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In composition , using a problem-solution format is a method for analyzing and writing about a topic by identifying a problem and proposing one or more solutions. A problem-solution essay is a type of argument. "This sort of essay involves argumentation in that the writer seeks to convince the reader to take a particular course of action. In explaining the problem, it may also need to persuade the reader concerning specific causes" (Dave Kemper et al., "Fusion: Integrated Reading and Writing," 2016).

The Thesis Statement

In many types of report writing, the thesis statement is posed front and center, in one sentence. Author Derek Soles writes about how the thesis statement in a problem-solution paper differs from a straight "report of findings" type of text:

"[One]  expository  mode is the problem-solution essay, topics for which are typically framed in the form of questions. Why did fourth-graders from poor families score low on a nationwide math test, and how can educators improve math education for this group? Why is Iran a threat to our national security, and how can we reduce this threat? Why did it take the Democratic Party so long to select a candidate for the 2008 presidential election, and what can the party do to make the process more efficient in the future? These essays have two parts: a full explanation of the nature of the problem, followed by an analysis of solutions and their likelihood of success."
("The Essentials of Academic Writing," 2nd ed. Wadsworth, Cengage, 2010)

Readers need additional context before you get to your thesis, but that is not to say that the thesis has to be posed as a question in the introduction:  

"In a problem-solution essay, the thesis statement usually proposes the solution. Because readers must first understand the problem, the thesis statement usually comes after a description of the problem. The thesis statement does not have to give details about the solution. Instead, it summarizes the solution. It should also lead naturally to the body of the essay, preparing your reader for a discussion of how your solution would work."
(Dorothy Zemach and Lynn Stafford-Yilmaz, "Writers at Work: The Essay." Cambridge University Press, 2008)

Sample Introductions

It can be helpful to see completed examples before writing in order to examine what makes for an effective piece. See how these introductions give some context before posing the topic and lead naturally into the body paragraphs, where the evidence will be listed. You can imagine how the author has organized the rest of the piece.

"We buried my cousin last summer. He was 32 when he hanged himself from a closet coat rack in the throes of alcoholism, the fourth of my blood relatives to die prematurely from this deadly disease. If America issued drinking licenses, those four men—including my father, who died at 54 of liver failure—might be alive today."
(Mike Brake, "Needed: A License to Drink."  Newsweek , March 13, 1994)
"America is suffering from overwork. Too many of us are too busy, trying to squeeze more into each day while having less to show for it. Although our growing time crunch is often portrayed as a personal dilemma, it is, in fact, a major social problem that has reached crisis proportions over the past twenty years."
(Barbara Brandt, "Whole Life Economics: Revaluing Daily Life." New Society, 1995)
"The modern-day apartment dweller is faced with a most annoying problem: paper-thin walls and sound-amplifying ceilings. To live with this problem is to live with the invasion of privacy. There is nothing more distracting than to hear your neighbors' every function. Although the source of the noise cannot be eliminated, the problem can be solved."
(Maria B. Dunn, "One Man's Ceiling Is Another Man's Floor: The Problem of Noise")


In "Passages: A Writer's Guide, " how to organize a problem-solution paper is explained:  

"Though to some extent [your organization of the paper] depends on your topic, do make sure that you include the following information:
Introduction: Identify the problem in a nutshell. Explain why this is a problem, and mention who should be concerned about it.
Problem Paragraph(s): Explain the problem clearly and specifically. Demonstrate that this is not just a personal complaint, but a genuine problem that affects many people.
"Solution Paragraph(s): Offer a concrete solution to the problem, and explain why this is the best one available. You may want to point out why other possible solutions are inferior to yours. If your solution calls for a series of steps or actions to be followed, present these steps in a logical order.
"Conclusion: Reemphasize the importance of the problem and the value of your solution. Choose a problem that you have experienced and thought about—one that you have solved or are in the process of solving. Then, in the essay itself, you may use your own experience to illustrate the problem. However, don't focus all the attention on yourself and on your troubles. Instead, direct the essay at others who are experiencing a similar problem. In other words, don't write an I essay ('How I Cure the Blues'); write a you essay ('How You Can Cure the Blues')."
(Richard Nordquist, Passages: A Writer's Guide , 3rd ed. St. Martin's Press, 1995)

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Writing Problem-Solution Essays

Start-Up Activity

Point out that solving problems is how we make advances and improvements in life. Problems might be small, such as the need to fix a broken-down fence in our neighborhood. Problems can also be big, like the rapid loss of forests throughout our world.

Analyzing a problem helps us solve it. First, we look at the factors that cause the problem. Then we look at the effects that result from the problem. A solution might remove some of the problems or some of the effects.

Problem-solution writing can help students think their way through problems and come up with ways to solve them. It helps turn students into critical thinkers and problem solvers, making life better for everyone.

Think About It

“The golden rule of writing is to write about what you care about. If you care about your writing, you’ll do your best writing, and then you stand the best chance of really touching a reader in some way.”

—Jerry Spinelli

State Standards Covered in This Chapter

LAFS Covered in This Chapter

Lafs.4.ri.1.1, lafs.4.ri.1.2, lafs.4.ri.2.5, lafs.4.w.1.1, lafs.4.w.2.4, lafs.5.ri.1.1, lafs.5.ri.1.2, lafs.5.ri.2.5, lafs.5.w.1.1, lafs.5.w.2.4, lafs.5.w.4.10, lafs.4.w.2.5, lafs.5.w.2.5, teks covered in this chapter, 110.6.b.9.d, 110.6.b.9.d.i, 110.6.b.9.d.iii, 110.6.b.12.c, 110.6.b.11.b, 110.6.b.11.a, 110.6.b.11.b.i, 110.6.b.11.b.ii, 110.7.b.9.d, 110.7.b.7.d, 110.7.b.9.d.iii, 110.7.b.11.a, 110.7.b.11.b, 110.7.b.12.c, 110.7.b.11.b.i, 110.6.b.11.c, 110.6.b.11.d, 110.7.b.11.c, 110.7.b.11.d, page 210 from writers express, sample problem-solution essay.

Ask for student volunteers to read each paragraph of the problem-solution essay on this page and the one that follows. Then review the features that are called out in the side notes.

Point out the problem (underlined) as well as each topic sentence that addresses a different part of the problem and proposes a solution.

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Page 211 from Writers Express

Sample Problem-Solution Essay (Continued)

Solving Problems Critically and Creatively

Help students improve problem solving.

sample problem and solution paragraph

Page 212 from Writers Express

Writing a problem-solution essay.

Use the strategy at the top of the page to help your students list problems. Then use the problem-solution strategy at the bottom of the page to help students analyze the problem.

You could also use the cause-effect minilesson to help students analyze the causes and effects of the problem. Afterward, your students can devise solutions by getting rid of some of the causes, some of the effects, or both.

Analyzing with a Cause-Effect Chart

Analyze causes and effects of any topic.

Chemcial Cause Effect

Page 213 from Writers Express

Prewriting: organizing your ideas.

Use the listing strategy on this page to help students gather and organize the ideas for their problem-solution essays. The organized list shows one pattern, focusing on major causes and the people who can help solve the problem. At the bottom of the page, you'll find another way to organize details. Have your students choose a pattern that best fits their ideas.

Page 214 from Writers Express

Writing, revising, and editing.

Use this page to help your students fashion effective beginnings, middles, and endings for their writing. Point out the transition words that they can use to connect ideas using order of importance. You can also have them do the minilesson for other transition ideas.

Download and distribute the problem-solution revising and editing checklist to help students check the quality of their text. You also might have peer reviewers complete a peer response sheet, as shown in the minilesson.


Using Transitions to Add Information and Emphasis

Help students add information and emphasis.

a line of apples transition from unfocused to focused

Using a Peer Response Sheet

Teach students to write peer responses.

Response Sheet Example

English that goes straight to the heart

What are the Problem Solution Paragraphs?

A paragraph is a short collection of well-organized sentences which revolve around a single theme and is coherent. A  good paragraph  expresses everything it has to say briefly.

A problem solution paragraph is a type of paragraph that shows a specific type of problem and suggests solutions to address it.

Problem Solution Paragraph

Examples of Problem Solution Paragraphs

Example of problem solution paragraph#1.

Study the following information in the table and write a paragraph on Arsenic Pollution:

Arsenic Pollution

Problem: Arsenic contamination in drinking water can have serious consequences, including skin lesions, cancer, and cardiovascular disease. Many parts of the world, especially rural areas, have limited access to safe drinking water, putting millions of people at risk of arsenic contamination.

Solution: One possible solution to this problem is to implement water treatment systems that can remove arsenic from drinking water. This can include various technologies such as Activated alumina, iron oxide-coated sand, and reverse osmosis . These systems help reduce arsenic levels to safe levels and can be implemented at the household and community level. Education campaigns should be conducted to raise awareness of the dangers of arsenic contamination and promote the use of treated water

Examples of Problem Solution Paragraph #2

Study the following information in the table and write a paragraph on the effect of Climate change on global food security :

Effect of Climate change on global food security

Problem: Climate change is altering weather patterns, making events such as droughts, floods and droughts more severe and frequent. These events can have a significant impact on global food production resulting in crop failure, livestock mortality and food shortages.

Solution: One possible solution to this problem is to practice climate-friendly agriculture practices. These practices will help farmers adapt to changing weather patterns and also help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Crop rotation, intercropping, agroforestry, and the use of drought-resistant crops are examples of such techniques.

Examples of Problem Solution Paragraph #1

Study the following information in the table and write a paragraph on Drive Against Illiteracy :


Problem: Illiteracy is the biggest curse in our social life. Without higher education, no person can succeed socially and economically. So every responsible citizen has to participate in the campaign against Illiteracy.

Solution: Various organizations can play a good role in this regard. Government should actively promote education in rural and backward areas. Education centres should be established in different parts of the country and this responsibility should be taken directly by students and teachers.

You Asked, We Listened – Get All Types of Writing List 😍😍

Example of Problem Solution Paragraph #3

Study the following information in the table and write a paragraph on Child Labour:

Child Labour

There are many children in our country who are deprived of education and the normal joyous experiences of childhood. While upper-middle-class boys and girls attend school, they work in tea shops or small factories. They work as servants in middle-class and upper-class households. Parents are very poor, so children are forced to take up all these occupations.

Government should come up with strict laws to solve this problem. Along with the law, the government should introduce some economic reforms which will bring down the poverty line to some extent. Apart from this, to solve this problem, illiteracy needs to be eliminated and the birth rate must be controlled.

Also, Read Top 10 Long Paragraphs

Example of Problem Solution Paragraph #5

Study the following information in the table and write a paragraph on Sound Pollution :

Sound Pollution

Problem: Noise pollution has a very harmful effect on people’s normal living and health. Wherever we go, schools, colleges, offices, and hospitals, sound pollution chases us. Hearing loss, cardiovascular disease and urban sleeping disturbance are some of the harmful effects of noise pollution on humans.

Solution: The government should formulate strict rules and monitor how they are implemented. People need to be made aware of the negative aspects of sound pollution.

You Asked, We Listened – Get All Types of Writing Lists 😍😍

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Problem/Solution Essays

options.

Stephens, C. (n.d.). Academic A Writing . BYU Open Learning Network.

In this chapter you will write a problem/solution essay. To write a problem/solution essay, think about a problem that you have experienced and how it could be fixed.

A problem/solution essay is written to explain the solution(s) for a problem. This essay can describe multiple solutions or one “ideal” solution to the problem you describe.

sample problem and solution paragraph

This content is provided to you freely by BYU Open Learning Network.

Access it online or download it at .

Curriculum and Student Achievement

Problem solution paragraphs, drafting body paragraphs: purpose-based organization strategies problem-solution.

There are several different organizational strategies designed for specific types of body paragraphs, including cause-effect, problem-solution, comparison-contrast and chronological. You must identify the purpose of the paragraph before you begin writing and then seek out the appropriate organizational strategy for writing a paragraph with that specific purpose. This handout discusses the problem-solution strategy in detail.

First, there’s one thing you should know about this handout and its connection to another Academic Center handout. This handout is best used in conjunction with the Academic Center handout Drafting Body Paragraphs: CECC: An Internal Organization Strategy , which discusses a method of paragraph development that focuses on claim, evidence, commentary and conclusion. The CECC method accounts for the labeling in brackets of the example paragraphs in this handout. These labels in brackets are merely meant to show how each purpose-based organization strategy also corresponds with the CECC method.

A problem-solution paragraph identifies a problem, or problems, and recommends a plausible solution(s). This method of internal organization splits the paragraph, or paragraph block, into four easily-recognizable parts:

Now, let’s look more closely at the second and third sections of the problem-solution organizational strategy.

The description of the problem, or second section of the paragraph, should provide sufficient evidence that a problem exists and address all questions that a reader may have about the problem, including who, what, when, where, why and how. The third section of the paragraph explores the recommended solution(s). If you wish to explore several solutions in this section, then you should explain the efficiency and/or effectiveness of each of the solutions. In this section you may also wish to arrive at a conclusion as to why one solution may be better than another solution. However, you can also reveal this information in the fourth section of the paragraph. It is your choice as a writer to decide where this information fits best based on your understanding of the reader’s needs and expectations.

Let’s take a look at an example of a successful problem-solution paragraph:

Topic sentence [claim]

Description of problem [evidence]

Description of solution [commentary]

Conclusion sentence [conclusion]

Note that each of the four primary sections of the problem- solution pattern is included in the example: topic sentence, problem description, solution description and conclusion sentence. Not only is this problem-solution pattern present, but you are also able to see the components of the CECC pattern emerging. For example, in the description of the problem section, the evidence, or statistics about employee dissatisfaction, cited according to Edwards, establish proof that there is a problem. The writer’s commentary, which follows in the solution section, is his/her own proposed solution to the organization’s problem.

More information on providing and signaling commentary is available in our handout Signal Your Commentary on Source Material .

A paragraph block is a seri s of several paragraphs which share the same topic sentence. The paragraph block has the same basic function as a single paragraph – to explore a main idea in detail. A paragraph block is used when the main idea being covered features several different components or is especially detailed. The paragraph bl ck will still follow the same organizational pattern; the content will just be revealed over the course of several paragraphs rather than contained within a single paragraph.

In this example paragraph, the cause is the offering of rewards to children, the effect is the delay in egocentric growth, and the description of the process explains why the offering of rewards leads to a delay in egocentric growth.

Not only is the cause and effect pattern present, but the components of the CECC pattern also emerge. For example, in the description of the process section, the evidence, or statements about how ego development relies on the ability to choose and control for oneself, is cited according to Smith. However, the writer’s commentary which follows these statements interprets and summarizes this evidence for the reader.

As an aside, it might also be beneficial to take a closer look at the third section of this example – the description of the solution. Although this section provides commentary for the problem in a broad sense, it also features its own separate claim – evidence – commentary pattern. The first sentence of that section (The solution to General Computers’ problem . . .) is the claim; the second sentence (The telecommuting program would enable employees to . . .) is the evidence; and the third and fourth sentences (This method could facilitate . . . ) are the commentary. It’s interesting to note that the CECC pattern is so foundational that it can emerge even within the body of a paragraph that already more broadly conforms to both the CECC pattern and the problem-solution organization strategy.

Although this handout discussed the problem-solution approach to paragraph organization, there are many other methods you can use to organize information within a specific paragraph. Additionally, while the information presented in this handout is tailored toward paragraph development, this organizational strategies discussed can be applied as overall organization strategies for research papers or can be used as organization strategies for paragraph blocks within a larger paper.

Copyright 2008 by the Academic Center, the University of Houston-Victoria, and Candice Chovanec Melzow. Created 2007 by Candice Chovanec Melzow.


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Problem-solution essays Situation-problem-solution-evaluation

Problem-solution essays are a common essay type, especially for short essays such as subject exams or IELTS . The page gives information on what they are , how to structure this type of essay, and gives an example problem-solution essay on the topic of obesity and fitness levels.

What are problem-solution essays?


Problem-solution essays consider the problems of a particular situation, and give solutions to those problems. They are in some ways similar to cause and effect essays , especially in terms of structure (see below). Problem-solution essays are actually a sub-type of another type of essay, which has the following four components:

The 'situation' may be included in the essay prompt, in which case it will not be needed in the main body. If it is needed, it can often be included in the introduction, especially for short essays, as with the example essay below . The 'evaluation' may be included as part of the conclusion (also as in the example below), or omitted altogether, especially for short essays. For these reasons, problem-solution essays are more common than situation-problem-solution-evaluation essays (or SPSE essays).

There are two main ways to structure a problem-solution essay. These are similar to the ways to structure cause and effect essays , namely using a block or a chain structure. For the block structure, all of the problems are listed first, and all of the solutions are listed afterwards. For the chain structure, each problem is followed immediately by the solution to that problem. Both types of structure have their merits. The former is generally clearer, especially for shorter essays, while the latter ensures that any solutions you present relate directly to the problems you have given.

The two types of structure, block and chain , are shown in the diagram below. This is for a short essay, which includes the 'situation' in the introduction and 'evaluation' in the conclusion. A longer essay, for example one of around 1,000 words, with citations , would probably have these two sections as separate paragraphs in the main body.

Example essay

Below is a problem-solution essay on the topic of obesity and poor fitness . It uses the block structure . Click on the different areas (in the shaded boxes) to highlight the different structural aspects in this essay, i.e. Situation, Problem, Solution, Evaluation. This will highlight not simply the paragraphs, but also (for problems and solutions) the thesis statement and summary , as these repeat the problems and solutions contained in the main body.

Consumption of processed and convenience foods and our dependence on the car have led to an increase in obesity and reduction in the fitness level of the adult population. In some countries, especially industrialized ones, the number of obese people can amount to one third of the population. This is significant as obesity and poor fitness lead to a decrease in life expectancy , and it is therefore important for individuals and governments to work together to tackle this issue and improve their citizens' diet and fitness. Obesity and poor fitness decrease life expectancy. Overweight people are more likely to have serious illnesses such as diabetes and heart disease, which can result in premature death. It is well known that regular exercise can reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke, which means that those with poor fitness levels are at an increased risk of suffering from those problems. Changes by individuals to their diet and their physical activity can increase life expectancy. There is a reliance today on the consumption of processed foods, which have a high fat and sugar content. By preparing their own foods, and consuming more fruit and vegetables, people could ensure that their diets are healthier and more balanced, which could lead to a reduction in obesity levels. In order to improve fitness levels, people could choose to walk or cycle to work or to the shops rather than taking the car. They could also choose to walk up stairs instead of taking the lift. These simple changes could lead to a significant improvement in fitness levels. Governments could also implement initiatives to improve their citizens' eating and exercise habits. This could be done through education, for example by adding classes to the curriculum about healthy diet and lifestyles. Governments could also do more to encourage their citizens to walk or cycle instead of taking the car, for instance by building more cycle lanes or increasing vehicle taxes. While some might argue that increased taxes are a negative way to solve the problem, it is no different from the high taxes imposed on cigarettes to reduce cigarette consumption. In short, obesity and poor fitness are a significant problem in modern life, leading to lower life expectancy . Individuals and governments can work together to tackle this problem and so improve diet and fitness . Of the solutions suggested, those made by individuals themselves are likely to have more impact, though it is clear that a concerted effort with the government is essential for success. With obesity levels in industrialized and industrializing countries continuing to rise, it is essential that we take action now to deal with this problem.

Academic Writing Genres


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Below is a checklist for the main body of an essay. Use it to check your own writing, or get a peer (another student) to help you.

Next section

Find out about writing definitions and definition essays in the next section.

Previous section

Go back to the previous section about cause & effect essays .


Author: Sheldon Smith    ‖    Last modified: 22 January 2022.

Sheldon Smith is the founder and editor of He has been teaching English for Academic Purposes since 2004. Find out more about him in the about section and connect with him on Twitter , Facebook and LinkedIn .

Compare & contrast essays examine the similarities of two or more objects, and the differences.

Cause & effect essays consider the reasons (or causes) for something, then discuss the results (or effects).

Discussion essays require you to examine both sides of a situation and to conclude by saying which side you favour.

Problem-solution essays are a sub-type of SPSE essays (Situation, Problem, Solution, Evaluation).

Transition signals are useful in achieving good cohesion and coherence in your writing.

Reporting verbs are used to link your in-text citations to the information cited.

How to Write a Problem Solution Paper

Last Updated: May 24, 2023 References

This article was co-authored by Stephanie Wong Ken, MFA . Stephanie Wong Ken is a writer based in Canada. Stephanie's writing has appeared in Joyland, Catapult, Pithead Chapel, Cosmonaut's Avenue, and other publications. She holds an MFA in Fiction and Creative Writing from Portland State University. This article has been viewed 134,888 times.

A problem solution paper focuses on a particular problem or set of problems. As the essay writer, you will then need to come up with a solution or several solutions to the stated problem. Problem solution papers are common on exams, as they allow you to explore an issue and use critical thinking to respond with a solution. To write a problem solution paper, start by outlining the paper. Then, follow the structure of a problem solution paper and polish the paper so it is at its best when you turn it in.

Starting the Paper

Image titled Write a Problem Solution Paper Step 1

Image titled Write a Problem Solution Paper Step 2

Image titled Write a Problem Solution Paper Step 3

Image titled Write a Problem Solution Paper Step 4

Writing the Paper

Image titled Write a Problem Solution Paper Step 5

Image titled Write a Problem Solution Paper Step 6

Image titled Write a Problem Solution Paper Step 7

Image titled Write a Problem Solution Paper Step 8

Image titled Write a Problem Solution Paper Step 9

Image titled Write a Problem Solution Paper Step 10

Polishing the Paper

Image titled Write a Problem Solution Paper Step 11

Image titled Write a Problem Solution Paper Step 12

Image titled Write a Problem Solution Paper Step 13

Community Q&A

Tom De Backer

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About This Article

Stephanie Wong Ken, MFA

A problem solution paper focuses on a particular issue and should include one or more solutions to it. You’ll need to begin the paper by stating the situation in your own words. For example, the situation could be “obesity and core fitness.” Include a thesis statement at the end of your introduction, which could be something like, “Obesity can lead to decreased life expectancy, making it imperative for governments and people to tackle this issue by improving diet and fitness.” The following sections should deal with identifying all of the problems arising from the situation and proposing solutions to them. Try to give examples to explain each solution. For instance, if you say the growth of obesity can be stopped by improving people’s diets, you could propose a national healthy eating campaign. Finally, you should conclude by evaluating the whole paper and making recommendations about how to implement your solutions. For tips from our Writing co-author on how to plan an outline for your problem solving paper, read on! Did this summary help you? Yes No

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How to Write a Problem and Solution Essay: A Quick Guide

Problem solution essay

Table of contents

A problem-solution essay is a type of academic essay that explores a particular issue or challenge, and presents a potential course of action to address it. The purpose of a problem-and-solution essay is to identify a problem or issue, and to provide a practical solution or strategy for resolving it.

With so many unsolved issues, it’s easy to find some good questions for consideration. All you need is to look around or read the news.  Writing a problem and solution essay won’t take much time and effort if you know what details to cover and what order you should follow. By using our ultimate guide, you will be able to compose an excellent and convincing essay with minimal effort. Close social networks and YouTube, spend 5 minutes reading our article to take to any problem solution essay topics like a duck to water. Have a tough deadline? Consider paying someone to write your essay . StudyCrumb experts will deliver a perfect problem and solution essay tailored to your requirements.

What Is a Problem Solution Essay: Definition

A problem and solution essay is a type of academic writing that defines some specific issue and provides steps to solve it. This kind of essay is aimed at assessing a student's ability to find some controversial problem and offer a clear problem-solving strategy.  Your topic should be relatively simple to write about. It’s good if it meets the general public's interests. Some popular topics for this essay include such issues:

No matter what topic you choose, it should motivate you to think and look for ways of solving the problem. You should analyze it, study various strategies, and choose which one fits best.  In a problem and solution essay, you can write about more than one problem. However, your solution is only efficient when several subjects in question fall into the same field. Otherwise, it will be difficult to focus on the right solution.

Problem Solution Essay Outline

One of the most important steps of your writing process is creating a problem solution essay outline . Without it, your paper will be unstructured and poorly organized. This is not the case when there is an efficient well-thought-out plan. Writing an outline is crucial on the way to composing a brilliant essay. It will help you stay on point without deviating from the issue. This way, you can save time and effort.  Unlike any other type of writing, a problem and solution essay provides some room for flexibility. You can create an outline using two different methods:

Each of these methods have their advantages and can be applied depending on the situation that will be covered. Let’s look at each of these approaches more in detail.  The block outline has the following structure:

Introduction – presents the topic and contains 4-5 short sentences. 

Main body – contains 2-3 paragraphs, each of them beginning with a topic sentence.

Body paragraph  

Body paragraph 

Conclusion – sums up all main points. 

Block method allows you to look at multiple problems or solutions using separate paragraphs. However, mastering this approach at first may be somewhat difficult.    The chain method is more appropriate if you want to focus on some unified idea within one body paragraph. Here’s an example of chain outline:


Body paragraph 1

Body paragraph 2

This approach helps you explore an issue step-by-step. For this reason, it may be easier for beginners. 

How to Write a Problem Solution Essay

Now, it’s time that we learn how to write a problem and solution essay. Further, we will tell you about the best way of doing it. Below, you will find detailed information on perfecting each section of your essay. We will specifically shed more light on:

Let’s learn the secrets of writing a successful essay firsthand! 

How to Start a Problem Solution Essay: Introduction

The first section is a problem solution essay introduction. It should include such components:

Your opening paragraph should specify an issue, as well as provide some background information. Think over the first sentence that will captivate your readers. Everything must be clear from the very first lines. If one gets your idea at once, it’s almost in the bag. It may take some time to come up with a catchy hook, but you will be rewarded with an A+. Consider rare statistics, any little-known fact, or some hype information.  Remember that your second and third sentences should naturally flow into further discussion. Develop your idea by introducing some context. By the way, you can write an introduction after the rest of your essay is complete. Just make sure you have a thesis statement. After all, it’s the ground of your essay. All main points should be related to your thesis.

How to Write an Outstanding Problem Solution Essay Body

The next part in the problem and solution essay is the main body. Here, you should suggest ways of solving the issue. It would be great if you analyzed probable consequences of problem-solving actions. You should support why you think the specific measures are necessary and what they will result in.  Usually, the main body of a problem and solution essay includes 3 paragraphs. Every body paragraph focuses on different aspects:

Argumentation is essential. By using it, you can convince readers that your strategy is correct. There is a good way to make powerful arguments. You should start with a statement, followed by an explanation. Back up your point of view with supportive examples. Then comes your final judgment. You can create transitions between paragraphs to make it easier for readers to follow a train of thought.

How to Write a Conclusion for a Problem Solution Essay

Congratulations! You’ve reached the last stage – a problem and solution essay conclusion. It usually contains 4-5 sentences summarizing your reasoning. In this part, you can make a general conclusion. It should include strong statements about what has been written.  You can rephrase your thesis statement and share your final thoughts. The goal of the last part is to draw a complete picture and make readers think. Your last paragraph shouldn’t contain any fundamentally new facts – only a general summary of points mentioned above. Try StudyCrumb’s summarizer tool if you have challenges ending your problem and solution writing. Your writing style in conclusion must always correspond to the style of your entire essay. Don’t try to stay on the safe side by using such phrases as “in my humble opinion”, “I am not an expert, but”. Readers will see them as excuses and uncertainty, which you definitely don’t want. What they should understand is that your essay is over and there is a logical conclusion.

Problem Solution Essays Examples

It is important to study a problem solution essay example before writing your own work. This way, you will be able to assess all the aspects and see how other authors coped with a similar task. You can borrow an exact structure or method of handling the situation.  Our examples won’t replace your essay. You shouldn’t copy or assign them to yourself. Focus on creating unique and useful content.

Problem and Solution Essay: Writing and Proofreading Tips

You will be able to become a master of writing a problem and solution essay by following these great tips:

You should also pay attention to the paper formatting style. Use the same font and text style throughout your essay.

Problem/ Solution Essay: Bottom Line

As you can see, there is nothing super hard about writing a problems and solution essay. Hopefully, our detailed guide will help you complete your assignment. Of course, you should be ready to test which approach works best for you. After all, you should strive for continuous improvement. 

You can always rely on our top-notch academic writing service. We guarantee high quality, efficiency, affordable prices, and timely delivery. Order your paper now to succeed tomorrow!


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3 Excellent Problem Statement Examples A problem statement aims to identify a problem and find a solution. Continue reading for how to write one and examples to base yours on.

By Entrepreneur Staff • May 31, 2023

Have you been asked at work or school to create a problem statement and include a proposed solution, but you don't know where to start?

Continue reading for everything you need to know about problem statements, how to write one and examples to base your own on.

What is a problem statement?

An effective problem statement aims to identify the gap between the current state (the problem) and the desired state (the goal) of a process or product.

A problem statement helps the writer solve a problem and meet an unmet need by offering a viable solution.

Also known as a point of view (POV) statement, a good problem statement creates a framework that offers a possible solution to the problem.

It includes a clear statement of the problem that the writer can address and allows them to keep their focus on the main issue.

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Problem statement points of view

Problem statements can take numerous forms, but the goal is always to develop an effective solution.

Writing problem statements can be done using a few different points of view.

A few ways that you can phrase your problem statement include:

End-user perspective

"I am a busy working professional trying to eat healthy, but I'm having trouble as I work long hours and don't always have time to go grocery shopping and purchase healthy food. This makes me feel upset and bad about myself."

Research perspective

"Hard-working professionals need a convenient, quick way to eat healthy food because they often work long hours and don't have time to go grocery shopping."

Four Ws perspective

The methodology behind this type of problem statement is that it needs to include who, what, where and why.

Commonly used to solve a business problem by helping to improve the user experience and find a solution to pain points (specific problems that customers are facing), using this perspective typically includes the most detail.

"Our busy working professional is struggling to eat healthy food during the week as she is consistently working long hours. Our solution needs to deliver a quick and convenient way for her to purchase healthy food to eat at home and at work."

Each of the above perspectives addresses the same problem, just from a different point of view.

As long as you focus on the problem and figure out a potential solution, it is up to you to choose what perspective you decide to write your problem statement.

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Three key elements of a problem statement

A typical problem statement consists of three key elements .

It is essential to include a statement of objective at the beginning of your problem statement. This allows the reader to know precisely what the statement will be about.

The scope of your problem statement should be a short statement that describes what will be talked about and what won't be talked about in your statement and is often included in the statement's introduction.

Below is a problem statement written by Tan T. Trinh , "Winglets at Takeoffs and Landings," which utilizes these three key elements:

The problem

A recent trend in the design of new aircraft is the addition of winglets, which are small fins attached to the ends of the main wing.

After an aircraft has taken off and is cruising, winglets improve its performance by reducing the drag caused by the main wing.

However, during the critical stages of aircraft takeoff and landing, the winglets cause two problems.

First, they cause vibrations in the main wing, commonly called buffeting.

Second, they cause the aircraft to lose some control of yaw, the motion of the nose right and left.

In a study funded by NASA [Ref. 2], the main wing of a DC-10 transport aircraft was outfitted with winglets and it experienced significant buffeting during takeoff and landing.

The method used to solve the problem

In our current project, we examine winglet-induced buffeting in three wing designs.

We record buffeting and yaw under experimental wind-tunnel takeoff and landing conditions for (1) a wing without winglets, (2) another wing with conventional winglets,and (3) a wing with spheroid winglets.

Our objective is to determine the degree to which differences between load lifts on the wings and their winglets during takeoff and landing are causing the performance problems we have described.

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The purpose, statement of objective and scope

In this study, we develop theoretical models of winglet load lifts and compare these to the lifts of wings and winglets actually recorded during testing conditions.

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Questions to answer when writing a problem statement

When writing your problem statement, you are problem-solving for a situation requiring a solution.

To write a great problem statement, in the brainstorming phase, ask yourself the following questions :

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Problem statement examples

Continue reading for examples of problem statements that you can use as a template to base your statement on.

The following is a problem statement covering a youth homelessness crisis :

The goal of Youth Intentional Housing Supports is to quickly house youth experiencing housing insecurity while providing the support needed to remain stably housed and build a foundation for success in the future.

According to the City's Dashboard to End Homelessness, in March 2018 there were 1,227 youth experiencing homeless in the City.

Of those, 126 were matched to projects and awaiting enrollment, and 45 youth experiencing homelessness were enrolled in projects and awaiting permanent housing.

An average of 158 new youth seek support from our system each month, and it takes 144 days from identifying a youth to that youth being housed.

In order to reduce these prolonged episodes of homelessness, the City seeks to support a menu of housing interventions for youth that are developmentally appropriate and quickly deployable.

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Here is a problem statement about the decline in employee well-being :

The problem to be addressed by this study is the decline of employee well-being for followers of novice mid-level managers and the corresponding rise in employee turnover faced by business leaders across the financial services industry (Oh et al., 2014).

Low levels of employee well-being are toxic for morale and result in expensive turnover costs, dysfunctional work environments, anemic corporate cultures and poor customer service (Compdata, 2018; Oh et al., 2014).

According to Ufer (2017), the financial services industry suffers from one of the highest turnover rates among millennial-aged employees in all industries in the developed world, at 18.6% annually.

Starkman (2015) reported that 50% of those surveyed in financial services were not satisfied with a single one of the four key workplace aspects: job, firm, pay or career path.

Low levels of employee well-being interrupt a financial services' company's ability to deliver outstanding customer service in a world increasingly dependent on that commodity (Wladawsky-Berger, 2018).

Mid-level managers play an essential role in support of the success of many of top businesses today (Anicich & Hirsh, 2017).

The current body of literature does not adequately address the well-being issue in the financial services industry from the follower's perspective (Uhl-Bien, Riggio, Lowe, & Carsten, 2014).

Strategic direction flows top-down from senior executives and passes through mid-level leadership to individual contributors at more junior grades.

The mid-level managers' teams are tasked with the achievement of core tasks and the managers themselves are expected to maintain the workforce's morale, motivation and welfare (Anicich & Hirsh, 2017).

Unless industry leaders better understand the phenomenon of employee well-being from the follower perspective and its role in positioning employees to provide a premium client experience, they may be handicapped from preserving their most significant principal market differentiator: customer service (Wladawsky-Berger, 2018).

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The following is a problem statement dealing with unpredictable online student attendance:

Distance education via online platforms is a rapidly growing method of education delivery due to its convenience, wide reach, relatively low cost and ability to support the achievement of learning objectives.

Whether the platform is Blackboard, WebCT, Moodle, Angel, or some other learning management system, online education utilizes a variety of common learning tools including discussion boards, drop boxes, automated testing and wikis.

Chief among these tools are live online sessions. Live online sessions may be delivered in virtual classrooms from Adobe Connect, Elluminate, GoToMeeting, Wimba, or other software programs.

Regardless of the software used, student attendance at live online sessions, especially optional ones, can be unpredictable at best.

It is a common complaint among the online faculty at a university in the south that many, oftentimes most, of their students do not attend the live online sessions.

This study will address the problem of low student attendance at non-mandatory virtual classroom meetings in online college courses.

Offir, Lev and Bezalel (2008) found the interaction level in a synchronous class, also known as web conferencing, to be a significant factor in the effectiveness of the class.

Other researchers describe "the power of a synchronous online system to empower students in conversation and expression (McBrien, Jones, & Cheng, 2009). However, if students do not attend, then they cannot interact nor express themselves. According to Skylar (2009),"research concerning the use of newer multimedia technologies, such as interactive synchronous web conferencing tools, is in its infancy and needs further and continued study"(p. 82).

McBrien, Jones and Cheng (2009) stated that "more studies are needed to explore students' perceptions of the synchronous learning experience."

A variety of studies have explored the differences in functionalities of the various platforms (Kenning, 2010; Lavolette, Venable, Gose, & Huang, 2010), but they did not get to the heart of why students do or do not attend. This study will benefit college and university administrators who can create or revise policies based upon the results. Administrators may even decide to change virtual classroom providers.

Faculty may benefit if results indicate a change is needed in their own practices.

Finally, the study will benefit online students whose learning experiences will be improved by the findings.

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Problem statements create answers

Whether you are writing a problem statement for work or school, on your own or with team members, it is essential to clearly define the problem and all its parameters to obtain a definitive solution.

By utilizing your decision-making skills and following the steps and examples above, you can find an answer to any research project that comes your way.

Check out Entrepreneur's other articles for more information about problem statements and other professional topics.

Entrepreneur Staff

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