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How To Write a Journal: Step-By Step

Do you want to know how to write a journal?

I’ve kept journals in various forms on and off for twenty years. Journal writing is a skill that asks for commitment, practice, and honesty. It’s also a perfect practice for creative and successful people.

And anyone can do it!

This article walks through how to write a journal step-by-step and includes some advanced tips. But first why even bother with journaling?

The Benefits of Journal Writing

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How to write a journal?

Journaling is a great pursuit for writers and creatives. I’ve journaled for years and recommend it to many writers.

It’s easy to start a daily journaling practice, and it doesn’t take much time. But why should you keep a journal in the first place?

To answer that question, let’s explore how some famous journal writers approached this craft.

Anytime, I avoid writing because I’m tired, bored, or devoid of ideas, I remind myself of the importance of discipline.

Almost every writer I’ve read about sacrificed to pursue their work. They rose early or worked late into the night and they wrote because they had to and not just when they felt the hand of inspiration.

Like many famous journal writers, Virginia Woolf kept hers with a pencil and paper. She recorded entries every morning until the early afternoon.

How to write a journal? Virginia Woolf

She wrote about her routine, her ordinary moments :

“I generally write with heat and ease till 12.30 and thus do my two pages. So it will be done, written over that is, in 3 weeks, I forecast from today”

Cheever bemoans his lack of discipline throughout his journals.

However, in an entry written shortly before his death in 1982, he recognizes he possessed this essential and departing personal strength that comes with adhering to a writing routine.

“I have climbed from a bed on the second floor to reach this typewriter. This was an achievement. I do not understand what has happened to the discipline, or character, that has brought me here for so many years,” he writes.

Yes, discipline is important, but not at the cost of day-to-day life. For a long time, I thought there was nothing more important than filling a blank page with sentences.

Now, I spend time running, reading, traveling, meeting friends, and sitting quietly . I do other things that aren’t writing. And I’m OK with that.

Even if you’ve found a passion, side-interests are essential. When you’re in danger of burning out, taking time to pursue a side-interest will stoke the embers of what inspires you.

Woolf chronicled her long walks while Cheever wrote dozens of entries about swimming, cycling, and meeting friends.

“I do have trouble with the dead hours of the afternoon without skating, skiing, bicycling, swimming, or sexual discharges or drink,” he writes.

The Russian writer Nabokov had little time for eating, socializing, or drinking coffee with friends.

Instead, he loved to solve chess problems and study butterflies. Both of these interests informed his work; his novel, Zashchita Luzhina (The Luzhin Defense), features an insane chess player.

He writes in his memoir:

“And the highest enjoyment of timelessness…is when I stand among rare butterflies and their food plants. This is ecstasy, and behind the ecstasy is something else, which is hard to explain. It is like a momentary vacuum into which rushes all that I love.”

Self-doubt is a problem for many writers. They worry about what others will think of their ideas and stories.

Years ago, I didn’t like writing articles like this one. I worried about how people will perceive me, and if I’ll upset or offend anyone.

I learned from Virginia Woolf’s journals that many writers are insecure about their work. However, criticism can help writers improve their craft.

She writes:

“What is the use of saying one is indifferent to reviews when positive praise, though mingled with blame, gives one such a start on, that instead of feeling dried up, one feels, on the contrary, flooded with ideas?”

Cheever wasn’t one for paying too much attention to his critics. He rarely re-read his works or reviews about them. That said, even Cheever occasionally dreamt (worried) about how people saw him.

He writes in his journal:

“…and last night I had a dream that a brilliant reviewer pointed out that there was an excess of lamentation in my work.”

One way to overcome insecurity is to practice expressing gratitude.

I try to do this by thanking those who take the time to read or even share my work, and by appreciating that writers today have more places to express themselves than before.

Vladimir Nabokov

Several years ago, I became a father for the first time. It was a happy time but after my son was born, I dreamt about death and how my life would end.

I knew I wasn’t depressed but I worried there was something wrong with me. Then a friend (also a recent father), confessed the same thoughts. As we get older, it’s natural to consider mortality and death. To pretend death doesn’t exist is to live in ignorance of the bond we all share.

There are echoes of death in Woolf’s, Cheever’s, and Nabokov’s memoirs, and these authors taught me it’s unnatural to avoid considering our place in the world.

In the opening pages of Speak Memory, Nabokov unpacks the notion of time as a single linear event. He challenged the reader to see not just the endpoint of life, but the beginning of life as well.

“….my mind has made colossal efforts to distinguish the faintest of personal glimmers in the impersonal darkness on both sides of my life.”

In short, journaling is good for your well-being and mental health.

John Cheever quote

Journaling is a good way of exploring your ideas, opinions, and inner beliefs.

Through this habit, you can mark accomplishments and failures and also reflect on important life lessons.

The journals of Cheever, Woolf, and Nabokov taught me that keeping a journal helps identify negative patterns, thoughts, and behaviors.

Woolf writes about her depression at length. In 1934, she describes the period after she finished her experimental novel The Waves .

“I was, I remember, nearer suicide, seriously, than since 1913.”

John chronicles his alcoholism at length in his journal and towards the end of his book, it’s hard not the feel the same sense of relief as he does upon finally becoming sober.

If you want to learn how to write a journal, I don’t want to be too morbid and put you off.

The journals of these authors aren’t all filled with dark life lessons and lamentations. Sometimes, these writers express gratitude.

Nabokov writes at length about his love for his mother and father, his son, and Russia of old. And I’ve yet to read a more powerful personal mission statement than Cheever’s aspiration for the blank page:

“To write well, to write passionately, to be less inhibited, to be warmer, to be more self-critical, to recognise the power of as well as the force of lust, to write, to love.”

Writer’s block describes feeling uninspired and having no great ideas to write about. Thankfully, you don’t need to worry about that while journaling. After all, your journal ideas and entries are for you and you alone.

Simply, turn up for a few minutes at the same time each day and jot down what you’re thinking or doing.

It’s also helpful for:

Even if you don’t turn journal entries in public works, it’s entertaining and revealing to read back on older entries from your own life.

You don’t have to be a writer to learn how to journal.

To practice journaling, write a short entry at the same time of day, every day. If that sounds like too much work, try once a week.

If you want to learn how to start a journal on your computer, use a dedicated journaling app like Day One. It’s built for digital journaling and supports images and videos as well.

Alternatively, create a password-protected file on your computer using Word, Pages, or some other word processor. Ideally, it should sync with a service like Google Drive so you don’t have to worry about losing entries.

With that in mind, follow these steps:

Step 1: Pick a Time for Journaling

Open your journaling tool of choice, close the door, and relax. If you have one to hand, pick a single journal writing prompt. Eliminate any distractions including your phone and social media. It’s easier to follow a journaling habit if you stick to it at the same time every day.

Step 2: Select a Topic to Write About

A journal entry works well if it’s about a single topic, e.g. your daily routine, creative projects, or a personal problem.

That said, there are no rules. Free write if you have to.

Often the biggest challenge with creating a journaling habit is figuring out what to write about. You can start a journal entry in several different ways.

Here are some creative things to write about in a journal:

Julia Cameron, the author of The Artist’s Way, advocates keeping morning pages. These are a great way of starting a journal entry .

All you have to do is get up, sit down at your desk and write a stream of consciousness entry first thing.

Step 3: Journal for a Pre-determined Period

Set a timer for twenty-five minutes. If that’s too long, aim for five minutes. Consistency is more important than duration. Depending on what’s happening, you may have time to write longer journal entries at the weekend or evening time.

Oh, and keep writing!

Step 4: Don’t Stop To Edit 

While writing a journal entry, don’t stop to edit yourself or edit for punctuation until the buzzer sounds. Editing and journaling are different activities. Also, journal entries are for you alone, so it doesn’t matter if you write a stream-of-consciousness.

Step 5: Explore Your Thinking

Allow for negative thoughts, expressive writing, and random ideas to make their way into your journal entries. Reflective journaling is a type of therapy and a window into the soul. So, don’t hold back.

Step 6: Stop and Tidy Up

When the timer sounds, re-read your journal entry and tidy it up. Then, move on with your day.

Step 7: Review Your Journal Entries Regularly

Review your journal entries and writing process once a week, month, or quarter. Past entries should inform future entries. I don’t recommend revising old entries much though, beyond fixing typos and grammar errors. It’s easy and unhelpful to judge an old version of yourself. When in doubt, write a new entry.

I’ve kept various journals on and off since I was fifteen years old. These days, I record a personal journal , and it contains the types of entries you would expect to find in someone’s journal or diary i.e. it’s about my day-to-day life.

I write 200-300 word entries every morning and a longer entry at the weekend. It’s kind of like my morning pages (an idea advocated by Julia Cameron). I also record a professional or business journal . Here, I write about how this blog and my work is progressing. I also describe the challenges I’m having and what I’m working on.

Finally, I keep a type of Zettelkasten in Day One, which acts as a repository of ideas and information I come across for future writing projects.

Here, I record snippets and other information from books I read, courses I take and talks I watch. I also include the links and write a reaction to these. This journaling habit gives me more source materials for future articles.

For example:

This Zettelkasten or Slip box contains dozens of entries about writing advice from creative masters like John Cheever and Virginia Woolf.

I used a few of them for this article!

If you want to learn more about the Zettelkasten method, check out my podcast interview with Sacha Fast .

I won’t lie; if you want to keep writing a journal, you must commit to the practice. Some people who want to keep a journal say they find the process time-consuming, that they forget to write regular entries, and that it can become a chore.

These are valid concerns for journal writers.

I spend several hours each week on journal writing. However, if you’re new, start with five minutes a day, ideally in the morning before you forget. Wake up early if you have it.

If you’re experiencing these problems, accept that there will be times when you don’t or can’t write. Instead, remember the benefits of journal writing and that no one needs to read or see this work (i.e. it doesn’t have to be perfect or even polished).

You don’t need to keep more than one either. I’ve shared how I practice journal writing in case it helps.

Some mornings it’s hard to write while tired and under-caffeinated. So I created a personal list of journal writing prompts and used those for a long time.

Day One app contains daily journal writing useful prompts. I also like taking pictures of my phone while out and about and using these to start writing entries faster. Sometimes, I just write up what I did yesterday.

I occasionally use TextExpander for OS X ( Phase Express is a Windows alternative) to write entries faster. These are text-expansion apps that turn keyboard shortcuts into snippets of text that I use for my entries.

For example, when I type “; journal”, TextExpander pastes the following questions into my personal journal:

How am I feeling right now? What are my plans for today? What did I read/listen to? How did I help my family?

When I type “; blog”, Textexpander pastes the following questions:

What did I do yesterday? What lesson did I learn? What could I have done better? What one thing must I focus on this week?

I use a semi-colon to prevent Textexpander from inadvertently creating this text while I’m working on something else. These questions serve as writing prompts . When I see them appear on the page, I spend less time thinking about “what I want to write” and more time answering these questions.

You can also find several dozen journal writing prompts in my book Yes You Can Write!

Journal Writing Tools and Resources

If you want more, check out Anthony Metevier’s post How To Keep A Journal And Remember More and also my detailed guide on Medium.

What do you write in a personal journal?

You can write whatever you want as each entry is for you alone. Some good topics include what you did yesterday, goals, your to-do list, and personal or professional challenges.

How do you structure a journal?

Journal entries typically don’t require much structure. However, it’s a good idea to date your entries so you can understand your journal’s chronology.

What is an example of a journal?

The novelist John Cheever’s journals and Virginia Woolf’s journals are both good examples worth reading.

What is the purpose of journal writing?

Journal writing enables you to clarify your thinking, work through negative emotions and record your daily life. It’s also a form of writing practice.

The Best Journals to Buy

Diary Vs Journal: What’s The Difference?

Adam Jelic interview , the creator behind MiGoals journals

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How to Write a Journal Response to a Book

Last Updated: January 1, 2023 References

This article was co-authored by Michelle Golden, PhD . Michelle Golden is an English teacher in Athens, Georgia. She received her MA in Language Arts Teacher Education in 2008 and received her PhD in English from Georgia State University in 2015. There are 7 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page. This article has been viewed 381,931 times.

Journaling is a great way to process what you've read and develop your understanding of the text. Many teachers give response journal assignments to help students clarify what's read, solidify their reactions to and opinions on the text, and organize their thoughts before working on a larger assignment. As such, to write a journal response to a book, you'll need to engage with the text as you read it and write out your thoughts on that text in a cohesive, thorough manner. By practicing careful reading and writing habits, you will be able to write a thoughtful response that can help launch a term paper or extended essay on a given reading.

Sample Responses

how to write book journal

Writing a Journal Response to a Book

Image titled Write a Journal Response to a Book Step 1

Image titled Write a Journal Response to a Book Step 2

Image titled Write a Journal Response to a Book Step 3

Image titled Write a Journal Response to a Book Step 4

Engaging with the Text

Image titled Write a Journal Response to a Book Step 5

Image titled Write a Journal Response to a Book Step 6

Image titled Write a Journal Response to a Book Step 7

Image titled Write a Journal Response to a Book Step 8

Gathering Your Thoughts for the Journal

Image titled Write a Journal Response to a Book Step 9

Image titled Write a Journal Response to a Book Step 10

Image titled Write a Journal Response to a Book Step 11

Expert Q&A

Video . by using this service, some information may be shared with youtube..

how to write book journal

Things You'll Need

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About This Article

Michelle Golden, PhD

To write a journal response to a book, start by writing a summary of the book to explain the author’s main points, and provide 1 to 2 quotes from the text to support your analysis. Then, give your commentary on the book, explaining why you agree or disagree with what the author says. As part of your response, give reasons for your thoughts and opinions, and try to answer questions like “Are there connections between the book and my life?” so you can dive more deeply into your personal experience of reading the book. For tips from our English co-author about how to annotate the book to engage more fully with the text, read on! Did this summary help you? Yes No

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How to Write a Book Review

Note: These modified guidelines were taken from: Jacques Barzun and Henry F. Graff, The Modern Researcher, 5th ed. New York: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 1992.

This structure serves as a guideline and not a template.

Some Useful Advice to Keep in Mind While Writing Your Book Review:

Note: Taken from: John E. Drewry. Writing Book Reviews . Boston: The Writer, Inc, 1966)

J. Donald Adams –Editor of the New York Times Book Review

“The reviewer should bring to the review ‘factual knowledge and capacity of sympathetic understanding.’”

Edward Weeks –Editor of The Atlantic Monthly, The Peripatetic Reviewer

“The Ten Commandments:

Richard Kluger – Editor of Book Week, the Sunday supplement of book reviews to many newspapers

Orville Prescott –Co-editor of Books of the Times (New York Times)

“They forget that book reviews are not supposed to make up somebody else’s mind. They are supposed to help him make up his own mind as to whether a book is for him or not.”

Diana Trilling –Book Columnist

“…the first responsibility…is to the book…[not] reviewing which is primarily directed to the glorification of the reviewer at the expense of the object under examination.”

Elmo Ellis –General Manager of WSB Radio, Atlanta

“Don’t review books that you consider inferior works. Choose a worthy volume for review.”

Dr. Allan Nevins

“Criticism is implicit in any good summary or exposition…The very arrangement of your exposition, the way in which you emphasize some parts of a book and ignore other parts, is a form of criticism…”

Important Points to Remember

For further guides to writing book reviews, see:

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I need a mascot for a campus connect program (preferably 3D). Should be a mature individual NOT looking at childish or cartoonish options. The program revolves around Engineering college students and positions them as super heroes for amplifying our company in their college. Key words (Go Getter, Thrill Seeker, Campus star) The mascot should be in blue and red color. You can play with technology elements . Will need an Open file for the selected entry

Job Description: We are seeking a highly skilled and motivated Book Promotion Specialist to assist in promoting our recently published book . As a Book Promotion Specialist, your primary responsibility will be to increase the book's visibility and reach by implementing effective marketing strategies. Your expertise will be essential in ensuring the book is listed on various book -selling sites, optimizing its search engine rankings, securing media coverage, and exploring speaking opportunities for the author. Additionally, you will play a crucial role in establishing partnerships with bookstores and nursing schools to enhance distribution. Responsibilities: Book Listing and SEO: List the ...

I am looking for someone who is good with design and that can create me some visual instuctions on how to complte stuff on my website, for example - ' How to create a post'. You can take screenshots from my website to show the instructions, but i do want this created with some nice design around the instructions, something that is catchy and look nice and easy to follow for the user and is effective. This work is best suited for someone that is good at design and can offer me some ideas of how to do this work best.

Scraping products from specific categories on a website Skills and experience: - Experience with web scraping - Proficiency in data entry and organization - Ability to deliver scraped data in Excel format

We are looking for a reliable and efficient data entry specialist to undertake a project involving the conversion of 700 JPG image files into PDF, PNG, and Word/Doc formats. The goal of this project is to digitize the image files and make them easily accessible and editable for future use. The image files, provided in JPG format, contain various types of content, including text, tables, and graphics. The data entry specialist will be responsible for converting each image file into three different formats: PDF, PNG, and Word/Doc. The converted PDF files should accurately replicate the content and layout of the original image files, making them suitable for viewing, printing, and archiving purposes. The PNG files should ma...

I'm creating a book containing birthday messages for a friend, it will follow the design of a football (Soccer) program. The book will be about 60 pages, and take the look of Chelseafc programs over the last 6 decades (approx 10 pages for each decade). I will provide colour scans of key pages, and i don't need perfect replicas of the initial designs, colours, fonts etc - they can be simplified and approximated. I need a designer that can replicate the key pages as design templates an InDesign file. I can then insert my own photos and birthday messages. There may be an ask for support with 'clean up' at the end, as i've used InDesign before but i'm not the best. The files attached are indicati...

looking forward for content writer who can help to pen down my experiences in to book

I am looking for a personal booking platform in Arabic language that could accommodate up to 200 users. I have no specific type of booking platform in mind, but it should be user-friendly and easy to navigate. The ideal candidate should have experience in creating booking platforms and should be able to provide examples of similar projects. In addition, the platform should have the following features: - Ability to book and manage appointments or reservations - Secure payment processing - Ability to send notifications and reminders to users - User-friendly interface - Multilingual support (Arabic and English) - Mobile-responsive design Please provide a detailed proposal that outlines the timeline, cost, and the technolo...

I would like to hear about your experience in a body massage parlour. Were you really comfortable at the first time with a full body massaging session? I'm looking to do this chat survey on different people from different regions to know more about the culture and the experience on the same. Have you also faced some weird touches during the massage as well? ------=------=---------=----------=----------=---------- Please don't bid and waste your time if you are not open-minded to share and discuss these stories. Note: I need you to answer a few questions (~10 nos) on the chat here before I will hire you, this is just to verify that you have those experience.

There is a word file with a series of codes for surgical procedures. Each code can be matched with a description using this link: book /OPCS-4.10/volume1-p2-1.html+PART_2 I want each code and it's description added to the spreadsheet file. I have done the first two as an example

As an experienced travel agency, I am looking for a skilled freelancer to help me with the setup and configuration of my products and content on an online booking platform. I need someone to enter in more than 100 products and pieces of content into my existing Bokun-based content management system (CMS). The products I am offering are tours and activities for customers to book . The freelancer must have prior experience in creating and managing content for an online travel agency. The freelancer must be familiar with Bokun, as well as have extensive knowledge of tour and activity operations. The freelancer should also have good organizational and communication skills. They must be detail-oriented and able to work independentl...

I am looking for someone to summarise a number of English books on China and China-related topics for my personal academic use. The ideal candidate should have experience in summarising books and be able to deliver high-quality summaries. The project requires summarising 10 books in a medium-long format (from 5 to 20 pages, it depends from how the book is long and how the reasoning inside it is theoretically deep and complex). The successful bidder will be required to provide a sample of their work and to complete the project within an agreed timeframe. Ideal skills and experience for the job include: - Excellent summarising skills (key concepts and scientific theories must be clearly idet...

I would like to find out roughly how much it would cost to design an app like- ME+ FABULOUS HABITMINDER TANGERINE I'D like it to have features such as- daily habits weekly habits beliefs challenges diet and health tips challenges budgeting and savings goals goal setting and breakdown

I am looking for a freelancer to write ScalaCheck properties that will satisfy my functional requirements. I prefer to use the standard ScalaCheck library for this task. The ideal candidate for this job should have experience in Scala programming and be familiar with ScalaCheck.

Memory book for a special birthday event - Purpose: To document the special birthday event - Number of pages: Less than 50 - Ideal skills and experience: - Graphic design and layout skills for creative and visually appealing pages - Proficiency in photo editing software to enhance and edit images - Excellent communication skills to collaborate with me on the design and content of the book .

... I need one to upload picture to gallery of the app. Picture should have a QR code and if one will scan QR code he will see the picture. I want to print out QR codes then in real on a Brother printer. User should login once and then he can create gallery or join to gallery and upload. Title, Date, Description for every picture is needed. And a flag if picture is public or private. It should work for every registered user. Minimum nickname/email and photo. Mainly I want share some pictures taken on my travels. and just print out QR-code and put in in a book for example, if someone wants to read detail. So I can create new category, upload picture with details and with QR code for example ...

This is a title of project: Qualitative study of pharmacists’ perceptions of motivators, Private supports and challenges towards career planning and advancement in a pharmaceutical company in Saudi Arabia We want use this form for master project and going with every step inside include it number of pages and structure also the organisation This article explain the same our topic but in institutional and in another country (Malaysia) so we want use the same question but in our Topic The topic around one of Saudi pharmaceuticals companies the name of company is Saudi Pharmaceutical Industries & Medical Appliances Corporation (SPIMACO)

I am looking for a freelancer to help me with data entry . The ideal candidate should have experience in accurately entering text data from both physical and online sources into a Word Document. Requirements: - Accurately enter text data from physical and online sources into a Word Document - Attention to detail is a must - Ability to work efficiently and meet deadlines Skills: - Excellent typing skills - Proficient in Microsoft Word - Experience with data entry Output: - Final data entry output should be in a Word Document format If you have experience and skills in data entry , please apply for this project.

Hello, I have created some financial Excel sheets and need help with editing some formulas. You should be an expert with excel, ideally with financial planning. For now I would like to " book " an hour of tutoring with you, means I show you my files and talk on Zoom about it with screen sharing. I would then tell you what I want to do and you would give me advice on the formulas. The bid here is for one hour of your time, best is if you have time to start now immediately and use Zoom. I am using Excel for Mac. If this hour goes well, I have independent jobs for you in the future. Kind regards, Rene

This time we are looking for sales experts. We would like buyers to buy the book We pay a commission of 25% for each sale you bring.

I will only pay 10$ for that I need to separate different piece on a cat head, nose, ears, etc without leaving a hole I know how to select the part, just don't know how not to leave a hole when removing part I am a beginner on blender

Looking for a USA-based freelancer to work with me on a short-term project (30 minutes). The main task will be data entry . I am open to working with beginners in this field. The specific type of data entry task will be determined upon hiring. The ideal candidate should have strong attention to detail and be able to work efficiently and accurately. Knowledge of basic computer skills are required.

We are a private jet firm looking for a website that caters to both high net worth individuals and corporate clients. Our main goal is to provide clients with the ability to book and manage flights directly on the website. Therefore, we require the website to be mobile optimized for easy access on the go. We are looking for a user-friendly design with high-quality visuals that showcase our fleet of private jets and provide information on our services and pricing. Ideal skills and experience for this job include web design, mobile optimization, and graphic design.

I want to build e- book collection of the fairy tales for kids. I need a graphic to build illustrates for the books.

I have a webshop (opencart with journal extention) Google Ad always disapprove my site as it is detected with Malicious software. I checked a virus scanner - no malicious software My host provider checked - no malicious software The linkgs given by Google as "malicious" are simple redirects.

...looking for a sales and marketing specialist that can give my e-learning platform a boost and increase traffic and conversion rates. My products are great, but more people need to find a way to the website and actually buy the products. You should be proficient in the following skills: - Defining marketing strategies - Creating marketing campaigns - SEO - Google Adwords - Social Media Marketing - Social Media Account maintenance - Defining target markets and sales strategies - Implement the sales strategies I encourage you to use tools like chat-gpt to work more efficiently, as long as you take responsibility for the quality of the work. The E-learning platform contains self-paced training courses, trial exams and assessment...

Hello, I have a text ( a letter) to layout and then print on paper. What I want to do is to place this printed page inside a book and if possible also I need a wrapper (see the image of Faggin's book as an exemple) with a sentence. As for colors and font, I kindly ask you to use the one you see in the files named "STD_BookDD-"and " Book ". The size of the book is 22cm X 14 cm.

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