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John Ringo is an American author that primarily works within the Science Fiction and Military Fiction genres. With numerous New York Times bestsellers to his name, John Ringo’s works range from outright science fiction stories to military novels tinged with political elements.

A considerable portion of Ringo’s young life was spent in transit, John Ringo and his family having spent time in an impressive 23 foreign nations by the time he graduated from Winter Park High School (in Winter Park) in 1981.

By the time he graduated, Ringo had attended over a dozen schools. Having spent most of his young life in places like Greece and Switzerland, the author eventually settled in Alabama with his parents and six siblings.

It is because of the considerable amount of time he spent traveling that John Ringo came to appreciate humanity as a whole, this along with his distaste for foreign foods.

John joined the U.S Army soon after graduation, eventually rising to the rank of Specialist in the 82nd Airborne Division. He also spent two years of reserve duty with the Florida National Guard.

John received numerous awards during his time in the army, these including the Parachutist Badge, National Defense Service Medal and the Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal to mention but a few.

When John Ringo left the Army, he enrolled in college and pursued marine biology; eventually acquiring an Associate’s Degree, John’s interest in the field quickly wavered, especially when he realized how low the pay was. It was in an attempt to support his wife and daughters that he eventually chose to become a database manager.

It was in 1999, at a time when his life had settled into a sedate pattern, that the idea of a science fiction story struck him, a concept revolving around an alien invasion and the possible response it would receive from the military.

This idea became ‘A Hymn Before Battle’; he submitted the draft of his first novel to Baen Books and it was rejected. It wasn’t until Jim Baen, the publisher at Baen Books, interacted with John Ringo on the Baen Books website forum that progress was finally made.

Jim Baen took a personal interest in Ringo’s novel and eventually bought it. The success that ‘A Hymn Before Battle’ quickly attracted allowed John Ringo to quit his database management job, finding the idea of a full-time writing career all too alluring.

John Ringo has written several dozen novels over the years, even collaborating with authors like David Weber, Julie Cochrane, Tom Kratman and Travis Taylor to mention but a few.

Elements of the author’s time in the army have often made an appearance in his novels, this along with the names of his fans, many of whom he has killed off in glorious battle.

John Ringo’s writing career includes a number of op-ed pieces he has penned for the New York post. The author has also guest-commentated for channels like Fox news and National Geographic.

In recognition for all the contributions the author has made to science fiction literature, John Ringo was presented with the Phoenix Award at DeepSouthCon 50 in Alabama in 2012.

The author has done work on screenplays for ‘A Hymn Before Battle’, ‘Ghost’, and ‘Princess of Wands’ with the intention of seeing them adapted for the screen.

+A Hymn Before Battle

The Rapacious Posleen have set their eyes on earth. The Galactic Federation stands ready to leap to humanity’s aid, but for a steep price. Can they protect themselves from their enemies and survive the machinations of their allies?

John Ringo’s very first novel is as imaginative as it is thrilling; introducing to the readers the Galactic Federation, which recruits Earth to aid in the fight against the Posleen, a race of aliens that doesn’t share the pacifist ways of the other sentient races of the universe, John Ringo’s primary strength is the rich world he crafts and eventually destroys.

The alien cultures are unique and exotic, and the bad guys are pretty nasty. Described as reptilian centaurs created for the purpose of fighting, the novel isn’t afraid to delve into the nitty gritty of the military, exploring the minutiae of tactics, training and every heart-pounding element of the various battles.

However, the narrative never suffers; the story remains engaging and compelling from beginning to end. Fans of Military Science Fiction will enjoy this novel immensely, John Ringo inundating his novel with plasma rays, space ships, mech-suits and every other element essential to authentic military science fiction literature.

The stakes are pretty clear and straightforward, so much so that one should have no problem understanding the purpose of every explosive battle. And the villains are as villainous as they can get. It is their intention to kill and consume every other sentient species in the universe.

Admittedly, the story is nothing new. Authors have been writing about alien invasions for decades. And it could be argued that John Ringo doesn’t really do anything different. The success of his story emanates from the entertainment the author is able to squeeze out of a plot that has been used one too many times.

If there are any noteworthy failings, they come from the characters, many of whom are either too stereotypical or simply underdeveloped.

+Gust Front

With human valor on their side and Alien technology to assist them, mankind fought the Posleen to a standstill. However, with Earth’s invasion mere months way, three shell-shocked survivors stand between the planet and total annihilation.

The only reason this, the sequel to ‘A Hymn Before Battle’, succeeds is because of John Ringo’s imagination and writing skills. Any readers that are all too tired of alien invasions in literature might be surprised by the entertainment this novel delivers.

With a considerable portion of the story chronicling humanity as it prepares for the invasion, throwing readers into a survivalist mindset, readers will enjoy the character development that occurs in this novel.

The story plays out in as epic a fashion as possible; John Ringo delivers the big battles he promised and the execution is commendable, not only swift but effective in imparting the nature of the invasion and the impact of each conflict.

Gust Force more than succeeds as a sequel to ‘A Hymn Before Battle’.

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I am on your page labeled “JOHN RINGO BOOKS IN ORDER”, and it is WRONG!.

Ringo worked with David Weber on the ” Empire of Man” series, you have Weber’s Honerverse books. Ringo did not work on the Honorverse series.

“Publication Order of Honorverse Books” and “Chronological Order of Honorverse Books” should be removed.

Actually Don, you are the one that is “WRONG!” as you so eloquently put it.

John Ringo wrote an Honorverse story in Worlds of Honor #4, The Service of the Sword.

What i really wonder is about all his “second edition” books. I have read all the old version books, but NOWHERE can i see what is new, or ANYONE mentioning anything new in the books at all. Do not care much for hard PLOT info, but a page or two more is not worth it to get them again.

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john ringo books

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  1. John Ringo

    John Ringo is an American author that primarily works within the Science Fiction and Military Fiction genres. With numerous New York Times bestsellers to his name, John Ringo’s works range from outright science fiction stories to military novels tinged with political elements.