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presentation programs besides powerpoint

Business Presentation Software Besides Powerpoint

Since Powerpoint is one of the oldest and popular presentation software options, most entrepreneurs and business owners assume it is the most suitable choice. In reality, getting an alternative to PowerPoint could save you a lot of headache and allow you to create better business presentations quickly.

Making a presentation video and uploading it directly to your YouTube channel or site is a good approach to ask for donations from many people or get public support for your cause. You can try Wideo rather than investing hours into fiddling with Powerpoint or learning After Effects to try to fake a video’s smooth transitions.

The software is user-friendly and works much like Powerpoint with an even more intuitive interface. You can make your information stand out by arranging slides with a couple of clicks and add superior quality animations. There is a free option with limited controls, while the premium software lets you remix existing videos and add music to make your own viral hit.

Emaze is a user-friendly presentation tool that works with HTML5, so it runs on any device and browser, which includes smartphones, laptops, tablets, and PCs to view and edit your presentations.

Emaze is created for people who want to make presentations within minutes easily, since it has ready to use templates. It provides you with expertly created 2D and 3D templates, and even the ability to produce video presentations that you can access from anywhere on the internet. You can use an automated translation tool to share your presentation with anybody worldwide.

3. Google Slides

You can try the Google Slides app when you want a presentation platform you can share fast with colleagues. This online software integrates seamlessly with Google Drive; however, predictably, it is quite limited in exporting and design options.

It’s great for creating rough drafts of big presentations when many people are taking part in the input and authorization of the slides. After the basic layout is tested and finalized, you can instantly copy text from the Slides presentation and then transfer it to another platform.

However, you should not expect to create the best presentations using this free software. Currently, it is only available via the Google Play store, so you will require a mobile Android gadget to use it. This considerably restricts its audience, making it difficult to share with others using Mac or Windows operating systems.

Prezi gives accurate customization controls and can create presentations which resemble real artwork. All that control is associated with a complicated and at times complex interface, which requires some practice to master.

If you are a designer and planning to make presentations regularly, you may find it worth learning; however, business owners and entrepreneurs that only create a few presentations annually might not want to invest the time. At first, it can take hours to understand this platform’s templates. Before using Prezi as a platform think about just how long you want to dedicate to the presentation.

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5 PowerPoint Alternatives To Spice Up Your Presentations

Drew Belle Elsey

PowerPoint. It’s the standard, go-to presentation tool. And we’ve all used it at some point or another.

It’s kind of like Tostitos salsa. It’s effortless, reliable, and it’s been around since the dawn of time. But let’s face it, while Tostitos may be a party staple, it’s never going to throw your guests’ tastebuds into a wild frenzy. PowerPoint is the same. It gets the job done, but it lacks a certain spice and freshness.

If you want to impress your colleagues, professors or clients, PowerPoint just isn’t going to cut it. PowerPoint presentations can be quite transient if you ask me, and you want your project to leave a lasting effect. You’re not going to do that with text-heavy slides. Luckily, there are dozens of creative and compelling presentation tools and software that trump PowerPoint.

Blow your audience away with these five powerful PowerPoint alternatives.

Screen Shot 2018-04-13 at 10.17.07 AM

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Slideshare  .

Advantages: SlideShare is about as simple as you can get. (And it’s free!) Remember, work smarter, not harder. Not only can you upload your PowerPoint presentations to SlideShare, but you can easily share them with others and embed it in websites. In addition to PowerPoint, it accepts PDFs, Keynote and OpenDocument presentations.  One other bonus is that you can choose to make your presentations private or public. Keep your trade secrets hush hush or show off your company’s culture for all the world to see!

Disadvantages: Our one major caveat with SlideShare is that if you find you make a mistake, you can’t just correct it in SlideShare. You must change the presentation in the program you designed it and re-upload it.

Screen Shot 2018-04-13 at 9.51.41 AM

Advantages: Prezi has been around for a while, but that doesn’t make it any less potent. It’s got some major pizazz. With this dynamic web-based tool, you can utilize zoom and transition elements to visually boost your presentation and show your presentation on multiple devices. Like with Slideshare, you can make the presentation public or private. You can also edit a Prezi presentation simultaneously. It’s proven a big hit with businesses and students.

Disadvantages: Prezi can be a bit tricky to pick up, but once you get a presentation or two down, it’s like second nature. (Training is available on their site .) Unfortunately, Prezi isn’t free, but it is cost-effective if you frequently create presentations. But if you find yourself prone to motion sickness, you may want to experiment with one of our other suggestions.

Screen Shot 2018-04-13 at 9.53.53 AM

Advantages: Haiku Deck has been praised for its inspirational and innovative presentation software. It’s even been deemed the “Instagram for pitch decks” by Mashable. And it’s a cinch to use. You can create presentations online or on your tablet. Choose from more than 40 million royalty-free images and thousands of templates.

Disadvantages: It’s not fully customizable as you cannot change the size or color of the text. It’s also not free. You cannot edit the presentation offline either. In addition to the free version, users can choose from three pricing tiers, Public, Pro, and Premium. However, it does offer discounts to non-profits, students, and educators.

Screen Shot 2018-04-13 at 9.56.59 AM

Advantages: PowToon is PowerPoint’s cool cousin from the city. It’s flashy, fancy and fun. With PowToon, you aren’t delivering a presentation — you’re telling a story. Swap boring bullet points with vibrant animated characters and mundane text with entertaining voiceovers. Another perk of this interactive presentation tool? It integrates smoothly with Google Drive.

Disadvantages: If you don’t mind cheesy, stick with the free version. However, it can also be a little difficult to maneuver. If you’re looking something more streamlined and professional, upgrade.

Google Slides

Advantages: Google Slides is Google’s version of PowerPoint, so if you are boycotting Microsoft but want a presentation tool just like PowerPoint, here’s your free solution. It boasts many of the same features as Google Drive, such as simultaneous editing, revision history and the ability to comment and tag other contributors.

Disadvantages: Templates are limited, and transitioning from slide to slide while trying to edit can be frustrating.  

These are just five of countless presentation tools available. Which ones are your favorite? Tell us the comments section below!

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Free alternatives to Microsoft PowerPoint

Free alternatives to Microsoft PowerPoint

The Microsoft Office package is considered an essential in the business world. Whether it’s Outlook, Word, or Excel – Microsoft programmes are more often than not the first choice for important applications in daily office life. And the presentation software of the software and hardware giant Microsoft, is no exception. It’s not just for presentations to customers and business partners either – when it comes to school work, university presentations, or conferences, Microsoft PowerPoint is undoubtedly one of the most popular programmes worldwide for creating professional presentations and slideshows . 

But the Microsoft Office package is no longer an unrivalled essential that no computer is complete without. Depending on their need for the products offered, many users today are opting to go for free alternatives after weighing up the cost-benefit ratio of a Microsoft Office subscription. When it comes to the slideshow app, Microsoft PowerPoint, there are plenty of good alternatives that are both cheaper to use and in some cases offer more room for creativity, allowing you to create truly memorable presentations. Here are free alternatives to Microsoft PowerPoint for you to enjoy.

Google Slides

The best free alternatives to microsoft powerpoint in overview.

One of the best-known alternatives to Microsoft PowerPoint is the online tool Prezi . Since its entry into the market back in 2009, this web-based presentation tool has earned a large fan base in relatively little time. Prezi is a great alternative for anyone who wants to make their presentations more active and experiment with less conventional designs. The latter is because the tool doesn’t offer the classic design approach that you’ll recognise from PowerPoint, with slides presented individually – instead, it offers a dynamic approach to content creation. Using a sort of digital screen, you arrange your content in the way you want it presented and then later zoom in and out throughout the presentation to enlarge the relevant fields.

Despite the homepage’s promise of an effortless transition and ease-of-use, it’s important to note that the first time you work on Prezi, you’ll notice a difference. It functions in an entirely different way to PowerPoint, meaning you’ll have to pay more attention to your design and focus on the way you navigate your presentation. The challenge here is to make sensible connections between the individual content segments on the screen. It’s only by doing this that you can make sure your audience keeps the overview of the slideshow in mind and can follow the presentation’s own logic or train of thought properly. This means Prezi is often less effective for complicated and long presentations, as it can be easy for listeners to get lost in these. There’s also the danger that you could overuse the exciting range of effects on offer. For this reason, it’s important to keep perspective when using Prezi and remember that a presentation is designed to highlight key content and emphasise important aspects, not constantly attract the viewer’s attention with thousands of snazzy effects. The golden rule with Prezi is that less is often more .

But if you follow this advice and use Prezi as it is intended, the program offers you all the tools you need to create a truly vivid, engaging, and unique presentation. This is where you need to think about your environment: Depending on the audience and the occasion, a traditional PowerPoint presentation may be more appropriate. PowerPoint has the benefit of being the flagship application for presentations, meaning that its simple structure and traditional layout is familiar to essentially everybody. But if you’ve had enough of this static and dynamically limited presentation software, then Prezi represents an excellent PowerPoint alternative.

Screenshot of Prezi’s dashboard

Prezi is free of charge for pupils, students, and teachers. Regular users have to pay a small monthly fee for a private account. It’s possible to use Prezi free of charge, but this is under a public license, meaning the presentations you create are ‘ publically viewable , searchable , and reusable ’. There are also other premium and business packages available from their website .

Most people have their content roughly in mind when they set about making a presentation. But visualising that content with the addition of suitable images and graphics is much more of a challenge and can often take considerably more time and effort. This is where Haiku comes into its own as a very good alternative to Microsoft PowerPoint – the Haiku Deck program  supports its users in the visual design phase .

Haiku Deck offers users an integrated database of photos that can be used freely by anybody. In fact, to make things even easier for users who are lacking the creative spark to find the perfect graphics and images, this free presentation software offers a clever scanning tool that scans a presentation for keywords and suggests suitable images that would fit. Haiku Deck is available as a web solution in the browser and also as an app on the iOS app store. Finished presentations can be shared on other channels upon completion, or imported into Apple Keynote or Microsoft PowerPoint. But there are some downsides to the programme: There’s no option for animated transitions between slides, for example, and many other types of animation are also unavailable. Lastly, there’s no option for sound to be added to presentations and text can’t just be placed freely in any part of the screen.

BenUser interface for Haiku Deck

Haiku Deck can be used for free in its limited text version, but it lacks a range of functions. So if you like the software and want to use it properly, you’ll need to invest in a premium version of the program. The standard choice is Haiku Deck Pro.

Naturally, Google also offers its own range of quick and uncomplicated online office tools. Google Slides  is available to Google account holders completely free of charge. It comes with around 20 different templates that can be used to create presentations quickly and easily. And you can even upload PowerPoint documents to edit and use in Google Slides. The special thing about Google Slides is that, like all of the Google web apps range, it’s designed for collaborative team work from remote locations. Various project management functions make this possible, meaning that you can have different team members working on the same slideshow at once. There are also individual roles and access rights available that can be set beforehand, meaning that team members can only read and/or edit certain pages. This makes Google Slides an incredibly practical tool for collaborative efforts – and it updates in real time too, meaning all users can view the most current version of the presentation.

User interface for Google Slides

Warning: Do not get confused! Slides may share the name with the aforementioned Google Slides, but besides that it has nothing to do with Google’s alternative to Microsoft PowerPoint. Slides  is actually an independently operated online tool for slideshow creation. It works directly in your internet browser and allows you to create quick and straightforward presentations – for both private and professional use. Thanks to its intuitive usability, you’ll find that you can receive professional looking results on Slides with just a few clicks, largely due to the great selection or pre-made layouts and elements. One of the main focuses for Slides is on scientific presentations, which is why the program offers an extra editor for formulas, among other specialised features. Slides is also optimised for presentations on mobile devices and can be viewed and edited on these too. You can also export your file in all popular formats.

Preview of the formula generator tool in Slides

Slides is free to use for all under a public license, but all the content created becomes the property of Slides and can be found via their search tool. Users can also decide to pay for one of three premium packages. 

The web presentation software Sway  offers you an alternative to Microsoft PowerPoint from the house of Microsoft itself. Sway is basically a simplified version of PowerPoint, designed to speed up the creation of presentations. This ‘digital storytelling app’ is available via your browser or as an app for iOS and Windows 10. Sway is less focused on PowerPoint’s classic, linear presentation style; the software is designed to help you create much more interactive slideshows, personal profiles, and other presentations that feature many graphics and images.

Sway comes in a web layout style, meaning that presentations aren’t slide-orientated. Instead, they appear more like an internet page or a digital magazine. Integrating content from sources like Facebook, YouTube, or Twitter is also easy to do. The tool makes sure that all content automatically adapts to different display formats, like mobile devices for example. But users have to possess a Microsoft account, and Sway is also only available for Windows 10 – if you try to download Sway on an older version of Windows, the operating system will be unable to run it. Another downside to Sway is that all presentations created with it are stored automatically on the Microsoft servers, which means you can’t guarantee data protection.

The Microsoft Sway tool in tutorial mode

Sway’s software is free to use, but some additional functions and features are exclusively available to users with an Microsoft 365 subscription .

Several of the alternatives to PowerPoint that we’ve already featured on this list offer unconventional and creative design options for creating a presentation. But PowToon  is in a class of its own in this regard. For users who want to wow their audience with an unusual presentation, this tool offers animated characters and storytelling tricks to create truly memorable displays. Instead of text boxes and dry facts, you can bring your ideas to life with comic characters in animated videos, which can then be easily embedded onto your personal website.

PowToon is free in its basic format, but all creations will feature watermarks of the development company. The full version comes without this self-advertising for a reasonable monthly fee.

If you’re looking for an alternative to the expensive Microsoft Office solution, hopefully you’ve now discovered that there are many professional options out there to help you create the perfect presentation. While many of these aren’t entirely free, most offer private users trial runs and basic packages that mean you can create presentations for personal use without spending a dime. Depending on the type of presentation you’re looking to create, these tools range from the fairly straightforward and academic to the creative and unconventional. Prezi, Sway, and in particular PowToon are all aimed at stunning your audiences with innovative and memorable designs and animation, while Haiku and Google Slides function more as classic linear presentations that PowerPoint users are already familiar with.

Here’s a short overview of all the Microsoft PowerPoint alternatives we’ve looked at:

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PowerPoint: Set portrait orientation – how it works

PowerPoint: Set portrait orientation – how it works

The standard orientation for PowerPoint slides is horizontal, as this format provides the best foundation for most presentations to portray information. There is also content, however, for which a portrait orientation would be the better choice. Find out in this article what you have to do to change your presentation or individual PowerPoint slides to portrait view.

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Presentation Training Institute

Presentation Training Institute

A division of bold new directions training, other presentation ideas besides powerpoint.

If you think about every presentation you have ever been to, there’s a good chance that most of them included a PowerPoint slideshow. While this can certainly be a useful tool, it’s also a tool that has been used time and time again. It’s tough to wow audiences with a presentation that uses the same dull PowerPoint template that we have all seen dozens of times before. The fact is, creating a presentation is about more than just piecing together text and visuals to create a slideshow. The purpose of a presentation is to deliver a message in a way that impacts the audience. If you are looking for a unique way to stand out from the crowd, consider using a different strategy for your next presentation. Here are a few ways to engage your audience without using PowerPoint. 

Most workers spend a good part of their day staring at a computer screen. They are numb to the sound of clicking keys, the dings of new emails, and the beige walls of their office. If you really want to captivate your audience, offer them something different. Instead of asking them to stare at yet another screen, invite them to explore other senses. Rather than describing your new product on a slideshow, bring a prototype of it and allow the audience to touch and feel it. Instead of telling your audience how wonderful this new bakery is, bring a few samples for them to taste and smell. Not only do props entice the senses, but they make the audience feel emotionally connected to the presentation. 

It’s true that visuals can be a great way to supplement and reinforce information, but try choosing a visual other than a slideshow. A video clip can enchant, captivate, motivate, and thrill an audience in a matter of seconds. It’s a great way to increase audience interest when it’s relevant to the point you are making. Videos can make a great intro or ending and they can also be used somewhere in the middle to create just the right emotional atmosphere. 

Inmagine a movie trailer without the music. Would it have the same effect? Would you be just as inclined to see the movie? Music has a unique way of evoking an emotional response and this can be even more powerful than spoken words. Incorporate music into parts of your presentation and give your presentation a soundtrack much like a movie trailer. 

A Flip Chart

Who needs technology when you have your arm and a magic marker? Sure, it may seem old-fashioned but a flip chart can do something that PowerPoint cannot- it allows you to create right in front of your audience’s eyes. The simple act of drawing on a flip chart will draw your audience in and immediately capture their attention. 


Muck like a prop, demonstrations immediately make things more interesting. Think about the last time you went to a show and the entertainer asked for a volunteer from the audience? Chances are you instantly perked up, eager to see what would happen next. Now, apply this same mentality to a presentation. Would you rather read about something on a slideshow or watch someone do it right in front of you? 

Involve the Audience

If you really want to capture interest ,make the audience part of your presentation. There are a number of ways you can do this. You can conduct a Q&A session and allow the audience to control where the presentation goes. You could also break them into small groups and get them to respond to a challenge, question, or problem and have them report back to the group. You can give them supplies and ask them to create something. You can also invite them to share feedback in real time via instagram or some other social media platform. No matter which method you choose, involving the audience allows you to bring your presentation to life in a way that is much more engaging than PowerPoint.

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presentation programs besides powerpoint

10 Presentation Applications Besides PowerPoint for Free, Online & Offline

Bored with the presentation features available on PowerPoint application made by Microsoft? Are you looking for an alternative?

Despite being one of the most widely used Microsoft products today, there are times when you feel bored because you keep using it.

Moreover, if you have explored all the features, looking for a replacement for the PPT application also seems to be a solution that sounds interesting.

Therefore, this time ApkVenue will be several presentation applications other than PowerPoint which you can use for free and offer a variety of cool features.

Curious as to what the list is? Here is a list of the best alternative presentation application Ms. PowerPoint, especially for your PC / laptop and Android phone.

Recommended Presentation Application for Free, Can Be Online & Offline

Power point  has become one of the presentation software that is relied on by many people, especially for education to work though.

But in addition to these applications, there are also several other PowerPoint software alternatives that offer similar features that are even cooler. Getting more curious, right? So let’s see!

Collection of Presentation Applications on PC or Laptop

Presentation applications for Windows, MacOS to Linux, besides you can use them offline, you can also use them online. So no need to bother installing the software!

1. Libre Office – Impress Presentation (The best alternative PowerPoint PC software)

Download the Powerpoint Application For 50d4d Laptops

Photo source: LibreOffice (Already downloaded PowerPoint application for laptop but still lacking? Try downloading Libre Office).

Apart from Microsoft Office, there are also other office applications that you can rely on, i.e. Office Libre . This software also provides a presentation application on a laptop called Impress Presentation .

Besides being intended for Windows laptops, Libre Office will be optimized for use on Linux operating systems.

Plus this software is free and open source , but still can bring user interface clean and features that support your productivity.

Download here: Libre Office – Impress Presentation

Prezi 4e2ee Online Presentation Application

For you who need a cool presentation with animation zoom in – zoom out , you can also use software Prezi which you can use directly from the browser application.

This online presentation application provides a variety of interesting templates, will definitely make audience You are amazed by the animation provided.

Besides being able to be used online, to make presentations you can also download it and use it offline.

So, for those of you who might already be bored after downloading the PowerPoint application for laptops, you can download Prezi as a replacement.

Download here: Prezi Portable Classic

3. Focusky Offline Presentation

Download Free Power Point

As the name implies, Focusky Offline Presentation is an offline presentation application that is used to make animated and interesting presentations.

With a variety of templates in a unique form, the way Focusky works is fairly easy. You stay here click and drag elements that you want to use in the presentation.

Of course this 3D presentation application is perfect for you who want to be attractive when presenting in front of the room. Create alternative PowerPoint applications, too, okay!

Download here: Focusky Offline Presentation

Download the Powerpoint Application

Then there Vism , which is not just for making and displaying presentations, but you can also use to create infographics, visual data and so on.

Can be accessed online, this application is packed with a variety of HD background templates, elements and font types that you can use for free.

For presentation needs, Visme also provides the flexibility to share online or download for offline presentations.

Download it here: Visme

5. SlideDog

Download Microsoft Power Point For Pc

Another alternative PowerPoint application that is no less cool is SlideDog .

Interestingly, this application allows you to combine several different media formats such as PowerPoint, PDF, Word, Excel, and Prezi files into one presentation design.

SlideDog also offers a real-time sharing feature where you can control presentations remotely via your smartphone.

For you who want a presentation application all-in-one , SlideDog is perfect for an alternative to PowerPoint software.

Download here: SlideDog

Collection of Presentation Applications on Android Phones

Compared to laptops, smartphone devices are certainly far more practical and lightweight for you to carry anywhere.

That way, create or edit slideshow the presentation will be easier and can be done anywhere, even if you are in the car though.

Well, therefore, this time ApkVenue will also discuss several alternative PowerPoint applications for Android that you can use.

In addition, there are also applications so that your Android phone can be used as a remote armed with Bluetooth and WiFi connections.

1. Google Slides (Best alternative Android PowerPoint application)

E2a7e Android Presentation Application

Photo source: Google Play (Want to download the best alternative Android PowerPoint application? Google Slides is one of the choices).

First there Google Slides which is a free presentation application provided directly by the developer Android itself, Google Inc.

User interface offered by this application tends to be simple especially for the need to create, edit, and display presentation documents.

One of the advantages of Google Slides is that it is lightweight to use and you can use offline without having to connect to the internet.

As an alternative to PowerPoint applications, Microsoft’s competing products are pretty cool.

Download via the following link: Google Slides

2. OfficeSuite + PDF Editor

Download Microsoft Powerpoint For Pc C022e

Of the many office applications available on the Google Play Store, OfficeSuite + PDF Editor can be an option with a total download of more than 100 million downloads.

As the name implies, this office application can be used for various file formats, ranging from DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX and PPTX.

For presentations, OfficeSuite + PDF Editor can also be used to edit and display presentations directly.

Download via the following link: OfficeSuite: Free Office + PDF Editor & Converter

3. WPS Office

Android 7b2bc PowerPoint software

Has been downloaded by more than 700 million users worldwide, WPS Office so it’s the next application that allows you to create or edit slide presentations from a smartphone.

This application also provides various types of fonts and exclusive official presentation templates that are cool.

Interestingly, WPS Office has a feature where you can scan paper documents into PDF files using the camera. So, you don’t need to download the document scanner application anymore.

Download via the following link: WPS Office

4. Polaris Office

Download Powerpoint Software for Android Af95b

Furthermore, there is an alternative PPT software for Android named Polaris Office developed by developer Infraware Inc.

Not much different from previous presentation applications, Polaris Office also provides Slide services for creating or editing documents slideshow presentation.

This application is also compatible with all document formats from Microsoft Office, including PowerPoint.

Download via the following link: Polaris Office + PDF

5. Remote Link (Remote PC)

56fb7 Remote Link Presentation Application

Photo source:

Remote Link (PC Remote) at first it could only be used on ASUS mobile phones that use ZenUI. But now, this remote presentation application is available for all types of Android phones.

This application can easily assist you in displaying slides, armed with Bluetooth and WiFi connections.

Of course this application is suitable for helping jobs among students and business people, right?

Download via the following link:  Presentation Link (PowerPoint)

The final word

Now that’s some recommendations for free presentation applications for PCs, laptops and Android phones that you can use online or offline.

Apart from the list above, do you have any other alternative PowerPoint software that is not less cool? If so, don’t forget to share with ApkVenue in the comments column below!


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Find the Best Courses Online

15 Best + Free PowerPoint Courses [2023 MAY][UPDATED]

Best Powerpoint course class certification training online

20+ experts consisting of teachers and professionals across sectors have conducted in-depth research and prepared a list of Best and Free PowerPoint online courses, certificates, programs, tutorials, and classes. These courses can be either availed for free or for a minimum amount of subscription. Moreover, it compiles a list of courses that are suited for different levels of learners – beginners, intermediate, and experts. You may also be interested in looking at our compilation of Best Excel Courses .

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Top powerpoint courses (udemy).

This comprehensive list of courses is organized to help you master MS PowerPoint from scratch to create compelling presentations. It consists of various learning sessions, including the most popular and best-selling courses like PowerPoint 2016: Master PowerPoint Presentation, Eye-catching Presentations with PowerPoint 2013, and How to Create Animated Videos. The classes are  organized by the best instructors of Udemy, who have trained thousands of students in PowerPoint . After finishing the best-listed courses, you’ll be able to create excellent presentations that sell to clients. Besides, each course is available with a 30-days money-back guarantee if you don’t find the course content useful. 

Highlights – 

– Learn from the complete PowerPoint Design Masterclass with 20+ PowerPoint 365 presentation slides and improve your workflow and design skills

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– Learn how to create a fully animated business presentation, sophisticated and well-organized presentations, and feel more confident in delivering it to the management

– Gain experience in using graphical elements, pictures, and other media content with PowerPoint slides

– Earn a professional certificate on completion of each course from your comfort zone

Duration: Variable

Rating: 4.7 out of 5

You can  Sign up Here

Top Presentation Skills Courses (Coursera)

This course aims to equip learners with the use of tools with which simple, clear and elegant slides can be created to improve the presentation skills of the speaker. The course comprises of universal design principles, templates, colors, typefaces, slides’ typography , use of photos and pictograms, composition rules and ways to create clear and meaningful charts and diagrams.


– Course is divided into four parts: Key principles of design, Templates and colour meaning, Typography and photographic illustrations and Diagrams and data visualization.

– Course delivered by Alexei Kapterev, the author of “Death by PowerPoint,” which has over 10 million views to date.

– Peer review is an essential aspect of the course, which allows you to share your dashboard with your peers, who can review and offer feedback on the product.

– It includes Course Videos & Readings, Practice Quizzes, Graded Assignments with Peer Feedback, Graded Quizzes with Feedback and Graded Programming Assignments.

– Provides shareable certificate which can be shared on your resume, documents or LinkedIn profile as well.

Duration: Self Paced

You can Sign up Here

Review : A really intense course that has been well thought out and very comprehensive. You must ensure you are a good project manager and stick to the deadlines otherwise you incur additional charges if you reset the deadline. Lots of variety with quizzes/questionnaires and presentations. Plus you learn from your peers. Overall I’d highly recommend. – Vanessa Shallcross

PowerPoint – Master PowerPoint Presentation (Udemy)

This is a complete PowerPoint masterclass organized to help you learn and understand MS PowerPoint from scratch. It is summarized into four practical chapters, including Essential Knowledge, Slide Design, Master Slides, and Advanced Tricks . Enrolling in these chapters will allow you to learn about design trends 2021, newly designed shortcuts, 3D presentations, and other essential PowerPoint concepts. The course is prepared by Andrew Pach, who will help you learn how to make custom layouts with placeholders on slide master slides, reduce the time to complete a high-quality presentation, and build templates for brands . After course completion, a badge of completion will be provided to share your skills and knowledge. Have a look at our compilation of Best Human Computer Interaction Courses as well as Microsoft Access Courses . 

– Make the instant switch in your career by learning advanced presentation skills and design with MS PowerPoint

– Learn how to design and create a fully animated and transition-filled business presentation and improve your workflow and design skills

– Learn to use graph, images, and other media content in PowerPoint to minimize the text quantity on presentations

– Cover all the versions of MS PowerPoint, including PowerPoint 2013, 2016, and 2019 to gain all the skills and knowledge you need

Duration: 11-12 hours

Rating: 4.6 out of 5

Review: Very good course. Occasionally takes shortcuts and doesn’t warn viewer, so I have to go back and check what he has done. – Mark Charny

Beginner to Pro in PowerPoint: Complete PowerPoint Training (Udemy)

If you’re a beginner at PowerPoint and want to become a pro, this course from Udemy is an excellent choice. In this course, you’ll l earn how to create professional business presentations that are identical to leading investment banks and consulting firms . You’ll begin with an introduction to the PowerPoint’s basic tools and functions and then move on to cover advanced concepts and features of MS PowerPoint. The course is designed in collaboration with 365 Careers to provide you the best learning experience . Taking up this course will give you additional access to the tutor’s personal contact, lifetime access to the course content, and much more.

– Get introduced to the basics of PowerPoint to begin your journey towards creating meaningful and compelling presentations

– Be a part of the entire thought process of creating well-structured company presentations while gaining first-hand experience on how to design great PowerPoint slides

– Work with the Cinemax case study that is entirely built from scratch to teach you the fundamentals of developing a presentation

– Gain the confidence you need to while delivering presentations to superiors and clients

Duration: 6-7 hours

Rating: 4.4 out of 5

Review: I enjoyed the course thoroughly. At first I was bit apprehensive with the Tutors approach of teaching the subject. But over time I fell in love with the way the course has been designed and presented. Thank you. – Shobinya D

Effective Business Presentations with Powerpoint by PWC (Coursera)

Learn the intricacies and the fine art of business presentations through this course. Designed by PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP, this course is your one-stop solution for developing systematic and structured presentations through the optimum use of relevant data and visuals . It is conducted via application-based exercises which enhance your communication skills on public speaking, storytelling, and professional meetings .

– Get access to the other courses of PwC under this specific specialization

– The course includes a case study based on a client’s profile, a business situation, and a set of basic Excel charts.

– Enhance your skills on understanding a business situation, creating effective slides, preparing a presentation, and delivering the same.

– Peer review is an essential aspect of the course which allows you to share your dashboard with your peers, who can review and offer feedback on the product.

– It includes Course Videos & Readings, Practice Quizzes, Graded Assignments with Peer Feedback, Graded Quizzes with Feedback, and Graded Programming Assignments.

– Free 7 day trial run within which cancellation and refund is applicable

Duration: Self-paced

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Review : The focus of this course is not how to use Powerpoint. It is meant to teach how properly do a business presentation. And it is very professional. – Diego Angulo Q

Free Powerpoint Certification (Digital Defynd)

Every individual wants to earn a certificate after finishing a free PowerPoint course or tutorial available online, but most e-learning platforms don’t provide a certificate of completion for free classes. At Digital Defynd, you can earn a free PowerPoint certificate by completing a course on any e-learning platform, even if you don’t choose the course from our platform . Besides, you can level your certificate by completing more courses. The certificate is available for all individuals, whether you’re a college student, a working professional, or an entrepreneur.

– A unique way to earn a free certificate for free courses and tutorials completed online

– Complete an online course from e-learning platforms and get certified, even if you haven’t chosen a path from our platform

– Certify yourself in the specified technology, field, or subject from the comfort of your home

– Be a part of our Instagram community where you can connect with other learners around the world

Free PowerPoint Classes Online (Skillshare)

Skillshare is an excellent e-learning platform that provides multiple classes on PowerPoint. It offers more than 40 classes and tutorials to help you cover every aspect of PowerPoint. For instance, you’ll get to improve your presentation and design skills, C-level presentation skills, design better charts in PowerPoint , and more. The classes are designed by skilled professionals from various industries who have years of experience generating professional presentations to attract clients for their businesses. The instructors will help you with additional videos, downloadable resources, and rich learning content throughout the classes . Besides, each course completion will provide you with a certificate of completion to showcase your skills. Check out our take on Best Microsoft Word Courses . 

– Gain all the knowledge and skills related to PowerPoint by covering a set of practical courses and tutorials

– Learn how to build better slides, create beautiful video animations, create infographic videos, and much more with PowerPoint

–  Be able to create better visual charts and graphics for data visualization and data presentation with practical tips

– Learn to create and design low-content books like journals, planners, and workbooks from scratch in PowerPoint 

– Become an expert in graphic design, animation, presentation design, and visual communication

Rating:4.4 out of 5

Review:  Through Skillshare I have managed to significantly increase my skills in using software programs such as AutoCAD and Powerpoint. This, in turn, will certainly improve my performance at my workplace. – Yasotharaj Nagarajah

Microsoft PowerPoint From Beginner to Advanced (Udemy)

This is another excellent course on Udemy designed to help you become a professional in creating dynamic and compelling presentations with MS PowerPoint. Signing up for this curriculum will take you from zero to MS PowerPoint pro presenter by teaching you the essential functions and techniques . In this curriculum, you’ll gain a comprehensive understanding of the most popular presentation tool, its features, components, and techniques to use for developing industry-standard presentations . The course is designed by Kyle Pew, a Microsoft Certified Trainer who will use his 20+ years of experience to teach you MS PowerPoint. After course completion, a certificate will be given to you to share your skills. Check out our curation of Best Computer Networking Courses .

– A step-by-step guide to help you learn the fundamentals of MS PowerPoint and how to create compelling presentations

– Learn how to build and deliver effective PowerPoint presentations, integrate data from other MS Office applications

– Learn to pick the accurate PowerPoint slide layout for the content and animate PowerPoint content without distracting the audience

– Be able to leverage advanced text editing operations, graphical elements, and other features of MS PowerPoint

– Gain the confidence to complete many PowerPoint tasks with efficiency and grace

Review: Awesome. One of the best Udemy courses that I have taken. The course if very thorough and explains each element of PowerPoint step-by-step. I now consider myself an advanced with PowerPoint. – Anzella Jones

How to Create Animated Videos with PowerPoint (Udemy)

Individuals willing to learn how PowerPoint is helpful in creating animated videos can take help from this curriculum. In this prospectus, the instructor will provide you with an easy-to-follow and step-by-step guide to make animated videos with PowerPoint for business, marketing, online courses, YouTube , and more. The course is developed by Pavel N., a full-time online instructor, and business leader. He will provide additional assistance during the video lessons to help you learn how to create marketing videos for businesses and online courses with MS PowerPoint. After finishing the curriculum, you’ll be able to develop marketing strategies, content planning, and other material with PowerPoint .

– A perfect curriculum designed to help you master the concepts of creating animated and marketing videos in MS PowerPoint

– Understand the essential principles of design while learning the best resources to find visual components

– Included with high-quality videos of creating animations with PowerPoint, hands-on exercises, graded practice exams, and hard-case examples

– Work with three different projects included with the course to help you apply your knowledge and techniques of PowerPoint

Duration: 4-5 hours

Review: Training by Pavel is Excellent. The step-by-step guidance is very good and highly informative. – Venkitswaran Raman

PowerPoint Masterclass – Presentation Design & Animation (Udemy)

This is another course from Andrew Pach designed to prepare you for all the tools, knowledge, and skills you need to reach your presentation goals. In this learning course, you’ll gain an understanding of the basics and core concepts of MS PowerPoint to design top-notch business presentations . The instructor will help you learn how to use the slides in PowerPoint, get comfortable with animation, and create videos ready to publish and become a professional designer. During the learning sessions, you’ll be equipped with video lessons, practice quizzes, graded assignments, and hands-on projects provided to test your knowledge and skills .

– Master the concepts of MS PowerPoint and learn to create impactful, compelling, and dynamic presentations for your business

– Learn to design great presentation templates, slides, and animation videos for clients and products with confidence

– Learn to develop explainer videos and online lectures with PowerPoint while understanding how to record a presentation with a microphone

– Be better and professional at designing, presenting, and animating to help you advance as an active entrepreneur, creator, and content publisher

– Earn a badge of completion from the comfort of your home without any deadlines

Duration: 8-9 hours

Review: Great lessons that are based on a principled approach to slide design and creation! – Jaylen James

Don’t forget to check our list of Best Computer Vision Courses .

Free Online Microsoft PowerPoint Course (Alison)

Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 might be an older version, but many individuals still use it to create powerful computer-based presentations. This Alison course focuses  on teaching you the crucial components of PowerPoint 2010 and how it can be used to develop logic-based and compelling presentations for any business . The instructor will illustrate the multiple features that extend the PowerPoint workflow capabilities and functionalities in this free tutorial. You’ll begin with an introduction to the PowerPoint 2010 version and move on to cover advanced tips and tricks of using it. After course completion, you’ll be able to develop practical and dynamic presentations for your business.

– A free tutorial designed by Alison expert tutors to help you learn the fundamental functioning of MS PowerPoint

– Learn how to create, manage, and collaborate on presentations with other people and how to enrich your presentations with video, pictures, and animations

– Learn to embed, edit, and play a video or animations in your presentations or trim an audio or video clip 

– Receive a digital badge of completion after finishing the tutorial with  given examples, practice exercises, and quizzes

Duration: 5-6 hours

Rating:4.3 out of 5

Free PowerPoint Classes Online (LinkedIn Learning)  

So all those who are striving hard to create a compelling presentation can enhance their skill sets by enrolling with the courses offered on LinkedIn Learning – Lynda. There are more than 50 courses to choose from. So be it a beginner or an advanced level, you will find a course perfectly meeting your requirements. Don’t forget to check the Best Microsoft Office Training Programs curated by us. 

– The courses cater to beginners, intermediate as well as the advanced level of learners

– They are all delivered by online videos by eminent instructors

– You have to qualify through the project files and chapter quizzes to move on to the next chapter. Thus, providing an assessment on the go.

– Learn the intricacies of preparing slides like inserting objects, adding shapes and chart

– Create templates like experts and learn skills to modify existing templates

– 30 Day Free Trial for all courses

So these were the Best Microsoft PowerPoint Tutorial, Class, Course, Training & Certification available online for 2023. Hope you found what you were looking for. Wish you a Happy Learning!

Team DigitalDefynd

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