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Whether you want the recognition and reward of becoming a bestselling children’s author or, the simple joy and satisfaction of delighting the children in your life – this award-winning course gives you everything you need to write captivating stories for children. WriteStorybooksForChildren.com is the trusted course of choice for over 140,000 people worldwide. This comprehensive, world-class training gives you all the guidance and in-depth help you need to write successful children’s books – from how to get started, how to structure a storyline, create a plot, write dialogue and decide on a style, to where to look for a good illustrator, how to avoid the mistakes that annoy most editors and so much more. Learn More “You’ll discover everything you need to know to write and publish compelling children’s stories – for pleasure or profit!”

“The course was set out into modules, which helped you feel like you were achieving throughout the course. The content was clearly written and provided useful tips without patronising. Having worked in on-line education and training for a number of years, I would definitely recommend the course.”

Emma Review verified by TrustPilot

“This course was better than expected. It was captivating enough to hold my attention and intriguing enough for me to complete the course. This course is packed with useful information. I would definitely recommend this course to others.”

Dione Review verified by TrustPilot

“I really enjoyed the course and felt every aspect of the subject was thoroughly covered. This course made me feel as if I was being shown the ropes by a good friend of mine, one more than willing to share their secrets.”

Gavan Review verified by TrustPilot

“This is a great place to start learning about children’s story writing and the cost is highly competitive too. The course encourages accelerated learning by being modular and progressive.”

Sharon Review verified by TrustPilot

“The confidence boost I needed. Everyone has that story they want to put down on paper but don’t have the time or confidence to commit to. This course helped me to focus on the right points and gave me the boost I needed to give writing children’s books a go.”

Jessica Review verified by TrustPilot

“I have always been interested in writing children’s books, and when I saw this course I thought why not?! I started the course and completed it in less than a week, all with a small baby at home! I would recommend this course to anyone and everyone! Thank you!”

Catherine Review verified by TrustPilot

“This was a great course and loved it. So easy to go through and took me no time to finish it. Everything was amazing and perfect I learned all the things I was missing and can’t wait to start my book now. Highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to write books for children.”

Lara Review verified by TrustPilot

“I just finished the Write Storybooks for Children course. I have learned a great deal, and now I can’t wait to apply what I’ve learned to my writing.”

Chris Review verified by TrustPilot

“Better than any college and graduate courses I have taken. I am so impressed with the quality of this course.”

Suzy Review verified by TrustPilot

“I thoroughly enjoyed this writing for children course. The lessons were packed with so much valuable information. I took the course over 6 weeks to allow the lessons to sink in. So much to be learned in a few short modules so I best get back to module one and start over!”

Jody Review verified by TrustPilot

“The course was packed with lots of information and advice and although I cannot remember it all I can go back into the course at any time to remind myself. Lesson 14 hopefully will be very relevant when I have written my first children’s book!!”

Juleen Review verified by TrustPilot

“This was a very insightful and on occasions testing course. It was delivered in a relaxed but informative style with just a hint of sarcasm and realism (a British style!). I very much enjoyed it and would recommend it to anyone considering a career in writing or indeed publishing.”

Derek Review verified by TrustPilot

child for writing

Writing for Children

Writing for Children

Create stories that touch the hearts of children with the help of a published children's author. This course provides you with an essential overview of planning, researching, writing, and marketing children's books that engage audiences and sell to publishers.


Discover what you need to know to write for children. If you are a beginning writer, this course will help you transform your book idea into a finished product. If you are an already successful writer, this course will help you explore new opportunities and markets for your work.

You will explore the changing world of children's literature and understand the various formats, including picture books, chapter books, middle grade or young adult novels. You will get insights from publishing professionals to gain a better understanding of the needs of today's market. You will receive valuable tips about creating your manuscript, and even practice writing a query letter to submit to a publisher. By the time you finish this course, you will have all the tools and resources you will need to begin navigation the world of children's publishing and to continue growing as a writer for children.

Enrollment Options:

Lesson 1 - through the eyes of a child: exploring the world of children's literature, lesson 2 - read to me, mommy: the integration of artwork and the printed word, lesson 3 - i can do it: the beginning reader, lesson 4 - growing up: the next level, lesson 5 - beyond biographies: the world of nonfiction writing and research, lesson 6 - story patterns: the easy way to create a great story, lesson 7 - dramatic elements: structuring children's literature, lesson 8 - with fresh eyes: editing the manuscript, lesson 9 - in search of a publisher: market research, lesson 10 - dear editor: submitting your work, lesson 11 - from passion to profit: the business of publishing, lesson 12 - a lifelong adventure: growing your writing.


There are no prerequisites to take this course.


Hardware Requirements:

Software Requirements:

Instructional Material Requirements:

Be prepared to reference and/or purchase children's books via online or instore.

Other instructional materials required for this course are included in enrollment and will be available online.


Steve Alcorn

Steve Alcorn is the CEO of Alcorn McBride Inc., a leading theme park design company that creates products used in all the world's theme parks. He is a proponent of advance planning and has experience with wills, living trusts, advance directives, and power of attorney. His experience also includes arranging for in-home care, nursing home selection, retirement community evaluation, memory care facility selection, and the analysis of Medicare and other insurance paperwork. He is a counselor to his employees, possessing insight into the varieties of relationships, problems, opportunities, and legal issues that can arise in the field of eldercare.

Steve is the published author of a wide range of fiction and nonfiction works. During the past decade, he has helped more than 30,000 students turn their story ideas into reality, with many of his students publishing novels they developed in his classes. His books include A Matter of Justice, Everything In Its Path, Molly Builds a Theme Park, How to Fix Your Novel, Theme Park Design, and Write Your Life Story.

Instructor Interaction : The instructor looks forward to interacting with learners in the online moderated discussion area to share their expertise and answer any questions you may have on the course content.

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Writing for Children with Karen Cioffi

Ghostwriting | Rewriting | Editing | Coaching

Writing for Children

child for writing

Do you want your name as author on a children’s picture book (PB), chapter book, or middle grade (MG) book – without having to write it yourself?

Maybe you started a children’s book but found it’s too difficult to finish. Or, you finished a draft and realize it needs significant tweaking–rewriting.

I’ve also had many clients who had an idea but didn’t know where to go from there.

Or, you might be a therapist, psychiatrist, or other professional and want to use books to help your patients and their parents. A book will also allow you to broaden your ‘helping’ reach.  I have a number of series clients who fall into this category.

If you want to help children through books or spark a child’s imagination and bring him on an amazing journey, I can help.

I’m a children’s ghostwriter, an award-winning author (Children’s Literary Classics 2012 Silver Award), former staff fiction writer for two online learning centers, and former lead editor for 4RV Publishing. And, now I have a children’s ghostwriting team !

Along with having my own published books and being in contract for a picture book series, I have years of experience ghostwriting, rewriting, and editing children’s books, with well over 300 very satisfied clients , I can help you become a children’s book author – I can rewrite or ghostwrite the story for you.

Become a children’s author today!

Decide which writing service you need and click on the link for more information:

Ghostwriting young children’s books (Picture Books to Middle Grade)

Rewriting children’s books (PBs to YAs)

Editing children’s books (PBs to YAs)

Write your own children’s book (Do-it-Yourself)

child for writing

You can contact me at : kcioffiventrice @ gmail .com

Or, you can call me at: 347 834 6700 (Please leave a message. I’ll get back to you promptly. Due to scammers and solicitors, I usually don’t answer.)

Client Testimonials

It has been a pleasure to work with Karen Cioffi on eight children’s books. Karen was able to take a difficult concept with the “seedling ideas” presented to her and create an intriguing storyline. Karen was always maintained timelines for both drafts and revisions. She was available for communication throughout the process. It was a joy to work with Karen and have her assistance to bring my ideas to life through the written word. I look forward to working with Karen again and again. There is no need to look further for a skilled writer. Karen Cioffi is the most wonderful person that I could have selected!

Karen, YOU NAILED IT! I have tears of joy in my eyes right now. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Blake Wayman

Your work greatly exceeded my expectations. You truly are gifted in children’s writing. Thank you so much!

Karla Dominguez https://Facebook.com/KarlaYaniraDominguez

IT’S PERFECT!!!! Thank you so much Karen. You are really great at what you do. We talked over the phone once and I gave you a few notes, and you turned it into a masterpiece. I found you while doing a search on Google and saw nothing but great reviews. Now, I can see why.

Candis Butler

I am laughing. This is a great story and it sounds like my boys. I don’t understand how you can take words and make it work. You are a true writer. Thank you.

Lillian Bobbitt

For more testimonials, go to: http://karencioffiwritingforchildren.com/testimonials/

child for writing

child for writing

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