form stories according to the theme and curate a List Of Articles.

Essays and columns can be about 2000-6000 words, and the website pays $500 per essay. However, the essays must be researched, critical and authentic, and the earnings vary depending on the quality of reporting and research.

3. Freelancer

Freelancer - Best Freelance Website

The Freelancer website has over 61,927,089 employers and freelancers who are finding projects and submitting their tasks diligently.

At the Freelancer website, writers can find projects on diverse topics posted directly by clients, companies or individuals. The platforms pay the creators for the number of hours they work rather than per word basis.

The unique part of the website is that the writers have to bid on the projects to get the work assigned to them.

As bidding works, the lowest bidder wins, and then the customers can browse the freelancers’ profiles, chat with them, compare the proposals and select the one matching their expectations. This system allows writers to explore various themes and learn how to efficiently negotiate and showcase their skills.

The interface of the website and app is relatively easy to use. The writers have to create an account and then fill in the details regarding their writing niche expertise and experience. The writers can start bidding for projects by searching for clients.

The website gives few free bids initially, after which the writers have to pay a measly sum to bid for any project. The payment could be made using a bank account, Paypal or Articles Insider Website.

4. Listverse

Listverse is a website solely focused on listicles. Thus, freelance writers are expected to submit listicles on different topics. The website clearly states that it does not need experts in a field; anyone can work for them.

All it demands is an unusual and creative take on life, and the writers can get paid about $100 for delivering the articles. Every listicle must have a minimum of 10 points, and each pointer should have at least two paragraphs.

If the website editors find the listicle worth publishing, the writers can get published and make $100. The website also allows writers to promote their Twitter accounts.

The creator needs to follow a few rules to get their listicle published and paid at Listverse. The foremost rule is that the article must be written in good English. The writers can use a Paypal account to get paid.

5. Cosmopolitan

Who doesn’t know about Cosmopolitan? Writers can submit their concepts for both print and internet outlets.

Before pitching, we highly suggest reviewing their website or prior volumes to check whether they have covered the same issue in the past.

If so, we suggest taking a novel approach to the topic to create a compelling narrative. The body of your pitch should contain the article synopsis in no more than 200 words, along with a decent headline.

Before sending a pitch email, take note of the acceptance rate. The digital journal enables up to 10-15 items every month, but the print issue always accepts 1-2 pieces. You get paid for articles like $250 for every 1,000 words submitted.

Also, read the following: What Is Freelance Writing: Answers to All Your Questions

6. Greatist

A website for writers who want to explore Physical and mental health, and relationships niche for a change, Greatist could be the answer for them.

The website pays over $125 for articles about mental and physical health and relationships. It focuses on maintaining a healthy self and a life-work balance in a busy world. It will give you a massive chance to curate interesting topics and get paid for articles.

7. Bitch Media

Bitch Media seeks feminist content that has been thoroughly researched and is supported by facts and figures to give Readers Earn valuable insights.

They want pieces to provoke conversation, relate the writer’s personal experience to broader societal forces, and provide a feminist reaction to popular culture. An article may be between 1,200 and 3,000 words long.

Depending on your content category, they pay anything from $150 to $1,000 per article.

8. UX Booth

Regarding user experience, UX Booth is a subject matter expert. They are seeking articles with supporting data on how to improve customer experience making this website categorized under paid for articles.com.

The articles vary between 1,200 and 1,800 words in length on UX Booth.

9. Digital Ocean 

Best Freelance Website to get paid for article

Digital Ocean is looking for amazingly written tutorials about Linux and FreeBSD cloud hosting. You can earn up to $200 per article, and what’s better than getting paid for writing?

Your article may be in the form of Updates, Simple Tutorials, or In-Depth Tutorials, and depending on the category it belongs in, you may get paid $50, $100, or $200 for article writing topics.

10. A List Apart

They accept articles on all internet business and industry aspects, including coding, design, content strategy, and user experience.

They pay $200 for every piece within a month of publication, and they want articles to be between 1,500 and 2,000 words; for a creator to write to get paid.

11. Copyhackers

For startups, marketers, independent contractors, and designers, Copyhackers is consistently searching for the useful content material.

Copyhackers search for articles that cover subjects like starting and expanding a business, conversational copywriting, freelancing for lifestyle and income, product design, persuasion and psychology, UX and A/B testing, etc. They are also interested in articles that cover topics like product design.

They anticipate that papers will be detailed and well-researched. Generally, less than 2,000 words are often not accepted, and first-person accounts are preferred. The price paid per item is $325. You can also see how many stories are described in when ideas make moneyon this platform and maximize your potential.

12. Informed Content

The prominent publications Informed content works on domestic and international policy. They are seeking papers that can help with domestic and foreign policies.

They are especially enthusiastic about the content material that discusses South Asian and Middle Eastern affairs and US foreign policy. The subjects of climate change, workers’ rights, women’s rights, human rights, religion religious discrimination, and energy are additional topics they desire content on.

Each approved essay will be paid $100 and should be between 800 and 1,000 words for Articlesinsider.

13. Money Pantry

Money Pantry - Freelance Website

A well-known personal financial blog called Money Pantry frequently discusses matters about money, including ways to make and conserve money.

Consider contributing your idea to the website if you have any good suggestions for saving money, paying off debt, or getting ready for retirement.

Your article’s techniques and ideas must be original and should come from a personal standpoint that is easy for readers to adopt.

To determine whether a given issue has been addressed, consider performing a quick search on the website. Money Pantry accepts only previously unpublished content, and money is made as soon as the post becomes public via PayPal, and you can get paid for articles seamlessly .

14. Metro Parent

Prominent parenting newspaper Metro Parent is seeking parenting-related stories. They demand features that have 1,000 and 2,500 words in length and pay $35 to $350 per story.

In the given towns: Oakland, Livingston, Washtenaw, Macomb and Wayne Counties, they favour articles written by regional freelancers.

When your piece is published, they pay you through a check during the initial week of the publishing month.

15. The Travel Writer’s Life

This amazing website is helping getting paid for writing. They seek articles on how to earn money while travelling, whether through writing, photography, tours, or another method.

Depending on the content type, they pay between $50 and $200.

Also, read the following: Guide to Freelance Content Writing Jobs in India

16. International Living

The periodical International Living, which focuses on retiring and living abroad, is searching for articles on these topics.

For 840 words, they generally pay $250, and for 1,400 words, they pay $400. Additionally, they do pay $50 for exclusive usage of your images, and they do so once your piece is published. Start getting paid for articles login onto this website and boost your income as a freelance writer.

17. Cracked

Meet Cracked, the big fish of the listicle world. The website has been providing new, humorous content since 2007 and is well-known for featuring articles from up-and-coming authors. Get paid for articles on websites with your excellent skills on this platform.

Typically, listicle-style pieces are accepted by Cracked. Aside from that, you are free to write about anything you like, including history, sex, science, technology, and the arts. To be published, the piece must be extremely innovative or humorous.

The website also pays people to make memes, infographics, charts, and other things apart from being paid for articles. Depending on the topic and article format, writers often earn $50 to $200 for each submission.

18. Strong whispers 

Various articles about the environment, lifestyle, and many societal topics are available on Strong Whispers. The breadth of the subject matter greatly increases your chances of being published.

You can write about topics including resource exploitation, environmental protection, and education reform. The minimum fee per submission ranges from $50 to $150, although the ultimate fee can vary based on the subject and the amount of research.

To submit, we advise that you include a clear overview of your piece together with your expected payment. You can also include a copy of your previously published work if it’s pertinent.

Try to write as per their style guide after the proposal has been accepted. Once the publication decides to publish, you will get paid via PayPal.

19. Vibrant Life 

Vibrant Life’s website, dedicated to health and well-being, welcomes contributions on topics like nutrition, stress reduction, healthy living, spirituality, and mental health.

The articles should have a gender-neutral appeal that draws readers from both male and female groups. If you have some rough thoughts or writings linked to a holistic approach from a wholly Christian perspective, we highly encourage you to contribute to the site and boost your earnings.

Depending on the subject, each submission’s payment ranges from $100 to $300. Avoid using complicated medical jargon to guarantee that readers can understand and enjoy the material.

20. Edible Seattle 

Edible Seattle generally takes the help of creators or freelancers for most of their food tales across departments.

Since there are no hard guidelines for themes on the website, writers are allowed to choose whatever food-related subject they like. However, we strongly advise keeping an eye on their call for submissions page because the editor occasionally requests specific topic-related tasks depending on the situation.

Your department and experience are typically reflected in the rates of your article. Payment and a copy of the issue are always included when the article is published.

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Chegg India

Choosing the most credible website out of an extensive list of articles available on the search engine might be daunting for writers.

This article will act as a one-stop solution for everyone who wants to earn decent money for rendering writing services to their reputed clients and become a Subject Matter Expert (SME).

Are you also looking to become an SME? Chegg India is here to transform the education system by improving the end results. As we are a student-oriented company, we focus on the growth and development of the student by seeking better ways of doing things in a new, effective way.

Chegg Hiring provides a flexible work schedule so that you can work when it’s most convenient for you. Thanks to the exposure to worldwide academia, your topic expertise will also improve. You will be compensated for each question you answer. Top experts make up to1 lac a month here at Chegg India .

Additionally, you will get the opportunity to network with other professionals and attend expert meet-ups to advance your career. So, what are you waiting for? Check out the platform today and grow your career!

A Part-time Job that Pays like Full-time

Key Take Away From The article

We trust that our list has assisted you in identifying a few amazing websites worth pitching where you can get paid for articles. To create this list, we meticulously investigated each website’s history so that we could attest to their dependability and you can get paid to write.

Frequently Asked Questions

Several websites are looking for freelance writers, and they are offering money according to their requirements and demands. Just join any of the above websites, including Fiverr, Freelancer.com, Vibrant Life, etc., and start getting paid.

Yes, you definitely can. It is a skill that gets perfect with time. If you’re creative enough, join the websites offering great payments and positions.

Yes, all the above-mentioned websites are well-researched for your convenience and are totally legit.

You can earn anything between 50$-200$ for writing an article.

A paid article is a piece of content that you write and get paid for your efforts.

You can sell your articles online. If they are unique enough, your article can feature on all the above-mentioned websites, and you get paid for writing.

Here are some useful resources:

  • What Is Content Writing and All Jobs Related To It?
  • Freelance Content Writing Jobs: Finding the Right Fit for Your Skills and Experience
  • 8 Ways to Make Money From Writing: The Best Time is Now
  • 10 Practical Online Jobs for Students in India
  • Proven Tips for Freelancers to Succeed in the Gig Economy

Work flexibly.

To read more related articles, click here.

Got a question on this topic?

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Work flexibly.

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Make Money Writing

Make money writing in india: apply and benefit with us.

Today, the Internet offers a bunch of great opportunities for those professionals who aim to write for money. Unfortunately, not every good writer uses such options. Many writers are afraid of fraud, have no idea how to get started, and doubt that they can make enough money to make the ends meet. Besides, not all of them want to quit their temporary jobs and some individuals disbelieve that they can keep up working for an online company part-time.

Get Paid to Write Online

Notoriously, in the world of freelance writing, companies often disrespect writers and do not provide the treatment they deserve. For example, many unreliable companies offer a horribly low payment for university level papers, so their staff feels discouraged and decides to quit. Writing for money online is a hard job that involves plenty of skills and hours of your time, so if you really want to get a fair compensation for your effort, select our company.

This organization is a beneficial choice for writers with different backgrounds and level of writing skills since it offers a competitive payment for every page they write. You may compare the offers we have for you with the similar paid freelance writing jobs of other organizations. As a result, you will find out that only our company allows you to become an experienced professional and earn money to support your living.

Complete Our Two-Stage Application Process

So, if writing for money is your intention, you should not wait anymore to submit your application form. This form for potential writers is available from our website, along with some instructions and explanations on hot to complete it. You can easily find everything and spend a reasonable amount of time filling the form in. Be sure to provide correct contact information so that we could reach you promptly.

The second stage of an application process is doing a few tests designed so that you could demonstrate your ability to conduct research, knowledge of English grammar and punctuation, and passion for composing academic prose. Then, our editors will review your results, revise your application, and contact you. If everything is fine, you will join our team right away. This means that very fast you can become a part of our organization’s community of experts dedicated to writing.

Benefit from Working with Us

In general, freelance writers like comfort, they prefer choosing their working timetable and decide how many pages to write every day. Such a flexibility is great for professionals who prefer writing part-time. For example, some graduate students with exceptional writing abilities also work as academic writers. Many college professors have part-time freelance writing jobs too. They make good money sitting at home and spending a few hours daily.

You will help our clients who are mostly the students in need of your intellectual assistance. Some tasks that they are assigned are quite adventurous, so you will never get bored and have challenges to face. This helps you stay motivated and boost your skills. Either way, after a hard task, you can take a pause to refresh your mind, and then take another job when you are ready. Again, you are a manager of your time, so you determine how many pages per day you compose depending on the amount of available and your personal preferences.

Finally yet importantly, the majority of freelancers does the financial planning, e.g. they identify their desired level of income per month and take a particular amount of orders with this in mind. If you are confused about your options, get some assistance with such a planning by contacting our support department any time and consulting an expert.

Register To Start Earning As A Freelance Writer!

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Isrg Rajan Digital Media

Earn Money Online by Writing Articles

Join India’s fastest-growing knowledge-base articles and digital publishing, blogging, and news website, Isrg Rajan Digital Media . As one of India’s most popular digital news and media publishing platforms, Isrg Rajan Digital Media is well-known as the best content writing platform. It offers content writers and copywriters the opportunity to earn money by writing articles and news updates on a variety of topics, including education, social issues, socio-culture, science and technology, entertainment, lifestyle, health, tours and travels, interviews, reviews, and more. Improve your writing and technical skills while receiving guidance from senior bloggers and editors. Join Isrg Rajan Digital Media today and make money writing articles online.

Get paid for doing what you love at Isrg Rajan Digital Media. As a contributor, you have complete freedom to write anything that will be valuable to readers online. Only serious, passionate, and skilled writers with expertise in their field are accepted at Isrg Rajan Digital Media. Previously, contributors were not given such freedom in choosing topics, but the principles of freedom of expression, net neutrality, and the talented team of contributors, editors, reviewers, interns, and volunteers at Isrg Rajan Digital Media motivated us to ease restrictions. Join the team today and write with freedom at Isrg Rajan Digital Media.

Join the growing community of over 500 active contributors at Isrg Rajan Digital Media. With contributors from diverse socio-backgrounds and prestigious universities like the IITs, IIMs, University of Delhi, Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, RML University, Kolkata University, Lucknow University and more, Isrg Rajan Digital Media is the place to express your thoughts, views, knowledge, skills, and experiences to people worldwide. Be the next voice of Isrg Rajan Digital Media on the internet and start writing today!

Starting on February 7, 2023, we made the exciting decision to expand our platform and reach by hiring writers in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, China, Egypt, India, Indonesia, the Maldives, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Vietnam . We recognized the need to tap into a wider pool of talented writers and provide a platform for them to share their voices with the world.

Eligibility and Requirements

You must meet the following requirements to become a writer at Isrg Rajan Digital Media:

  • You must have a smartphone, desktop, or laptop.
  • Should possess fluent speaking skills in English or Hindi
  • Any word-processing software or app must be preinstalled on your device; popular word-processing software includes Microsoft Word, Libra Office, WPS Office, Google Docs, and OneDrive Docs.
  • No minimum educational qualification is required, though you should have excellent and creative writing skills.
  • You must be a loyal, trustworthy, and legitimate person who can write an article without using any unfair means of writing.

The articles in English will be published on the Isrg Rajan Digital Media , or Digital Pradesh News Networks whereas the articles in Hindi will be published on our subsidiary platform, LekhSagar . For all platforms, the process of joining and writing an article is the same.

Article Quality Standards

We expect you to write a unique and plagiarism free article. The minimum word limit of an article should be at least 750 words based on any category. The most common categories include How-To, Lifestyle, Health, Tours & Travels, Education, Socio-cultural, Economy & Finance, Apps & Games, Entertainment, Science & Technology, Politics, Law, Interviews, Reviews, Sports, Articles based on Welfare Schemes and Programmes launched by any State Government or Central government in India and other miscellaneous topics.

We do not accept or publish spinning articles , rogetting articles , articles written using AI, or articles with a conflict of interest, which could be your personal views, poetry, stories, your own reviews, or your own observations and experiences. Promotional or sponsored articles or articles with affiliated links are strongly discouraged. The article can be on your own choice of topic, or you can write articles on the topics added to the Isrg Article Manager dashboard by the Isrg Rajan Digital Media team.

All your contributions should be in compliance with the Isrg Rajan Digital Media Contributors Guidelines , and you should strictly adhere to the Contributors Guidelines; otherwise, your topic or article can be rejected. Further, violation of the Contributors Guidelines may lead to the termination or ban of your Isrg Rajan Digital Media account.

Payment Details

Payment per article is based on the word limit, Rate Per Article (RPA) , Payment on the basis of views (PBV) , and Bonuses for timely submission of the Article. The payment is credited to your Isrg Rajan Digital Media account immediately after your article gets published or scheduled for publication. You can withdraw the money from your Isrg Rajan Digital Media account after earning a minimum of INR 350 between the 21st and 27th of every month to your PayTM Wallet, bank account (via NEFT, RTGS, or IMPS), or UPI (via PhonePe, Google Pay, BHIM, Amazon Pay, WhatsApp UPI, and other UPI-based applications); these are the most common online payment options available for the native Indian contributors, whereas for our foreign contributors PayPal, Stripe, and Payoneer are available.

Payment Rate Per Article

Bonus for timely submission of the articles.

We appreciate the hard work and dedication of the legitimate writers who submit unique contents without using any unfair means to write articles, and to appreciate such writers, we’ve introduced the concept of a bonus for submitting the article on time.

Payment on the Basis of Views

We use an AI-powered monitoring tool to count the views received on an article. The monitoring tool filters illegitimate traffic along with the traffic generated from the Isrg Rajan Digital Media campaigns, such as push notifications, email newsletters, and traffic from the Isrg Rajan Digital Media social accounts. The writer gets additional payment on the basis of the views, as per the Google payment scheme.

  • Page RPM = (Estimated earnings / Number of page views) * 1000 (Reference: https://support.google.com/adsense/answer/112030?hl=en ).
  • The cost-per-click (CPC) is used to estimate the Page RPM.
  • Writers can view their payment based on the number of views by logging into their Isrg Rajan Digital Media account and choosing Payments>Payment from Views.

We monitor hits and views on the website using “Google Analytics”, and the articles with the maximum hits and views get a weekly bonus of Rs. 500.

Becoming an Editor and Contributor

We will charge Rs 199 as a non-refundable security deposit. This invoice will include a taxable amount of Rs 163.18, along with an additional Rs 35.82 for GST. We impose this charge to cover the costs associated with conducting KT Sessions and ensuring security. At Isrg Rajan Digital Media, we warmly invite you to join us. You can easily apply online by following the three simple steps outlined below.

There are just 3 steps that you need to follow to join and sign up on Isrg Rajan Digital Media as a copywriter:

  • Submission of the Online Application.
  • Verification of your Identity.
  • Attending Online Knowledge Transfer (KT)-cum-Training sessions on Google Meet.

Fill Details

FIll-out your personal and professional details to help us to determine your credibility

Upload Document

Upload Document (ID proof) as selfie while holding ID proof in the hand

Get Approved

After successful submission, Isrg KB team will contact you and approve your account

Sign up! - Join us today!

If you are a minor, it is imperative that you secure consent from your legal guardian. Our team reserves the right to dispatch an email or place a verification phone call to ascertain whether you have duly acquired the requisite consent.

Payment Methods

Stay Updated - Subscribe to Newsletter

Let us know.

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writing articles for money in india



Top 10 grammatical errors that you can avoid...


Tips for Authors to Improve Writing Skills...


11 Writing Tips for Top-notch Writers ...

  • Article Writing

Top 5 Article Submission Sites for Indian Writers

writing articles for money in india

  • February 01, 2012
  • Category : Article Writing
Among the various revenue generation sources from the Internet, Article Writing has proved to be the best method of earning some great money. It is indeed a way to earn some good money and many writers are earning through Article Writing as their main source of income. Article writing has become a source of revenue for a number of people all over the world. More and more people are getting attracted to this new source of gaining money. As the tentacles of internet become more spread out, there are a lot of opportunities for emerging writers.

Among the various revenue generation sources from the Internet, Article Writing has proved to be the best method of earning some great money. It is indeed a way to earn some good money and many writers are earning through Article Writing as their main source of income.

Article writing has become a source of revenue for a number of people all over the world. More and more people are getting attracted to this new source of gaining money. As the tentacles of internet become more spread out, there are a lot of opportunities for emerging writers.

Article writing is an art which has to be mastered if one has to earn some good amount of money from it. There are numerous opportunities for an article writer if he has good command over English language and has creativity in his articles. Also, tools such as SEO will obviously enhance his writing skills and popularity.

These sites are Free-lance writing sites as well as Pay Per View sites and offer upfront money to the writer. 1) Ayushveda.com: I rate this site as the best Free-Lance Article Writing Site for Indian Writers. This is because they have a great payment structure where one can easily earn around 10,000-15,000 per month from writing articles. Based in Panchkula, Ayushveda offers great compensation for writing articles on various subjects like Health, Technology, Travel or Fashion. One has to choose the subject to write on from Ayushveda’s vast directory of SEO enhanced topics. Ayushveda has a number of websites where they publish your article. The rules for submission are very strict and one has to write quality articles only. Special emphasis is paid to grammar and pronunciation of sentences. They have a grade system in which if a writer is found below the level of 5.0 points, he is removed from the membership and barred from writing any more articles. Ayushveda currently pays Rs.120/- for a 500+ words and Rs.80/- for a 350+ words article which is great for a beginner and the highest rate for an Indian Site. The payment is made every fortnight (15 days) i.e. twice a month. The minimum payout is Rs.2500/- and payment is prompt and made through direct bank transfer to your account. Ayushveda strives on quality of the article you submit and as such one has to maintain top quality writing material to earn from Ayushveda.

The selection procedure is simple, where in you have to register as a member and have to submit two sample articles of your writing material. If selected, you can start immediately.

2) Expertscolumn.com: This is another site which can be rated as a good one for Indian writers. The most favorable part of Expertscolumn is that you can submit your already published articles on this site. Please take care to see that your author name is the same as the one you submit for other site or your articles may get rejected. This sites pays you on per 1000 views and their current rate is anywhere between 1.50 to 2.00 $ per 1000 views. This is a good source of passive income for the writers as you can always submit your published articles to Expertscolumn and find your income grow. But at the same time, to earn some seriously money from this site, you should be patient and have at least around 300-400 articles submitted to Expertscolumn. The registration process is quite simple and payment is through altertpay and direct bank transfer for Indians only. The minimum payout is 5$.

3) Exposeknowledge.com : Exposeknowledge is an Article Submission site which pays up-front payment to the writer on the articles being approved. The payout is very less as compared to Ayushveda but they are a bit lenient on their approval system. You can virtually submit articles on any subject and they may get approved. Their payment system consists in the range of 0.40 $ to 1.20 $ depending on the quality and uniqueness of the content. Along with the up-front bonus, there is a point system in Exposeknowledge wherein you get points on submitting articles, forum posting or referring members. The points can be changed with cash incentives and the current rate is around 3.00 $ per 1000 points. There is no grading system in Exposeknowledge and as such writers can write articles as per their choice. They either get accepted or rejected. Minimum payout is 20$ and they pay through paypal/alertpay. A good site for beginners.

4) Boddunan.com: Boddunan is an Indian site which is gaining in popularity among the Indian writers for quite some time. Boddunan is an article writing site as well as a social networking site. Around Rs.25 to Rs.50 per article are given on each article depending on the quality. As with Exposeknowledge, Boddunan too offers points on various forum discussions and referring system. They even have weekly contests where one can participate for gaining cash rewards. Along with this Boddunan distributes a part of its advertising income to its active members and the current rate is around Rs.60/- for 1000 points collected. One can easily earn around Rs.2000/- to Rs.2500/- per month from Boddunan. But you have to give at least 2 to 3 hours of your time each day to earn from Boddunan. The registration process is also simple and free. Payment is made through cheque and the minimum payout is Rs.1500/-.

5) IndiaStudychannel.com: This is a very popular site among Indian students. Indiastudychannel (ISC) is an educational site which offers revenue to the students who participate in forum discussions, submitting of articles or resources as they call it, or submitting your educational material. The payment is same as in Boddunan i.e. Rs.25 to 50 per article accepted and the minimum payout is Rs.250/- for the first payment and then Rs.750/- from the next payout onwards. There are various cash incentives and gifts to be earned in ISC and one can participate in various competitions for earning some great revenue.

These are the top 5 Indian Article Submission Sites which an Indian Writer can begin with in order to earn some money. These sites are good for beginners and as you advance with your writing skills, one can try out some good Article Submission Sites like Factoidz or Triond.

Please comment on any other sites which you may think are worthy of getting some real income for Indian Writers and I will post them in the next Article.

Letter Writing Tips: Parts of a Personal Letter

How to write popular articles: google trends and evergreen articles.

writing articles for money in india

I am a part-time article writer who likes to share my views and ideas through my blog. I like to write on different subjects ranging from Health to Household subjects.

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writing articles for money in india

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writing articles for money in india

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writing articles for money in india


writing articles for money in india


writing articles for money in india

7 Ways to Earn Money through Writing in India


  • June 14, 2020


Writers write for many reasons. Writers – both seasoned and green – come to the Himalayan Writing Retreat Workshops with many aspirations and dreams.

Everyone wants to be a better writer. Some dream of fame. Some have a deeply personal story to share. Some simply need to get something out of their system.  Some seek riches through their writing. Everyone is driven by these forces, or some combination thereof.  And many want to earn money from their writing, which is a natural outcome of all of the above. They want to turn their hobby of writing into their career and earn from writing. They want to become professional writers. “ Is there any way we can make a living from writing and earn money through writing online? ” is one question that we encounter often. 

 Professional writers come in many shapes and forms in India. Choosing the right avatar is a critical first step to make it work.

People ask us if they should quit their jobs and switch to writing as their career. They dream of a job where they only write books, short stories, and poems and earn money through writing. “ No! ” We always tell them. Writing is a great hobby, but it can be a tough profession to earn money from. Besides, you must be exceptionally good at writing to make a living from it.

However, if you really enjoy writing, and are determined to earn money online through writing and make it your career, there is a midway path. Writers get better by writing a lot. So instead of aiming for a “ full-time author ” straight off the bat, pick a job or work as a writer in other shapes and forms. Let’s call this commercial writing. With your commercial writing, you can pay the bills, while you also get better at writing and can consider turning your writing hobby into a full-time career.

Below is a list of possible roles you can consider as a commercial writer in India. Most of them are writing jobs while some are administrative in nature and belong to the realm of the publishing industry. Please note that we have also highlighted the risk quotient in each of these roles along with the broad pay scale one can expect from these roles. In keeping with the purpose and scope of this article, the risk here is purely the predictability of earning an income from these roles. The overall understanding is that the risk is low in a full-time job, and higher with freelancing opportunities. 

Creative writing course

Since this is India-specific, the “Naukri.com Index” indicates the number of jobs available on Naukri.com for each particular profile/role. The scale for this index is 1 to 10 where 10 is the highest (most jobs on offer) and 1 is the lowest (no jobs on offer).   ‘Work from home’ jobs that allow the flexibility of working from home or remote locations are tagged as remote.

Hours have been segregated as “fixed” and “Flexi”.  In “fixed” roles, the timings for the work (e.g. 9 a.m.- 5, p.m. or 10 a.m.- 6) are fixed, or a specific number of hours are stipulated on a daily/ weekly basis. In “Flexi” roles, the work itself is stipulated and the hours are not. These Flexi roles tend to be contractual and/or freelancing in nature, wherein you are only required to meet the deadline with the correct deliverables, and the time spent on the work is not a parameter for the pay. 

writing articles for money in india

Seven Ways to Earn Money through Writing in India

1. literary magazine.

​ ​ There are many literary magazines and ezines in India. These consist of a team of editors, readers (who choose which submissions will be accepted), content designers, and social media managers. Working with a literary magazine helps one understand the minute nuances of writing and the art of literary criticism. Working with them at the backend would also enable you to write for them.

Some of the magazines also pay for write-ups in the form of essays and book reviews on trending news and other important topics which need coverage. As they say, a pen is mightier than a sword. Writing an op-ed is an opportunity to write about the things you truly care for – try to be the change you want to see in the world.

We have shared a list of India’s top Literary Magazines to submit short-stories, non-fiction and poetry . If you write in Hindi, please check out our list of 22 Literary Magazines in Hindi – Publish Poetry, Short-Stories and Non-Fiction . Some of these pay for the write-ups.

  • Monthly earning from writing: (Range) Rs. 5000-Rs. 8000/-
  • Hours (fixed Vs Flexi) : 15-20 hours/ week (Flexi)
  • Location: Remote
  • Risk level : Low
  • Where to start: Start by identifying your niche. Is it literary criticism, book reviews, author interviews, or writing in general? Make a portfolio on this basis. Start by writing for smaller magazines or websites and add to your portfolio. Gradually start looking for active jobs on LinkedIn, Twitter (#Litmag , #LiteraryMagazines ), or even Times Jobs. Facebook Groups are also a great place to network amongst literary circles and work with literary magazines. Some of the groups recommended by us are:

Literary Magazines

Literary Voice

Literature or Language jobs

Guest Posting and Article Writing

  • Naukri.com Index : 6
  • Size / Competitiveness: Competitiveness is relatively high, so building a strong profile in your niche will help you stand out.

2. Creative Writer / Contributor to magazines  / Content Creation Websites

This is one way to write articles and earn money in India. This also helps you build credibility as a writer because when you finally pitch your work to a publisher, you will have lots of writing visible online with your name on it.

Due to the recent surge in online reading apps, the content preferences of audiences have also seen a shift from straitjacketed news to more eccentric and trending news.  Online platforms like LBB , BPB , What’s up Life , Buzzfeed , Scroll , Huffington Post , etc. have a huge demand for write-ups on current topics which are not limited to political news and extend to news surrounding a recent movie, a new bestseller, or a controversy that erupted on a social media platform. Entertaining and engaging content is always in demand in various forms.  Gradually you can identify a niche and build a portfolio that revolves around it. If your goal is to be a non-fiction writer whose books are based on a specific area of expertise, then a portfolio that focuses on this area of expertise could help you bag a much-coveted publishing deal for it. You must now be wondering where to find online article writing jobs for beginners in India.

You will be glad to know that a lot of magazines and online portals share their call for pitches online, and also mention the appropriate pay that can be expected. This work is possible for Indian as well as international platforms. Here is a curated list of Twitter handles and newsletters which regularly share such opportunities. 

  • Meher Mirza


It’s all write ( This is a newsletter by Joanna where she shares writing opportunities and tips from leading industry experts. It has both paid and free options. And I say this from my own experience – the paid option is worth the money spent on it!)

Job Opportunities – Started by noted journalist Rituparna Chatterjee as a sisterhood thread to share more opportunities for women, this thread is open for all and has some extremely interesting freelancing opportunities for content writers and creators.

Call for pitches  – A curated list by a well-respected journalist who shares various freelancing writing opportunities from time to time.

Opportunities of the Week – Started in 2018 by Sonia Weiser, a freelancer herself, she shares the latest call for pitches every week on this newsletter which is priced at $3.

  • Monthly earning from writing : (Range) Rs. 15-20,000/-
  • Hours (fixed Vs Flexi) : 20-30 hours / week -Flexi
  • Risk: Medium
  • Where to start: For any content writing job, a portfolio is a must. So, the first priority should be to make a portfolio. If not a portfolio, create a simple WordPress website where you can host some of your writing samples. Avoid a common mistake, and remember to highlight write-ups on a range of topics so that you do not appear to be someone who can write on one topic only.

Social media also continues to be an effective tool in finding such job opportunities. There are a lot of Facebook groups that are extremely active in terms of sharing job openings. These groups not only help in finding a job but also help in making contacts. This is a list of some of the Facebook Groups we solemnly swear by:

Media jobs/requirements

Media and Communication Professionals in India

Journalism and Media vacancies

Media Jobs Daily

Media Jobs PR Freelance co-ordination

  • Naukri.com Index : 4
  • Size / Competitiveness: Content writing jobs are high in demand but there is also a lot of scope owing to the high amount of content that is being generated on a daily basis across various platforms. Competition is medium. If you develop a niche, you can cut through competition very effectively.

Here’s a list of 8 Free Writing Platforms in India that you should check out.

writing articles for money in india

3.  Content Writer

This is different from a Creative Writer (Point 2 above) but is another lucrative way to write articles and make money in India. As a content writer, your writing may not get published in your name. It’s a great way to learn, but a Google search of your name will not throw up a ton of results. So while this may be a good place to start, try to get at least a few pieces published in your name as you get better.

If you are still confused about the difference between a creative writer and a content writer, then let’s decipher that first.

A creative writer for magazines or online portals is credited and given a byline. You tend to have the ability to pick topics of your choice and are expected to send a pitch before sending the complete article. In most cases, you can also demand a price for the articles. Whereas in content writing, you cannot choose the topic or the pay. And there are high chances that you will not be credited as the writer of these write-ups. However, as long as you have strong research skills, a basic understanding of SEO (Search Engine Optimization, which is like the God of the internet), and are able to write on a topic on the basis of your research, you can be a good content writer and earn money by writing articles.

In this line of work, your borders go beyond India, and if you are comfortable writing for, say, the American or the European market, you can even earn in dollars / Euros.

There are dedicated sites (shared below) with various job listings for short-term projects ranging from translation, transcription, typing, and drafting emails to writing articles, research reports, and listicles. The subject of writing also varies from programming and marketing to business and finance. On some platforms like Problogger, Freelancer, and Freelance Writing, you also get listings for ghostwriting novels. You can bid for any project that interests you and if your bid is the best, the project is yours.

  • Monthly earning from writing: (Range)   Newbie Rs.8-10,000/-

                                                                                                Experienced Rs. 30-45,000/-

  • Hours: Flexi
  • Risk level: Medium
  • Where to start: Start with websites where you can apply for freelancing projects. Some options for such International sites are:


Writer’s Labs

Thoughtful Minds Web Services Pvt Ltd


My Writing Master.in

Assignment India

Project Guru.in

SEO Content Online

Content Writing Jaipur

Get Projects

Content Writers Needed

Freelance Digital Marketing, Content Writing, SEO

Content Writing (International)

Content Writers

  • Naukri.com Index : 9
  • Size / Competitiveness: High. As mentioned before, all one needs to do this job is a good command of English, a decent internet connection, and a laptop/computer. It is imperative that one creates a niche to demand exclusivity in both work and payment.

Check out our article ‘ Write For Us: A Writer’s shortcut to getting published. ‘

writing articles for money in india

4.  Publishing House

A publishing house comprises many people. There are editors, sub-editors, cover designers, the marketing and PR team, the acquisition team, etc. Each one of these departments has an important role to play in the making of a book. Depending upon your area of interest, you could consider working for any of these departments in a publishing house. 

A job in publishing can be a great learning experience. I started my career by briefly working at a hybrid publishing house.  For a writer, rejections or silence from a publishing house might seem excruciating. But it is only when you work at a publishing house that you realise the reason for it. I learnt the meaning of the slush piles ( industry jargon for manuscripts submitted by first-time authors which need to be read ) while working with this Indian publisher, and understood how most manuscripts may not get more than ten minutes. I understood the importance of editing, designing, making the layout, and most importantly, marketing a book. Writing a great book isn’t enough today. One has to ensure that all the departments do their share to make the book reach the readers.

There are many editors of leading Indian publishing houses who have published authors themselves, like Siddhesh Inamdar (The Story of a long-distance marriage, 2018) and Anant (Play with me, 2014) to quote a few. Toni Morrison also began her publishing career as an editor at Random House’s textbook division in Syracuse while Margaret Atwood briefly worked with a Canadian publishing house, Anansi, as an editor.

The tips and tricks of the trade you learn in a publishing house could prove to be helpful once your book is ready. You can then transform your dream of being a published author into reality and best utilize this information. 

  • Monthly earning from writing : (Range) Newbie Rs. 10-15,000/-

                                                                           Experienced Rs. 25-40,000/-

  • Hours: Fixed
  • Location: Office
  • Risk level: Low
  • Where to start: An ideal candidate would be someone with prior experience in literature, preferably someone who also holds the relevant qualifications. However, you can always explore this possibility as a beginner so long as your language skills are par excellence and you have a keen interest in literature. The best place to start would be the official sites of these publishing houses which have a “Work with us” segment where they regularly post job vacancies in their organizations. Apart from that, you can also try looking up Twitter ( #JobsinPublishing ).
  • Naukri.com Index : 3
  • Size / Competitiveness:  From being an assistant editor to being the acquisition editor, the roles one can play in a publishing house are many and varied. Competition is medium.

Here’s a list of 15 Contests and Awards for Short-Stories in India.

Translation Masterclass with Arunava Sinha

5. Create your own blog and monetize it

Are you – or do you want to be recognized as – a subject matter expert in a niche area? Then blogging could be a great place to start while you work on your book on the side. This is the third way to write articles and earn money in India.

Consider an example where you were working on a book on the different forms of storytelling that are prevalent in India since ancient times. Your blog could then talk about adapting storytelling as a form of communication in various walks of life, and you could even consider hosting a workshop on storytelling.

Such blogs add value to your brand as an author and become a place to display your expertise on the subject. This in turn helps you create a loyal reader base, which could help push book sales as and when you publish. Bloggers can earn good money and choose specific markets: they may focus on India, or look at non-Indian markets.

However, blogging goes beyond writing. Bloggers need to understand how pages rank on Google and ensure their blog is in a strong niche so that it ranks high on search engines and is able to generate money. It is more like running a small business with writing as one of the operational components than sole writing. In fact, many bloggers land up outsourcing the writing bit.

Brazen Self Plugin: Himalayan Writing Retreat offers a Blogging Workshop with Sumit Bansal which covers all the aspects of how to make money from blogging and creating a passive income through it. Sumit Bansal leads the Blogging workshop at the Himalayan Writing Retreat. Sumit has been blogging since 2013 and started doing it full-time in 2015. The first blog that Sumit started was called, “Trumpexcel” and is on Excel Spreadsheets.

Trumpexcel has become amongst the best Excel blogs in the world and enabled Sumit to quit his full-time job at IBM and live a life of freedom he always wanted. Sumit’s fascinating story was covered by Problogger podcast ,  IndieHacker ,  Ideamensch ,  Side Hustle School Podcast , and many other sites and publications.  In 2018, CEO Magazine featured Trumpexcel as one of the “50 Emerging Startups to Watch in 2018”.

  • Monthly earning from blogging: Zero – multi-lakhs.
  • Location: WFH
  • Risk level : High

Professional Blogging is entrepreneurship. It contains all the risk that comes with any start-up. Even if you are driven and really at the top of your game, there is the chance of failing because of systemic things – like Google changing its algorithm, Amazon reducing its affiliate fees, etc. Besides, if you immerse yourself in this full-time, you may not have the time to write the book you dream of.

A blog can take many years to make money, and even that comes with a question mark. Whichever niche you choose, you will need to master the skill, invest in tools (which are often priced in US dollars), and put in a lot of time and effort. Take this – the Himalayan Writing Retreat blog – for example. It has taken us many years of consistent and relentless work for us to become sufficiently visible on Google for you to have found us.

  • Where to start: Study professional blogging and understand it from Google Uncle. Sumit Bansal’s website https://craftofblogging.com/ is also a great place to start. Of course, you can attend the course we have so subtly marketed above. Details of the next workshop are at https://www.himalayanwritingretreat.com/blogging/ .
  • Naukri.com Index :  0
  • Size/competitiveness: You can blog about a lot of things. People blog and make money about bizarre things like Aquarium accessories and balcony gardens, so you can choose a niche but it takes a lot of skill and perseverance. It is a highly competitive space.

Here’s a list of 15 Contests and Awards for Poetry in India .

6. Author Assistant

As we know, writing is a lonely profession. However, as you grow as a writer, there are many other jobs apart from writing that need your attention. These include research, responding to emails, handling social media accounts, coordinating administrative jobs like printouts, sourcing books for research, transcription of notes, etc. And an author needs an assistant to handle these many tasks. A competent assistant enables an author to do what they love the most- write. Working as an author’s assistant has its own perks – you not only get to closely watch the publishing world, but you also get to make your own contacts along with a list of tried and tested dos and don’ts. This is one job that has many perks to offer even after you quit it.

I have been a virtual assistant to quite a few authors since 2013– both from India and abroad, and I can tell you from my experience that this is one job where there isn’t a single dull moment on any given day. The job allows you to witness the making of a book as closely as possible and as a bonus, you get to be a part of the post-release process too.

  • Monthly earning from writing: Rs. 30-45,000/-
  • Hours: Fixed and Flexi (Depending on job role)
  • Location : Office and remote (Both are possible, depending on the author’s requirements)
  • Where to start: You can always start with well-known authors whose work you admire and whose work falls in line with the work you intend to do. In case you wish to be a mythology writer, it makes sense to work with a renowned mythology writer to gain experience. You can write to them directly expressing your interest to work with them or get in touch with them through social media. If you are following them on social media already, chances are you will see their requirements for assistants from time to time.
  • Naukri.com Index : 0
  • Size / Competitiveness: Very few openings, highly competitive.

7. Writer-in-making

Last but definitely not least, you can try and make it as a writer. In all of the above, you’ll have to write what other people want but you can write from your heart and to your heart’s content as a writer. For this, you can consider what some aspiring authors have done, which we have detailed below.

For starters move to a smaller city or town, which will drastically bring down your cost of living. Thereafter, consider offering your services part-time in a manner in which you earn a sustainable income while using the other half of the day for writing and research. Your services could include conducting writing workshops, tutoring students and aspiring writers, writing literary thought-pieces for prominent websites, using your skills as a writer to provide critique to budding writers’ manuscripts, and mentoring young and aspiring writers.

In the words of an aspiring writer who has been practicing this for the last five years, “It is advisable only if you are willing to become a minimalist in every aspect of your life. From socializing to spending habits, everything needs to be realigned to match your goal which is to write.”

  • Monthly earning from writing: Rs. 5-25000/- (for most except Ashwin, Amish & Co)
  • Location : WFH
  • Risk level: High

Some of the most prominent authors in India are not full-time career writers. Twinkle Khanna is a successful interior designer apart from being a best-selling writer. Chitra Divakaruni Banerjee and Elif Shafak teach creative writing at leading universities while continuing to conjure heart-warming stories. Sudha Murthy is an engineering teacher along with being the chairperson for Infosys Foundation.

Kiran Manral was a journalist previously and is now an independent research and media consultant. While Anita Desai is the Emerita John E. Burchard Professor of Humanities at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, another prominent author who shares her name, Anita Nair, hosts an annual writing workshop at the famous “Anita’s Attic” in Bengaluru. See our list of writing workshops in India to know more.

Ravi Subramaniam is a banker who writes. Ravinder Singh has a publishing house of his own, which he runs apart from mentoring entrepreneurs and start-ups. On the other hand, we also have authors like Chetan Bhagat, Durjoy Dutta, and Sudeep Nagarkar who have managed to make a full-time career out of writing and earn well.

While Chetan Bhagat needs no introduction, bestselling author Durjoy Dutta is also a screenplay writer with many critically acclaimed television shows and series to his credit, in addition to his best-selling titles. A software engineer by qualification, Sudeep Nagarkar has recently made the shift to being a full-time writer and is currently working on his next book while some of his screenplays are also in the pipeline. Internationally acclaimed award-winning authors like Neel Mukherjee and Amit Chaudhuri opted for academia while continuing to write on the side.

Here’s a list of 48 Self Publishing Companies in India. And how to choose the right one .

Writing as a career

Choosing writing as a career and being a full-time author is a tough proposition. Let me share some simple math about how writers (don’t) make money.

1. Books published traditionally

Traditional Publishers give a royalty of 8% to a writer. Let’s assume that you write a book, and a publisher like Penguin Random-House or some such gives you a book deal. This in itself is a big deal if you’re a first-timer, as the industry has a rejection rate of 95% for manuscripts.

But let’s assume your manuscript is accepted. Further, let’s assume your book sells 5000 copies (which is higher than the industry average of 3000) and is priced at 250 rupees.

You would then make 8% of 250, which is equivalent to 20 rupees per book. You sell 5000 copies, which only gets you 100,000 rupees (5000 X 20) for your book. If your book took about a year to write and publish (most take longer), that works out to a monthly salary of approximately 8350 rupees per month (100,000/12). This puts you in the same income category as your building security guard. In today’s India he may hold a Ph.D., but let’s not tackle that subject here.

If you are estimating the advances given to authors for their books, then here’s a perspective on that as well.

Meena Kandaswamy is the author of When I hit you ( Shortlisted for the 2018 Women’s Prize for Fiction ). Exquisite Cadavers is her second book.

writing articles for money in india

Preti Taneja is the award-winning author of We are that young

writing articles for money in india

You can try looking up the hashtag  #PublishingPaidMe   on Twitter to get a rough idea of how publishing works. Although the trend was started for black authors, the high number of confessions that have poured in from all corners of the world is a harsh reality check for all authors, irrespective of color. And this state of authors is true in most parts of the globe.

Yes, there are those few famous exceptions who make crores from writing, but we’re talking about the average author here. If you’re convinced you’re exceptional, the above math doesn’t apply to you.  Go for it.

Here’s a list of 50 Traditional Publishing Houses in India .

2. Film and web-series rights

This is a big area where writers can cash in. Film rights, or even selling the option to convert your book can earn hefty monies. Take the example of Karan Bajaj. Karan is a successful published author whose books have been published in both India and the US, and have sold over 1,80,000 copies. Despite this, over 58% of his income from writing has been through film contracts. (Source:  Karan Bajaj’s blog ).

Despite making money from writing books, he argues against quitting your full-time job. He says that quite unlike the security of a monthly pay cheque, “the muse doesn’t follow a yearly schedule!”  So remember that there is always an element of risk in trying to be a full-time author.

3. Professional speaking

A few writers who aggressively pursue the professional speaking space make money in that way too. This comes with fame, or from developing a niche area to speak. Chetan Bhagat is reputed to charge between Rs. 5 to 10 Lakhs for a one-hour talk, and other authors like Devdutt Patnaik are in the same league. Our co-founder Chetan Mahajan has also done some professional speaking, and his very first (and discounted) speaking gig earned him more money than the entire royalty from his book “The Bad Boys of Bokaro Jail” (Penguin, 2014).

We spoke to Kiruba Shankar, the founder and President of the Professional Speakers Association of India (PSAI). He is a highly paid speaker himself and the author of five books. Kiruba says, “both writing and speaking are strongly correlated” and that, “both are ways to express ideas and thoughts. Speaking gives you an extra platform to spread the word about writing and gives you an extra audience. Also, speaking is certainly a good source of income. That’s what we specialise in at the Professional Speakers Association of India.”

We further asked Kiruba if writing a book had any impact on a speaker’s fees. “Huge impact. Authoring a book on a topic immediately conveys one’s authority and keenness on the subject. When conference organizers look for professional speakers they always look for a speaker who has authored a book on that subject. The book lends so much credibility to the speaker.” And while this might largely be true for non-fiction, it can also be relevant for some fiction genres.

Kiruba also talked to us about how picking a niche area of expertise, and positioning yourself as a speaker-writer with expertise in that specific field will help in obtaining speaking gigs. We will soon publish an article on speaking as a source of income for writers.

4. Become a KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) Author

In the last few years, Kindle publishing has been a preferred mode of publishing for a lot of debut authors who are looking to earn money in India. There are many reasons for it – one is of course the ease of access, and another is the ‘instant publication’ it offers. Login into KDP, upload a cover with the manuscript, enter a few basic details, and at the click of a button, your book is now available across the world. Isn’t that simply wonderful? In a world where everything from our food to messaging apps is instant, such a publishing option is definitely a hot favourite. The cherry on the top is that KDP offers a royalty of up to 70% to an author which is directly credited to your bank account every month.

KPD authors tend to be very prolific, and you need an endless supply of ideas/storylines along with a good editor, cover designer, and a strong marketing plan. Popular authors on KDP in India include Sundari Venkatraman,  Aarti V Raman, Laxmi Hariharan, Saravana Kumar Murugan, etc. who publish a new book on KDP every 3-4 months and earn a sizable income from their royalty. The key to their success is consistency. They have been consistent in everything – from writing to marketing. They are now career writers, thanks to Kindle.

Do watch this informative video by Sundari Venkataraman done in collaboration with KDP where she talks about the ‘art of self-publishing’.

Even popular author Preeti Shenoy who publishes one book a year regularly releases short novellas on Kindle. These Kindle releases are spaced in between the publishing of her books. According to her, this helps her stay on a reader’s mind for a long time. Traditional publishing can take time and sometimes if the book is delayed for long, the gap between one book to the next allows a reader to forget you and move on to the next popular author. It is imperative for an author to stay on a reader’s mind as long as possible, either through regular book releases or through social media posts.

On the other hand, we also have Indian authors like Savi Sharma, Neil D’Silva, and Pankaj Giri who have managed to bag traditional deals after making a debut on Kindle.

It is also a good choice if your chosen genre is extremely niche and traditional publishing seems too risky. Like the author, Neil D’silva says, “I opted for KDP because I did not want to go through the long pitching process that traditional publishing entails. Amazon KDP looked very promising to me as it was an instant publication. Also, my first book was horror and the content was quite hard-hitting. I was almost sure that no traditional publisher would publish such bold content. Ten books later, I am published with major traditional houses such as Penguin, Rupa, and Hachette, but I still publish a few books with Amazon KDP just because I love the experience.”

Apart from the instant gratification, it brings to authors, KDP also gives a lot of freedom and control to authors. D’silva further adds, ”Amazon KDP gives the author full control over copyright and you can keep tweaking your pricing and marketing strategies, which can be a great learning ground for new authors as well as established authors who want to keep control of their books with themselves.“

Good writing seldom goes unnoticed. It is only a matter of time before a good publishing house notices your ability to write and sell stories to readers, before offering you a traditional deal. The essential word that needs to be noticed here is “sell”. Authors who manage to sell their books on Kindle are immediately noticed by publishers. For example, Savi Sharma sold 5000 ebooks of her debut novel on Kindle after which she received various publishing offers from a lot of leading traditional publishing houses. She finally chose to go with Westland and has been consistently delivering one bestseller after another thereafter.

Wondering Traditional or Self Publishing in India – which is better for the first-time author ?

To conclude

As you can see, the information here is varied and rich. It has taken prolonged research and insight. A lot of this information also emanates from deep personal struggle and discovery. It was a difficult decision to publish it here, but we decided that we want to offer a helping hand to the newbie writer.

This list is as permanent as our fickle world – and so we promise to update it from time to time. Currently, we have listed here some tried and tested options by various authors. The money these options generate might not be huge, to begin with, but is sufficient for decent survival. Although you may need to scale down your lifestyle a bit, the hope is that this won’t be required for too long. As you get better and move from “novice” to “experienced” categories, you will be able to earn more. 

Of course, there must also be many other ways to earn as a writer that are waiting to be explored in the bylines. If you know of any such ways through which a writer can earn in India while continuing to chase their dream of publishing a book, do share it with us in the comments below and we will add them to this list.

Disclaimer: The above is our opinion based on our worldview. It could be completely accurate or complete bunkum. Please do not base any career decisions solely on this, but treat this as one of many sources. We take no legal responsibility if you don’t make it as a writer. Too many writers are discovered and celebrated only late in life , or not celebrated in their lifetimes at all. On that happy note, cheerio!

  • Working on your novel? You might also enjoy reading The Beginner’s Guide to Writing a Novel
  • Have you finished your first novel and are now wondering how to get it published? Then read our blog- Traditional or Self-Publishing- in India, which is better for a first time author?

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Exceptionally important and useful information for budding writers. Thanks for sharing.

Hey Narendra, I came to know that you are a fellow writer just like me. A major issue with being a writer is we can’t earn much writing articles. I am letting you know about an app called Nblik. Just like Youtubers earn money with their content, we writers can earn with our articles using Nblik. Please check the app out and let me know your thoughts. Link to the app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.nblik.app&referrer=ru4

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It is the result of an honest intent coupled with the passion for writing as a vocation.

Despite the Disclaimer, it becomes the lone oil lamp lighting up the dark and dusty path which a debut author must tread.

Glad you found value.

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Truly, it’s a most informative and encouraging article. Often one gets disheartened by the load of things that need to be done, but your article says ‘there’s many ways you can get it to work, just make up your mind, go out there and start writing’ !

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Excellent crystal clear information, no hide and seek game…. sincerely guides one. Heartfelt Thanks.

If you write about tech I can recommend you https://techplanet.today/ This website allows you to connect your Adsense account, so your ads will be showing on your articles.

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Really it was a great post. I actually used some of the ideas in my blog post also.

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Thank you Namrata, a very detailed guide 🙂

best regards

I need a writing job. Can you find a job

Sorry we dont do that. But you might find some tips here: https://www.himalayanwritingretreat.com/earn-money-through-writing-india/

I am continuing my new job as a content writer for a website. I am totally new to this site. Therefore finding your blog about this topic is really inspiring me. Thanks a lot to encourages us.

I hope this platform continues to feature interesting issues. Good blog. Please create a blog post about my link. TechKluster

Diarying is one of the best sources of information, reviews, & troubleshooting guides for streaming media and software over different platforms. Whenever you will get stuck, Diarying will be one of the informational guides that will tell you step-to-step solutions and always helps you to overcome the situations.

Hi AUTHOR, I can’t thank you enough for all of your guides and tips on BLOG NICHE. They are like a goldmine for me, keep rocking on, you are helping so many.

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Being a beginner in the writing field, its really overwhelming to know that there is lot risk involved in this field. At the same time, its good to know that there are lot of options available in this field also. depending upon the risk level we can can choose the paths which are suitable for us . Thank you for this fabulous article. It contains lot of valuable information.

This is really awesome and I follow your website I love to read your article Because your website has a lot of valuable content.

Being genuine keeps me humble. It doesn’t make any difference how much cash I make or the amount I achieve. What’s basic is remaining genuine to myself and keeping my feet on the ground. That is the very thing that helps make all the difference for me.

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7 Best Ways To Make Money By Writing Articles In India [2022]

7 BEST Ways To Make Money By Writing Blogs in India [2023]

Home > Creations > 7 BEST Ways To Make Money By Writing Blogs in India [2023]

Akarshit Mahajan

Editor’s Pick

Make money by writing blogs in india,  2) medium, 3) ghost.org, 4) write. as, 6) wander lust, 7) writers lab, can i earn money by writing blogs, what are the best platforms to make money by writing, conclusion – make money by blog writing in india.

Writing can be a promising profession if you want to earn money in India. You can easily make money by writing Blogs in India (online). The best platforms provide plenty of monetization tools to start earning from Day 1. 

You must be very careful while choosing the right platform for creating content. Also, regardless of what you do, you need to be consistent and hard-working to earn a regular income.

Some of India’s best writing platforms can help beginners start making from Day 1. However, the income would be less, so you would have to work a few weeks before building a consistent cash flow.

The editEditor’sders Milyin is the ideal choice for making money by writing blogs in India. As an Indian, you can sign up and start writing on Day 1 and easily withdraw earnings via UPI. Your payments are based on advertisements.

Milyin is the best balanced Content Creation Platform

Milyin is one of the best places to make money by writing Blogs. This platform is free to join, and anyone can use it to follow their passion for writing. You would earn through advertisements that are shown in your content. It supports effortless withdrawals as many times as you want in a month.

You can naturally engage with other writers and become better. Its advanced writing tools include writing content, adding images, tables, and lists, embedding tweets/videos, and more. With Milyin, you can write on any topic you choose without restrictions. With robust creation tools, a simple signup process, proper monetization tools, and robust guidance, Milyin is an ideal place to make money by writing blogs in India.


  • Socialize: You can easily interact with your audience using chat, comments, following, and various other tools.
  • Straightforward Earnings: Milyin would run ads in your entire content. You will earn based on genuine ad clicks from the audience that you receive on your ads.
  • Freedom: No restriction on the topic and genre of your content. It allows you to work with any matter of your choice.

Link: https://milyin.com/

Why is Milyin the best way to make money by writing blogs in India?

Milyin is a versatile and open-for-all platform that lets you independently create content and run ads. You earn money when your readers naturally click on the ads. It has instant monetization and allows you to withdraw earnings easily. Furthermore, it can also be used to Write quotes , poems, stories, and more to earn money.

Join Milyin

Medium is best for collaborating with top Indian blog writers

Medium is a platform well known for its wide range of content and its wide range it content. Some of the most celebrities and creators use Medium to publish blogs. If you want to make money by writing Blogs in India, try Medium. 

You would earn based on the number of readers visiting and spending time on your Blogs. It’s an ideal place to discover new writers, learn new things, etc. It has an intuitive editor with all the functions and features you need to produce quality Blogs.


  • Interact: You can interact and get acquainted with some of the top creators worldwide. This will allow you to gain exposure and learn new things from top writers.
  • SEO: Due to the Domain Authority of Medium, your content will likely rank high on Google and easily outperform any other site.

Link: https://medium.com/

While you are at it, you might be interested in earning money through poem writing as well

Ghost.org is best for starting your own blog in India

Ghost is a platform for building blogs, websites, or e-commerce stores. With Ghost, you can set up an utterly independent blog that serves your audience and gives you far greater freedom than any other platform could ever provide. You can configure an utterly separate blog with Ghost’s robust toolsGhost’suilt templates, themes, and other tools.

Sure, it would take relatively longer to become profitable, but you would grow exponentially once you start getting recognized. Signups: You can make money by writing Blogs in India, and once you become famous, you can launch other revenue streams like merchandise, sponsored content, collaborations, etc. 


  • Tools: Ghost.org provides various tools to manage, create, and analyze your content. You can use their devices to schedule posts and quickly edit and modify them using advanced editing tools.
  • Analytics: The native analytics tools allow for effortlessly monitoring and recognizing trends, shortcomings, and bottlenecks in your growth.

Link: https://ghost.org

Write.as is best for sharing your own thoughts

Write. as is a platform that supports independent ideas and helps people spread their unique thoughts, opinions, and beliefs. With Write.as you can earn money by writing Blogs about your perspective. Unlike other platforms, you are completely free and do not need to be influenced by any external factors for writing your content.

Write. as provides a simple, straight user interface and a simple signup process that allows you to get onto writing in almost no time.


  • Beginner-friendly: Write. as is designed to be simple, easy to use, and beginner-friendly. As a result, gaining success doesn’t require much experience, allowing Indians to sdoesn’togging quickly.
  • Focus: It focuses exclusively on content, ensuring all other forms of writing can thrive freely and earn a lot of money.

Link: https://write.as/

Quora is best for earning money by writing answers online in India

Quora is a popular social platform best known for its question-and-answer format interactions. Previously, Quora did not provide any ways to earn money by writing Blogs. However, with Quora Plus, you can create spaces, post content you like, and monetize it for people to read. Some of your Blogs/answers would be public so people can discover your content. At the same time, other answers/Blogs are only accessible to Quora+ users.

Whenever someone views your Quora+ answers, you’d earn a small fraction of their monthly subscription fee. It is that simple. A lot of your wisdom, little to no hurdles, and straightforward writing. Chances are you already have a Quora account that you use for reading answers or writing answers yourself.


  • Questions: You don’t have to find topics to write on. Quora automatically finds questions that you can answer.
  • Memberships: It allows you to set your price for membership to exclusive content.

Link: https://quora.com

Wander Lust is best for travel-related writing

This is one of the best places to write about anything related to travel, whether you enjoy going someplace for pleasure, business, or any other purpose. All of the content on Wander Lust is connected to travel. This website is ideal for creating high-quality travel material and enjoying your travels and adventures. In essence, you would be compensated for writing about your travel experiences.

This site has the biggest payouts, with 220 Euros being paid for each accepted job. One of the highest caliber and professional writing groups. They only publish a small number of content releases each year, yet they can maintain a significant presence worldwide.


Link:  https://www.wanderlust.co.uk/about-us/writers  

Writers Lab is best for making money by wriitng blogs as freelancer in India

Writers Lab is a platform that invites the best of the best writers not to create content for some of the most demanding clients. Its joining process isn’t easy. It involves proper document verification, grammar tests, trial assignment tests, citation tests, and more. They take quite some time to review your application and send you the offer to start writing.

You get to choose the assignments of your choice and work at your own pace with complete freedom. They have predefined rates for projects based on various parameters. You can select and take up a job that suits you the most.

Writers Labs

Link: https://writerslabs.com/

You can easily earn money by writing on some of the best platforms, like Milyin . These platforms allow you to create content for free, run ads on it, and earn money from Day 1. This will help you quickly make money by writing Blogs and grow as a Creator with little to no experience.

Some of the best platforms are: 

It is pretty easy to become a blogger and earn money as an Indian. YoWe’ve made a consistently high income by writing blogs on writing platforms. We’ve shown you some of the best blogging platforms to choose from. You can choose the one most appropriate for you based on our verdict below.

Akarshit Mahajan


Published: 16th October 2023 | Last Updated: 26th October 2022 | Views: 139

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Akarshit Mahajan

7 BEST P2P Lending Platforms in India (2023) | Milyin

Aditya Agarwal

7 Ways to Earn Money By Writing Poems Online In India

7 Ways To Earn Money By Writing Quotes Online (Updated 2023)

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Indian Writers Can Finally Make Money From Medium

Get paid to write about exactly what you want..

Anangsha Alammyan

Anangsha Alammyan

Indian Writers Can Finally Make Money From Medium

Imagine a world where you get paid for writing exactly what you want,

Picture not having to rely on freelance clients, consultation calls, coaching, or any external agencies to pay your bills. Just write on your preferred topics, publish them on your profile, and earn.

Once a dream, this can become a reality starting August 2023.

In this article, we’re discussing Medium — a platform that previously paid writers from only 33 countries worldwide. But starting August 2023, the Medium Partner Program is opening in India.

Yes, you read that right — writers from India can now start earning money by sharing their stories on Medium.

This news isn’t just some rumor. It comes straight from the official Medium blog , which announced recently that the Medium Partner Program is now expanding to 12 additional countries, including India.

If you’re an Indian writer grappling with ways to monetize your work, Medium’s expanded accessibility could be the perfect solution for you. Watch this in video format here —

Earning on Medium involves three essential steps:

1. Become a paying member

Medium operates on a subscription model.

To be eligible to start earning money, you need to become a paying member with a subscription fee of five dollars per month.

Here’s a link to become Medium Member.

2. Create valuable content

With Medium’s new guidelines, quality now trumps quantity.

Don’t fret over producing a high volume of content; focus instead on crafting articles that deliver value.

The Medium Partner Program used to compensate authors based on the total reading time their stories garnered. But starting in August 2023, compensation will depend on the number of:

  • comments, and

your story receives. If a reader chooses to follow you after reading your piece, you earn an additional bonus.

3. Target Medium publications

Rather than publishing solely on your own profile, aim for visibility in Medium publications. These are collections of articles in specific categories or niches.

For beginners, finding the right publication for your article can be challenging. Here’s a detailed guide on finding the right publication for your Medium article.

The expansion of the Medium Partner Program in India heralds a new era for Indian writers, providing a straightforward and legitimate way to monetize their craft.

Share this exciting news with your writer friends so they too can start benefiting from Medium’s platform.

If you have any questions or need further clarification, please leave a comment. Expect a new tutorial soon on how to write and format an article on Medium.

If you want to build a personal brand on Medium, write stories that hook the reader, and make your first $100 online, check out my flagship program, Project Medium .

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  6. Earn Rs.8500 Daily By Writing Essays


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    In this article, we're discussing Medium — a platform that previously paid writers from only 33 countries worldwide. But starting August 2023