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Police Leaders in the New Community Problem-Solving Era

by Michael J. Jenkins , John DeCarlo

Tags: Law Enforcement

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Michael Jenkins discusses his book in this video .

After 40 years of research championing the police profession's move into the Community Problem-Solving era, there are police practitioners and scholars who argue that the police profession has entered a new, intelligence-led, anti-terrorism era. Police Leaders in the New Community Problem-Solving Era demonstrates that these innovations are simply ways of more finely applying the elements of a community problem-solving strategy within a technologically savvy, post-9/11, and economically downgraded United States.

This book chronicles what are arguably some of the nation's most capable police executives as they assist in moving their police departments into this New Community Problem-Solving Era. Given unprecedented access to the Boston, Los Angeles, Milwaukee, and Newark (NJ) police departments, the cases are built using observations of police activities, in-depth interviews, surveys, and archival reviews. The reader will see how, rather than moving into a distinct era, even the most progressive police executives within rather forward-thinking settings are still on the road to fully realizing the community-based, crime and disorder reduction, and quality-of-life enhancing function of the police.

The authors illuminate the undeniable role that police executives can play in bringing their departments into the New Community Problem-Solving era and discuss the facilitators and inhibitors that will undoubtedly influence the police profession's move in this new era. Students of policing as well as practitioners from varied policing backgrounds will find this book relatable, easy to understand, and relevant to many areas of police research and practice.

The authors maintain a Facebook page for their book, to have discussions, offer teaching tips, and connect to other related postings. To learn more go to:

"Engaging and accessible, another vital strength of Police Leaders in the New Community Problem-Solving Era is its appeal to varied audiences, from police managers to students, and from academic researchers to policymakers." — Rosalyn Bocker Parks, Criminal Law and Criminal Justice Books

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Bulletproof Problem Solving

The Imperfectionists

problem solving and community policing

“An engaging collection of often novel and excellent advice for business leaders, which draws on the wisdom of long experience and on many memorable examples of decisions and their consequences. Imperfectionism is a powerful idea.” – Professor Daniel Kahneman, Nobel Laureate

The world is changing faster and faster, with increasing uncertainty and threat of disruption in every business and nonprofit segment. Conventional approaches to strategy development no longer work.

In this prequel to their Amazon-bestseller, Bulletproof Problem Solving, Conn and McLean introduce a novel approach to strategic problem solving in times of high uncertainty. Based on a decade of research and 45 new case studies, The Imperfectionists posits a dynamic approach to developing organizational direction under uncertainty based on harnessing six reinforcing strategic mindsets.

Imperfectionists are curious, they look at problems from several perspectives, and gather new data and approaches, including from outside their current industry. They deliberately step into risk, proceeding through trial and error, utilizing nimble low consequence and reversible moves to deepen their understanding of the unfolding game being played, and to build capabilities. Imperfectionists succeed with dynamic, real time strategic problem solving, confidently moving forward while others wait for certainty or make impetuous and foolish bets.

McLean and Conn’s The Imperfectionists is a breath of fresh air among books on business strategy. They correctly take problem-solving as the most crucial skill in the strategist’s toolkit and explore six different ways of thinking about difficult uncertain situations. If your company is struggling with “strategies” that are just three-year budgets, get this book as quickly as you can. It will open your mind to powerful ways of dealing with uncertainty and complexity. – Professor Richard Rumelt, author Good Strategy, Bad Strategy and The Crux

Introducing the Bulletproof Problem Solving online course

Complex problem solving is  the  core skill for the 21st  Century , the only way to keep up with rapid change.  But systematic problem solving is not taught in most universities and graduate schools. The online course covers the  seven-step approach to creative problem solving  developed in leading consulting firms. It employs a  highly visual, logic-tree method  that can be applied to almost any problem, from strategic business decisions to global social challenges. Conn and McLean, with  decades of   experience at McKinsey, start-up companies, and environment-focused foundations,  provide a toolkit with detailed, real-world examples.

For current students: Lost password? Reset it here at Go1.

Bulletproof Problem Solving Online Course

The Bulletproof Problem Solving online course is a comprehensive and interactive course that provides the user with key learnings from the best selling book,  Bulletproof Problem Solving: The One Skill That Changes Everything . The online course provides insights from the Bulletproof Problem Solving authors, Conn and McLean.

The online course is a self guided, highly interactive course with 4-6 hours of content. The course is designed for people to work at their own pace and develop the problem solving skills employed at leading management consulting firms. There are many worked example problems to practice the 7-step process, as well as a bonus workbook to help solve problems from your own organisation.  

Bulletproof Problem Solving

The one skill that changes everything.

Charles Conn & Robert McLean

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